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Deadlift Dynamite book
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Deadlift Dynamite book
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9.5 out of 10 (8 reviews)
2 PR's +20lbs to a 3x 1 set in first week
Rated 9/10
By Russ Moon, HKCRichmond, USA

The setup improvement alone had me at +20 pounds at the 6 day mark on my Deadlift so the proof is in the results. Pavel's comments on the results, linking it back to techniques or principles, which have worked for me. My goal is a 40lb increase in my 3 rep Deadlift in 30 days.
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Deadlift Dynamite

How To Master The King of All Strength Exercises

By Pavel and Andy Bolton

263 pages.


In Deadlift Dynamite you’ll discover:
  • How to build a massive deadlift using proven strength techniques
  • A step-by-step beginner’s plan for getting started in the iron game and effortlessly getting big and STRONG
  • How to carry on getting STRONGER, year after year, even if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter
  • Assistance exercises to take your strength and muscle mass to the next level
  • How to build enough speed and explosive power to dominate in any hard-core sport
  • Secrets for easily smashing your bench press and squat PR’s
  • How to minimize your injury risk and ensure your strength training longevity

The deadlift can lay serious claim to be the single most important exercise you can ever do—if your goal is to develop supreme strength and total body power.

And who better to help you to achieve your ultimate strength and power gains than 6-time world champion and multiple record holder, Andy Bolton—backed by the expertise of renowned strength authority, Pavel Tsatsouline?

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How to Build Supreme Strength,
Massive Muscle and Explosive Power—
Faster, More Effectively and More Safely

A Progressive Program of Proven Methods for Getting Stronger and Bigger—The World Champion’s Way…
The authors Pavel and Andy Bolton

In Deadlift Dynamite you’ll discover:

  • How to build a massive deadlift using proven strength techniques
  • A step-by-step beginner’s plan for getting started in the iron game and effortlessly getting big and STRONG
  • How to carry on getting STRONGER, year after year, even if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter
  • Assistance exercises to take your strength and muscle mass to the next level
  • How to build enough speed and explosive power to dominate in any hard-core sport
  • Secrets for easily smashing your bench press and squat PR’s
  • How to minimize your injury risk and ensure your strength training longevity
Let Powerlifting Legend Andy Bolton And Internationally
Renowned Strength Coach Pavel Tsatsouline
Help You Get STRONGER…
The deadlift can lay serious claim to be the single most important exercise you can ever do—if your goal is to develop supreme strength and total body power.
And who better to help you to achieve your ultimate strength and power gains than 6-time world champion and multiple record holder, Andy Bolton—backed by the expertise of renowned strength authority, Pavel Tsatsouline?
The first section of Deadlift Dynamite "How to Lift", provides a safe, progressive, technically-detailed plan on how to get started right in the iron game, avoid the typical mistakes and years of frustration, and see extraordinary results in even the first year of training.
Intermediate lifters will appreciate the world of subtle tips and masterly insights—which will help them bust through plateaus and surge forward in their gains. And the savvy coach will recognize he now owns the ultimate blueprint for producing champions—in many athletic fields.
Whether your goal is to excel in the sport of powerlifting or you just want to become stronger and more muscular— Deadlift Dynamite is for you.
There are many approaches to muscle and strength building, some effective, more marginal, most nearly worthless. Powerlifting’s half century of existence has undeniably proven that this sport offers the most time-efficient methods for making you BIG and STRONG.
As one of the strongest men on the planet, Andy Bolton’s contribution to Deadlift Dynamite is unassailable—yet couched in a simple, direct and totally accessible style. Pavel’s goal is to compress the period it would take you to master championship lifting technique, like Andy’s, from decades to years and even months—while avoiding the many health problems lifters who train incorrectly develop along the way.
Discover also Pavel’s state of the art flexibility and mobility exercises specific to lifting—exercises which have received a strong thumbs up from the elite of the iron game.
The secondary goal of these exercises is health and longevity.
The primary goal is strength.

