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10/10 DragonDoor Kettlebells Are Better
By Mark Toomey / Reno, NV

What difference could there be between one unruly hunk of metal and another? It turns out the answer is "Plenty". After months of using a friends "Brand X" 40KG kettlebells, I bit the bullet and bought a set from Dragon Door. Despite being the same weight, the DragonDoor units are more compact, and have a lower center of gravity. Floor presses are more challenging (read more effective) and its much easier to stay tight on cleans. The overall finish is smoother(less skin ripping).

On top of everything else, the customer service people are first rate. You can always expect some service issues with any service provider, but DragonDoor's service personnel's attention to the smallest detail in taking care of an issue make DD a first rate company to do business with.

10/10 amazing product
By Michael S / Houston, USA

This is a great kettlebell. It feels awesome and has a great center of of gravity so when you snatch it it doesn't slam into your forearm. It is very solid made and the handle is incredibly smooth. When I used to train with sports authority kettlebells I always had to wear gloves or it will tear my calluses, but not kbs from dragondoor... highly recommend.

10/10 88 pounds of dog eat dog!
By Kelly Joplin / Springfield, MO, USA

I really like kettlebell complex movements, and to super set them is even better. The 88 pound bulldog is a great finisher. Example; KB Swings, 53 pounder x 50 reps followed by a 70 pounder x 25 reps, followed by the 88 pound bulldog x 15 reps, 5 rounds for time. Then do double KB thrusters; 53 pounders x 15 reps, followed by 70 pounders x 7 reps, folowed by a pair of 88 pound bulldogs x 3 reps (if you can't do the press, just do the front squat, even a single KB goblet squat), 5 rounds for time. You're done, really you are done! Then recover, do this two or three times per week. Add in a good run three times per week and you are good to go, even if your schedule is as filled up as mine. We only get one shot at this life, use what God gave you.

10/10 Excellent
By Michael Shang / Houston, TX, USA

DragonDoor definitely makes the highest quality kettlebells by far! Don't be fooled by competitor brands because those are usually not one-piece iron molds like DDs. Not only do they have top of the line kettlebells but they also have excellent customer service as well!

Just wanted to say thanks for every thing

10/10 Best Ever
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

Do NOT- repeat- do NOT buy any other brand of kettlebell. Take it from me. I learned the hard way. The Dragondoor kettlebells are perfectly balanced, perfectly finished, and outstanding quality is guaranteed. The Chinese ones are probably the worst as far as balance and finish. The American manufacturers use an enamel finish that can chip on impact and hurt your hands. ALWAYS go with Dragondoor. I just received my 88 and I love it. I am now looking forward to new strength levels and personal records. You will not go wrong with Dragondoor.

10/10 Very happy with this 88 pounder!
By Chris Thomas / D.C., USA

This newly purchased Bulldog is my heaviest KB to date. I keep getting stronger and keep ordering more of them, ever heavier, as I go along. Plus, now I am starting to get duplicates so that I can do bench presses with them and also, of course, double KB exercises. Right now I am using the 88 pounder for Sumo Deadlifts and I keep it (along with a 53 pounder) in my office after for use when I feel i have been sitting at my office desk too much. Use the 53 to do one Get Up each side, do 10 Sumo Deadlifts and then I am ready to sit at my desk some more.

My family and friends are now used to me suggesting that they "add a little iron to their diet" when they complain about some malady or physical/mental issue.

All I own are Dragon Door KBs. I have trained with others and some are horrible (poor design, shape, balance, craftsmanship, sharp edges, etc.) and some actually, rival the quality of Dragon Door but I just like owning the very best so I stay with Dragon Door. So long as the very high quality keeps ongoing, I will keep buying more!

Stay strong!

Chris T.

