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10/10 Best Quality On The Market
By Karl / Midwest

I am new to kettlebell use and have several different weights that I have purchased since starting my program. I wish they were all Russian Kettlebells. The quality is second to done with just the right width handle and grip texture. They should be around for my kids, kids, kids!

10/10 Excellent quality
By Jason / Colorado Springs

I had a smaller kettlebell that I got from a big sports chain, and one look at the finish was all you needed to see that it was shoddily produced. These kettlebells, while merely a hunk of cast iron, have attention paid to their fit and finish that is top-notch. No burrs or flashing remain, seams are ground smooth and the blasted finish glides smoothly over your arms and doesn't pull the hair like the rubberized version I already had.

10/10 Dragon Door Kettlebells: The Real Deal!
By Stephen Williams / Arlington, VA, USA

The differences between Dragon Door's authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior one which I had purchased earlier at a local big box sports store are astounding! The Dragon Door design and quality are clearly superior, and your kettlebell just "feels" right in my hand. There is absolutely no comparison (and yes, I returned the substandard hunk of iron to the big box store for a credit as soon as I received your kettlebell). I look forward to purchasing a heavier kettlebell from as soon as I master the 16kg weight!

10/10 Dragon Door bells just feel better
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, VA, USA

I purchased this 35lb bell for a friend, and as I was carrying it to him I was thinking of ways I could keep it for myself. Everything about this bell is superior to other brands. The finish is the perfect balance of smooth and rough. The handle is ample in both girth and width even for a 35 lb bell, and the shape/ dimensions make overhead work so much more comfortable. There is a clear and noticeable difference between DD bells and others. Now I am looking to replace my cheap bells with DD. On a related note, my friend is thrilled with his bell.

10/10 More than Excellent Equipment
By Rod Smith / Fallbrook, CA, USA

The quality of your kettlebell is not to be taken lightly - it's exceptional. But what I appreciate most about Dragon Door is it's network of certified trainers around the country who are available to coach newcomers to kettlebell training. My experience recently with one such trainer has been both inspiring and humbling as I learned the importance of maintaining proper form throughout the exercises. My appreciation goes out to Dragon Door for it's integrity to make such valuable training available. For those who can, don't miss this opportunity.

10/10 The Best Bells Hands Down!!!!
By Phil James / Ashburn, VA, USA

I purchsed this to complement my growing stock of Dragon Door Kettlebells ( I own 2 18lbs and now two 35 lbs). These will no doubt last me years and I love the durability of the finish on the newer bells. I own one of the old school bells whose finish still far exceeds the quality of all the copycat bells out now. I will always remain loyal to Dragon Door . Thank you DD!!!!

10/10 These are the only kettlebells I will buy!
By Michelle Easton / Atlanta, GA, United States

I've purchased several different brands of kettlebells since 2008. After using these kettlebells at our Russian kettlebell studio for several years, I've learned that you get what you pay for. Our studio's Dragon Doors still looked fantastic despite heavy daily use by countless people. In comparison, a couple of my own kettlebells at home -- from other manufacturers -- were already starting to look worn after a mere year of use. I also saw a YouTube clip of a woman doing a comparison of Dragon Door kettlebells with those from other manufacturers. Her experience matched my own: Dragon Door was clearly superior. Listen: You do get what you pay for! Kettlebells are a lifetime investment. Don't cheat yourself. Buy these! I won't settle for anything less these days. P.S. Dragon Door's customer service is terrific.

10/10 Exactly What I Expected From Dragon Door.
By Nick Kiussis / Brunswick, GA, United States

Having purchased Convict Conditioning and few other products from Dragon Door I was pleased to find that this russian kettlebell falls in line with what I expected...a top quality product that my sons and I will enjoy for many years if not our lifetimes. Thank you Dragon Door for never comprimising quality. Why I am a customer who keeps coming back.

10/10 Unbelievably quick shipping and great quality!!
By Jeff Stauffacher / Madison,WI, USA

I ordered a 16kg and a 24kb bell on Monday 4/15/13 and they came today, 4/17/13. I can't believe how quickly I got them with standard shipping. I though I would have a couple more days to procrastinate before starting my workout but I guess not:) Quality is also top notch. Could not be happier and will be ordering more when I grow out of these. Also, I debated for some time and did a lot of research. I almost bought another companies' product but decided to give these a try based on overwhelming good reviews. Definitely made the right choice. Handles are smooth and the finish it top notch.
Jeff - Madison, WI

10/10 Wonderful Quality
By Ben Reynolds / Reno, NV, USA

After buying the 16 kg, my k-bell collection is complete! (I bought out of order: 24 kg, 32 kg, 16 kg). Despite my longterm use of heavier bells, this little gem still has plenty of utility. I use it for long endurance sets and for harder pressing variations (bottoms up, Sotts press, etc.). Down the road, I intend to use ankle weights to increase the weight of the 16 kg to 24 kg, enabling double clean and press workouts. As I age, I expect my use of this weight will become more frequent, as it doesn't beat up the joints while demanding cardiovascular fitness. Overall, I can think of no complaints with this purchase. Prompt delivery, durable finish, and typical Dragon Door attention to detail characterize the 16 kg.