Must Read For All Strength Enthusiasts…

alwyn cosgrove
"Deadlift Dynamite really delivers. Don’t let the title fool you, this book covers much, much more that just the deadlift (just take a quick look at the table of contents). We have been eagerly awaiting this book since we had heard that Pavel and Andy Bolton were joining forces to write it.
This book met the Results Fitness very high expectations and much more. We would consider it a must read for any and all strength enthusiasts from beginner to advanced. It is an incredibly thorough and very well illustrated book on various aspects of strength training.
Quite literally, there is something for everyone and no stone is left unturned!"
– Alwyn Cosgrove, Owner Results Fitness
 When it comes to programming for world-class lifts, Andy Bolton is the undisputed results-master. In Deadlift Dynamite the champion reveals his classic templates that have helped him earn title after title—and can forever turn around your own success as a conqueror of the unforgiving iron.
The second section "How to Lift More" is aimed at the experienced lifter. Pavel and Andy go into great detail describing the deeper subtleties of world-class deadlift technique and teach you state of the art assistance exercises.
While the deadlift is the focal point of the book, the squat and the bench press also receive the attention they deserve—to provide lifters, of all levels, the absolute essentials to excel in these great lifts as well.
What You’ll Get When You Possess Deadlift Dynamite…
Lifting heavy loads of unforgiving iron can wreck both the ignorant amateur and the less-than-properly informed "pro". Deadlift Dynamite provides the professional attention to detail, the gradual progressions and the detailed technical secrets to ensure you get stronger and bigger year after year, whatever your current level of expertise—with minimum risk and maximum gain.
Andy and Pavel leave NOTHING out, and reveal EVERYTHING you could possibly want to help you meet your strength and size goals—however ambitious.
Nothing has been held back…
THIS IS IT and this is all you’ll ever need…the ultimate blueprint, by the ultimate strength masters, for the ultimate in long-lasting gains…
  • Why the deadlift is the single most important exercise you can ever do—if ultimate strength and size is your goal…Pages 1—2
  • How mastering the deadlift can explode your jump and add horsepower to your sprint…Page 2
  • How THIS unique, little-known ‘hinge drill’ can be a lifesaver for serious deads—giving you way more power and flexibility…Page 8
  • Tight hamstrings screwing with your dead? THE answer could be this "down-under" tip, which requires almost no effort but yields an almost magical release for your bunched hammies…Page 9
  • How to choose between the conventional deadlift and the sumo – get this right and you’ll reach your strength potential, get it wrong and you won’t…Page 12
  • There is a specific alignment you MUST employ if you want to superpower your dead. Get the goods here…Page 16
  • Making THIS mistake could be devastating and has injured thousands before you—learn the hows and whys of how to save yourself from disaster…Page 16
  • Why chest-puffing like a regular weightlifter can hurt your gains when deading…Page 21
  • How to bombproof your often-vulnerable mid-back — for safer, more powerful lifts…Page 21
  • Why choosing "energy efficiency" in your dead technique can spell disaster for your back—and what to do instead…Page 24
  • Inferior lifters often doom themselves with this all-too-common mistake. Discover how to avoid being doomed to the ranks of the inferior…Page 25
