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10/10 Great Quality - Great Service
By Sue Jones / Elkhorn, United States

Thank you, Dragon Door, for providing such high quality products and great service! I appreciate that the bell was combined in a package with the Kettlebell Goddess DVD - Andrea's workout is fabulous!

10/10 Amazing Quality
By Robert Kane / Redwood City, CA, USA

I started out thinking a bell was a bell and bought a cheap 35lb bell from a local big box sports shop. The difference was amazing. Dragon Door bells just have a look and feel to them that can't be beat. The bells mean pure business and really help push me to my best.

The 12k bell is a great place for a "little guy newby like" myself to start on single hand swings. I already have my order in for a 14K and 20K. I wouldn't buy anywhere else!

10/10 Quality is name of game
By Brian Wagner / Port Clinton, OH, USA

I wanted a 12kg kettlebell to add to my ever growing arsenal of bells (16kg & 20kg) , Dragondoor is the only choice for this quality product. They be a little more in cost than the competition, but I will pay this premium for the best money can buy. Feel, lift and compare and you'll understand. Thank you again Dragondoor!

10/10 Other brands do not compare
By Jennie Post / San Jose, CA, USA

I work in a gym, and when I see other kettlebells, I want to laugh. Dragon Door has figured out the secret to constructing the perfect kettlebell. I wouldn't buy them from anyone else!

10/10 A step above other kettlebells
By Bill Caswell / Lockport, NY, USA

I own 4 kettle bells, each from a different brand. 1 is a Dragon Door and 3 are other brands. They are all good for exercise purposes. The fit and finish of the Dragon Door kb is above and beyond each of the 3 other brands which I own and use. It feels much better in my hand because of the surface which has just the right combination of smoothness and grip. If you want the best you have to pay a little extra but I believe it is well worth it.

10/10 Another Great Purchase
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

I purchased this size kettlebell for my wife's future progression from the 8kg kettlebell. Quality is, of course, superior to all other brands. Thank you for providing such high quality products.

10/10 It's Cheaper To Go First Class
By Gene Burnett / Ashland, Oregon, USA

I know the DD bell is expensive...but in the long run it's cheaper to buy a first class product. Spending the money up front on a quality product that you'll never have to replace. This is that product. It feels great, does what it's supposed to do, and will no doubt last a lifetime. I like this weight a lot, even though I'm a man, I'm in my late-50's and can't afford to get injured. I wanted a weight that would get my attention but not strain my joints, since I am prone to tendonitis. The 26 pounder is perfect. I got two because I like the "farmer carry" and holding both while doing squats.

10/10 Love my new KB
By Mark Chingren / Fort Dodge, IA, USA

This was my 6th KB purchase thru DD. I have never used another brand because I have always been completely satisfied. This is my first purchase with the new coating and really love it.

10/10 Excellent design.
By James McClellan / Richland, PA, USA

I have three of your kettlebells now, and couldn't be more pleased with the product quality. Yes they cost a bit more than many other brands, but I learned a long time ago that it is usually better to "buy once, cry once" and go with high quality rather than have to replace unsatisfactory items with what I should have bought the first time.

10/10 I bought two 12kg RKC and couldn't be happier
By Chris Abraham / Arlington Heights, Virginia, United States

I have been converting from steel competition kettlebells to cast iron bells and chose RKC bells for my collection. I pre-ordered two so that I can do double-kettlebell exercises. I have added these two kettlebells to my collection of 16kg and 20kg single RKC kettlebells that I also pre-ordered during the pandemic. No regrets. I will use the stuffing out of these and then will them to my descendants... they're going to last forever.

10/10 DD kettlebells are the best
By John Kjosa / Hudson, WI, United States

These kettlebells are the best quality you can buy. Great finish, great handle,nice looking. I own 5 of these kettlebells. A little spendy but worth it. If they're on back order it's worth the wait. Great product!!

