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10/10 Excellent piece of equipment
By Matt / Lincroft, NJ USA

I am very pleased with the 18 lb kettlebell. It allows me to do exercises (like the Turkish getup) that I can't do with the heavier kettlebells yet. My wife has started to do some basic exercises too. Perfect weight for her.

10/10 Top Quality
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

After looking at all of the kettlebells available in stores and online, I chose DragonDoor and am happy I did. I immediately saw and felt the difference as soon as I opened the box, which was packed very well for shipping. I know these will last a lifetime.

10/10 Thanks Dragon Door!!!
By Carla V. / Pelahatchie, MS, USA

I would not buy my kettle bells from anyone else! Of course I bought 2! (8kg).. I love how they look and their feel... the perfect beginner bells... for those of you who are serious about kettle bells, your going to love them... just make sure you have an RKC trainer!!

10/10 8 KB ROCK STARS!
By cricket! deane / Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

I have had my own pair of 8 kb bells for about 10 years (love them!) and bought this pair as a gift. Just in time for Christmas -- but the recipient was so excited I gave early. She already has 3 pairs of RKC bells (6kb, 10 kb, 12 kb) that I gave her earlier. She is doing serious rehab of a very broken leg and has been using the 6 kb bells. She wants to go "a bit heavier" but the 10 kb was too much. She is over joyed to have the 8 kb pair. And I am happy to have found a perfect gift!

A word to others who are "thinking about" purchasing an RKC of any size, just buy it and think later. You will have a better brain to think with once you start using your RKC bells!

10/10 Top quality bells
By Jeff Jayson / Edgewater, NJ, USA

I was introduced to RKC bells by a friend many years ago. He always raves about the quality and that that are best in class. I totally agree since my first purchased RKC over 10 years ago and it still looks brand new. No other workout compares to swinging bells. There are other companies making bells but none to the level of RKC. Highly recommend!

10/10 Fantastic training companion during COVID lockdown
By Stalin SM / Dallas, TX, USA

I have been training with these bells (8kg, 16kg, 24kg) for 3 months now. They are just fantastic. Thanks to Dragondoor for creating the preorder. I found a safe way to train my strength and mental focus at my home. I am ordering two more bells after being completely satisfied with the product and the top-notch customer service. Special mention to Peter from customer service and John Du Cane who both helped me with an issue. More details below.

I was missing my martial arts class dearly since it shut down in March 2020. After three months of haphazardly doing some general strength exercises I was nudged towards picking up Kettlebell training by a friend. He gave me his 8kg and 16kg bells along with Pavel's Simple&Sinister book. Within a week I realized this was a superb fill in for my martial arts training. The simplicity of the swings and getup eliminated decision fatigue. Also myself being new to kettlebells I had to focus hard and pay close attention to my body. It was exactly the thing I was missing in my practice. I decided to get a starting set for myself and upon basic research locked on to the Dragondoor RKC bells. I placed a preorder for the 8, 16 and 24kg.

I was kept updated of the shipping dates by the Dragondoor team all through the way. Upon receipt I found the 8kg bell was damaged in transit. The 16kg and 24kg bells had a minor imperfection in the coating. I contacted customer support regarding this and they promptly sent me a replacement for all three bells. Although I only desired a replacement for the 8kg bell. I was overcome by this gesture. I quickly contacted them to cancel the replacement for the 16kg and 24kg bell since the blemish was very minor. I had a direct reply from John Du Cane thanking me. John also helped find a way to touch-up the coating. So 10 out of 10 for customer support. Can't ask for anything more from the team.

Once I started training with my RKC bells I started appreciating the quality of the product and the design. It was good I started with lesser bells. In comparison with the other bells I had borrowed from my friend, the handle of the RKC bell is generous in thickness, even on the 8kg, and very smooth without any blemishes or seams. They feel great on my grip during the swings. I could very quickly see the difference in quality. The coating is top notch and rugged and there is no sharp cut on the sides like the other bells. This makes a difference on my getups. Even after 100 days, my eagerness to train with these bells and my mental focus haven't waned. I am glad I picked them up.