  • Here’s the best bridge technique to magically enhance your deadlift lockout—the rewards will speak for themselves…Page 27
  • Weak abs spell trouble and badness for lifters. Discover how to use the secrets of "HardStyle" breathing to end that strength-sapping and potentially disastrous deficit in your body…Pages 28—29
  • Are you a beginner? Then you have no business jumping straight in to the full deadlift. Be a wise and more successful beginner—and get airborne with THIS lift first…Page 29
  • Discover the secrets of "incremental racking" for super-solid gains…Page 33
  • The "martial advantage" that comes from the mixed grip—get the full story here…Page 36
  • How to employ the subtle-and-vital skill of recruiting your ­­­­­­­_______ for additional power and strength…Page 38
  • Here’s exactly how to supercharge your pressing power…Page 41
  • Why 99% of people bench appallingly—and what it takes to become a one-percenter…Page 41
  • There’s a double-whammy to good technique. Knowing the nature of the double-whammy will inspire you to supersize your lifts by sticking to this advice from Pavel and Andy…Page 43
  • THIS is by far the ideal bench station for best results…Page 43
  • The 3 keys to the perfect bench press set up…Page 44
  • What you MUST do to absolutely maximize your bench numbers…Page 44
  • To arch or not to arch? Get the plusses and minuses here and make the right choice for YOU…Page 45
  • There’s a science to unracking the bar for safety and longevity—get the FACTS here…Pages 48—49
  • The 8 keys to lowering the bar for optimal results…Pages 49—50
  • How to best blast the bar to lockout…Pages 51—53
  •  What you can learn from how Andy achieved a 1,214 lb squat…Page 53
  •  Here are proven and crucial methods guaranteed to improve your hip mobility and ensure a more massive power squat…Page 57
  •  The magic of the RKC Face-the-Wall Squat to dramatically improve your lift…Pages 58—63
  •  How to reap the strength benefits of the "spine-lengthening" technique…Page 63
  •  How to pull yourself down into the hole and the gains you’ll get from mastering this method…Page 64
  •  How to "pry"—and go deeper on your squat than ever before…Page 65
  •  How to master the RKC hip flexor stretch for a better squat, bench AND deadlift…Pages 67—69
  • The "Three Golden Stretches" for serious strength athletes…Pages 70—71
  •  How to find your perfect power squat stance…Page 72
  • Discover how to descend like a pro with the Box Squat…Page 72
  •  How to full-bore the powerlifting-style squat—and amp up the gains…Page 77
  •  Very few athletes own THIS profound secret for dramatically enhancing THIS muscle for THESE results…Page 78
  •  Learn this stronger way to "spread the floor"—for way safer loading…Page 84
  •  The 4 great keys to driving the bar to lockout…Page 87
  •  Why you need to obey the Law of Compensatory Acceleration to squeeze more gains out of your lift…Page 87
  • Understanding these golf and tennis secrets will transfer extra power when loading for your squat…Page 88
  • 5 big ideas for fixing common squat problems…Pages 89—93
  • The 4 big rules all squat beginners must take as Bible…Page 93
  • The cardinal sin to avoid—and what a TRUE Champion’s technique is all about…Page 95
  • Why THIS quality is THE King for developing outlandish strength—and the 3 essential practices you can use to make IT happen…Page 96
  • How and why employing isometric contraction correctly can explode your heavy-lifting gains…Page 97

