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Praise for John DuCane's "Five Animal Frolics" Qigong Program

"John DuCane has taken an ancient Chinese system, developed almost 2,000 years ago, and put together a practical and workable Qigong program for today's modern lifestyles. The Five Animals Frolics Qigong system is a series of exercises developed by ancient physicians that combines principles of Chinese medicine with shamanic healing systems. Its goal is to combine a wide range of movement, special breathing patterns, and visualization to awaken the internal power of self-healing. John DuCane gives a strong demonstration of The Five Animals Frolics and clear instruction on each of these exercises that is beneficial to those beginning Qigong, as well as to seasoned practitioners."
Rob Bracco, Editorial review for

"John DuCane has created a good tape for learning some basic qigong practices. The instruction is clear and easily understood. The Bliss qigong movements are clearly explained in this tape, and are appropriate for beginners or experienced practitioners. Instructions are given in a logical fashion and at a pace that anyone can follow. His teaching style is gentle and the movements are not difficult to learn. His delivery is even and his manner inspires confidence. Along with teaching the movements, he includes information about qi and how it feels and functions in context of the exercises. There is not a lot of flash and glitter in the presentation, just straightforward instruction as if you were in the room with your teacher. This tape is easily among the best I have seen in the genre, and I would not hesitate to buy more of John DuCane's works. I find the quality of his instruction to be in the same league as that of Ken Cohen and Chunyi Lin.
-Jon Norris, La Grande, OR

"The videos and book on the Five Animals Frolics by Dragon Door are models of instruction: John DuCane talks you through and demonstrates the exercises in such a way that you think he is in front of you and that you are in a class of one. You can do the exercises along with him on a regular basis. The book that accompanies the videos has sharp, clear photos of each exercise, and the text reinforces the photos with to-the-point instruction. For ease of use, the book will lie completely flat. The book is very useful for overview, review, reminders, and class organization. Together, the videos and the book put the valuable Five Animals Frolics in the working knowledge of every martial artist, especially those who don't have the opportunity to learn them from such a well-qualified instructor as John DuCane. In short, these videos and book are MUST-HAVES. Get them!
-Steve Condry, Tai Chi player (Cheng Man-Ching style)
Knoxville, TN