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The Purposefully Primitive Strength Training Seminar

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The Purposefully Primitive Strength Training Seminar
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), PA
March 8 - 9, 2014

With IPF world champions Marty Gallagher,
Brad Gillingham and Kirk Karwoski—accompanied by
Dr. Mike Davis and multi-time national champion, Chuck Miller

Obtain Maximum Power and Strength—Using Primal,
Minimalist Training Modes, Methods, Techniques And Tactics

Workshop Code # WG001
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

Get Hands-On, Personal Coaching from the World’s Top Strength Champions and Experts—Discover the Distilled, Time-Shortening Secrets of the Strength Elite…

"These men take the best in the world and make them better!"

—Spec Ops Commando leader, introducing the Purposefully Primitive squad to his troop

brad gillingham1
Brad Gillingham is a World Super Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion.
Elite strength athletics is light-years removed from the commercial strength training practiced in gyms and fitness facilities worldwide. Commercial "fitness"—and most particularly strength training—is tainted by bodybuilding methodology.  Deep underground, off the mainstream fitness grid, the strength elite have practiced and perfected their art form over the past fifty years. The fitness pendulum has finally swung the other direction and after years of self-imposed exile, a group of expert, champion-level athletes has emerged to share with the general public the modes and methods, techniques and tactics used by the world’s greatest strength athletes.

What relevance do the methods used by national and world champions have for "normal" people?  Everything— assuming you are seeking to maximize your strength and power—while increasing lean, athletically-functional muscle mass. The Purposeful Primitive strength training program has carefully-calibrated graduations; sequential exercises are performed using extended range-of-motion and pristine technique.  You will be personally drilled over and over on how to utilize the winning methods of the strength elite. This is not some abstract theorizing or assemblage of systems. This is a battle-tested, cohesive, coherent philosophy—invented by Hall-of-Fame strength athletes and used to construct world champions with a stunning regularity.

The Purposefully Primitive strength system is not time intensive but it is intense: most trainees can add 25-50% to their base strength levels in 60-90 days by devoting a mere 60 minutes (cumulative) per week! Imagine a progressive resistance program that dramatically ups your power and muscle in as little as two 30-minute sessions or three 20-minute sessions per week? The tradeoff is the degree of sheer physical effort required.

The seminar is in a hands-on, workshop format and is divided into techniques and tactics. 

We utilize a purposefully limited number of key progressive resistance exercises; our philosophy is all about "doing fewer things better." Mainstream fitness trainers make trainees perform a vast array of isolation exercises, usually done on resistance machines. The PP strategy is based on the idea of doing far fewer exercises using precise and pristine technique. We utilize compound, multi-joint movements, big sweeping exercises that require groups of muscles to work together in a synchronized fashion to complete the muscular task at hand. While mainstream fitness is a mile wide and an inch deep, Purposefully Primitive strength training is an inch wide and a mile deep.
Marty Gallagher
Mary Gallagher is a former Olympic athlete and an underground legend.
Marty Gallagher is an underground legend.  Mentored by a Hall-of-Fame strength athlete as a teenager, Marty set his first national record in 1967 as a 17-year old Olympic weightlifter; he set his most recent national record in 2013 as a 63-year old powerlifter. He is a former world powerlifting champion who turned his attention to coaching athletes and devising individualized training templates for the finest strength athletes in the world. Gallagher was the personal coach for national and world champion Mark Chaillet.  Gallagher is best known for guiding the career of strength legend and six-time world champion, hall-of-fame powerlifter Kirk Karwoski for a decade. Marty was the competition coach for the greatest strength athlete in modern history: Ed Coan.

Marty coached the United States powerlifting team to the world team title and has six national team coaching titles to his credit.  His writings, musings, speculations and observations on "physical transformation" and all things strength and power related since 1978 when he penned his first article. Since then he has had over 1,000 articles published. He has mainstream journalism credentials, having written 230 fitness columns for the Washington  For the past decade Gallagher has worked officially and individually with Tier 1 Spec Ops commando both in this country and abroad. His work with spec ops has flourished because of the measurable results he obtains from men already at 95% of their genetic potential.

Seminar participants will be taught the identical strategy first used and currently being used by uber-elite spec ops active duty fighters. The reason for Marty’s success with the spec ops community was founded in efficient use of a small amount of available time.  The upper echelon spec ops operators approached Gallagher with this query, "We have no time: we have to run, swim, practice various martial skills, fighting using various styles, knife skills…we have to perform rigorous, physical demanding situational drills – we understand the need for strength and strength training – can you devise a strength template for us so shorn and reduced that it can be done in 60 minutes a week?" Gallagher’s core philosophy of doing fewer things better served as the rock-solid foundation, the jumping off point for devising a strength system totally shorn of any and all ornamentation— yet without any compromise of results.

Gallagher gathered a group around him to assist him in conducting spec ops workshop seminars wherein up to 50 commandos are put through the same seminar/workshop you will be exposed to: the same group of elite athletes, coaches and trainers he called upon to help him work with groups of soldiers is the same coterie of coaches working with you in the PP seminar. The men coaching and guiding you have been with Gallagher for years, helping him make the best in the world better.

kirk karkowski1
Kirk Kirkowski is a 6 time World Powerlifting Champion
Gallagher’s squad of trainers are credentialed beyond belief: the collective knowledge of this group on any and all strength and transformative techniques is staggering. When Gallagher, Karwoski and Gillingham stand together and address the group, you are being instructed by men that between them have 12 IPF world titles, 22 national titles and 100 collective years of combined experience in high-level strength training. 

