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Serenity Qigong
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Serenity Qigong
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Serenity Qigong

An Instructional Guide to The Crane Frolic

With John Du Cane

DVD, 41 minutes

Praise for John DuCane's Five Animal Frolics Qigong Program

Serenity Qigong (DVD) - $29.95
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Achieve greater serenity,
balance and harmony with the
Crane Frolic Qigong program



  • How to absorb qi from the universe for self-healing
  • How to extend your qi beyond your own body
  • How to develop balanced leg strength
  • How to heal your lungs

John DuCane presents proven qigong techniques in a slow, follow-along format designed to optimize learning, without having to constantly rewind and review.

  1. Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination - for weight control, more youthful appearance, and higher, longer-lasting energy.
  2. Stimulate the lymph system - for a stronger immune system. Be less susceptible to the flu or colds and recover faster if you do get sick.
  3. Improve your circulation - alleviating conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue.
  4. Build stronger, more durable bones.
  5. Give your internal organs an inner massage - retarding the aging process by restoring your organs to peak efficiency.
  6. Increase oxygen in the tissues - reducing tensions, blocks and stagnant energy.
  7. Lubricate the joints - for pain free movement and greater flexibility.
  8. Soothe the nervous system - for feelings of contentment and serenity.

"Do You Glide Through Your Day Purring with the Pleasure of Being Alive - Or Is Life a Constant Struggle Against Stress, Fatigue and Pain?"


  • Recharge body, mind and spirit with the Five Animal Frolics - a total qigong system for buoyant health and radical well being.
  • Discover how to rapidly release stress and be a fountain of energy using the simple but amazingly effective techniques of Tai Ji Qigong.
  • Invigorate yourself with dynamic moves, strengthening and toning every major muscle.
  • Sculpt a lean, supple body that moves with surprising agility and grace.
  • Instantly feel better any time you want - pulse with vitality in every cell.
  • Reap the remarkable healing benefits and grounded power of Standing Qigong.
  • Stay calm, collected and quietly meditative whatever the madness around you.
  • Supercharge your immune system - and rebound quickly from any health challenge.
  • Absorb the full radiance of life with keener, finer senses.
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8.83 out of 10 (6 reviews)
Rated 10/10 The Perfect Complement To Hard Style Training
By SteveFreides, RKC-II / Ridgewood, NJ

I was exposed to some parts of the Crane Frolic at DragonDoor events: RKC and flexibility training weekends. I found some of the movements so pleasurable to perform that I incorporated them into my morning warmup which is mostly based around Pavel's "Super Joints" (also available on this web site).

Since injuring my shoulder a few months ago, I dug out my Crane Frolic DVD. It has been, on some days, the majority of my training, and I credit it as much as anything else I have done for the fact that my shoulder is slowly and surely returning to its prior strength - and without the surgery the orthopedist recommended. Once a week or so I take a long practice, usually doubling the approximately 30 minutes the 10 movements in the complete Frolic take if you do them along with the DVD. I have also committed the entire thing to memory, which is not difficult to do, and I now have a restorative routine at my disposal wherever I am - no equipment and now no DVD required.

If you find yourself with knots in your muscles and other symptoms of a body not able to completely relax, the Crane Frolic may be just what you're looking for. It is said to grant grace and longevity; I can tell you that it has granted me a new perspective on exercise, a soft component to balance out my Hard Style training. I expect the Crane Frolic, and eventually other soft practices as well, to be permanent parts of my daily training.

Rated 10/10 Well Done
By Lynn Be / New York, New York, USA

I was introduced to the Animal Frolics in a workshop. I was very happy to find this video (and the other Frolic videos) which demonstrated and explained the frolics as they were taught in the workshop that I attended. This video has given depth to my qigong frolic practice.

Rated 9/10 A valuable addition to my daily practice
By Frank De Corte / Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium

In this DVD, the author provides good and solid knowledge on the subject. This is also the case for his other DVD's. If you want to get practical information without esoteric hocus pocus, then this is for you.

Rated 9/10 great
By Srdjan / Beograd, Serbia, southeast Europe

watch this

Rated 8/10 Easy to Follow
By Brian / Midlothian (near Dallas/Fort Worth) TX USA

I've found places "in my area" that teach tai chi, but they all seem to teach class on weekday evenings at 6:00, and that's a couple of hours' drive through evening traffic--it's just not feasible. I've tried books and other videos, but I haven't found anything that does a good job with both showing AND explaining what to do; most of those I had high hopes for did a better job at one or the other. For me, this DVD does both. I work with at-risk teens, so this is a good way to wind down at the end of the day. I am definitely going to be ordering the rest of the set!

Rated 7/10 Helpful but stark
By Holly A / Mesa, AZ, USA

Great Qi Gong, but it would be more appealing with some visual and auditory aesthetics.

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8.5 out of 10 (6 reviews)