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RKC II Certification Workshop

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RKC II: Advanced Kettlebell Skills for Enhancing Power, Building Strength and Improving the Quality of Your Movement

RKC II Certification Workshop
Melbourne, Australia
November 22 - 24, 2013

Master RKCs Andrew Read and Max Shank

For Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructors (RKCs) only: take your kettlebell training business to a whole new level when you attend this dynamic workshop with the industry leaders

Read certification requirements before you register

Workshop Code # wpkb113
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.


Do YOU Qualify to Attend the RKC II Certification Workshop?

The RKC II Certification Workshop is for those RKCs who seek the opportunity to (check all that apply):

Dramatically enhance their kettlebell training expertise
Deliver highly effective kettlebell training to a wider spectrum of clients
Significantly increase their income as a kettlebell trainer
Upgrade their personal strength and conditioning skills
Establish themselves as a leader in the kettlebell-training market
Add greater perceived value to their kettlebell business profile
Join and network with an elite group of high-level kettlebell instructors
Refine their basic RKC skills
Develop significant new levels of power, strength, conditioning and physical resilience

 Did you qualify? Then read on now:

RKC II: Understanding and Delivering
the Secrets of Health and Strength


RKCII InstructorWelcome to the home of intelligent, healthy strength and conditioning programs! Our goal is to turn out highly competent, knowledgeable instructors who place a premium on health, safety and good form—for themselves and their clients.

Dragon Door’s RKC instructors will be tough—but intelligently tough. We consider the ability to move well, model well and teach well to be of equal importance to the instructor’s strength and endurance capacities.

A hallmark of Dragon Door’s RKC I and RKC II programs is the insistence on intelligent programming and safe progressions—for the long-term development of both health and strength. What good is a powerful engine with dirty gasoline? Or a vehicle with faulty brakes and skewed alignment?

Graduates of Dragon Door’s RKC I possess the skills to perform and teach the fundamental and most crucial lifts in the kettlebell trainer’s repertoire.

Graduates of the RKC II will possess the skills to perform and teach the next most important set of kettlebell lifts—while refining and enhancing their RKC I competencies. But beyond new lifting skills, will be a deeper understanding of and ability to deliver the fundamental secrets of health and strength.

Key to the RKC II, will be an understanding of the progressions needed to help even the "average" client achieve "above-average" results—and continue to develop their health and strength for years to come.

Dragon Door’s team of Master RKCs will help you master the Clean and Jerk, the Weighted Pull-Up, the Weighted Pistol, the Bent Press, the Push Press and the Windmill.


Master the Weighted Pull-Up

  • Learn how to channel the power from you abdomen and hips—like a one-inch punch, without kipping—into the pull-up
  • Master the secrets of the "hollow position" critical for having a strong pullup finish—and power in combat sports
  • Learn how to make the pull-up an exceptional abdominal exercise
  • Elevate your pull-up power with the hanging leg raise
  • Discover the key differences in training your pull-ups for 1RM or reps

Master the Weighted Pistol

  • Master the pistol in record time with an accelerated pistol mastery program built from the RKC front squat
  • Learn how to troubleshoot the typical problems such as a limited range of motion, knee strain, a short waist, a large stomach or thighs, and the inability to maintain balance

Master the Clean and Jerk

  • Learn the HardStyle jerk specifically designed for high power applications
  • Master a safe shock absorption technique that is one of the best known builders for the lower quads
  • Dramatically improve your sports agility with a special second dip technique
  • Understand what you must do to avoid motor learning confusion between your jerks and presses

Master the Windmill

The windmill is a powerful drill for shoulder and rib cage mobility and an excellent stretch for the hips.
  • Learn safe and effective windmill technique
  • Get a took kit full of lead up and remedial drills

Master the Bent Press

It is hard to find an exercise that does more for the upper body than the bent press. An incredible lat builder, the bent press also develops shoulders extraordinary in their mobility and resilience, and powerful triceps. A Big Bang exercise of the first magnitude.
  • Learn safe and effective bent press technique
  • Master the proper strength and mobility progression and lead up exercises for this advanced drill

Important: review the complete RKC level II testing requirements before you register.