For Serious Lifters With Serious Goals

mehdi hadim deadlift
"Andy Bolton is to the Deadlift what Tiger Woods is to Golf, Michael Jordan is to Basketball and what Roger Federer is to Tennis. He’s the first guy to Deadlift 1000lb, so there’s simply no better person you could ever learn how to Deadlift from.
If you’re new to the deadlift – Deadlift Dynamite will show you how to Deadlift with proper form so you gain strength and muscle without hurting your lower back.
If you’re already an experienced deadlifter, expect to discover new techniques and cues to take your deadlift to the next level. I’ve been Deadlifting for a couple of years, pulled 3x my own body-weight and yet I still picked up several tips to apply to my own training.
Andy and I have talked before and he knows what he’s talking about. If you consider yourself a serious lifter with serious goals, Deadlift Dynamite is quite simply required reading"
     – Mehdi, author of and drug-free 500lb Deadlifter
  • 3 self-correcting drills to improve your all-important skill of "pre-tensing"…Page 97
  • How to perfect the bottom-up kettlebell clean and press – this exercise will help to bullet-proof your shoulders against injury, make them SUPER-STRONG and give you a vice-like grip (perfect for holding onto HUGE deadlifts)…Pages 97—104
  • How to reap the strength-enhancing benefits of the bottom-up kettlebell carry…Page 105
  • Grab it here: Andy’s knowledge-drop on "speed and compensatory acceleration"…Page 108
  • ALWAYS lift explosively? "YES", says Andy, as far as he is concerned. The world champion (who’s to argue?) explains why…Page 108
  • The 2 essential rules to obey when lifting at speed. Disobey at your peril!…Pages 108—109
  • Absolute strength is good, but in sports, SPEED rules – Here’s why…Page 109
  •  Speed versus grinding and the role of tension…Page 109
  •  How to EAT for superior strength and muscular size…Page 111
  •  10 simple, yet highly effective principles to follow for improved strength and health…Pages 112—114
  •  Cycling: a simple yet highly effective way to add major pounds to your squat, press and pull…Page 115
  •  The 4 essential keys to successful cycling…Page 117
  • Tried and tested cycling methods for novices…Page 117
  • Golden cycling tips for intermediate and advanced lifters…Page 118
  • 5 important variables to watch to ensure you keep gaining on your cycles…Pages 118—119
  • How to benefit fully from wave cycles…Page 121
  • How to take advantage of step cycling—great for both beginners and advanced lifters to make spectacular gains…Page 122
  • Only here: the cycle that produced a 1,003 lb deadlift, in never-before-revealed detail…Page 125
  • Here is the EXACT training cycle Andy used to build to a 1,214 squat…Page 127
  • Surefire tips on how to fix a failing training cycle…Page130
  • The 5 rules beginners should obey to minimize training cycle failures…Page 130
  • The story of Dr. Stupid and the number one thing to avoid in your training…Page 131
  • How to cycle properly during your off-season…Pages 133
  • Your first year plan for building serious strength…Pages 137—139
  • The magic number of reps that enable you to build strength and muscle simultaneously…Page 137
  • How to develop your own team of "champions" for greater lifting success…Page 141
  • The 7 steps to a bullet-proof mindset—to crush when it counts…Page 141
  • The 9 essential qualities you must have instilled for a high-performing team…Page 142
  • Why you need to love violence—or go home to Mummy…Page 143
  • Why a good face-slapping could be just the ticket for a supersized victory…Page 144
  • How and what to visualize to really succeed in the iron game…Page145
  • How to prepare for your first competition—and get the edge you’ll need…Page 146
  • Beyond the basics—how to really start stacking on the plates and have your Deadlift reach ungodly loads…Page 149
  • Andy’s surprising secret recipe for maximum strength with minimum injury risk…Page 150
  • 5 keys to the perfect pull…Page 151
  • Discover this "3-dip" formula to adding yet more power to your lift…Page 151
  • Why all great deadlifters have scars HERE—and why you should too if you are serious about blasting a really big load…Page 152
  • The 3 best ways to start a high-load pull…Pages 154—155
  • Why you need to "rock it"—to truly ace those big-ass loads…Page 155
  • How to identify and plug the "10 deadly leaks"—that are currently sapping your strength and power…Page 157
  • How to fix your feet—without this in place you’ll never make it to the top. Never! …Pages 157—159
  • Learn how to plug those ankle leaks—or suffer the consequences…Page 160
  • This leakage in your knees will get you red-lighted for sure—and here’s the surefire fix…Pages 160—163
  • The tell-tale signs of hip leakage (which is just as awful as it sounds)—and how to stop that nonsense now…Pages 162—165
  • How to fix potentially crippling leakages in the lumbar spine…Pages 165—166
  • How to fix leakages in the thoracic spine…Pages 166—167
  • What so many lifters do wrong with their scapulae—and the 5 ways to fix that sin…Pages 167—168
  • The deadlift and sports assistance exercises…Page 169
  • How to overcome your deadlift plateaus, even if you’ve been stuck at the same weight for years…Page 169
  • Discover the plateau-busting power of the perfect partial…Page 170