10/10 Best Kettlebells ever
By Megan Keller / Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, United States

I won't buy any other kettlebell! Before our gym closed permanently due to Covid we were training for years with Dragondoor Kettlebells. Then after the gym closed and workout options were limited I was bouncing around and ended up trying kettlebells from multiple different companies. None compare to Dragondoor.
So when we were able to afford to start buying our own we came right here. Satisfaction guaranteed! We're slowly building our little home gym and these kettlebells fit right in! Thanks Dragondoor! Oh and the 18 kilo is perfect to have between the 16 kilo and 20 kilo! Next on our list is a pair of 24 kilos!

10/10 Consistent high quality bells
By Sue Sudbeck / Omaha, Nebraska, United States

I have used dragon door bells since being introduced to this style of training quite a few years ago. I love the size of the handles and the way these bells feel. The lighter weight bells still have a nice sized handle. Other brands seem to have smaller diameter handles that just don't work well for me.

I am looking forward to seeing the 18k bells back in stock as I am ready to buy...

10/10 Love it!
By Marty Strasinger / Honesdale, PA, United States

Received on time and in good condition, just like all my previous orders. The product is pricey and you can get a comparable product for much less, but there is just no comparison to the quality of the competition.

10/10 Changing a 64 year old's life!
By Lowell Kile / Betchworth, United Kingdom

After being very fit all my life with everything from Tae Kwon Do to rock climbing and mountain biking, I hit 60 ... had a heart valve repair and got horribly out of condition, It was difficult for me just to get up off the floor when I sat to put wood in the wood burning fireplace. In just 6 weeks with a 12 kilo kettlebell I've improved dramatically. The "real life" strength that you develop is amazing. The difference to your "core" is dramatic. Wish I'd discovered kbells years ago!

10/10 I Love My Kettlebell!
By Diana Kerkis / Bentonville, AR USA

I am really enjoying my kettlebell. My trainer had let me borrow one of his 18 pound kettlebells while my own was on order. He had purchased this kettlebell from some other site and he himself admits that it was of lesser quality. When I received mine, I was so pleased with the finish and the handle. It is definately a high quality product and when I work my strength up, I will order my next kettlebell from DragonDoor as well.

10/10 Mobility Great
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Im a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and this is the only tool that gives me the same specific conditioning, for grips, tension, relaxation, and helps build resiliance! No other tool matters!

10/10 First Kettlebell purchase
By Jason Van Sant / Durham, NC, United States

The 12kg was my first KB purchase and it has been a great tool for my clients. After reviewing several other bells there really isn't a comparison to the Dragon Door bells. I look forward to building my collection.

10/10 Beautiful Cast Iron
By Robert Collins / Cambridge, MA, USA

The casting was so well done that the kettlebell doesn't look like a piece of exercise equipment.

10/10 excellent product fit and finish, timely delivery
By Pat / Dallas TX USA

The kettlebell is an excellent exercise tool for cardio and lean muscle building. The Dragon Door product is of much better quality than those at the local gym.

10/10 Start lighter than you think Billy Bad Ass!
By Lana Swanson / Round Lake, USA

Love this thing! It's great and came as it looks. Wish I would have gotten a lighter one though. I figured I can do alot of things with a 25lb dumb bell and that this would be great but I was mistaken. It's alot heavier than it looks! Ladies I would suggest starting off with the 18lb'er first even if you're a big bad ass and then move up so you can get the moves down perfect. I've been in wrestling for 5 years and the Marine Corps for 6 so I've been lifting for a while. This weight is perfect but like I said, should have started with 18lbs so I could get the moves down perfect.

10/10 More fun than a dumbbell or barbell
By Sonny Ritscher / Los Angeles, CA

Very satisfied. A lot of fun. Indestructable. Delivered quickly. Much more fun to use than dumbbells or barbells. Everytime I see the bells I pick them up and do something with them. Great!