To See Just What Kind of Quality You Can Expect at
Dragon Door's RKC II Training, Read What These Participants Had to Say About the Most Recent RKC Level Two Workshops:

Dustin Miller, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1999 and 2000 IL State Powerlifting Champion, 1999 National and World Powerlifting Champion. 18-19 100kg weight class. Won Best Lifter Award at National and World Championships. Sept 2008 Beast Tamer. NSCA certified as CSCS. NASM certified as CES. RKC Certified

I learned a lot more on fine tuning exercises/lifts and how to connect them to their lifts/exercises. Some of the break downs really helped turn the "light bulb" on. Many "ah-ha" moments.

Only thing that compares is Level I. Very physically demanding and mentally challenging too.

Steve Milles, Muay Thai Instructor, Gym Owner, New York City, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Owner, Head Muay Thai Instructor at Five Points Academy in NYC -- one of the most well known, internationally respected muay thai camps in the US. Certifications: Arjan (Master) under Grandmaster Chansadeth "Cheetah" Chantanao, Cheetah Muay Thai Assoc. in affiliation with the International Muay Thai School, Bangkok Thailand, Kru (Teacher) under Grandmaster Thosaphon "Toddy" Sitiwatjana, Muay Thai International Assoc. RKC Level I, Instructor Achievements: Trainer to 9 members of US national teams to World Muay Thai Championships. Trainer to multiple amateur and professional champions at national and international level, including current women's WKA World Champion at 118.8 lb max. Athletic Achievements: Retired Professional Thai boxer (15 years). Top ten ranked fighter for most of my career, USMTA Welterweight Intercontinental Champion, WKA Jr. Middleweight US Champion, WKA and ISKA Welterweight US Champion, Bronze Medal, IAMTF World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand

It makes the RKC Level I seem easy. Not just the physical aspect, but the information presented, is unbelievable.

At Level I, I said it was far and away the best training I'd ever received, in any subject. The RKC II blows it away.

Rob Miller, personal trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE CPT, Former U.S. Naval Search and Rescue Swimmer

Amazing and life altering.

Rich Kocher, Personal Trainer, Poughkeepsie, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ace personal trainer, NASM personal trainer, NYSC master trainer, RKC, JKD 4th level.

I was expecting an awesome weekend. But just as in the Level I certification, which far exceeded my expectation, the level 2 far exceeded what I expected to learn

The RKC's set a different standard then any other training. It also gives you drills and skills you can immediately apply to your life, training and clients. It was great to be here and great to be around all the RKCs.

Katie Bigelow, Student, Z-Health Master Trainer, RKC Instructor, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Instructor, Z-Health, Master Trainer, 2-Time State Champion Soccer NCISAA, State Champion Basketball NCISAA

This certification was a HUGE step up in the demands required for efficient kettlebell lifting. It contained the nations top instructors, which further separates the RKC system a part form every other system in the nation/world.

Top notch certification! One of the best in the industry. I would not keep coming back if the information and research was not cutting edge and/or applicable to my own training and profession.

Andrey Patenko - Personal Trainer; Lansdale, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Champion and member Uzbekistan Track and Field team 1982-1991, Received 1st and 2nd place award in National Police Hand to Hand Fighting Championships 1992/1993, Champion International Martial Arts Tournament Kentucky, USA 1997, Certification of Black Belt Instructor Hand-To-Hand Fighting Federation and Ju-Jitsu 1997, Certification as Bodyguard, International Antiterrorist Training Association and Dynomo-profi,Russia 1996, Senior Sergeant Soviet Army Spetznaz 1996-98, Command Senior Lieutenant Central Police Department, Perm, Russia, Department of Special Physical and Combat Training 1991-1994.

Improved my skills. Very professional, well done. 10+ You are top notch!!

Willie Woods - Personal Trainer, Massage; Therapist Redmond, WA

The RKC Level II Training has provided me a more in-depth approach to my training as well as to my clients. 

Overall, by far the most intensive, knowledge and science based physical training that I have ever attended.

