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The Migraine Cure
The Migraine Cure
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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
It really works!
Rated 10/10
By Gail Harries, RN, BSNDelray Beach, FL

I worked closely with Dr. Dzugan while he was writing this book; Dr. Dzugan's Program will help so many people that feel there is nothing available for them except drugs! It's simple to follow, yet complex in how it works. As a nurse, it was wonderful for me to help so many be free of pain...and…
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The Migraine Cure

How to Forever Banish the Curse of Migraines—Using a Totally Effective, Safe, Clinically-Proven Yet Drug-Free Medical Breakthrough

By Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD
With Deborah Mitchell

220 pages
Paperback 6 inches

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The Migraine Cure (paperback) - $24.00
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Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back—And Be Permanently Free From the Crippling Pain of Migraines?

  • No more potentially destructive (and expensive) drugs! The Migraine Cure is all natural and releases you from the tyranny of powerful medications—forever.
  • No need to change your diet! The Migraine Cure requires no dietary changes or restrictions to be 100% effective.
  • No lifestyle changes! The Migraine Cure is not dependent on exercise, environment or climatic changes to guarantee success.
  • No more guesswork, futility and frustration! The Migraine Cure identifies and delivers exactly what YOU PERSONALLY need in order to be permanently migraine-free.
Never did I imagine I would find a cure for migraine, a debilitating disease which, according to the National Headache Foundation, affects approximately 28 million Americans… But I did. Until now, migraine has appeared to be impossible to cure. But it's not impossible any more."—from the introduction by Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD

While Dr. Dzugan and Dr. R. Arnold Smith were working with cancer patients at the North Central Mississippi Regional Cancer Center they made a startling discovery…

When cancer patients were treated with immunorestoration—a treatment that includes the use of hormones to help boost the immune system—patients who had once suffered with migraines reported that suddenly they were migraine-free.

Why were these patients suddenly free of migraine and its many related symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, depression, and constipation? Could restoration of specific, foundational hormones be the basis of a migraine cure?

From this discovery, Dr. Dzugan developed the Migraine Cure treatment protocol out of a long-term clinical study in which all the patients—100 percent—got complete relief from migraine pain and related symptoms, including individuals who had difficult-to-treat migraine that had plagued them for more than thirty years.

Since that study, Dr. Dzugan has repeatedly gotten the same results with hundreds of men, women, and adolescents in the United States and from around the world, whether they have been suffering with episodes of migraine pain for a few months or for decades.

If they can find relief, you and your loved ones can find it as well. In The Migraine Cure, Dr. Dzugan shares with you some of his patients' success stories and how they achieved that success. More importantly, he explains how you can realize that success as well.

The Migraine Cure treatment program is soundly based in science, it is amazing, and it is effective. It is also natural, readily available, noninvasive, and fine-tuned for each individual to fit his or her unique needs.

In The Migraine Cure, you will learn about how the program works, why it works, and, most important, how you can take the steps necessary to make it work for you—all without the use of expensive therapies or traditional drugs and the side effects associated with them. Most people who carefully follow the recommendations of the Migraine Cure are migraine-free in as little as one week. 

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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
Rated 10/10 It really works!
By Gail Harries, RN, BSN / Delray Beach, FL

I worked closely with Dr. Dzugan while he was writing this book; Dr. Dzugan's Program will help so many people that feel there is nothing available for them except drugs! It's simple to follow, yet complex in how it works. As a nurse, it was wonderful for me to help so many be free of pain...and as one successful patient put it: you can get your life back!

Rated 10/10 The Migraine Cure is real
By Nick / Columbus, OH USA

This Knowledge has helped save lives. Thank you Dr. Dzugan!

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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)