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Martijn Bos


Phone: +31 23 - 8445093
Netherlands 2011-ka
10 out of 10 (1 reviews)

Founder Trojan Workout, RKC Master, Krav Maga expert 4

I began my journey as nobody from nowhere. A bullied frightened child, I found salvation through martial arts. I dedicated every waking minute of every day to improving my fighting skills and my bio-motor attributes. The Trojan Workout was born out of a need: I needed more strength; I needed to feel strong.  The Trojan Workout was devised to provide me that kind of strength. After perfecting and refining the Trojan Workout for myself, I discovered how the method would be wonderfully effective for regular people. Today I’m on a mission. I want to empower the world, sharing the principles for mental and physical strength. I want to share Trojan Workout so everybody can feel strong. Sterk in je Schoenen.
Checkout my website:
www.trojanworkout.com (in English)
www.trainingscentrumhelena.nl (in Dutch)
Facebook Trainingscentrum Helena https://www.facebook.com/Trainingscentrumhelena/
Facebook Martijn Bos https://www.facebook.com/martijnbosikmf
Instagram Trojan Workout  https://www.instagram.com/trojanworkout/
Instagram Martijn Bos https://www.instagram.com/martijnbosikmf
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKPXi9lI-wkHM8DaGTQFrVA
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10/10 A cardiovascular stimulus using the Kettlebell
By Ronald Post / Velserbroek, Netherlands

The Kettlebell is widely used during the Trojan Workout of Martijn Bos. This Trojan Workout which is invented by Martijn Bos himself creates a cardiovascular stimulant in the body, with the result that the cardiovascular system also improves during the strength training.

Martijn is a highly skilled and concerned (Krav Maga, MMA, RKC) instructor, who is always looking for innovation and improvement in training so that the wel-being of the members of Trainingscentrum Helena is guaranteed.

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