Angelo Gala - Personal Trainer; Boston, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

7 years experience personal training, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, RKC

The level II workshop added more drills to my arsenal necessary to maintain an elite fitness level.

RKC Level I was the best. Level II had so much more information that it blows Level I away.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification

Renee Woods — Personal Trainer; Encinitas, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified personal trainer, RKC certification, 3rd degree black belt and did body building training and contest in the 1990's

Packed full of great information by very, very good instructors.

The best I have ever been to! Scope of material great and practical use was very good. Very challenging. Everything was very organized as well.

John Heinz - Blacksmith, Martial Arts Instructor; Upper Black Eddy, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

25+ years Martial Arts Practice; shim Gum Do Kwanjang.

The Level II Cert is something all RKC Level I instructors should take, if they are serious about understanding the benefits of a "Hard Style" approach to kettlebell training.

In many ways, the best so far. Again, the presentation was geared appropriately. The class was likewise serious in their intent. For me the new info of rehab/eval. was paramount, though I appreciated the refinement of lifting skills that I have been practicing for years.

George Spears — Teacher of Yoga "Neuromuscular Performance Specialist"; Roswell, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I began my studies of yoga and martial art and Japanese-russo strength and conditioning methods under the tutelage of Tadashi Nakamura Sensei, Vladamir Lakota, Ivan Trypovic, Max Hasse, Tony Armento and last but not least Yul Brynner. Since 1979 I have taught athletes from all walks of life both amateur and professional most notably Walter Peyton and Scott Sisson. In 1989 I founded the Neuromuscular Performance Institute and my own form of yoga. "Ahimsa Virabhadrasana"(Nonviolent Warrior) a vinyasa form of yoga utilizing the dead lift, the pullup, the squat and the kettlebell as a foundation for spinal strength and flexibility

The RKC Level II instructor training proved to me that they have not rested on their laurels with the success o the kettlebell phenomenon. More information taught in a concise and understandable manner, taking complex physiological protocols and research and teaching it a way that is understandable for both me and my students. Knowledge, integrity, and sincerity of purpose.

I have spent in excess of 35k in 25 years of seminars helping me to be a better teacher of athletes and I still feel that in the best return I've received on my money as a matter of fact I feel guilty that the knowledge I've received is no way a fairly compensated for the checks I've written to Dragon door…Thank you or keeping it affordable… it is a pearl beyond price.

Matthew Godina - Personal Trainer; Brooklyn, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC II was great. The hands on instruction of new techniques was excellent and thorough, in addition to learning new kettle bell techniques. 

Phenomenal after the RKC this is the best workshop I have been to.

The entire Dragon Door team does a great job. Thank you for you attention to detail and professionalism.

Jeff Larson - Personal Trainer; Napa, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Personal Trainer

This has given me more tolls to take my strength, knowledge and skill to a higher level. All the instructor's level of expertise is mind boggling. It has been an honor to be part of the RKC.

There is no comparison!! RKC is top notch!! Everything taught can be applied immediately. I am honored to be a part of such a great program!!

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification

Mark Erickson — Personal Trainer; Vinton, IA

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification Training will allow me to better serve my clients. The knowledge I gained from this weekend will be a direct reflection of the future results of everybody I train.

The best hands on training I've attended to date. The material presented can be applied as soon as I return with my clients.


Rolando Garcia, III - JKD Instructor; Guttenberg, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Full Instructor in JKD/FMA under Armando Basulto - Senior Full Instructor under Paul Vunak
- Phase I Instructor in JKD/FMA under Paul Vunak/Armando Basulto
- Initiateur in Boxe Francaise Savate under Armando Basulto, Moniteur under the French Federation of Boxe Francaise Savate
- Blue Belt in BJJ under Royler Gracie/David Adiv (8 years experience)
- Competitive experience in BJJ (gi/no-gi), boxe francaise savate, muay thai, stick and knife fighting

More in depth, more useful information. Blows the competition away.

Gayle Hunter — Fitness Trainer; Healdsburg, CA

It is empowering me to go forward in teaching others kettlebells skills. To be the sole person introducing the kettlebells invasion in my town felt a bit scary, but it reinforced my conviction of it's integrity.