  • Brad Gillingham is the current IPF superheavyweight world powerlifting champion. Brad is the greatest drug-free powerlifter of the last 20-years and is the current world record holder in the deadlift.

  • Kirk Karwoski is a living strength legend; 6-time IPF world powerlifting champion, seven time national champion, Kirk squatted 1,003 pounds in 1993. This monumental record still stands to this day. Kirk is widely considered to have the strongest legs in history.

  • Charles "Chuck" Miller is a multi-time national powerlifting champion and recently squatted 600-pounds (raw) for yet another national record.  His training articles often appear in strength bible, MILO magazine. He is a periodization expert and will workshop pre-planning.

  • Dr. Mike Davis is one of the nation’s leading physical therapists; Mike currently works with players from the Washington Redskins and world champion Baltimore Ravens. Mike is the lightest man to ever conquer the RKC Beast Tamer Challenge and he recently bench pressed a pair of 185 dumbbells for three reps. Mike is a triple bodyweight deadlifter and is our science and medical expert.

What is the Purposefully Primitive Philosophy of Training?

What should we realistically expect from our progressive resistance efforts? Resistance training has two goals: a radical increase in strength and power and a concurrent increase in lean muscle mass. How do we acquire these titanic athletic attributes?

The PP solution can we summed up with two words: techniques and tactics. The Purposefully Primitive solution is based on a deep understanding of the critical importance of exercise technique. Once we master technique we are ready to put our pristine techniques to work inside a tactical template. We are masters of periodization, the strength strategy of "always having a plan." PP trainees place realistic goals in a realistic timeframe, then reverse-engineer incremental weekly goals.

chuck miller1
Chuck Miller is a Multi-time National Powerlifting Champion
The Purposefully Primitive philosophy of strength training posits that the way to acquire raw power and strength is not time intense but "by-need" intense: we are an intensity-based philosophy, whereas the rest of the orthodox resistance world are enamored with volume-based bodybuilding-style training.  The overall Purposeful Primitive philosophy is based on the intertwining of four distinctly different disciplines: resistance training (strength and power) cardiovascular training (endurance and stamina) nutrient-dense nutrition (healing, recovery and growth) "brain-train" (psychological aspects.) 

The grand goal is profound: to engineer a complete physical transformation. The Purposefully Primitive Strength Training Seminar focuses on one of those four synergistic disciplines: the acquisition of power and strength. The two-day seminar will consist of three information-rich and action-packed modules.

Get your complete blueprint and action-implementation plan on how to acquire greater raw power and strength with:

  • A detailed outline of the philosophy, intricacies and subtleties behind this champion-generating system.

  • Razor-sharp guidance on setting realistic goals; a set of proven strategies to help you achieve those goals every time they are properly implemented and executed.

  • Personal coaching from Hall-of-Fame athletes, world-level coaches and strength strategists; learn from the very best the ultra-basics used by the uber-elite. 

  • Nuts-and-bolts advice on the highest-yield tactics for rapid and sustained progress in your strength training.

  • Strength self-empowerment: obtain the theoretical knowledge YOU need to customize YOUR very own transformative training program. 

Saturday, Module One: 8 am-noon

  • Purposeful Primitive overview, philosophy and approach to leg training – the 5 sequential variants

  • Squat workshop with world champion and current world record holder Kirk Karwoski

Our participatory workshop goal is to instill perfect techniques: in module I, we explore squat technique in each of five sequential squat variations. Kirk Karwoski—widely considered the greatest squat technician of all time—will personally coach on how to perform the King of all progressive resistance exercises.

Saturday, Module Two: 2 pm-6 pm

  • Purposeful Primitive overview, philosophy and approach to bench pressing – the 5 sequential variants

  • Bench press workshop with current world champion and 600 pound raw bencher Brad Gillingham and dumbbell bench expert Mike Davis.

  • Kirk Karwoski will teach the underground "Fantano bench technique."

Get drilled by the greats; learn perfect technique in each of the five bench press variations. Brad Gillingham has bench pressed 600 pounds (raw) and is a bench press grand maestro. He will relate barbell techniques. Mike Davis will enlighten seminar participants on subtle bench techniques using dumbbells. Kirk Karwoski will relate the bench press technique that allowed him to progress from 440 to 600.
Sunday, Module Three: 8 am-2 pm

  • Purposeful Primitive overview, philosophy and approach to deadlifting – the 5 sequential variants

  • Purposeful Primitive overview, philosophy and approach to overhead pressing – 5 variants

  • World record holders Kirk Karwoski and Brad Gillingham to workshop both lifts

  • Tactics: periodization – Chuck Miller on the pre-planning secret of strength champions

  • Recapitulation and final thoughts and questions

*each seminar participant will receive a 40-page training manual

The third module covers in-depth and in detail the techniques and protocols associated with the proper performance of the deadlift and overhead press. The seminar will continue with a review of materials and techniques, based on the 40-page seminar manual. Periodization expert Chuck Miller will relate periodization tactics and how they are a critical tool in the "quest for transformational success."

On Saturday evening, Dragon Door invites you to join a group dinner with the Purposeful Primitive Team at a local restaurant.


The Purposefully Primitive Strength

Training Seminar

Philadelphia, PA
  March 8 - March 9, 2014

Saturday: 8:00 a.m.  — 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 8:00 a.m.  — 2:00 p.m.

Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, 
Little Canada, MN 55117

Certification fee: $799.00

$100.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after February 28, 2014

Workshop Code # WG001

Workshop reference:  Purposeful Primitive, PA


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