10/10 Best Kettlebells Available
By Judy Taylor / Denver, CO

Okay, they cost a lot and, with the shipping costs, it's up there. However, the local kettlebells were far inferior in quality - do you want rough handles when you're swinging? And, if you order a cheaper product online, you won't even KNOW the quality until you have them. Dragon Door kettlebells are well formed, well-balanced and have no rough edges. Sometimes you just have to go with the best and these are the best!

10/10 Makes me actually *want* to use it
By Lila R. / Kansas City, MO, USA

This was my first KB purchase. I did a lot of research before deciding on Dragon Door, as I'm on a tight budget and cannot afford to waste money on inferior products that won't serve me well over the long haul. I've handled lots of sporting-goods-store brand KBs, compared the qualities of each style/brand, and ultimately decided to go with the advice of my workout coach and buy one from Dragon Door along with an instructional video. From the first time I picked this up, it was noticeably nicer to hold and swing than anything I'd laid hands on in the stores. Even my kids can't help touching it and playing with it, despite it's weight. It's just very well proportioned. FYI, I'm a female and consider myself an intermediate level for strength training, and 12 kg was the perfect weight to start out with. I was afraid of having wrist problems as I've heard others mention with KB workouts, since I already have carpal tunnel issues, but workout after workout, I've had zero wrist problems, likely due not only to design of the KB, but from meticulously following Pavel's instructional video when getting started to learn proper form. Highly recommend to other women who want to see and feel results fast, and enjoy the process.

10/10 12 KG RKC Kettlebell
By Valerie Holmes / Chapel Hill, NC, United States

I started with an 18 lb kettlebell from RKC about 10 years ago and decided that I would like to have the weights I have used the most. This addition comes close to completing the set for me. They are not gorgeous and colorful but they are solid and sound. I trust these bells. My original instructor has them in her studio and that sold me. Great product!

8/10 Kettlebell is increasing my stamina and overall strength
By Phil Hogan / Riverton, Wyoming

I'm 72 years old and way out of shape with COPD. I can do a few reps and then have to catch my breath, but have noticed over a 2 week time period that my stamina is increasing and can do more reps at a time now. The 26 lb kettlebell is the correct weight for me to start out with and anticipate ordering the 35 lb kettlebell in the future, but not before I feel ready for it. It's all I can do to perform the Get Up exercise with the small one. I'm feeling better overall, however.

10/10 GREAT piece of equipment
By Matthew Cross / Stamford, CT

Excellent quality and finish.
First Kettlebell I've owned;
I'm a runner who doesn't do heavy weights
(20 lb. Medicine Ball is my heaviest); this
26 lb. KB is a great addition to my training
and has made a meaningful difference, even in the first few weeks.
Something about the shape INVITES you to work with it!
Highly recommended.

10/10 Awesome tool for the toolbox!!!
By Jason Cavanaugh / Marietta, PA

I took some time off for grappling to focus on strength using my new kettlebells...Needless to say my training partners knew something was up. My "real" total body strength had increased dramatically and I had lost about 5 pounds of bodyfat weight. We are getting more!!!!

10/10 RKC Kettlebell
By Michael Stout / DAYTON, OH, United States

Outstanding quality. The best on the market. Make no mistake, nothing compares to the RKC Kettlebells. Thank you.

10/10 12 kg RKC Kettlebell is Great
By Don Nickason / Penfield, NY, U.S.

The quality of the 12 kg RKC kettlebell is just what I had hoped for. I chose this weight because my wife can also do some things with it so it hit that sweet spot of usefulness for only having one kettlebell. The shape of the handle is perfect for me and easy to grip so I don't have to worry about letting go of it when doing swings. I also like the feel of gripping it for squats, which I do a lot of every day.
I'm glad I got in on the pre order and didn't keep waiting for kettlebells to be in stock because I know I'd still be without one if I had done that. I'm glad I chose Dragon Door and the RKC Kettlebell. I would suggest if you're undecided, just order it. This is the only company I know of that will actually give you a good idea of when you're going to receive it and they will provide updates between the time your order goes in and when you receive it.