10/10 Above and beyond
By Alex Smirnoff / Berkeley, CA

This is really a superb product in it's construction and finish. Balance is great with the low profile handle and low handle to body ratio. This piece of equipment dictates respect.
I heard the opinion that going over 32kg does not give much advantage. I will disagree with that. Just doing a good number of swings (a 100 on a good day) with 40kg feels really good! My favorite ketttlebell exercise is push press. I'll keep pushing the weight: my goal is to push 40kg fifty times in two months, and then to push 48kg by my fifties anniversary!

10/10 The ultimate fitness tool
By Carl Gauthier / Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This kettlebell has attained cult status and importance in my life. It is the ultimate serotonin freeing medicine. High quality product and great customer service from Dragon Door. I wouldn't buy KBs anywhere else.

10/10 12: Be a purist!!
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, New York, USA

Dragondoor kettlebells should be rated as a 12, and if I could I would rate them 12. Take my advice and don't get any other brand. They're not the same. They have cheap finishes or enamel finishes that can chip and injure the hands. Then, if you're getting into the gyrevik sport, be a purist and get the real thing - the Russian ones. This is the BEST form of training that I have ever done and I've been working out for 45 years.

10/10 The Best Anniversary Gift Ever!
By Tim Dymmel / Longmont, CO

Of course, that's easy when this is only the 2nd anniversary. The bulldog is one bad boy. Just like the 32kg bell took my training to another level, this 40kg bell has blasted it into another dimension.

I love training with this weight. It's challenging and you know you've accomplished something when you're done. Even if it's just swings.

Thanks Honey for a fantastic wedding anniversary gift!

10/10 The 88lb.Kettle is for more than just Mutants
By JT / Twin Park Fitness, Floral Park, NY

In a matter of four weeks I progressed from the 35lb.'er up to the 88lb'er on cleans. Forget about swings, high pulls and duck walks.

The Kettles have so much carryover, with so much additional flexibility and pure brute strength.

Wish I had these growing up -

10/10 kettlebell review
By nick luciano / lebanon, nj

I am pleased with the 88lb kettlebell however the bottom of my kettlebell is uneven and some of the black epoxy has already chipped off.

10/10 "The Humbler"
By Chris Mclendon / Cartersville, GA

This kettlebell should be called The Humbler because that is what it did to me. I had used a pair of 20k KB's for about a year and they had become so easy to me that I just assumed a 40k wouldn't be that tough. I was quite mistaken. Kettlebells don't work the same way as freeweights and dumbbells. For instance, if you can press a 20k dumbbell for 12 reps, then you should be able to press a 40k at least once. It doesn't work that way with KB's. A FANTASTIC PRODUCT, I plan to upgrade and try to tame the Beast next.

10/10 I'm amazed!
By Mark / California

I honestly thought I was strong before. I had been using the 70 LB for quite some time, and could even max out on my 5 ladders each week. But when I got the 88 LB, it was a VERY humbling experience, to say the least. The Bulldog demands perfection, and lets you know really quick what's wrong with your form. My strength now is like nothing I have ever experienced before, with no signs of letting up. Don't blink or you will miss the fat melting off your bones, I simply cannot keep the weight on. Since using Kettlebells my previous injurys are gone and not coming back. Thank you Pavel, and everyone else at Dragondoor for providing the most incredible piece of workout equipment the world has ever known.

10/10 Worth the price
By Amy / Pittsburgh, PA USA

I got this kettlebell for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. He has been training with the kettlebells for a while and all he needed was the 88 pounder. Many people have been coming up to him at his gym and want to find out information about the kettlebell.

10/10 How to help yourself
By Joshua McKenney / Bossier City, LA

I have been using kettlebells for about 2 years now. When I started I was very sceptical of this new way of working out, but I tried anyway because a friend of mine urged me to give it a shot. I have not been disappointed with the results. I started with a 53lb kettlebell and a video of the basics. I have played many sports and have worked out most of my life either with martial arts or with standard weight sets. I have never seen the equal of this equipment. Even from the very begining nothing I had ever done even came close to the workout that I got from the kettlebell. The intensity and focus that is required to use these becomes immediately evident from the first moment that you pick it up until you put it away. I noticed a dramatic difference in the way these kettlebells affected me as opposed to standard workouts. Within the first 3 months that I started using kettlebells, I was able to dramatically increase my strength and health. I no longer have any of the joint and muscle problems that I did. I was finally able to get an 88lb kettlebell and I have no doubt that this has been one of the best investments in my life. I regularly recommend kettlebells for anyone that is serious about their health and wants a serious workout. Thank you Pavel.

