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Ab Pavelizer II
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Ab Pavelizer II
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8.11 out of 10 (35 reviews)
Now that works
Rated 10/10
By sandstorm Midland, TX USA

Prior to getting the Pavelizer II, my wife would assist me in doing the Jandas. I thought I had them down until last night. I put a 25 lb plate on the Pavelizer, hooked my calves over the rollers and lay back. Tighten the glutes, drive the heels into the floor & rollup. Hello, this is it?? …
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Ab Pavelizer II

Ab Pavelizer II -
$97.00 $62.99
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Obviously, we would go out of business if Ab Pavelizer II didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Ab Pavelizer II. Go ahead and try it today.


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The Ab Pavelizer™ II's new sleek-'n-light design guarantees a perfect sit-up by forcing you to do it right. Now, escape or half-measures are impossible. Sit down at the Ab Pavelizer™ II and a divine slab of abs will be served up whether you like it or not. You'll startle yourself in your own mirror!

The secret to the Ab Pavelizer™ II is in the extra-active resistance it provides you. The ultimate in ab workout equipment, this cunning device literally pushes up against your calves (you'd almost swear it was a human partner) and forces you to recruit your glutes and hamstrings.

Two wonderful and amazing things happen.

First, it is virtually impossible to do the Janda situp wrong unless you start with a jerk. Second, the exercise becomes MUCH harder than on the Ab Pavelizer™ Classic. And "Much Harder" is Russian for "Quicker Results."

It is astonishingly hard to sit up all the way when the new Ab Pavelizer™ II is loaded with enough weight, 25-35 pounds for most comrades.

Finally, sit up equipment that brings out the beast in you—and then some.

A Great Added Bonus: Are you living in an already over-cluttered space? Want to conveniently hide the secret of your abs-success from envious neighbors? The new Ab Pavelizer™ II easily and quickly folds away in a closet or under your bed. Once prying eyes have left, you can put it up again in seconds for another handshake with heaven—or hell, depending on your perspective.

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Shown with user provided weight (25-35 lb)

—Clarence Bass, author of Ripped 1, 2 & 3 talks about the new Pavelizer II

Q: Based on your "hardest situp" article [#47], I purchased an Ab Pavelizer last December. I have definitely benefited from this device and share your feeling that, done properly, Janda situps are very difficult. I recently noticed that Pavel (Dragon Door) has a new Ab Pavelizer 2.

I asked Dragon Door how it differs from the originally units. Here's part of what they told me: "Because of the way it is used, you know exactly when you are cheating (if your feet raise off the floor or the units slides toward you). Plus, by adding weight to the unit, you can increase the difficulty of the situps."

I'd be interested in your reaction to the new Pavelizer.

A: I was curious as well and ordered a Pavelizer 2 to see for myself. (I offered to pay for it, but Dragon Door insisted on giving me a free review unit.). The new unit is different, for the reasons stated and others. I like it. The principle is the same, but the new unit is more user-friendly and probably has wider appeal. It's easier to use, and definitely more foolproof. My wife, Carol, showed little interest in the original models, but she likes the new one.

The design is different. The old units are stable; the resistance pad doesn't move. The new version rocks back and forth; the pressure exerted on the back of the legs depends on how much weight is on the opposite end. The more weight you put on the unit, the more you have to use your leg biceps and glutes to hold it down.

Actually, it's quite ingenious. The Evil Russian is devilishly clever.

As Dragon Door told you, the new unit won't let you cheat. If you jerk or try to anchor your feet, bringing the hip flexors into play, your feet come up or the unit slides toward you. It's a delicate balancing act. You hold the pads down using your leg biceps and glutes -- which takes the hip flexors out of play -- using just enough resistance to keep your feet on the floor, without pulling the unit toward you. The result is what I would call an enhanced crunch. You literally can not sit up all the way.

As Pavel says in the instruction guide which comes with the unit, "Sitting up all the way becomes a mechanical impossibility unless you start with a jerk (a no-no!)." When they say the new unit is harder than the Pavelizer Classic, that's probably what they mean.

You can do a full situp on the old model, but it's literally impossible on the new unit. The new unit recruits the glutes and hamstrings big time, taking the hip flexors completely out of the movement, which isolates the abs.

Placing your hands behind your neck makes it a little harder. Don't pull on your head; you'll get a headache or a sore neck.

I now alternate the old and new Ab Pavelizer from workout to workout, and rarely do the regular crunch.

Join the Strength Elite For Ever —
When You Own the Rolls Royce of Ab Machines

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"It Has Never Been So Easy to Have UNGODLY ABS"
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8.11 out of 10 (35 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Now that works
By sandstorm / Midland, TX USA

Prior to getting the Pavelizer II, my wife would assist me in doing the Jandas. I thought I had them down until last night. I put a 25 lb plate on the Pavelizer, hooked my calves over the rollers and lay back. Tighten the glutes, drive the heels into the floor & rollup. Hello, this is it?? I got by shoulder blades off the floor. More effort got me up to the small of my back on the floor and that was it. Back down, relax & repeat. 3 sets of 5 was all I had. Today my abs are sore from the sternum to the pelvic area, as promised. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the pain, sort of.