10/10 The next one...
By Cori Richardelle / Biloxi, MS, USA

I ordered both an 18 and a 26. The 26 is staring at me every day while I work out. They are the best quality and I wouldn't buy them anywhere else.

10/10 Best workout product ever!
By Ian / Los Angeles, USA

I have really enjoyed my new kettlebells. I have done away with the free weights and am getting more out of my kettlebells and enjoying the workout much more. I would recommend this site to anyone that wants to improve you core and get a full workout. It sounds funny but common sense is a must if you are to use kettlebells. But the results of a good workout will push you to the next level. Try them out - You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!!! Thanks Dragon Door!!! Several of my friends have now ordered them and love them.

10/10 Great product! I am recommending to all my friends
By Mark Chrysler / El Cajon California

Great product! I am recommending to all my friends

10/10 Converted gym rat....
By Terri Campbell / Houston, TX USA

I have seen DRASTIC changes in EVERYWHERE on my body within a very short time. I have been working out religiously in the gym for the past 15 years. I have seen more change in JUST 1 month of kettlebell training. KB's build bridges to each muscle so your body flows together instead of having all of these great individual body parts. The WHOLE is GREAT, TIGHT and HARD. Just what every woman wants.

10/10 The handler
By Ronald Bradley / Alpharetta, GA 30004

The Kettlebell is the authority of weights. I'm 50 years old and have been working out since I was 12. I purchased the 12kg kettlebell, and at the present time used it for (6)six different exercises. Its shape makes such a big difference; you can be creative using it to strengthen areas of your body simultaneously in one motion. In the future I will purchase the 35 kg.

10/10 Kettlebells are fantastic
By Norm H. / Silver Spring, MD USA

This is the 4th kettlebell I have ordered from Dragondoor. Kettlebells are a huge discovery for me. I am 64 years old, and had never exercised very much. I had begun to develop joint problems that made the future look bleak. About 2 years ago I bought a kettlebell, and have now developed an exercise routine, inspired by Pavel's videos, that combines strength, flexibility, and aerobic-cardiovascular. It has been like drinking from the Fountain of Youth. ALL of my physical problems have vanished. I have strength and stamina, and am more physically fit than I have ever been in my life. I now look at my future years as an extended time when I can do any activity I desire.


10/10 Great Products from Dragon Door!
By CW4 Macs Burke / Kirkuk Iraq

I ordered two of these bells and had them shipped to Iraq thru the APO mail system. Great experience across the board, dragon door constantly updated me concerning my shipment and tracked its progress to the APO. The packages arrived in ten day, thats fast! The bells themselves are exactly as advertised, I have no complaints. I wish I had seen the Russian Reds when I placed my order, the price savings would have helped offset the cost of shipping, which nearly doubled my purchase price. I use kettle bells to train my soldiers and have developed my own fitness routine based off of the DVD. At 46 years old, I see more beneficial changes in my strength and lean muscle mass than I have acheived in the last five years. I am an old soldier and I am in to fitness for the life time "long haul", kettlebells are my only full body strength workout. Fantastic!

10/10 The Best!!
By Justine / Ann Arbor,MI

I love this kettlebell! I really works to tone every part of your body. I will never give it up.

10/10 Flat out the best exercise I've done in years!
By Joe Chiamparino / Rohnert Park, CA

I was introduced to the Russian Kettlebell by a young police officer who works for me. His enthusiasm for the kettlebells and exercises was such that I felt compelled to try them.

I currently do pretty just the one and two handed swing exercises along with another type of upright swing that I do as a warm up or finishing type of exercise.

I am 65 years old and have been working out for approximately 40 plus years. I have used heavy weights with low reps and light weights with 12 to 15 reps but the kettlebells and swing exercises top all of them. My legs and arms have never felt better.

I have introduced other co-workers to the exercises and many have come back with positive results.