Haven't taken many other courses — but it is beyond compare to anything else.

Tim McPhee — Plumber; Rochester, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Master plumber, HVAC technician, 4th degree Black Belt in TKD, Certified Instructor in TKD

This cert goes way beyond just lifting. In life, there are those who get in the car, turn the key and hit the gas. This course provides us with info on cornering, braking, aerodynamics, team management and more.

The scope of material far exceeds that of Level I, as it should. It helps those of us who really want to know just what is going in the body.

I would like to sincerely show my appreciation for the level of organization exhibited during RKC II 2008. John, Dennis, Nicole and those others I don't know made this weekend go by with ease.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification

Christian Lombardo — Personal Trainer, Performance Coach; Huntington, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tier Three Personal Trainer at Equinox Fitness Club, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Master Trainer, United States of America Weightlifting (USAW) Club Coach

A hardcore, intense, powerful and extremely educational! I loved how focused on perfection of techniques on all core exercises and how to utilize the body muscles to out perform the exercise.

Extreme and top quality education in teaching the bottom line principle to excel and out perform in kettlebells, strength, sport and all life activities. Excellent manual in guiding everything covered in the workshop.

Chris Fournie — Martial Arts Fitness Gym Owner; Duluth, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Black belts in 2 disciplines; Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor; Past Bodyguard; past private investigator; 1000 Kettlebell Snatch Challenge.

Like the RKC I it is one of the best, most professionally conducted seminars I have ever been to. (I have been to many seminars!)

Jill Knipp — Personal Trainer; Escondido, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer; AAHFRP Post Rehab Specialist; AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist; RKC

The trainings provided by Dragon Door are always very organized and thorough. It's an efficient machine. The material is geared toward practical application and there is something for everyone. A lot of the basic exercise physiology is good review and then there are some new things to consider. Good scope of material.

Carolyn Hakes - Personal Trainer; Naperville, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


The RKC II further expanded my knowledge beyond basic kb exercises. I now have a broader knowledge of how better to evaluate clients to prevent and recover from injury.

The information provided by Dragon Door is always excellent. I really feel like I am learning form real experts. There is a lot packed in to each day and I love this "no-nonsense" approach.

Bob Orr - US Marine; Virginia Beach, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC, US Marine, currently competing in ultra-marathon cycling events.

The Level 2 certification course is essential for all RKCs. The skills learned in this course go beyond the kettlebell and focus on the well physical well being of a victim.

This course is by far the most informative course on physical training I've attended.

Robbie Williams - Personal trainer/ Gym owner; Cork, Ireland

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

long distance running, biking, crossfitting

A very good weekend, a reminder that basics are key exercises and I will focus more on them with clients, rather than teach exercises that they are perhaps not technically capable of.

I try to make a point of coming to RKC, this is the 2nd time being here and I must say that I learn more here in 3 days than I do in 2 years at home in Ireland.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification

Jason Von — Personal Trainer; Livermore, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chek Level I, Poligquin Level 2, Back Rehab and preventative injuries, training athletes.

Don't think you know it all because you saw a kettlebell exercise on YouTube or read an article…. Come to the RKC II to learn and truly understand the purpose of the kettlebell and how to use it correctly!

Everything we learn has practical use… which is essential. I really like how the certification is ran on a schedule and sticks to the schedule. You know what to expect and prep for.

Keep up the good work. You guys have done an excellent job in promoting the more and more popularized kettlebell.

Christine Staunch - Personal Trainer; Bayonne, NJ

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

World/International Baton Twirling Competitor, State, Regional and National Champion; Personal Trainer; Group Fitness Instructor; USTA Judge

It has exceeded my expectations as far as content the cert has inspired me with insightful feed back for my clients and in my own training.

RKC II blows everything else away with the exception of the RKC I. Material is perfect. It is very practical including VO2 Max.

Jonathan Barber - Landlord, Personal Trainer; Nottingham, United Kingdom

This has given me so many new skills on top of RKC I to now use with you training.

Quality — excellent. Well organized, good communication of expectations and organized both before and during. Scope — much more in depth than Level I. Had simply expected to run through more exercises but instead learnt so much more. The information to the side of the new skills seemed more valuable. Practical — explained at all points.

