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The Deeper Secrets of Moving with Strength and Energy
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The Deeper Secrets of Moving with Strength and Energy
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The Deeper Secrets of Moving with Strength and Energy

Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling, Series II

With José Figueroa

DVD, 54 minutes

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"Whether you are a taiji or qigong practitioner, a martial artist, or just someone who is interested in becoming more grounded and rooted, more graceful in your movement and stronger in your core, there is much to be learned from this course."
—The Empty Vessel, Summer 2008

The Deeper Secrets of Moving with Strength and Energy (DVD) - $49.95
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"Revered Internal System Offers the Gift of Enhanced Energy, Rooted Strength and a Cat-Like Grace of Movement— Regardless of Your Chosen Martial Art"

Chen, the original Tai Chi style, has long been revered for its combination of fluid grace, high energy, explosive power and devastating martial applications. Yet until recently, the fundamental training required to truly generate these remarkable results remained the closely guarded secret of the Chen Family's own inner circle.

This all changed when the leading modern-day Chen Style representative, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, decided to publicly reveal the true essentials behind Chen's superiority as a martial art. Extracting and distilling the absolute core principles of Chen Style, he created the now-legendary Silk Reeling Qigong system. To quote Chen Xiaowang, Silk Reeling represents the foundational roots, as opposed to the leaves and branches, of true martial mastery. A focus on mastery of these foundational roots will allow you to more quickly develop high-level skills in ANY of the myriad martial forms you may then to choose to learn.

Grandmaster Ren Guang Yi—Chen Xiaowang's most senior disciple and his leading representative in the US—in turn passed this knowledge to Jose Figueroa. Master Figueroa is uniquely qualified to convey these essential cultivation secrets in a way that makes them immediately accessible to a Western audience. After over 20 years of dedicated classical Chen Style practice, as the co-author of three Chen Style books and with a highly extensive teaching background, Jose Figueroa is able to break down the Silk Reeling methods with extreme clarity, precision and attention to the crucial detail.

According to the Chen Family, both superior movement and the mastery of Qi are grounded in impeccable body mechanics. Immense emphasis is placed on exact alignment, supreme coordination of movement, proper balance and a deep understanding of relaxation and tension in the body. Jose Figueroa has developed a careful progression of methods that ensure practitioners develop a solid foundation in each step of this powerful system.

Individual movement sequences and techniques are demonstrated from three angles, followed by a highly detailed explanation of every key element needed to extract maximum benefit from that method.

Series II develops the foundation established in Series I, by progressively introducing more complex and intricate sequences. These more advanced methods help refine your movement, alignment and posture—while further enhancing your strength and your generation of energy.

Diligent practice of Chen Style Silk Reeling can reward you with:

  • Formidable leg strength and an unshakeable root
  • The ability to move with a seemingly effortless, yet internally powerful grace
  • A significantly enhanced overall coordination of your body
  • A heightened sense of well-being
  • A dramatically improved core balance
  • The rock-solid structure and stored energy needed to develop striking power in your martial applications
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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Jose Figueroa's Chen Style DVDs are exceptional
By Walt G. / Pittsburgh,PA, United States

José Figueroa's Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling DVDs are exceptional. Mr. Figueroa presents the very core aspects of Tai Chi which reveal how and why it is a true, powerful martial art and not just a method of gentle exercise as is so often depicted in the west. Indeed it does provide a great deal of gentle stretching and joint mobility but it also provides fantastic power from full body-mind engagement which will make you a more powerful and more efficient person via training your body and mind to function together. You do not need to be a martial artist to use these DVDs although you might become one with them!

Mr. Figueroa's warm up routine, meditation, and breathing instructions (Fa Jing and the Secrets of Explosive Power) are just about worth the price of admission alone.

The production quality is excellent. I have never seen any martial arts video with this level of visual quality. Also, every Tai Chi exercise is demonstrated fully with a front, back, and side view. This is extremely helpful.

Thanks to Mr. Figueroa and Dragondoor for finally bringing true Tai Chi to the west.

- Walt

Rated 10/10 Exactly what I needed
By Randall Lowery / Gainesville, FL, United States

This dvd was the perfect compliment to the other 2 in the series.

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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)