Again, the very best two or three exercises I have done in years.

10/10 Oscar's Review
By Oscar L. Moretti / Houston, Texas USA

I have just recently started working with Kettlebells, but so far I can tell that they are excellent. I will be able to say more in a few months.

10/10 Good Tool
By Migdoel "Dio" Miranda / Miramar, Florida

Perfect to learn and get ready for the big ones.

10/10 Like the old ones better.....
By Mike Robbins / Hopewell, VA USA

I prefer the old kettlebells better than the new. New podercoat is a little slippery for me. Still a great product.

10/10 To Light
By Corben / Boston,Ma USA

Should of ordered next one up. I will next time but will order 2 of same weight. You can do so much more with 2

10/10 great starting point
By Aron / LA, CA

A few days on this and I'm suddenly feeling harder legs. Good stuff.

10/10 Excellent
By Pat Watson / Arizona

My husband & I have long been exercise enthusiasts. I thought we were in shape before. In just a couple of weeks, we're stronger & fitter. Ordered some different weights. We're hooked.

10/10 maximum results
By Jim Thoma / Shoreline, Wa

There is not a product around that compares to the 26 lb kettlebell. It is a health club, of its own. In my opinion anybody of any age or fitness level can achieve results.

10/10 good but too much
By Paul Shelby / New York City

the cost is way too much. We're talking about a ball of dead weight.
How much does it cost to produce.....and I'm talking just a plain no glossy coat, no hi fi material....just a ball of dead weight that you might find in a russian gym....I know it's in vogue currently which is why it can demand such a price, and I don't blame anyone for making the most, except when I have to pay. that said , i will begrudedly go to a local store and buy them....because they are one great way to train.

10/10 Pavel's kettlebells are AWESOME!!
By Steve Solomon / Dallas, TX USA

Greetings, Comrades! I've been a huge fan of Dragon Door and Pavel's Kettlebells for several years, and also can endorse his excellent books on kettlebells and fitness in general. Prior to my purchasing Pavel's KBs, I researched other brands. I can tell you with some authority, that these Russian kettlebells on are the BEST made out there! The symmetry is perfect, the handles are just the right thickness and texture, and you get the feeling you are using a Quality piece of equipment! I heartily endorse Pavel's kettlebells, training guides, and all of his and John's products!

10/10 (See My Headline Review of the 22lb(10kg) Kettlebell)
By Jocalyn Bryant / Ellenwood, Georgia

The 26lb(12kg) Russian Kettlebell is little bit more challenging than 22Ib(10kg) Russian Kettlebell. However, the real challenge will come when I get my hands on a pair of 31lb(14kg)and 35lb(16kg) Russian Kettlebells!!!

10/10 12kg bell
By John Fletcher / Wichita Kansas

everything the advertisement said it was. excellent piece of equipment.

10/10 I can't snatch it...yet!
By Amy McKinley / York, PA

I love working out with kettlebells. The philosophy of exercise that Pavel sets out there is unbelievable. I am a yoga instructor, qigong practitioner, and marathon runner. Russian Kettlebell workouts allow me to fully incorporate my fitness practice just the way I like it. I started with an 18 lb kettlebell and then backed up to a 10 lb just so I could really "get" the mechanics of the drills and exercises. After that, I moved back to the 18 lb. I was stoked when I snatched it both arms 15 reps/2 sets!! I felt amazing! I then ordered a second 18lb to do 2 handed drills and exercises and then I read an article about women being tough. That is when I bought the 26 lb bell. I do alot of strength exercises with it. I swing it with 36:36 drills 20 reps/3 sets...I haven't snatched it yet...but I can feel it coming. I have gotten strong without getting "manly looking". My husband affectionately calls me a "beast"! I love it and am looking forward to one day being trained as an instructor. Every woman should feel this kind of elegant strength!! Thanks DragonDoor!!! I love every product I have bought from you!

