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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 16kg 35lb Front P10a
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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 16kg 35lb Front P10a
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  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 16kg 35lb Back P10a
  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 16kg 35lb Front P10a

RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.)

Your Personal Hand-Held Gym for a Powerful, Rewarding Full-Body Workout

Your Quest for a Superior Strength Survival Tool Has Been Answered — With This Faster, More Effective Way to Boost Your Physical Resilience…

16kg Kettlebell Swings

"A good kettlebell is more than a lifetime investment, it's a multigenerational investment. That is, as long as you get one of good quality, and when it comes to quality, nothing beats Dragon Door. The shape, the finish, everything is spot on. For just a few dollars more than the competition, Dragon Door kettlebells return the value a thousand fold." — Derek, Philadelphia, PA

Become More Durable, More Robust and More Energetic — With the Tool that Does It All for You!

The 16kg/35 lbs RKC kettlebell gives you sustained physical gains and superior endurance, without compromising your safety while working out at home. Get fitter faster — and stay that way — with this versatile “hand-held gym.”

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Order 2 units of the same size kettlebell and get an automatic 10% discount at checkout.

RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) - $117.99
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Read Our Simple 100% No Excuses Money Back Guarantee

How sure are we that RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.). Go ahead and try it today.


Now You Can Burn Away Your Harmful Fat, Tone Up,
Look Fantastic and Be More Dynamic!


In 2001, Dragon Door designed the 16kg RKC kettlebell as a powerful tool for superior cardio conditioning and dramatic strength gains.

The results have spoken for themselves and the 16kg RKC kettlebell has become a tool-of-choice for all those looking to develop sustainable, real-world strength and conditioning.

Want brilliant programming and spot-on advice on how to optimize your results with the 16kg kettlebell? Then we recommend you invest in The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge.

Now, in just a few minutes and in the safety of your own place you can:

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress — with a heart-pumping release of potent endorphins
  • Restore your energy and sense of well-being — with dynamic bursts of high-yield drills
  • Regain your confidence — as you grow in strength and power
  • Re-sculpt your physique — to look and feel better than ever, however much you have to stay indoors!
  • Reward and protect yourself on a daily basis — with the immunity-boosting benefits of a robust, resilient system
  • Retain your athleticism and competitive edge — without the need for a gym or any other exercise equipment
Read Reviews For: RKC Kettlebell - 16kg (35 lbs.)
9.86 out of 10 (250 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Best Quality On The Market
By Karl / Midwest

I am new to kettlebell use and have several different weights that I have purchased since starting my program. I wish they were all Russian Kettlebells. The quality is second to done with just the right width handle and grip texture. They should be around for my kids, kids, kids!

Rated 10/10 Excellent quality
By Jason / Colorado Springs

I had a smaller kettlebell that I got from a big sports chain, and one look at the finish was all you needed to see that it was shoddily produced. These kettlebells, while merely a hunk of cast iron, have attention paid to their fit and finish that is top-notch. No burrs or flashing remain, seams are ground smooth and the blasted finish glides smoothly over your arms and doesn't pull the hair like the rubberized version I already had.

Rated 10/10 Dragon Door Kettlebells: The Real Deal!
By Stephen Williams / Arlington, VA, USA

The differences between Dragon Door's authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior one which I had purchased earlier at a local big box sports store are astounding! The Dragon Door design and quality are clearly superior, and your kettlebell just "feels" right in my hand. There is absolutely no comparison (and yes, I returned the substandard hunk of iron to the big box store for a credit as soon as I received your kettlebell). I look forward to purchasing a heavier kettlebell from as soon as I master the 16kg weight!

Rated 10/10 Dragon Door bells just feel better
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, VA, USA

I purchased this 35lb bell for a friend, and as I was carrying it to him I was thinking of ways I could keep it for myself. Everything about this bell is superior to other brands. The finish is the perfect balance of smooth and rough. The handle is ample in both girth and width even for a 35 lb bell, and the shape/ dimensions make overhead work so much more comfortable. There is a clear and noticeable difference between DD bells and others. Now I am looking to replace my cheap bells with DD. On a related note, my friend is thrilled with his bell.

Rated 10/10 More than Excellent Equipment
By Rod Smith / Fallbrook, CA, USA

The quality of your kettlebell is not to be taken lightly - it's exceptional. But what I appreciate most about Dragon Door is it's network of certified trainers around the country who are available to coach newcomers to kettlebell training. My experience recently with one such trainer has been both inspiring and humbling as I learned the importance of maintaining proper form throughout the exercises. My appreciation goes out to Dragon Door for it's integrity to make such valuable training available. For those who can, don't miss this opportunity.

Rated 10/10 The Best Bells Hands Down!!!!
By Phil James / Ashburn, VA, USA

I purchsed this to complement my growing stock of Dragon Door Kettlebells ( I own 2 18lbs and now two 35 lbs). These will no doubt last me years and I love the durability of the finish on the newer bells. I own one of the old school bells whose finish still far exceeds the quality of all the copycat bells out now. I will always remain loyal to Dragon Door . Thank you DD!!!!

Rated 10/10 These are the only kettlebells I will buy!
By Michelle Easton / Atlanta, GA, United States

I've purchased several different brands of kettlebells since 2008. After using these kettlebells at our Russian kettlebell studio for several years, I've learned that you get what you pay for. Our studio's Dragon Doors still looked fantastic despite heavy daily use by countless people. In comparison, a couple of my own kettlebells at home -- from other manufacturers -- were already starting to look worn after a mere year of use. I also saw a YouTube clip of a woman doing a comparison of Dragon Door kettlebells with those from other manufacturers. Her experience matched my own: Dragon Door was clearly superior. Listen: You do get what you pay for! Kettlebells are a lifetime investment. Don't cheat yourself. Buy these! I won't settle for anything less these days. P.S. Dragon Door's customer service is terrific.

Rated 10/10 Exactly What I Expected From Dragon Door.
By Nick Kiussis / Brunswick, GA, United States

Having purchased Convict Conditioning and few other products from Dragon Door I was pleased to find that this russian kettlebell falls in line with what I expected...a top quality product that my sons and I will enjoy for many years if not our lifetimes. Thank you Dragon Door for never comprimising quality. Why I am a customer who keeps coming back.

Rated 10/10 Unbelievably quick shipping and great quality!!
By Jeff Stauffacher / Madison,WI, USA

I ordered a 16kg and a 24kb bell on Monday 4/15/13 and they came today, 4/17/13. I can't believe how quickly I got them with standard shipping. I though I would have a couple more days to procrastinate before starting my workout but I guess not:) Quality is also top notch. Could not be happier and will be ordering more when I grow out of these. Also, I debated for some time and did a lot of research. I almost bought another companies' product but decided to give these a try based on overwhelming good reviews. Definitely made the right choice. Handles are smooth and the finish it top notch.
Jeff - Madison, WI

Rated 10/10 Wonderful Quality
By Ben Reynolds / Reno, NV, USA

After buying the 16 kg, my k-bell collection is complete! (I bought out of order: 24 kg, 32 kg, 16 kg). Despite my longterm use of heavier bells, this little gem still has plenty of utility. I use it for long endurance sets and for harder pressing variations (bottoms up, Sotts press, etc.). Down the road, I intend to use ankle weights to increase the weight of the 16 kg to 24 kg, enabling double clean and press workouts. As I age, I expect my use of this weight will become more frequent, as it doesn't beat up the joints while demanding cardiovascular fitness. Overall, I can think of no complaints with this purchase. Prompt delivery, durable finish, and typical Dragon Door attention to detail characterize the 16 kg.

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9.84 out of 10 (250 reviews)