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9/10 Made the RIGHT way!!!
By David Herne / Houston, TX, United States

I've purchased kettlebells for my wife from two other companies who have them made by 'investment casting' right here in the US. So when my brother-in-law -- who is a former officer w/ SEAL Team 5 and a Naval Academy alum -- told me to go w/ Dragon Door when I got around to purchasing a kettlebell for myself, I was hesitant because they're made in China. But apparently, Dragon Door is maintaining its high manufacturing standards even overseas. Because this thing I have here (22 kgs/48.4 lbs unit) is one hell of an implement and decidedly superior in every aspect to the other kettelbells I've purchased! And when I do graduate to a heavier bell, I'll be getting another Dragon Door!

10/10 Best kettlebells on the market!
By Sarah Smith / Raleigh, NC, US

I love Dragon Door's kettlebells and this bell was just as great as the rest. Once you've used RKC bells, it's difficult to go back to any of the other brands. The finish, handle shape and durability are unparalleled.

10/10 Same great quality
By John Egelhoff / West Chester, Ohio, Butler

Have multiple Dragon Door bells - all of them great quality. I'm a smaller guy (155lbs). Purchased two 22kg bells to help transition from 20 to 24 kg bells primarily for single and double.military press, swings, and front squats. These in-between bells are making the transition easy. They are great for general use too.

10/10 A staple for men:
By Thomas K / St. Louis, MO, USA

For a male who is sedentary, starting at a 16 is great. Soon though you'll be on to the 20 kg. To me, the 22 kg is the real transition bell because the 24 is just the all around fitness bell for most males. When you can tame a 28 or 32 kg., you are something special. I'm talking now, sots press, pistols, double snatches, etc.

10/10 The Gold Standard Kettlebell!!
By Eddie A / New York, Long Island, U.S

Made extremely well!! You get what you Pay for! Highly recommended.

10/10 Best Kettlebell 48lbs
By Glenn Lefkof / San Jose, CA

I was looking for a 48 lb kettlebell. I have the Dragon Door 36 lb, 44 lb, and 53 lb. I do 40 swings a day, a couple of cleans and lifts on each arm, and about five squats. Sure, the 44lb kettlebell takes the wind out of you, but I thought my technique was good enough to move up. So instead of increasing the number of reps, I went to the higher weight. Fortunately, DD has the 48lb RKC kettlebell. This is a great quality kettlebell. Sure, there are probably other brands that may be just as good, but I know you're getting a wonderful kettlebell with DD. It's solid iron with a black permanent coating. It's good on the hands, the handle is just right, it's smooth, solid, and will last forever! This is a kettlebell that you will never have a problem with and it will not break, crack, chip, or anything. Of course, I workout on carpet. A kettlebell is a great invention for exercise, and DD makes the best kettlebell in any weight.

10/10 Best one that I have bought!
By Ray Daniels / Bassfield, Ms, US

I really liked the way it was made. Handle was smooth. Easy on the hands.

10/10 Love the finish
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

I bought a pair of these to have for ladders with double complexes, they are a must have. They allow you to sill hit the rep numbers and keep good technique. The finish is the best and I bet they will last forever.

10/10 Consistent quality
By Sue S / Omaha, Nebraska, United States

As always, Dragon Door bells are of the highest quality. The ordering and shipping are efficient and accurate.

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