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Your Most Powerful Way to Get Fit Fast at Home

Kettlebell Overhead Walk

Meet All Your Exercise Needs — with Your Personal Hand-Held Gym, The RKC Kettlebell! See Special Pre-Order Offers below...

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress — with a heart-pumping release of potent endorphins
  • Restore your energy and sense of well-being — with dynamic bursts of high-yield drills
  • Regain your confidence — as you grow in strength and power
  • Re-sculpt your physique — to look and feel better than ever, however much you have to stay indoors!
  • Reward and protect yourself on a daily basis — with the immunity-boosting benefits of a robust, resilient system
  • Retain your athleticism and competitive edge — without the need for a gym or any other exercise equipment

Special Pre-Order Offers for 7 RKC Kettlebell Sizes

Note: we can ship only to the contiguous United States. No PO Boxes and no APO. To receive an invoice with shipping quote for a kettlebell pre-order outside of the contiguous US, write to giving us your address and the items you wish to purchase.

All preorder pricing includes an automatic 20% discount off the list price, with shipping included. No discount codes therefore apply to these preorders.

8 kg/18 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $58.99 with shipping included

10 kg/22 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $78.99 with shipping included

12 kg/26 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $95.99 with shipping included

18 kg/40 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $127.99 with shipping included

20 kg/44 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $146.99 with shipping included

22 kg/48 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $146.99 with shipping included

48 kg/106 lbs. RKC Kettlebell: Pre-order price $339.99 with shipping included

When you pre-order a minimum of one RKC kettlebell you will receive these two bonuses:

Bonus A: Coupon good for $50.00 off any HardstyleFit online kettlebell course (limit one per customer)

Bonus B: Coupon good for $100.00 off any in-person HKC or RKC kettlebell workshop (limit one per customer)

Your pre-order purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one full year.


Excellent Service in the Time of COVID
By Nikki DAllesandro, Belfast, ME

"This 16kg RKC kettlebell is beautifully made. Regardless of the craftsmanship, which is bar none, I cannot express how in AWE I've been regarding the pre-order, updates, shipping, and receipt of the KB. During these extremely uncertain and ever-changing times, this company kept in contact with me every couple of weeks to update me on the progress of the KB shipping. NO OTHER COMPANY I've purchased products from during this tumultuous time has been so involved in ensuring me they are on top of the shipping processes of their products. I'm looking forward to ordering from them again. Thank you so much TEAM OF EXCELLENCE!!!!!"

The best kettlebells, Bar none.
By Derek, Philadelphia, PA

"A good kettlebell is more than a lifetime investment, it's a multigenerational investment. That is, as long as you get one of good quality, and when it comes to quality, nothing beats Dragon Door. The shape, the finish, everything is spot on. For just a few dollars more than the competition, Dragon Door kettlebells return the value a thousand fold."

Worth The money!!!!
By Chris, Shreveport, LA

"After having used many brand "X" kettlebells, I purchased my first Dragon Door 53Lb kettlebell. The craftsmanship, weight balance and over all finish are far superior to any other kettlebell on the market. My form seemed tighter and the motions were more fluid. Just to check and make sure, I had a few of my clients try it and their responses were the same. So it looks like brand "X" is out the door in my gym and Dragon Door is now our exclusive Kettlebell. I could not be happier."

Amazing Quality
By Ryan Ripley, Indiana

"Just received my kettlebell in the mail today and was amazed at the quality. Very happy and will be purchasing more kettlebells from dragon door very soon."


Dragon Door RKC Kettlebells Preorder Offer 2020