10/10 Great!
By Rich F / Northern New Jersey

High quality workmanship, smooth handle, arrived quickly. All around high marks for quality and service.

10/10 THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
By Grigoriy / NY, NY

Firs time I tried to use it, loved it. This is my #3 Kettlebell, Now I have 2-12Kilo and 1-16kilo, TWICE A DAY, in the morning and in the evening. GREAT WORK OUT. As I write this review, my friend ordered 2-12kilo. I'm sure he will love it!!

10/10 Awesome!
By AGW / Omaha

Love working out with my new kettlebell. Best bang for your buck in my book...

9/10 Solid Product, Very Useful for Men
By Daniel / Nevada

I bought this KB for my wife to use, but quickly found out I could do Halos

9/10 Pretty damned good
By Gwen k. / Baltimore, USA

All in all, this is a great kettlebell. It's solid and fun to workout with. The only thing though is that the website states that this is a good beginner weight for women to start with, and I find that for certain things this feels too light. I still get a great workout with it regardless, but at times I feel like its just a little too light and I could really be doing more with the 16Kg. It's a tough choice to make to start with this one or the 16, so keep that in mind. You might be able to just get the 16kg to start.

10/10 Simple design, Your kids can't break it, and it will cut you fat!
By M. F. / New Jersey

This kettlebell is a step up from my 18 pound one that I quickly became too strong for with regular workouts of 15 minutes a day. I shed a few pounds and gained lean muscle without clumping on the treadmill. If I can do it, so can you!

10/10 great for beginner to work up to!
By Debi Lynch / Austin, USA

i am 9 weeks into working with kettlebells. i use work-along dvds from Art of Strength and Lauren Brooks. I started with 10kg and still need to use that one, but this 12kg is getting more integrated into my workouts! love these kettlebells. thanks, dragon door!

10/10 Simply awesome.
By Pte Jesso / Camp Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

What can I say? I love it. Deadly simplistic but every time I come home I am happy to see it sitting there waiting for me! There is so much to do with it that it is incredible.

A brutally effective workout that is fun to do, with amazing quality. There is something primal or as Pavel might say, "manly" about using this thing.

As someone in the military, it definately has pure applicable useage for me.

10/10 High Quality as usual
By Norma Turner / Congress, Az.

Although the handle is bigger then the smaller one I started with, after just a few workouts I was used to it just fine. The kettlebell is a great way to workout, I would recommend it too anyone.

10/10 Kettlebells Work
By Leonard / Phoenix AZ

I am 73 years old. I started wiht a DD 12 KG kettlebell almost 2 years ago. My introduction to kettlebells was in a park in Tempe AZ. I was able to press the 12 KG for a few reps and was unable to press the 16 kg. Now I can press the 16 KG kellebell for 30 reps with either hand and the 20 KG kettlebell for 12 reps with either hand. I can press the 24 KG kettlebell for 6 reps with my left hand. I cannot do any with my right hand. The DD kettlebells are a cut above the other ones on the market. As an aside, the Phoenix fire department uses them extensively. I also do swings and snatches. For some reason I don't understand, I don't have any difference between my left and right sides. Also I highly recommend "Enter the Kettlebell" and the "Kettlebell Goddess".

10/10 Excellent product
By Steve Crocker / Coupeville, Washington

I have bought two other (competitor's) kettlebells since the purchase of this product, and there's an obvious difference in quality. I am very pleased with the purchase from Dragondoor. Thanks.

10/10 12 kg kettlebell
By MJ R / Lakeland, US

Could not have asked for better!

8/10 Nice Size But Rough Handle
By Verlin Peyton / Milton, USA

None of the kettlebells handles are as smooth as I've read others say they are in reviews. The only kettlebells I ever bought that are ultra smooth and don't cause calluses and blisters were the Red Russian Kettlebells you used to sell (Now you only have 1 size and I wish you still had all sizes available. I have the 1 size you DO have and LOVE it, but want other sizes of the Red Russian Kettlebells!).
Review by Verlin M. Peyton, the guy who actually uses them ;-)

9/10 Love the finish.
By Alice Lopez / Salt lake City, USA

Yes, they are pricey, but the casting and finish is far superior to other brands we also own at our studio. It took me about a week to get my hands used to the granulated finish, but now, I don't want to work with anything else. Love it.

