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Carolyn Hakes


Phone: 630.640.7539
Naperville, IL
United States 60540
10 out of 10 (17 reviews)

I have been an RKC Instructor since 2007 and an RKC Level II Instructor since 2008.


Learning proper kettlebell technique is essential to gain the full benefits of kettlebells.


They are a workout for the mind AND the body.


Visit my website or contact me @ 630.640.7539 

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10/10 Great instructor
By Nick Z / Aurora, Il, USA

I recently discovered kettlebell training and become a believer in this kind of routine. After searching youtube vids I found lots of information. I decided to look locally and discovered Carolyn. She is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and her technique is perfect. She quickly pointed out important details you'd never see while watching kettlebell enthusiasts on Youtube. Lots of what you find online is just not correct. I got new insights into proper form as well as ideas for routines. Carolyn is professional, courteous and passionate about this kind of training. I'd highly recommend her.

10/10 Fan For Life
By Paul S / Orland Park, IL, USA

For the past 20 years fitness and nutrition have been a very important part of my life. I have always been intrigued with Kettlebells and decided if I was going to use them it might as well be the right way. The 45 minute ride to see Carolyn twice a week was well worth it. I leave Carolyn feeling confident that all the training we have done has provided me with a strong foundation on which to build upon. Her enthusiam and passion for kettlebell training has made me a life long fan both of Carolyn and kettlebells.

10/10 Phenomenal Trainer!!
By Faith Smith, RKC / Country Club Hills, USA

I had the pleasure of training with Carolyn for 4 months to prepare for the Chicago RKC in September 2011 and I PASSED!!! Carolyn truly is a phenomenal trainer, she knows her stuff and she is serious about kettlebells. Training sessions with her were always challenging but never boring as she always managed to provide some form of entertainment with her witty and laid-back personality so I was able to laugh my way through “the pain”. She helped me increase my strength and endurance dramatically and to lay a firm foundation that I know was instrumental in helping me be successful at the RKC. She is very motivating and encouraging and she pushed me much harder than I would ever push myself. So much so that on Day 2 of the RKC when I seriously considered not coming back for testing on Day 3, I knew I could not quit because I could not imagine telling her I didn’t at least try, and I am SO glad I did! I am convinced that I could not have passed without her and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is serious about training with kettlbells and getting results!

10/10 Helped prepare me for RKC
By Patrick M / Chicago, USA

Several weeks to go before my RKC, and I was stalled a bit on the snatch. Carolyn made time to see me on short notice. In 5 minutes she had found a problem, and provided me a mental cue to address it. I wasn't locking out hard enough, thus adding fatigue to each and every rep. Once I focused on the lockout, the bell just whipped up there. What a difference!

She's smart and funny, and let me swear.

10/10 Still the BEST!
By Scott Crossland / Mount Prospect, United States

Carolyn, not a time goes by when I'm swinging a kettlebell that I do not think of my training with you. I now own a house and will be adding more kettlebells and working out at home. Going to add a tractor tire, too! Wish we lived closer so I could take a "refresher" class and have you design more routines for me. Thank you for making me a "kettlebell groupie." I miss you my kettlebell-mentor and friend.

10/10 best workout ever!
By shawn / aurora, IL

I had been lifting weights and running periodically for the past 20 years, and this is by far the most bang for your buck. Carolyn strikes a great balance between kettlebells and other forms of training that make for the most effective training i've ever had. her workouts keep you guessing, never boring!

10/10 Awesome workout
By Mo / Aurora, IL

Learned kettlebells from Carolyn on a recommendation from a friend. I love it! We show up to her private studio with anywhere from 2 to 5 people and she always has a very challenging and fun workout planned for us. I play ice hockey and my team mates have commented on how much I've improved since training with Carolyn. ( so much so that 2 of them have now joined us! ) She always comes up with new combinations of kettlebells exercises for us each time we go. No two workouts are ever the same.

If your looking for a great all-in-one ( cardio and strength ) workout go see Carolyn and learn kettlebells. You won't be disappointed!

10/10 Mo
By Mo / Aurora, IL

Learned kettlebells from Carolyn on recommendations from a friend. I love it! We show up to her private studio with anywhere from 2 to 5 people at a time and she always has a very challenging and fun workout planned for us. I play ice hockey and my team mates have all commented on how much I've improved since training with Carolyn. (So much so that 2 of them decided to join us!) She has her own studio which is perfect for 1 person or a small group. If your looking for a challenging, all-in-one (cardio and strength training) workout go see Carolyn for kettlebell training. You won't be disappointed!

10/10 Carolyn is THE BEST!!!
By Scott / Naperville, IL

I had been wanting to learn about kettlebells for some time. After learning about Carolyn, I read through her website and decided to sign up. My only regret is not learning about her sooner. Carolyn is the best trainer I have worked with...ever. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for kettlebells is very contagious.

Carolyn pushed me beyond the point I would normally quit, yet was respectful if I couldn't go any further. After my 20 sessions, my cardio endurance and overall strength increased. I was shocked at how much my shoulder strength improved. I look forward to continuing my kettlebell practice at home for years to come after learning the proper form from Carolyn's teachings.

Thank you for everything Carolyn!!! You are THE BEST!!!

10/10 Incredible Instructor
By Shane / Warrenville IL

I had been interested in trying kettlebells for a while, so when I saw Carolyn's banner I figured I would check it out. I was very happy with my decision when I realized how beneficial working out with kettlebells is.

Carolyn is an incredible instructor. Not only does she make the workouts fun, she pushes you to get the best out of yourself. I was very out of shape when I began with her, but after some one on one sessions I have lost quite a few pounds and am in a lot better shape. I am thankful everyday that I was able to find such a great instructor.

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