I retained the small blemish on my 16kg and 24kg bells. Whenever I see them I am reminded of how truly remarkable and earnest Dragondoor customer service has been. I am going to support them with all my kettlebell purchases in the future. It is so rare to come across such dedicated teams in the world now.

10/10 Dragon Door is the G.O.A.T.
By Brett Hughes / Cleveland, TN, USA

When it comes to Hardstyle KBs Dragon Door is the best. Great service, great product.

9/10 Kettlebell Results.
By Garrett Castro / Highland, CA USA

I am a trainer at a local gym and I've been using my 18 lb. kettlebells for quite some time now with clients and they love them. I introduced them first with the swings and we are currently working on more technical lifts such as snatches and one arm ladder presses. One of my female clients, who only weighs around 115lbs, started with the 18lb and now she currently able to perform consistant confident swings with the 35lb. bell. I've noticed stronger thrusts and squats from my clients due to the fact that the hip flexors are brutally targeted during most kettlebell routines. It's evident that these kettlebell workouts have brought the best out of my clients.

10/10 YES!! I got my wife training with Russian Kettlebells!
By Dennis / San Diego

I got this kettlebell for my wife who is being trained by Yoana Snideman, RKC. It is a good starting size for much of what she is doing and it's light enough so she is not at all intimidated --she's age 48, 5'1", about 115 lbs. (She also uses my 12, 16 and 20kg for other exercises, and I used this 8kg for Turkish Get-ups when nursing a slight muscle strain.) These KB's are magic. I have a ruptured lumbar disc (partially-healed)and have been training with KB's as rehab for 14 months. No dieting, meds or other exercise really -- just KB's, and my weight is down 4%, cholesteral count down 10%, strength way up! Russian Kettlebells are Truly THE MOST EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT exercise tool I have encountered in my 49 years! Oh yeah, I can't wait until my wife can crank off some tactical pull-ups!

10/10 New Version of "Ladies" Kettlebell (But also good for guys starting presses!)
By 2Old / San Carlos, CA USA

The prior version was rubber coated with a smaller handle and cost more. I tried it at a class. I am glad this new version has the fatter handle, it is perfect for guy's doing press-ups (the 25 and 35 pounders are a little too heavy for me right now).

Oh yeah, this version is cheaper. Ladies shouldn't worry about the handle, it is still manageable for smaller hands for swings etc.

BTW, I made a mistake and ordered some "non-Dragon Door" kettlebells from another company thinking I'd save some $$$. You'd think all kettlebells would be the same, these are "low tech" after all. But instead of saving money, I lost money, the handle grips are too narrow to help me build grip strength (no better than dumbbells) and the handles on the "competitor's" version form a square instead of a rounded "v" which means 1. they aren't as comfortable to grip and 2. you can't grip them with "palms up" for squats. So it is possible to take a seemingly simple product and still screw it up.

Stick with Dragon Door!*

(*The other company I ordered the cheapie knockoffs from also sent along a free DVD. There was no comparison to Pavel's DVD! The production values sucked and the form wasn't clean. Pavel rocks, and I have to smile every time I view Pavel's DVD with the "Russian Military" props and stage settings he uses. Who says fitness can't be fun?)

10/10 The 8 Kg Kettlebell helped me keep the faith when I was injured.
By Orli Himmelweit, MS, PT / New York, NY, USA

Tendonosis, a lump in my achilles tendon developed as I was just a few months into learning to workout with my 12 Kg KB. The orthopod said- no ballistics, running, jumping. the PT looked at the dragondoor website and said- "Don't do that, you could rupture." As much as I love Pilates, it could not replace the power and strength I had developed learning to box squat and swing.
I had ordered the 8 KG to teach myself snatches and do windmills. It arrived the same day my doctor sent me home in a big boot on my ankle to prevent accidental rupture of my achilles tendon when walking around. Thank goodness my boyfriend has almost all of Pavel's DVD's! He created a mini workout that kept me off my foot but kept me in the game. The 8 Kg-er is nothing to scoff at. Even if you are usually working with heavier KB's it is a wonderful tool to hone your skills, whether you use it on its own, or with another KB. When my back pain flares up, I can do sumo deadlifts with both Kettlebells to rebalance my hip strength or sidearms to keep my shoulders strong and stretched. Even if I never move up to any KB heavier than 12 Kg, the 8 Kg KB has helped me keep the faith in my practice when I would have killed myself with a heavier weight!