9/10 Good and Bad
By Joe Littleton / Durham, NC, USA

I am torn about which score to give these RKB. We just received a 10 and 12 kg kettlebell for my wife and a 28kg kettlebell for myself from Dragondoor The new kettlebells are quality work balanced, well finished a joy to use. The new RKB's are a much better quality KB than the 32kg Dragondoor Kettlebell I purchased several years ago. The handle on my 32kg RKB is so rough it tears your hands with sawtooth like machining marks and uncut ridges. The 32KG RKB just sets in the corner gathering dust, so rough that neither I nor any of the guys I train with have ever been able to use it. I approached DD when I 1st purchased it and they refused to even speak to me about it. Happily these new RKBs are a better quality and I will not have to deal with Dragondoor Customer Service.

10/10 Top notch Kettlebells although pretty pricey
By Alex Bousamra / Houston, USA

I just love the RKC kettlebells. They are of high quality construction, flawless as far as the smallest details. They are definitely more expensive than others in the market, but the quality is consistently superior to other brands.
The handles are perfect, especially with the rust-resistant coat. They're not rough on the hands and I can do many snatches without worrying about my palm's skin being sloughed off.
The packaging is impeccable, and both times I purchased kettlebells, there wasn't a single scratch. Definitely a good investment.

10/10 Back to basics!
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, USA

Coming back to the 12 kilo kettlebell! Yes this was the first kettlebell that I bought from Dragon Door. I also got the 16, 24, and even the 48 kilo kettlebell! I have used them all with great satisfaction. However now that I'm 64 years old, I have fond doing swings with the 12 kilo kettlebell, and 5 sets of 10 sumo dead lifts a great mix! I'm now doing 100 swings a day with the 12 kilo kettlebell. And my sumo dead lifts every other day! When I get up to doing a full 100 swings a day, I will move up to my 16 kilo kettlebell. Then I will work on getting up to 300swings a day with it! But I must admit, I always live using my beast! The 48 kilo or 106 lb kettlebell doing my sumo dead lufts. Doing this has already decreased my blood pressure! I'm also trying to quit smoking my cigars which I love. We will see how it all turns out! Thank you dragon Door for always being there for us kettlebell users! Terry Travinsky USAF Retired Fayetteville NC

10/10 Superb quality
By Shannon Marie / Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very well made--fits well in my hands. No rough spots. Packed very well for shipping, too. Great company to do business with.

10/10 Will last you a lifetime
By Mariam Baig / Lakewood, Oh, USA

This is a wonderfully crafted, sturdy item. I honestly think this product will be the only KB you'll ever need because it will last forever. I'm a very petite build and the size of the handle is enough for even my small hands to get a good grip. Not to mention it was shipped to me at my door a day and a half later :) Will definitely be buying from Dragondoor again :D

10/10 superb product
By mike grannen / cincinnati, ohio, usa

This is an excellent product. The finish on the handle was superb. I did not have to sand down any rough spots that I have found on other kettlebells. I have other Dragon door kettlebells and the quality is the same. On one I had to do a little sanding but all of the others were "good to go" right out of the box (I now have 2 sets of 12kg,16kg, 24kg and 32kg). If you want a great product then this is the place to get it!!!!

10/10 Buy This Bell
By Ray Gustafson / Rochester, MN, USA

I'm relatively new to kettlebell training, and my first purchase was the Dragon Door 16 kg bell. I found it to be great for swinging, but, and this is embarrassing, it was too heavy for get ups. This 12 kg kettlebell firs the bill perfectly, and is still heavy enough to be a challenge for me. Dragon Door's selection is comprehensive, and the quality is unsurpassed.

