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Advanced Strength Strategies
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Advanced Strength Strategies
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9.56 out of 10 (16 reviews)
Highly Recommended
Rated 9/10
By Gumby USA

I have a very simple review process. Was the product/service worth the money I spent on it? In the case of Kenneths DVD's the answer is a resounding YES. Technical, informative, and at the end shows the program in practice. How much does a heart attack or bad ticker cost you? The cost of this…
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Advanced Strength Strategies

Advanced Strength Strategies (DVD) - $17.00
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Our dear Dane of Pain, Kenneth Jay really pulled a fast one on the unsuspecting candidates at the June 2007 Level Two RKC certification workshop.
Kenneth strolled onto the darkened stage at Daytons Bluff and in his best scholarly manner lulled his audience into a false sense of security
With pointers, charts, diagrams, stats and wads of research to back him up, Prof delivered convincing proof that a carefully calculated, personalized kettlebell snatch protocol could give us the most outstanding cardio of our lives. And give us a fighting chance to be mentioned in the same breath as those immensely powerful warriors of ancient times.
Niiiiice!.everyone thought.Niiiiice! and lounged deeper into their soft seats, scribbling intellectually into their notepads
The RKCs got a thorough schooling in Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts and how to massively enhance their all-important VO2 Max.
But theory without practice is like decaf coffee why bother?
That Was a NICE THEORY Now How About Some PRACTICE?
Well, of course our kind Viking was not about to let his students off with a mere Powerpoint presentation of theory and research, however convincing. Leave them sitting on their duffs as they do in so many other certification programs. Nooooooooo.
Kenneth invited the RKC candidates to join him in the protocol practice itself
So, out to the playing field the RKCs all troopedand were promptly subjected to one of the most blistering KB sessions of their lives: the VO2Max snatch protocol.
Again, we caught it all on tape: every detail of Kenneths superb and highly educational presentation and every important moment of the VO2Max protocol in action.
Absorb Kenneths presentation, watch it through a few times so your mind can understand the full significance and power of what Kenneth is offering you. Then follow along and take heart from the warrior-building workout that follows. Then prepare to kick some solid butt in the world at large.
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9.56 out of 10 (16 reviews)
Rated 9/10 Highly Recommended
By Gumby / USA

I have a very simple review process. Was the product/service worth the money I spent on it? In the case of Kenneths DVD's the answer is a resounding YES. Technical, informative, and at the end shows the program in practice. How much does a heart attack or bad ticker cost you? The cost of this DVD is a drop in the bucket compared to life. I would also say that if you're over 35 I would absolutely not hesitate to invest in this because it's an investment in a good life.

Rated 10/10 Awesome
By Peter Nurman / Phoenix, AZ, USA

This is a great DVD and a great way to end the RKC II library. From building the foundation with "Working with Special Populations" to understanding people's limitation to learning how to recognize those with limitations "Corrective Strategies and Movement Screens", Adv Strength Strategies is a great finisher since it allows the trainer to understand what VO2 max is and the various ways to implement it. The ppt included is a great addition to understanding the material if one were to follow along with Mr. Jay.

Either this as a single DVD or as the RKC II library is a great addition to any person's knowledge base.

Rated 10/10 Don't cheat yourself out of this
By Jeff O'Connor, RKC Team Leader / Talala, Ok

Everytime I get to listen to Kenneth, I'm reminded of how brilliant he is. This DVD is packed with all the research that any numbers junkie could want, and then brought home with an easy to learn process and very simple application. Don't confuse simple with easy, though.

Advanced Strength Strategies, exposes the myth of traditional cardio with hard facts and research. Then it teaches you to bullet-proof your heart with hard work.

If you're looking for a jazercise video that's all about "low-impact" and "target heart rate" this ain't it. However, if you want a healthy heart and improved recovery time, this is the information that you need.

Rated 10/10 Viking Cardio
By David Whitley, Sr. RKC / Nashville, TN

The VO2 max protocol is rapidly becoming legendary in kettlebell circles, with good reason. Kenneth "the Dane of Pain" Jay does a great job of presenting the theory and practice behind these brutally simple workouts.

The information on this DVD will make your heart stronger and healthier, improve your recovery time for hard sports or fighting and increase your Secret Service Snatch Test score.

Rated 9/10 Recomended
By Dennis G. / Spotsylvania, VA

Great information and fantastic workout that is guaranteed to kick your butt. Kenneth Jay really knows his stuff. DVD is both informative and entertaining and will take your conditioning training to a new level. Kenneth teaches you not only the how but the why. Highly recommended.

Rated 10/10 Life changing method
By Lakatos Peter / Szentendre, Hungary

I have started to use the described method of Vo2 max training 6 month ago. My stamina and strength dramatically improved. I even made the best snatch result on the 2008 April TSC, finishing on the second place. My 10 min ssst result almost 260, while I am only 75 kg.

Maybe the above results describes, how good is the program, presented by Kenneth.

So, thanks for the DVD, Kenneth.

Rated 9/10 Good Information for cardio
By Jeff / Oregon

Good Information for cardio, but I couldn't get to the pdf download for the manual.

Rated 10/10 Love the DVD - Worth the price!
By Delaine Ross, RKC / Atlanta, GA

At first I was hesitant to purchase Advanced Strength Strategies because it seemed like a lot to pay for a DVD. Was I wrong. The information is worth SO much more than the price of the DVD. I have already watched it 3 times. The content is amazing. Kenneth Jay does a great job of explaining the science behind the VO2Max.

Rated 10/10 Scientifically sound...and brutally effective!!
By Van den Bosch Idesbald / Brussels, Belgium

Watching the first DVD, I couldn't wait and test myself for knowing my VO2max snatch cadence. Well, that already almost killed me!

But then the VO2max protocol has become my main and favorite training weapon. Gone are the days of guessing and changing my mind every now and then about what's working. The goal is simple: get incredible, explosive strength with the heart of a buffalo. And I'm sticking to it.

My resting heart rate has gone down, I feel much more enduring and stronger than before, all the while keeping relaxed arms when throwing punches in combat training.

A must-have-do in every serious warrior house.

Rated 10/10 Very informative
By Bob McDonald / Bakersfield, Ca. USA

I was very impressed with the information provided in the DVD's. They gave a great breakdown of what occurs during aerobic training sessions, especially with heart development. I am starting to use training programs in the DVD to improve my cardio performance, at age 57 I need it.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Bob McDonald

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9.56 out of 10 (16 reviews)