10/10 my new favorite kettlebell
By Gregory D. / Concord, CA USA

I have a series of bells from 35,53,62,72 and now the 88 has become my favorite for one specific reason, it is the first kettle bell that I can barely lift, this is the first kettle bell i haven't been able to snatch right out of the box. This thing is brutal, so far I can clean and jerk it about 5 times per arm, there is something humbling about having 88lbs dangling over your head, just doing swings with it is a workout. At a body weight of 135-140lbs I am training to eventually tame the beast, when I can strictly press this thing with no problem I'm moving to the 106, I can press my 72 no problem and the 88 is taking my training to the next level. As far as quality goes, dragon door always delivers, perfectly balanced bell, great finish, don't trust any other brand of kettle bell, it may be pricey to ship but its worth it

10/10 AWESOME "Bulldog!"
By Tami French / Maine

My husband LOVES his "Bulldog"! Thank you for providing such a high quality product!

10/10 The big German now plays with a 40kg Bulldog!
By Volknor from PA / Philadelphia, PA

Well i gotta say i just got my Bulldog and its perfect for me. Naturally im a big guy. (not fat). Im 6'2'' 245 pounds at 27% body fat. I started about eight months ago using a 62 pound 28kg pound and now i just started using a 40kg. I can press it a couple times and military press it twice. I can do windmills no problem and overhead snatches about five times so far. I did one palm press with it. (that killed). This is DEFINITLY worth the money and with the epoxy finish it gives it a more smooth feel to it when working with this pre-beast. In a few months ill be tossing this bad boy! I also like that the handle is more thin compared to the lifeline one because with a heavier weight having a thinner handle gives me more of a strong grip when i tighten my fist on it! Hopefully by next year ill be doing 106 pound 48kg workouts with David Whitley! IM READY FOR THE PAIN COMRADE!!!

10/10 It makes an impression!
By Benjamin Bauer / Chandler, AZ USA

I got hooked on KBs about a year ago and have progressed to the 40KG Bulldog. The quality of this kettlebell is solid, Its a hunk of freak'n metal. The first day I got the BD I just had to play with it. I was doing bottoms-up front squats and the bell tipped, instead of letting go and jumping back I decided to catch the KB with my chest and continued on with my workout. While I was taking my shower afterwords I found the weight was actually stamped into my chest. Where the lines stating the weight landed on my skin blood underneath filled it up and raised the skin. So I had a blood-red stamp of the weight I am now at on my chest. At least its dead Center. ;-)

This is a awesome weight to do windmills with. Just be really careful! pay attention to the bell and your arms! (Almost crushed my head the first time. My arm gave out 5 reps into it.)

Get it and enjoy! I can't wait 'till I get to doubles!

10/10 results
By Conor Purtell / Queens,NY USA

I feel leaner and my muscles are tighter after only two sessions with this thing. Highly recommended swings with this thing are brutal, I used to have bad form with them but the Bulldog corrected me. Getups are just plain scary.

10/10 Tremendous
By J.G. / Rahway NJ

Tremendous kettlebell. Well made and feels right. Doing 3 rung C&P ladders with it right now and it is a challenge to say the least. As advertised,it forces your form to be perfect....can't say enough good things about it!

10/10 Snatch it!
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

This bell over head will humble you. Excellent shape and finish as always with RKC bells. I can't wait to build up enough strength to start messing around with double 40s. I find when most other brad bells get bigger the quality usually goes down, not with this bell. Solid product!

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