I Wish I Could Have Read Deadlift Dynamite 20 Years Ago…

brian cannone
"I’ve been working in the gym business for over 20 years now. I’ve seen people come in that need to learn basic exercises and circuit training but I have to say this…
I have never seen a world-champion powerlifter and strength coach teach people how to deadlift, squat and bench properly.
The people I see usually just start off doing things incorrectly from day one and eventually end up with injuries down the road. I am happy to have read a copy of Deadlift Dynamite and wish I had the chance to learn from these experts from my start.
There sure are many people that think they know how to lift big and heavy weights but will never reach their potential unless they take it seriously enough to do it the right way. I encourage ALL serious lifters to read this program by Andy Bolton and Pavel!"
         -- Brian Cannone Owner, 
  • How to employ deficit pulls for greater starting strength…Page 170
  • 9 fantastic assistance exercises that can blow up your lifts…Pages 170—174
  • Why the kettlebell swing is a killer assistance exercise for the deadlift…Page 175
  • How to get a hard-driving lockout and bullet-proof your back with the KB swing…Page 176
  • How Donnie Thompson jumped his pull from 766 to 832 on a diet of KB swings—and said goodbye to chronic back pain to boot…Page 176
  • This "towel swing" will help you nail perfect timing on your deadlift…Pages 178—183
  • How to master the classic 2-arm KB swing…Pages 183—190
  • This surprising Special Forces "groin-breathing" method protects your back and ups your poundage…Page 185
  • This dead swing is perfect for powerlifters—find out why and how to ace the lift…Pages 188—190
  • Work your muscles even harder with this version of the swing…Page 191
  • Learn the hand-to-hand swing —for a stronger hip snap and more powerful ballistics…Pages 192—193
  • The little-known "side-stepping swing" will torture your glutes and give you that extra missing edge…Page 194
  • Want to train for the ultimate in explosive hip power? Then THIS drill is a gift from heaven…Pages 195—197
  • When and how to employ the overspeed eccentric swing for spectacular improvements in explosivity and fantastic carryover for sports and general physical prep alike…Pages 197—200
  • The ideal kettlebell swing program for powerlifters…Pages 201—204
  • Here’s the ab-strengthening masterplan to drive your deadlift numbers through the roof…Pages 205—228
  • The best-kept secrets for strengthening your abs and safely upping your lifts…Page 209
  • This Russian paradox breathing crunch develops a critical tension skill essential to safe, heavy lifting. Get it here…Pages 210—211
  • Learn the risky but reward-laden Russian Hockey lift…Page 212
  • How to avoid the danger of injury by strategically practicing this apparently "stupidly dangerous" move…Page 213
  • How to give your abs a heavy-duty smoke with the Renegade Row…Pages 214—215
  • Want to quickly master the all-important skill of generating a CRAZY midsection contraction when arching? Here’s the ticket…Page 216
  • They call the suitcase deadlift a "priceless exercise" for a reason. If you are not employing this method you’re leaving a helluva lot on the table! Find out more here…Pages 220—223
  • Why rotation exercises for powerlifters?…Page 224
  • How to strengthen your trunk rotators and up your lifts…Page 224
  • How to go to "isometric war" with the peerless power of the RKC Plank…Page 225
  • The 14 must-know secrets to the perfect plank…Pages 227—228
  • How to build a big, strong back…Pages 229—243
  • How to perform Hammer strength rows the right way—like a true champion…Page 230
  • The 5 keys to really piling on the plates and lifting like a God…Page 230
  • How to best perform one-arm DB rows for awesome lats and a better back…Page 230
  • The 8 performance secrets for the perfect one-arm DB row…Page 231
  • How to best perform low pulley cable rows—another dynamite way to train your back…Pages 231—233
  • The 18 variations for the low pulley cable row…Page 231
  • The 7 secrets to perfect cable rows…Page 233
  • The 9 keys to huge results from inverted rows with gymnastic rings…Page 234
  • How to best perform standing single cable rows—great for the lats and especially great for lifters with dodgy shoulders…Page 235
  • The 7 keys to optimizing the standing single cable row…Page 235
  • Discover the king of all upper-body pulling exercises…Page 238
  • The 5 essentials to an awesome pullup…Page 238
  • 5 ways to load your body for even greater upper body strength…Page 238
  • How to overcome being too heavy to manage even a single pull up…Page 239
  • How to perform pull downs—another great way to build your lats, upper back, biceps and forearms…Pages 240—241
  • The 6 keys to pull down greatness…Page 241
  • How to best insert upper body pulling exercises into your weekly training program – get this right and your squat, bench and deadlift will INCREASE – get it wrong and you’ll likely end up overtrained…Pages 242—243
  • How to incorporate bench press assistance exercises and skyrocket your pressing power…Pages 245—253
  • Here’s a great assistance exercise for the pecs—to help you recover faster…Page 245
  • 5 assistance exercises you MUST do for your triceps – essential for a STRONG bench press lockout…Page 245
  • Why the kettlebell halo is the perfect shoulder assistance exercise…Pages 247—248
  • Discover the amazing benefits of the kettlebell RKC arm bar — this is the PERFECT exercise for keeping your upper back healthy …Pages 249—253
  • How to greatly increase your thoracic spine and shoulder girdle mobility—for way more comfort when squatting heavy…Page 250
  • Andy’s Advanced Weekly Schedule—if it works for him, could it work for you?…Pages 255—259

