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Jeff O'Connor


Talala, OK
United States 74080
10 out of 10 (56 reviews)

4 Years United States Navy

2 Time Oklahoma Strongest Man

2001 Winner of North America Strongest Man, 275lb Division (NASS)
Certified Fire Department Fitness Instructor
Master RKC
IYCA Certified Youth Fitness Specialist

Currently, my professional time is invested as a career firefighter, a youth athletic development coach, and a Master RKC.

My philosophy is pretty well summed up by explaining the name of my business


1. Most everything I teach has been stolen from someone I respect.

2. Sometimes you have to be willing to break the rules.

3. We tend to live on the fringe of society.

Although I am available to the general public, my primary focus is on the athletic development of children and adolescents. Teaching the SKILLs of strength, coordination, mobility, agility, and flexibility at the proper stages of development is the foundation for athletic performance at the highest levels.

For information regarding personal or group training,
contact Jeff at

Visit Outlaw Strength Systems at

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10/10 Excellent Instruction!
By Vernon Cooley / Drumright, OK USA

While Jeff was my only experience with a kettlebell instructor, I have had experience with trainers in weight lifting etc. and I have to say that Jeff was by far the best trainer I have ever had any dealings with.

Jeff made me feel at ease and never talked down to me even though I couldn't even spell kettlebell when I first came to him and was in terrible shape. Safety was always a priority and his attention to detail really made a difference in my technique.

I explained my history of having back problems and he was able to tailor the workout accordingly. It was obvious that he truly cared about my results. Jeff has been a trainer and an athlete for years and I feel that I benefited from his comprehensive knowledge of things outside of kettlebells.

He also pointed me to some information that caused me to completely change the way that I am approaching my health care.

I can truly say that going to Jeff has been a blessing to me. I HIGHLY recommend him.

10/10 As good as it gets.
By Jack Massey / Claremor Ok. USA

I have been involved with martial arts for most of my life. I have spent a lot of my time cross training in the weight training and conditioning areas for the obvious benifits to my arts. Jeff introduced me to a "new" way of thinking, and training, involving Kettelbells. Since I have been training with Jeff my strength and general conditioning has improved greatly. He has helped me customize my training sessions to help me reap the most benifit to my needs. I have been told by others that my kicking and punching power has increased as well as mobility and strength in the grappeling arts. Bottom line that's what I am after. As far as Jeff's ablilty as an instructor I would say he is as good as at gets in my book. He posseses an enormous amount of knowledge, and is constantly on a quest to learn moore. I truly believe that he always has my best intrest in mind. I also respect Jeffs personal accomplishments and his drive. I would like to add that Jeff's abilities to train don't start and end with Kettelbells. He has provided me with insight and training in a number of other areas such as flexibility, nutriton, general helth, and other stregth related areas. If you get a chance to learn from Jeff and do not, you are simply cheating yourself.

10/10 THE BEST
By Gary Bentley / Bixby,Oklahoma

Being a certified insructor and past owner of many gyms I spent many hours searching for the right trainer to work with my now 16 and 18 year old sons. I have been training and teaching for over 35 years.Finding Jeff was a dream come true. When looking for a trainer I found what I consider to be the most caring and knowlegable person you could ever hope for. My looking for a kettlebell instructor also found me someone who taught my sons speed and conditioning along with his fantastic weightligting and flexablity teachings.. Jeff has worked with my oldest son for almost 2 years and my son has just received his teaching certification through Dragondoor due to Jeffs great insructions. So pleased we continue to drive over 100 miles every training session to use his knowledge and training. No doubt Jeff is one of the most qualified instructors I have ever seen and we look foward to continuing with him. I might add that one of my boys is being recruited by div.1 schools in football and has many honors including leading the state of Oklahoma in quarterback sacks his sompmore and junior years and my youngest one has a great chance to play due to Jeffs continued effort. If you are looking for a trainer for yourself or for your child stop you found him.

10/10 The consummate instructor and gentleman
By Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC II / Los Angeles, CA USA

I had the pleasure of serving alongside Jeff O'Connor as an assistant instructor at the April 2007 RKC. I watched him bring out the best in his pupils, one of whom was my wife. He is a top-notch instructor who can fine tune even an experienced kettlebell lifter, and he made even the finest of points accessible to the newbies.

As an active duty firefighter, Jeff O'Connor also brings a real-world knowledge of what it takes to train tactical personnel. Yet, his humility and generosity do not betray the wealth of knowledge and ability inside this man. I cannot recommend him strongly enough!

10/10 Awesome Instructions
By TC Lee / Perth, Australia

Master RKC Jeff O Connor is my favourite RKC instructor at the RKC II workshop. He is very clear with his teaching and has a great personality. It was a privilege to have Master RKC Jeff O Connor as my team leader at my RKC II Certification. He was very helpful and never hesitate to help with any questions I have with him. I thought his presentation on the breakdown on the Windmill and Bent Press were very impressive and detailed. It still amazes me that he remembers me despite having only met him a year ago at my RKC 1 Certification.

10/10 The ultimate professional
By Mark Wechter / Turnersville, NJ, USA

I had the great fortune of having Jeff as my Master RKC during my RKC experience in May. As a teacher and coach of twenty years, I was very impressed with his ability to teach. His patience and understanding of the RKC content alllowed me to pass the RKC. I wish Jeff lived in New Jersey. I would have him work with my student-athletes. Thanks Jeff!
Mark Wechter, RKC

10/10 Hawkeye for Details
By Paul Seaver / Rochester, MN

Jeff was an intimidating figure at first sight, but when his intention to help others rather than point out defects was made clear, my perception changed of him. Intimidation was not his intent. That may just come from being a big strong fella. The man has a hawkeye for detail, and he is a true leader. When I was not clear on what I was supposed to be doing on particular lift, Jeff very politely reminded me that my technique needed some adjustment. I am grateful for my time spent with him. A comment that I remember from him when the question was asked, "Whats worse than being weak?" Jeff's response, "Nothing."

10/10 Smile
By Sheena Lance-Nold / Omaha, NE

Jeff did an amazing job at my RKC Cert in St. Paul in April. He was very encouraging, and gave lots of helpful tips throughout the course. I especially enjoyed his instruction on the snatch. It has always been a challenge for me to rest during a snatch test, and with Jeff's help, I felt much more confident doing my snatch test on Sunday. I would highly recommend Jeff!!

10/10 To Be The Best You Have To Train With The Best!
By Sergio Perez / Chicago, Illinois

Jeff O'Connor is a great instructor. I have the pleasure of his knowledge in St. Paul's RKC certification. He's as masterful as they get. He's ability to tweak one's kettlebell form for every level is amazing. If you get the chance to work with Jeff...DO IT! You will not regret it, Jeff's a great instructor. He's has a great eye and can pinpoint issues with a blink of an eye. I hope to work with him again and maybe this time pick his brain a little more.

Thanks Jeff...I've never so humbled and confident after RKC weekend. Keep up the great job.

10/10 Wealth of Knowledge
By Cap O'Rourke / Minneapolis

I Just finished training under Jeff for a weekend. His attention to detail understanding of how the body works and key cues to make sometimes complicated issues seem simple was great. He help me to a high standard but ensured that i was able to meet that standard through proper coaching. He was a wealth of knowledge on all things kettlebell and explained and showed the correct form and technique to using them. anyone who has a chance to work with him should do so in a heart beat.

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