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Dragon Door Kettlebell 8kg 18lb Front P10m
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Dragon Door Kettlebell 8kg 18lb Front P10m
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  • Dragon Door Kettlebell 8kg 18lb Back P10m
  • Dragon Door Kettlebell 8kg 18lb Front P10m

RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg)

Your Personal Hand-Held Gym for a Powerful, Rewarding Full-Body Workout

Your Quest for a Superior Strength Survival Tool Has Been Answered — With This Faster, More Effective Way to Boost Your Physical Resilience…

BethAndrewsKettlebellSwing "A good kettlebell is more than a lifetime investment, it's a multigenerational investment. That is, as long as you get one of good quality, and when it comes to quality, nothing beats Dragon Door. The shape, the finish, everything is spot on. For just a few dollars more than the competition, Dragon Door kettlebells return the value a thousand fold." — Derek, Philadelphia, PA

Want to Get Stronger at Home Without Wearing Yourself Down?

The 8kg/18 lbs RKC kettlebell gives you sustained physical gains and superior endurance, without compromising your safety while working out at home. Get fitter faster — and stay that way — with this versatile “hand-held gym.”

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Order 2 units of the same size kettlebell and get an automatic 10% discount at checkout.

RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg) - $55.99
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How sure are we that RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg). Go ahead and try it today.


Now You Can Burn Away Your Harmful Fat, Tone Up,
Look Fantastic and Eliminate Energy-Sapping Stress!


In 2006, Dragon Door designed the world’s first-ever 8kg RKC kettlebell as a powerful tool for developing safe functional strength, mobility, a toned physique and superior cardio conditioning.

The results have spoken for themselves and the 8kg RKC kettlebell has become a tool-of-choice for all those wishing to look and feel their best, day-in day-out...

Want brilliant programming and expert advice on how to hone and tone your body with the 8kg kettlebell? Then we recommend you invest in The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge.

Now, in just a few minutes and in the safety of your own place you can:

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress — with a heart-pumping release of potent endorphins
  • Restore your energy and sense of well-being — with dynamic bursts of high-yield drills
  • Regain your confidence — as you grow in strength and power
  • Re-sculpt your physique — to look and feel better than ever, however much you have to stay indoors!
  • Reward and protect yourself on a daily basis — with the immunity-boosting benefits of a robust, resilient system
  • Retain your athleticism and competitive edge — without the need for a gym or any other exercise equipment
Read Reviews For: RKC Kettlebell - 18 lbs. (8kg)
9.27 out of 10 (45 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Excellent piece of equipment
By Matt / Lincroft, NJ USA

I am very pleased with the 18 lb kettlebell. It allows me to do exercises (like the Turkish getup) that I can't do with the heavier kettlebells yet. My wife has started to do some basic exercises too. Perfect weight for her.

Rated 10/10 Top Quality
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

After looking at all of the kettlebells available in stores and online, I chose DragonDoor and am happy I did. I immediately saw and felt the difference as soon as I opened the box, which was packed very well for shipping. I know these will last a lifetime.

Rated 10/10 Thanks Dragon Door!!!
By Carla V. / Pelahatchie, MS, USA

I would not buy my kettle bells from anyone else! Of course I bought 2! (8kg).. I love how they look and their feel... the perfect beginner bells... for those of you who are serious about kettle bells, your going to love them... just make sure you have an RKC trainer!!

Rated 10/10 8 KB ROCK STARS!
By cricket! deane / Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

I have had my own pair of 8 kb bells for about 10 years (love them!) and bought this pair as a gift. Just in time for Christmas -- but the recipient was so excited I gave early. She already has 3 pairs of RKC bells (6kb, 10 kb, 12 kb) that I gave her earlier. She is doing serious rehab of a very broken leg and has been using the 6 kb bells. She wants to go "a bit heavier" but the 10 kb was too much. She is over joyed to have the 8 kb pair. And I am happy to have found a perfect gift!

A word to others who are "thinking about" purchasing an RKC of any size, just buy it and think later. You will have a better brain to think with once you start using your RKC bells!

Rated 10/10 Top quality bells
By Jeff Jayson / Edgewater, NJ, USA

I was introduced to RKC bells by a friend many years ago. He always raves about the quality and that that are best in class. I totally agree since my first purchased RKC over 10 years ago and it still looks brand new. No other workout compares to swinging bells. There are other companies making bells but none to the level of RKC. Highly recommend!

Rated 10/10 Fantastic training companion during COVID lockdown
By Stalin SM / Dallas, TX, USA

I have been training with these bells (8kg, 16kg, 24kg) for 3 months now. They are just fantastic. Thanks to Dragondoor for creating the preorder. I found a safe way to train my strength and mental focus at my home. I am ordering two more bells after being completely satisfied with the product and the top-notch customer service. Special mention to Peter from customer service and John Du Cane who both helped me with an issue. More details below.