I Recommend Deadlift Dynamite To All Of My Trainers…

Jack Lovett 294x300
"As a long time fan of both Pavel and Andy Bolton, I was thrilled when I received Deadlift Dynamite.
It’s very well written and easy to apply, so I immediately recommended it to my team of trainers.
Likewise, I recommend it to all strength training enthusiasts and coaches alike."
   -- Jack Lovett – Owner, Spartan Performance, Multiple Britain’s Natural Strongest Man,  Champion and World Natural Strongman Competitor
Who Needs Deadlift Dynamite and Who Doesn’t Need It?
Listen up.
If you already have a world class deadlift, squat and bench press and feel 100% sure of how you will improve your numbers in the future, whilst staying pain-free and healthy—you might not need this.
If you’re the kind of guy who can walk into ANY gym, start lifting and make people’s jaws hit the floor because you’re just that damn strong—you might not need this.
If you already have access to insider training knowledge from the best strength athletes and coaches on the planet—you might not need this.
However, if you have ONE of the following problems, I highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy of Deadlift Dynamite.
And if you have MORE THAN ONE of the following problems—problems that don’t go away on their own and affect at least 95% of lifters and strength athletes—you need to get yourself a copy immediately…
  • You aren’t getting as strong on the deadlift, squat and/or bench press as quickly as you’d like
  • You’ve been stuck at the same strength numbers for weeks, months or years
  • You want to get bigger as well as stronger and yet, despite eating like a horse, you still aren’t packing as much muscle as you’d like
  • You have annoying aches and pains that just won’t go away
  • You are currently rehabbing yourself from a serious injury OR you have had a serious injury in the past
  • You are somewhat unsure of how to write a killer training program—the kind of program guaranteed to help you make massive strength gains
  • You aren’t sure what the best assistance exercises are for the "big 3"—the squat, bench press and deadlift
  • You aren’t as strong or tough mentally as you’d like to be and you know this because you’ve missed max lift attempts that you knew you were physically strong enough to make
  • You have wasted valuable time "program hopping"—jumping from one training program to another—in the hope that you’ll find the magic training program
  • You have thought to yourself "all I need is a good coach and my strength would skyrocket"
OK, so if you don’t have any of those problems, you might not need Deadlift Dynamite and it’s likely that you are already brutally strong and a world class strength athlete. If that’s the case, I wish you well and please carry on what you are doing in the gym.
However, if you have one or more of those problems, you’re going to love Deadlift Dynamite when you grab your copy today.
Are You Ready To Get A Lot STRONGER?
Deadlift Dynamite is the ultimate "How To" guide for building a huge deadlift, adding slabs of granite-hard muscle to your body, smashing your bench and squat PR’s and bullet-proofing yourself against injury.
As a publisher, it’s my honour and privilege to be able to offer you this book – written by one of the strongest men to ever live and one of the smartest strength and conditioning coaches on the planet.
It is no exaggeration to say that Andy Bolton and Pavel make a dream team when it comes to teaching you how to get a lot STRONGER. And you’ll get all their SECRETS when you grab your copy of Deadlift Dynamite.
Not everybody is ready to get stronger.
Some people never will be.
The sad truth is that many lifters would rather spend their entire lifting careers "program hopping", wasting their time in the gym, making excuses and FAILING to get much stronger. Worse still – many lifters injure themselves and live in constant pain because they lift with horrible form and have no clue about how to program their training in a sensible way.
This leads me back to my original question…
"Are YOU ready to get a lot stronger?"
If you answered "YES" and would love to smash your deadlift PR, send your bench and squat numbers skyward, improve your physqiue – both aesthetically and functionally –  and annihilate your competition in the heat of battle, get your copy now.
You’re going to love Deadlift Dynamite…
Read Reviews For: Deadlift Dynamite (paperback)
9.5 out of 10 (8 reviews)
Rated 9/10 2 PR's +20lbs to a 3x 1 set in first week
By Russ Moon, HKC / Richmond, USA