10/10 Great little bell
By Wade Carter / Gulf Breeze, Fl, U.S

I bought one for my girl friend, who loves it, and I use it to train fitness beginners. A great tool.

10/10 My current bell
By Cori Richardelle / Biloxi, MS, USA

I ordered both an 8 kg and a 12 kg. The 12 is staring at me every day while I work out. They are the best quality and I wouldn't buy them anywhere else. I started with a 4 kg bell and have been working my way up. I have decided to skip the 10 kg. and go to the 12 next. This is the only system that I have been able to stick with. I am nearly half-way through a 45 kg weight loss plan.

10/10 The little one loves it
By sue williams / edgewater,nj

I love this KB, I call it "the baby" since it's the smallest one I have.
The finish is very nice. I added a dinosaur sticker on the flat side to suit my aesthetic sense.
The best thing is my 4 year old daughter loves to lift it off the floor (about 2 inches) and then shows me her muscles!

10/10 Great size for beginners
By Shannon / Dublin, CA

I think the 8kg bell is a great size for someone who is just getting into kettlebells and maybe minor experience with weights. I recently had a baby and had been out of practice with weights. I was comfortable using the 8kg bell exclusively for Turkish Gettups and Snatches. For swings, I could probably use a 12 kg, but have stuck with the 8 kg to get my strength back up. For my situation, I think the 8kg was a great choice. I might add a 12 kg later, but I think the 8kg will always have a place in my reps.
The quality of these bells are the best out there.

10/10 Quality Products
By S.R. Lelbach / Centreville, VA USA

I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the products I've ordered from Dragon Door. I own 12kg and 18kg KBs (all from Dragon Door). From the time I ordered my KBs to delivery at my door, I am amazed by how quickly they arrive. The feel of these products in your hands as you work out seem to mold to your every movement. I will continue my association with Dragon Door for all future KB purchases as I firmly believe they provide the best quality product available.

10/10 life changing
By Julie Land / Mayslanding ,N.J. USA

Since purchasing my kettlebells I have had a change in the way I workout. I no longer go to the gym for hours a day I can get a complete workout in 30-40 minutes at my own house. I really enjoy the full range of movement I get with the kettlebells I have become much leaner and more tuned into my body.

10/10 Great weght for women to start on
By Cara Hoglund / Castro Valley, CA

The kettle came as ordered and the workout is kicking my ass, as my fiance said it would.

10/10 Best results I have ever seen from a work out.
By Jeannie Seamons / Houston, Texas

I am 52 years old and have worked out since my mid 30's. I have tried every work out routine invented as well as ligting weights and etc. Using the Russian Kettlebell's is the first time I have seen dramatic results in a short amount of time. I LOVE THEM!!!

9/10 worth every penny
By shawn roden / Texas !

I was not excited about my workouts and was nursing a shoulder injury. The KB is a great isolator and although i started light, it lets me ENJOY my workouts again. I have lost some body fat and toned my shulders big time. the excersises are not limited to big rooms (olympic bars etc...) but i can take it anywhere and i can do an endless variety of resistance training that is limited only to my imagination. I know have sore muslces i didnt know existed LOL--def. worth the money. there are lots of web sites showing different excersises and the like as well. well supported. whats more manly that swinging a cannon ball !?! !!

10/10 Great workout!
By SP / New York, NY USA

i have been searching for a workout that would provide cardio & weight training to accompany my regular Pilates workouts. The combination is awesome! With this kettlebell and the goddess videos, i see a difference after only a couple of weeks!