I was missing my martial arts class dearly since it shut down in March 2020. After three months of haphazardly doing some general strength exercises I was nudged towards picking up Kettlebell training by a friend. He gave me his 8kg and 16kg bells along with Pavel's Simple&Sinister book. Within a week I realized this was a superb fill in for my martial arts training. The simplicity of the swings and getup eliminated decision fatigue. Also myself being new to kettlebells I had to focus hard and pay close attention to my body. It was exactly the thing I was missing in my practice. I decided to get a starting set for myself and upon basic research locked on to the Dragondoor RKC bells. I placed a preorder for the 8, 16 and 24kg.

I was kept updated of the shipping dates by the Dragondoor team all through the way. Upon receipt I found the 8kg bell was damaged in transit. The 16kg and 24kg bells had a minor imperfection in the coating. I contacted customer support regarding this and they promptly sent me a replacement for all three bells. Although I only desired a replacement for the 8kg bell. I was overcome by this gesture. I quickly contacted them to cancel the replacement for the 16kg and 24kg bell since the blemish was very minor. I had a direct reply from John Du Cane thanking me. John also helped find a way to touch-up the coating. So 10 out of 10 for customer support. Can't ask for anything more from the team.

Once I started training with my RKC bells I started appreciating the quality of the product and the design. It was good I started with lesser bells. In comparison with the other bells I had borrowed from my friend, the handle of the RKC bell is generous in thickness, even on the 8kg, and very smooth without any blemishes or seams. They feel great on my grip during the swings. I could very quickly see the difference in quality. The coating is top notch and rugged and there is no sharp cut on the sides like the other bells. This makes a difference on my getups. Even after 100 days, my eagerness to train with these bells and my mental focus haven't waned. I am glad I picked them up.

I retained the small blemish on my 16kg and 24kg bells. Whenever I see them I am reminded of how truly remarkable and earnest Dragondoor customer service has been. I am going to support them with all my kettlebell purchases in the future. It is so rare to come across such dedicated teams in the world now.

Rated 10/10 Dragon Door is the G.O.A.T.
By Brett Hughes / Cleveland, TN, USA

When it comes to Hardstyle KBs Dragon Door is the best. Great service, great product.

Rated 9/10 Kettlebell Results.
By Garrett Castro / Highland, CA USA

I am a trainer at a local gym and I've been using my 18 lb. kettlebells for quite some time now with clients and they love them. I introduced them first with the swings and we are currently working on more technical lifts such as snatches and one arm ladder presses. One of my female clients, who only weighs around 115lbs, started with the 18lb and now she currently able to perform consistant confident swings with the 35lb. bell. I've noticed stronger thrusts and squats from my clients due to the fact that the hip flexors are brutally targeted during most kettlebell routines. It's evident that these kettlebell workouts have brought the best out of my clients.

Rated 10/10 YES!! I got my wife training with Russian Kettlebells!
By Dennis / San Diego

I got this kettlebell for my wife who is being trained by Yoana Snideman, RKC. It is a good starting size for much of what she is doing and it's light enough so she is not at all intimidated --she's age 48, 5'1", about 115 lbs. (She also uses my 12, 16 and 20kg for other exercises, and I used this 8kg for Turkish Get-ups when nursing a slight muscle strain.) These KB's are magic. I have a ruptured lumbar disc (partially-healed)and have been training with KB's as rehab for 14 months. No dieting, meds or other exercise really -- just KB's, and my weight is down 4%, cholesteral count down 10%, strength way up! Russian Kettlebells are Truly THE MOST EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT exercise tool I have encountered in my 49 years! Oh yeah, I can't wait until my wife can crank off some tactical pull-ups!

Rated 10/10 New Version of "Ladies" Kettlebell (But also good for guys starting presses!)
By 2Old / San Carlos, CA USA

The prior version was rubber coated with a smaller handle and cost more. I tried it at a class. I am glad this new version has the fatter handle, it is perfect for guy's doing press-ups (the 25 and 35 pounders are a little too heavy for me right now).

Oh yeah, this version is cheaper. Ladies shouldn't worry about the handle, it is still manageable for smaller hands for swings etc.

BTW, I made a mistake and ordered some "non-Dragon Door" kettlebells from another company thinking I'd save some $$$. You'd think all kettlebells would be the same, these are "low tech" after all. But instead of saving money, I lost money, the handle grips are too narrow to help me build grip strength (no better than dumbbells) and the handles on the "competitor's" version form a square instead of a rounded "v" which means 1. they aren't as comfortable to grip and 2. you can't grip them with "palms up" for squats. So it is possible to take a seemingly simple product and still screw it up.

Stick with Dragon Door!*

(*The other company I ordered the cheapie knockoffs from also sent along a free DVD. There was no comparison to Pavel's DVD! The production values sucked and the form wasn't clean. Pavel rocks, and I have to smile every time I view Pavel's DVD with the "Russian Military" props and stage settings he uses. Who says fitness can't be fun?)

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