Michael House - Fitness Director; Houston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former professional and amateur boxer; Master's exercise physiology, USA Weightlifting / Club Coach; CSCS

Even more in depth then Level I. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable.

Far superior to ANY and EVERYTHING I have done in the past.

Christopher Newton - Personal Trainer; Miami, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Masters Degree: Exercise Physiology; NCSA; CSCS; 2nd degree Blackbelt Kempo; MMA Instructor.

It was once again a great experience. The best part of it was the attention to detail in the skills.

Very good. Love the philosophies of the kb training. I am CSCS so it fits right into my thought process. 

John Rock - Personal Trainer; Arden Hills, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1992,1994 US Olympic Trials participant XC ski; NSCA- CSCS; ACSM- HF/I; ACE- Personal Trainer; NASM- PES; AFFA- Group Fitness Instructor; Professional Ski Instructors of America- Nordic Track & Skate level 3, Alpine level 1

A great way to enhance your kettlebell skills and gain greater awareness of how to improve your skills and improve on your weaknesses.

It is greater on scope and depth of knowledge. It assumes some prior knowledge with amateur and physiology and current training strategies, which is great.


Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification




RKC Level II Entrance Requirements:

  • Certified RKC Level I Instructor
  • 5 Pull-ups or Chinups for Men; 20 second Flexed Arm Hang for Women
  • RKC Snatch Test
  • Retest all RKC Level I Drills as Doubles (minus the Snatch and the Getup)

RKC Level II Exit Requirements:

  • 1 Weighted Pull-up for Men; 1 (Bodyweight) Pull-up for Women
  • 1 One Arm Military Press with required weight based on weight class (please see weight classes below).
  • Pistol
  • Pullup
  • Windmill
  • Double Jerk
  • Bent Press (teach and review, not Pass or Fail)

Taught, but NOT Tested:

  • Single Arm Push Press
  • Variety Pressing Drills (See-saw, Bottom Up, Single Leg, Kneeling)
  • Walking Swings

One Arm Kettlebell Clean and Military Press
RKC Level II Requirements

Men Open Class

Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, Kilos
145 lbs or less 28 kg
146 to 175 32 
176 to 190 36
191 or more 40 
Women Open Class         

Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, Kilos
110 lbs or less 14 kg
111 to 124 16 
125 to 139 18
140 to 164 20
165 or more 22
Men Masters
(50 to 64 years Old)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
145 lbs or less 24 kg
146 to 175 28 
176 to 190 32
191 or more 36
Women Masters
(50 to 64 Years Old)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
110 lbs or less 12kg
111 to 124 14
125 to 139 16
140 to 164
165 or more
Men Seniors
(65 Years Old or Over)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
145 lbs or less 22 kg
146 to 155 24
156 to 175 28
176 or more 32
Women Seniors        
65 Years Old or Over)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
110 lbs or less 12kg
111 to 139 14
140 or more 16
Note: the above numbers can simply (not easily, but simply) be achieved by following
the Right of Passage plan in Enter the Kettlebell!
In the pull-up you will be required to start from a dead hang, pull up without kipping, and finish by touching the bar with your neck or chest using the thumbless overhand grip. Women will be tested with their bodyweight only. Men will be required to hang a kettlebell on a foot (a weight belt is not allowed). Kettlebell sizes: 24kg for up to 220 pounds bodyweight; 16kg for over 220 pounds. Men masters (over 50 years old): 16kg up to 220 pounds; bodyweight; 12kg for over 220 pounds. 

In the pistol you must be able to descend at least to parallel and come up exercising control. You may hold a counterweight. Successful performance of the pistol with one leg is sufficient.

Successful performance of the windmill, bent press, and push press with one arm is sufficient.

The jerk will be tested with two kettlebells of the size required for the snatch test.

RKC II Preparation Advice

A large percentage of RKC II failures are due to tight shoulder girdles and thoracic spines. The following books and DVDs are recommended for preparation: Kettlebells from the Ground Up, Resilient, Return of the Kettlebell, Secrets of the Shoulder.