Rated 10/10 Worth it
By Alex Kretz / Suffolk, NY, USA

I am very happy with this purchase. The sit ups (ok, crunches) are very intense and very humbling. However, the carry over effect is tremendous. I feel more stable than ever before in my heavy squats and deadlifts. You won't be disappointed

Rated 10/10 More than I ask for.
By Jameel / Sweden

This is a good machine-though it does more than I ask for.
Wimps beware! You might overtrain.
If you are already working every muscle in a gym, this thing doesnt make your recovery time any quicker.
No,I want to isolate the abs, and the abs only.
The advantage of using your hands is that your hands and forearms are very dense anyway -that is why I strongly prefer the first one.

But if you're not getting maximum overload in the gym, and your priority is strong abs, then working a few extra muscles is just a plus!
Guiding the movement with the hands suits me better. It's how I enjoy it.
Also, looking at this machine without having tried it,I really do think it does the trick for isolating the abs.-Really!

I think all women should use this machine. Especially after a pregnancy to get their tone back.

Rated 10/10 Simple, yet so damn evil!
By Sean1C4 / Lacey, WA USA

The AB Pavelizer is hands down "THE" best AB training device I have ever used! Simple put, this thing is evil! I noticed almost immediate results and a burn in my AB's that I never thought possible! I have better six pack AB's at 28yrs. old than I did when I was 19! If you want to melt your mid-section and destroy those love handles, the AB Pavelizer is the one tool that get it done in a hurry!

Rated 10/10 Delivers great, hard-earned results!
By steve / Monroe, NC

The fist time I used this product, I was disappointed. Having never done jandas before, I followed the instructions and loaded a 25lb plate on and went for it. Nothing. I hardly budged. After much practice I have mastered the janda using a 10 lb plate and am looking foward to upping the weight soon. The pavilizer provides a great recuperative training of the abdominal region in addition to teaching the principle of full-body tention the hardway.

In short:
If you are an experienced strength trainer and are familiar with Pavel's products, order right away and get to it.

On the other hand, if you are a strength training beginner, order right away (rush delivery if possible) and be prepared to invest a good deal of effort into learning technique in order to recieve max benifits from this machine. Stick with it! PS There are some great people on the forums that provide plenty of tips and support, don't leave this resource untapped!

Rated 10/10 it got rid of my back pain
By Mark Hilburger (Uechi-Ryu Karate practitioner) / Mark Hilburger

My Chiropractic told me that I should buy this and stop doing situps. I have been using the Ab Pavelizer II for 2 weeks (ever other day) and my back pain is gone. I also starting doing the back stretching exerices that were including in the packaging at the same time. According to my Chiropractic its both of them that are helping me. So I will stay with it.

Rated 10/10 amazingly effective ab workout
By Charles Long / Burlington, Colorado USA

I work my abs a lot and they are probably stronger than the average guy but I found out just how pathetic they were when my Pavelizer arrived. This is an amazingly effective piece of equipment. By taking the hip flexors out of play and isolating the abs, they have to work like never before. Combined with the power breathing, my abs are getting stronger by the day.

Rated 10/10 Beautifully Brutal yet simple Device
By Dan Behling / Maryland Heights, MO USA

I was skeptical about getting this device but received it about 1 month ago and though I haven't stayed on the routine I promised myself I would this device is well worth the money invested as long as you learn how to properly use it. For me it was about 2 weeks until I finally got the whole feet flat and squeezing the glutes but man you feel it like nothing else. Great job Pavel and Dragondoor. Thanks again for a phenomenal product.

Rated 8/10 Excellent Discovery
By James Wells / Douglassville, Pa.

Although the instruction manual that was to be included was not in box, no instuctions as to plate to be used, I have started to use
instrument and feel it is an excellent product. I have requested the instruction manual and have not received that either. It appears the products are good but the final support is weak.

Rated 10/10 This Product Suprised Me!
By Tony / Santa Monica, CA

At first this thing didn't make sense, but after I played around with it for a while and started using the power breathing...WOW! It really is the best thing to do for your abs. I've been doing kettlebells for a while and am in pretty good shape, but this is really starting to make my abs visible.

Plus, it helps me do the other kettlebell exercises better--I have a stronger core and can tighten my stomach and lower body better. This translates into greater strength.

This product isn't cheap, but when you consider it (a) gives you stronger, more visible abs guaranteed (b) improves your overall kettlebell strength/proficiency (c) gives you better posture and probably saves you money in chiropractor visits and (d) lasts forever. Considering all this its well worth the price.

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