7/10 Words of Caution...
By Madeline Ruszczyk / Harvard, Il

As a beginner I felt this item was way too heavy for me to handle. You should advise beginners of your products and to start out slow.
Thank you.

9/10 Amazing!
By Dotty / Phoenix, AZ

This is my first experience with a kettlebell, and it's amazing! I thought I was in fairly good shape, but I've already discovered muscles I never knew I had!

By the way, I was trying to order a red kettlebell, but I guess I either didn't do something right or they don't come in this size.

10/10 Great tool for adding diversity to workouts!
By Paul / Fairfax, VA

I purchased the 18 lb. KB as a starting weight for my female personal training clients. Despite varied levels of strength and aerobic conditioning, all were able to immediately begin reaping the benefits from day 1. Even clients with limited upper-body strength were able to perform swings and either a clean-and-press, or clean-and-jerk. The response to the added training modality was unanimously positive, especially considering that it can replace endless hours spent slogging away on a treadmill.

10/10 This Is A Great Addition Your Workout!
By Vickie R / Missouri City, Texas

Just started using the Kettlebell(s). I purchased two (10 lb.)Kettlebells based on other reviews. Definitely, the right size for beginners like me. The Kettlebell Workout requires lots of concentration and is challenging.

10/10 Love It
By Angela McLarkey / Mesa, AZ

My husband purchased this kettlebell for me and I am glad that he did. I love the feel and the new design is great! And you can't beat kettlebells for getting more work done in less time. Thanks for the great 'bell!

5/10 Great Bell, but prefer the rubber coated
By Pamela / Dallas, TX USA

As great as this bell is, and it is, when I ordered this size previously it was the rubber coated version. Apparently this is no longer available as I received this one. It is very much like you can order through other companies and even buy in a local store, hence, saving a LOT of money on shipping. Without the rubber coating, I'm not sure if it's worth paying so much more for shipping than it is to buy through a local store or through a company that offers free shipping with purchases over $100.00.

2/10 I am disapointed.
By Lynne / San Diego, CA

The kettle bell that I saw on the website and the one that I thought that I oredered are not the same. I am very disapointed. The handle is thick making it hard to grip.

10/10 Best workout equipment I ever purchased
By Y. Washington / California

My husband got me started training with a kettlebell. I saw what it was doing for him and I wanted the same results. There are many good things about the kettlebell. It's small and fits anywhere. It half the time as working out with machines and it works. It tones your body like nothing else out there.

3/10 very uncomfortable handle
By Sergei Ermakov / Chicago, IL

Bought these for my wife and daughter. Handles are flat at the top with sharp angles. This makes this bell very uncomfortable to snatch. Same problem applies to few other ballistic exercises when handle rotates and slides in your hand at the same time.
Folks, you should think about old Russian tradition of making all bells the same size and hollow inside, the type used in Girevoy Sport competitions.

10/10 Sorry I waited so long.
By I am a women. 57 years young / Alabama

I love my kettlebell and use it almost everyday. I also have one smaller than this one. I use it to warm up with. I have noticed right away that my jeans are looser and the scale is creeping down. I will continue to use it for life.

10/10 Wonderful
By Sharon / Hilton Head Island, SC

I love working out with the kettlebell as I get a full body workout and it is aerobic. I am completely fatigued in 30 minutes. Great workout!

5/10 Handle too triangular RETURNED,shipping too COSTLY
By Susan Kipp / Bel Air, CA, USA

I returned this item because the handle is uncomfortable to use. Too angular. I am a woman with a smaller hand and it still did not work. However, if I realized that I would be charged original shipping, responsible for return shipping AND shipping for a new exchanged item...I would not have returned it at all. I would've given it to Goodwill. My $66 item turned into a $126 item. I have not yet received the exchanged item but I am worried because I had to go UP in weight to get a curved handle. Not sure I'll be able to use the new bell once it arrives.