10/10 Perfect to learn doubles, get 2 of them.
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

If you're swinging a 24kg but don't want to increase the load or want to really start having some kettlebell fun the beauties are perfect for progressing or learning a lot of the double work. Can't say enough good things about my RKC bells.

10/10 Great product!
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

Quality kettlebells, I own a pair and they are great for overhead skill work on your lighter days. I have now been using RKC bells for over a year almost daily and I have no complaints, in fact a want more RKC bells.

10/10 My favorite bell weight
By Emily W / Sacramento, CA, USA

are 10kgs and 12kgs. I have doubles of these and use them for everything!

10/10 I.M.O.
By Dan M. / Springfield, MO, America

I know that DRAGONDOOR recommends an average man start with a 16kg K.B. and a man who can bench press over 200lbs start with a 20kg K.B. BUT looking back I feel that starting with two 12kg and moving up to the two 24kg immediately would have been a better combination. My 16kg and 20kg K.B. are not being used (I feel they are now obsolete).

I have two 12kg and two 24kg that I use regularly. A pair of 12kg K.B. works very well with my RESILIENT routine and as a warm-up for my 24kg and doing see-saw press (alternating side press) with two 24kg is the best.

"...The cleaning and pressing heavy pairs of dumbbells ("or K.B.'s," in Joe Hise's opinion) is the greatest upper-body developer known to man..." -BOSCO Development of Strength page 37. by Harry B. Paschall

You will NEED two K.B.'s of each size: Remember, "...Two is one and one is none..." -U.S. Army saying.

And DRAGONDOOR quality is the best. The paint is very durable and if it does scratch or chip off, it does not smell bad so I guess that means it's less toxic. And the bell is ONE solid piece, no welds.

10/10 Great Kettlebell
By Nick / Palo Alto, California, USA

I am very happy with my Kettlebell, the first of several that I now intend to buy from Dragon for home use. Quality is the best I have seen among brands around many gyms and stores in many places. This one feels like the real thing. It will be around for many lifetimes. Service and delivery was problem free (some expense to ship heavy objects - but worth it in this case). I looked at other brands in some local stores, and I am really glad i held out for this one.

10/10 Excellent Quality
By Samir S / South Bend, Indiana, USA

I really appreciate that this kettlebell has a very smooth handle with just enough grip and doesn't rip up my hands. The kettlebells I found locally either have an uncomfortable seam or not enough grip. My back is pain free waking up in the morning after a month of swings.

9/10 Great Product
By Mike Collett / Annandale, VA, USA

This is my third kettlebell that I have ordered from Dragon Door. It was backordered and the e-mails kept me informed of the status of my order. Once I received the kettlebell, it met the high standard that I have come to expect from Dragon Door products.

10/10 12 kg kettlebell
By Kevin Steele / Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

These our the best kettlebells period.

10/10 A great addition to my home gym
By Karie Thomson / Woodside, CA, USA

Having fun with it!

10/10 Love DD KBs!
By Lee Bacchi, HKC / Naperville, Illinois, United States

I am always pleased with the equipment I order from Dragon Door. Well-made, durable, usable right out of the packing box! I have never been disappointed with a KB purchased from DD. I can trust their quality, and I appreciate the sales they have from time to time. DD is the best, and I know my KB skills are correctly trained when using DD KBs!!

10/10 Best customer support
By Philip L / Fairfax, VA, USA

I would like to share my experience with the dragon door company. I ordered a few kettlebells with dragon door online. A subset of the kettlebells had minor defects with the e coating. Mr. John Du Cane went beyond the typical customer support to resolve my issues. I am extremely satisfy with dragon door and Mr John Du Cane customer support. I will definitely purchase from them again in the future. Thanks you

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Mel Palacios / Long Beach, CA, US

I'm hooked on training for strength first! Endurance is next! I now have my own kettlebell gym!

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