The setup improvement alone had me at +20 pounds at the 6 day mark on my Deadlift so the proof is in the results. Pavel's comments on the results, linking it back to techniques or principles, which have worked for me. My goal is a 40lb increase in my 3 rep Deadlift in 30 days.

This book I consider to very definitely have a Hardstyle flavor in the background, but ever present. Pay attention to detail in setup and be aggressive (Andy Bolton), reminds me of Donnie Thompson saying "Come up with tremendous power to lockout. Don't play passive."

Pavel's explanation of programming (my favorite is the wave cycle ;) and what it might feel like helps me as I practice to stay as pure to the authors intended outcome as possible. The collaboration works and I thank both of you. My deadlift thanks you.

Rated 9/10 Bolton Outstanding
By Alex Turnamian / Waretown, USA

Andy Bolton is not only an outstanding strength athlete, but an incredible writer as well.Anyone interested in strength development should add this book to their library.Just about every aspect of proper power lifting is explained clearly and thoroughly in layman terms.

Rated 10/10 Injuries
By Johan Kriek / Townsville, Australia

Impressed with explanations on good form and prevention of injuries. Been messing around in gyms most of my life but my son is growing up and him being very active in sport I can now teach him the correct form from the start and prevent unwelcome injuries. It covers all from beginner to pro.

Rated 10/10 Great for a Powerlifter
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, USA

If you aspire to be a power lifter, this is a great book. I don't want to be a power lifter. For me, Power to the People is the ticket. I don't care about assistance work, etc.. Mr. Bolton is obviously highly qualified and offers a very comprehensive work. My desire is to simplify. If you are an aspiring power lifter, then this is a great book.

Rated 9/10 Instant Results
By Brian Flynn / Providence, RI, USA

I have been using kettlebells for the past 3.5 years exclusively, with fantastic results. However, the itch has been there to incorporate some barbell work twice a week. I joined a gym and decided to do deadlifts, bench press, squats and pullups. Instant results on all three exercises. Amazing when you've done it wrong for so many years, then do it right. My only critique is they don't tell you how to incorporate all the assistance exercises into the program. But Andy and Pavel rock. If you want to lift the RIGHT way. This book is for you. A great swan song for Pavel on Dragon Door

Rated 9/10 Simple and Effective
By Robert Storey / Noblesville, Indiana, United States

This was my introduction into the world of powerlifting. It has taken my strength to a new level and helped improve my performance in athletics. The approach is really simple and straightforward with clear progressions to address various weaknesses. A great book for improving strength, though if you need more conditioning, it can't be the only tool in your arsenal.

Rated 10/10 Excellent technique tips
By James Webster / Koroit, Victoria, Australia

Great book. Well set out, easy to read, lots of pictures. Lots of helpful technique tips for the deadlift. Wish I had read the book earlier before I formed bad habits.

Rated 10/10 All dragon door ebooks the best
By Richard Gaviorno / PITTSFIELD, MA, United States

All ebooks I have puchased from dragon door are the best I have ever seen on the subject.

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