The Strict One-Arm Military Press

  • Performance of the C&P with one arm is sufficient.
  • Chalk is allowed. 
  • The candidate will clean the bell with one hand.  
  • The candidate must initiate the press with the fist of the working arm below chin level.
  • The candidate must press the kettlebell overhead to a full lockout for one repetition.
  • The candidate must be standing still during the entire press attempt.
  • There must be a distinct pause between the clean and the press, the candidate and the kettlebell motionless.
  • The knees must be completely locked during the attempt.
  • The candidate must demonstrate full control at the lockout. The candidate and the kettlebell must remain motionless until the head referee’s "Down!" command.
    What disqualifies an attempt?
  • Failing any of the above standards.
  • Using the legs in a push press fashion.
  • Bouncing the kettlebell off the chest.
  • Downward movement of the kettlebell after the pause between the clean and the press.
  • Raising one or both heels, moving one or both feet.
  • Leaning sideways so the press turns into a side press. Look for the elbow angle: if it increases at any point during the attempt without a simultaneous elevation of the bell, the candidate has leaned away from the kettlebell and thus has turned a strict press into a side press.
  • Excessively leaning back during the attempt.
  • Rolling the kettlebell onto the shoulder.


The Tactical Dead Hang Pullup

  • The candidate must perform one strict dead hang pullup with a kettlebell hanging from the foot.
  • The bar shall be set high enough not to allow the candidate’s feet to touch the ground when hanging with the arms and legs straight.
  • The grip must be thumbless overhand. The width is not specified.
  • The candidate may use a box or similar object to reach the bar.
  • There must be a distinct pause in a dead hang before an attempt is made.
  • The elbows must be straight at the start; the legs may be straight or bent.
  • The neck or chest—not the underside of the chin— must touch the bar at the top position.
    What disqualifies an attempt?
  • Failing any of the above standards.
  • Kipping, swinging.
  • Raising the femurs above parallel.
**If you fail any of the above tests, you will be given three months to retest with a Master RKC, Senior RKC, or RKC Team Leader. Your RKC II Instructor certificate will not be issued until you have passed all the tests.


Regardless of how recent your Level I cert is, in addition to the above Level II requirements you will be retested for Level I: the technique in the six Level 1 basics and the five-minute snatch test. This will recertify you as a Level I RKC for two more years.
If you fail any of the Level I tests you will not be certified as a Level II instructor, even if you have passed all the Level II tests. You will not be recertified as a Level I instructor either.
If you fail any of the Level I tests, you will be given two months to retest with a Master RKC, Senior RKC, or RKC Team Leader.

Certification Workshop

November 22, 2013 — November 24, 2013    
Fri: 8:30—6:30,  Sat: 8:30—6:30,   Sun 8:30—4:30
Melbourne, Australia


Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, Little Canada, MN 55117

Tuition: $2,295.00

$300.00 Cancellation Fee, no exceptions.
No refunds on cancellations November 8, 2013

Workshop Code # WPKB113
Workshop reference: November Australia 2013 RKC II Certification Workshop

Register now

Now available: pay for your workshop in three equal, monthly installments.

You will be charged one third of the published registration fee, discounted or otherwise, at the time of your registration. Your credit card will be charged 30 days and 60 days later for the two subsequent amounts.

Simply proceed with your registration and when you arrive at the shopping cart check the box indicated to pay in three installments.


  • Extreme Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by April 5, 2013, fee is only $1,295.00 (Save $1000.00)
  • Super Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by June 28, 2013, fee is only $1,495.00 (Save $800.00)
  • Excellent Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by August 2, 2013, fee is only $1,695.00 (Save $600.00)
  • Excellent Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by September 27, 2013, fee is only $1,895.00 (Save $400.00)
Limited to thirty-five participants.


Workshop price does not include room & board.

A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.

Note: We will be providing you with kettlebells to practice with at the training, but these kettlebells are not included in the price of the training.

You will be able to purchase kettlebells at the workshop if you let us know in advance.

Certification Location:

431 Warringal Road
Moorabin, 3165
Host: Andrew Read, Master RKC
Phone: 03 9939 0971
Register Now