10/10 Great addition to my KB family
By Aram Gerstein / San Francisco, CA, USA

This 18lbs KB dubbed "Raisa" joins "Doushka" (10lbs), "Boris" (35lbs) and "Ivan the Terrible" (53lbs) as the lady of the family.
I use it for arm bars and practice moves and it will be used by my wife and daughter as a primary KB.
Beautiful and practical, I could not be happier.

10/10 Old Dog: New Tricks
By E. Gray / Ann Arbor, MI, USA

My mom had a 4x bypass in 2001. My dad died of heart problems in 2004. This is my "doom." After a childhood of obesity and yo-yo weight gains into my 40s, for the last ten years or so I went the aerobic/resitance training (free weights) routine for fitness. Then, after working with "MG" the Premier of Purposeful Primitives, I put down the dumbbell and picked up my first Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell. It was a paradigm-shifting moment.

Everything you read about kettlebell training is true. If you aren't fit, you will achieve fitness. Already pretty smug about your PRs cycling or running? You've only just begun. Even though I'm a 50-year-old woman, even fairly fit: I lost fat, gained amazing core body strength, and have more energy for life, when I started kettlebell training six months ago. THEN I discovered "high-intensity interval training": like engaging the Turbocharger (HIIT training is covered in the book "Viking Warrior Conditioning" published by Dragon Door). I have better blood pressure than anyone in my workplace and a cholesterol profile I could Black Market. At 50. Old dog: new tricks.

Yes, yes, it's "just" a lump of iron on a handle. And a Marine Ka-Bar combat knife is "just" a knife. Yes and no. In ancient tradition, runic inscriptions imply the courage and strength of that totemic being represented by the rune or sigil. A kettlebell from Target represents a kettlebell from Target. A Dragon Door kettlebell brings to your hand the courage, determination, and will-to-achieve of every RKC instructor, student, or novice. You're not "just" buying a weight. You're joining a brotherhood.

Power to you, Comrade!

8/10 Another Great Product!
By George E. Butler / Detroit, Michigan

I am accustomed to the shape of the larger kettlebells, so the triangular shape will take time for me. I bought the small kettlebell for my wife and she enjoys it. It is still a great tool!

10/10 great bell for a beginner
By Kristin / West Chester, PA

great small bell for a beginner doing presses or turkish get-ups. i use these in kettlebell class and bought this as a gift for a friend that i train with. i've used another 8kg bell in class that was not from dragon door and it is junk. if you are in the market for an 8kg, get this one. i ordered a 12kg for myself, probably the right weight for a beginner that has lifted weights before.

10/10 Great beginer
By Lia Chong / Placentia, United States

I have only been using my 18lbs kettle bell for three weeks now and it is a great way to get a whole body or specific muscle group. I feel like this is a great size to start out with if you are starting a kettle bell exercise regime. I know I will get heaver kettle bells later and will still use my 18lbs kettle bell for long time.

10/10 Just what I wanted
By Kellie Brooks / Camden, ME, USA

Plenty of hand room, solid piece of equipment, arrived promptly. Overall it met my expectations. Looking forward to getting my kettlebell swing on!

10/10 Great Bell!
By Maria Kraft / Ladera Ranch, USA

Well made.

10/10 Perfect for young people
By Mark G / Wisconsin, USA

Perfect for younger people. Well built!

10/10 Great Starter Bell
By Emily A / Sacramento, CA, USA

Great starter for those not familiar with KB, or like me have been deconditioned at some point and want to get back into the swing of things. Great to start work on the TGU with.

10/10 Great tool!
By Chris Nordeen / Southern, California, USA

i like the handles on this bell, it helps the smaller bells preform like a kettlebell. That is what sets RKC apart from he rest in my opinion, they care about the performance of their product not just the appearance.

10/10 Like all the dragon door kettlebells it is perfect
By Daniel H / Philadelphia, Pa, US

I bought this for my sister for Xmas... she loves it.

10/10 Pleased
By Carol Schaum / MOUNT JOY, Pennsylvania, United States

Exactly what we wanted. Thanks!

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