10/10 The Gut Buster!
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, NC, USA

Since I tecieved my 16 Kilo Kettlebell, I have been using it to do my two hand swings. I started with the 12 kilo Kettlebell, then after two months, moved up to the 16 Kilo one. It has been working out fore really well. It is also a perfect size to take along with me on road trips . I can use it to also do my one arm rows and even sumo dead lift high pulls. So you see it really is perfect for a lot of different exercises. At home. I always use my beast, the 106 lb kettlebell to do my favorite exercise of the sumo dead lift. But on the road, it's just to heavy to take along. So my 16 kilo does the job, with the sumo dead lift high pulls. Anyway I really love my 16 kilo kettlebell and will always be using it. Thank you Dragondoor for your great service. I will say that using my kettlebells I have bought from Dragondoor has giving me more muscle now then I had when I joined the military. 63 years young now! And getting stronger every day! Thanks again Dragondoor, Yours Truly, Terry C Travinsky USAF Ret

10/10 Top of the line Kettlebell
By Ian Noray / New York City, NY, USA

Flawless manufacturing, the handle especially underneath where most other kettlebells fail, is perfectly smooth with no imperfection that can knick up your hands. Best kettlebells I have used and I have tried the best of the rest.

10/10 Best Kettlebell Brand
By Rafael Haroutunian / Seattle, WA, United States

After 8 years and 4 different brands I am now replacing all my Kettlebells with Dragon Door's.

A kettlebell is far more than a hunk of iron with a handle, and even as simple an implement as a it is, there is a lot to it as it turned out. Yeah, they are not going to break, handles can be smoothed if there are burrs and seams, small weight differences are not crucial, one could always repaint it... right?

Well, in reality, once you get comfortable with it and start realizing the unique benefit that this tiny "gym in a ball" provides, suddenly the size matters, the shape of the handle matters, the paint matters, and if you are serious and regular about your training, the overall shape and look matter too! It is far, far beyond smoothness of the handle, or holes in the body.

The handle size, shape and finish might be subjective, but out of 4 brands DD is actually a pleasure to grab, which is a great motivator to train, especially cross-train because we all hate cross-training, and end up plato-ing or injured. The handle is quite uniform and you don't start focusing on, and hating every imperfection after just a couple of minutes of throwing. The precision casting is uniform throughout and it is comfortable to grab the handle at any spot for more complex routines, unlike others where the connection points are thicker or the shape is just plain limiting and irritating.

Dragon Door kettlebells are more compact than some others, which again makes it more convenient to use, and store for that matter, especially for heavier ones. The finishing paint is very resilient, and is just right for any exercise - static or dynamic, no need for chalk, but not going to fly off your sweaty hand. The bottom is strainght and flat, and the KB does not wobble.

Dragon Door kettlebells are so solid, well made and yummy, I just want to use it every time I pass by! When my gym got some I realized that paying less, well, never pays. And the extra motivation Dragon Door KBs give me is worth the extra money for sure, which is not that much after all - they will last for generations!

10/10 Best Kettlebells Hands Down
By Janelle Pica / Pittsburgh, PA, USA

There is never a more humbling experience than working out with a kettlebell. The amount of conditioning you can expect from one single tool is just unbelievable. Dragon Door kettlbells are hands down the best kettlebells you can purchase. I don't buy any other brand. The rust resistant coating and the smooth finish makes for easy hand switches and keeps your hands from tearing. I have used other kettlebells with rougher handles and I am simply not a fan of them. Other brands tend to chip off the pain, wear out, or rust as well. Again, due to the coating Dragon Door puts on their kettlebells, they last forever! It's a one stop purchase and no brainer for the functional athlete!

Love the 35 pound weight as it has humbled my strength and conditioning. As a female trainign for her level 2 certification, being in tip top shape is essential. The 35 pound weight does just that, whip you into tip top shape! Can't speak enough of the product! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

10/10 Precision made!
By Mark Forster / Albuquerque, NM, USA

Added this 16 to my tools for doubles. As a machinist I like quality and all my RKC KB's exceed at this. Don't settle for any but RKC. Customer service, packaging, and delivery as always top notch.

10/10 amazing quality
By Christopher Steele / Baltimore, Maryland, United States

I have a few bells. The 16kg bell from Dragon Door is the best made bell I own by a long shot. From the first time I picked it up, I knew that the construction was appreciably different from all others I've used. As I add bells, I'll only come to DD.

10/10 Superior Kettlebell
By Conrad Habijan / Edison, New Jersey, United States

For the price you pay, it is an excellent product. This kettlebell is meant to last, and provides the customer with a quality tool with which to forge a strong, resilient body. Very happy to have invested my hard earned money with DragonDoor.

10/10 35 kettlebell
By Kevin Steele / Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

These kettlebells our the best of the best period! Love the 16kg bell , this is the M-16, as a Marine Corps Veteran myself would say. I also own the 20 kg and 24kg too! Wish I had kettlebells like this over 45 years ago! God bless , and show some kindness and love to other's .Kevin

10/10 EXCELLEN!!! Review of10,12,14 and 16Kg Kettlebell
By Kean Ganan / San Clemente, CA, USA

Dragon Door Kettlebells...are UNMATCHED...they are clearly the the ergonomics of the handle, the finish of the kettlebells, and delivered to your home. If you think all kettlebells are alike THINK get what you pay for. Thank You I love them...I bought the 10Kg, 12Kg, 14Kg and 16Kg and they are Amazing!!!!

10/10 Excellent Service in the Time of COVID
By Nikki DAlessandro / Belfast, ME, United States

This RKC kettlebell is beautifully made. Regardless of the craftsmanship, which is bar none, I cannot express how in AWE I've been regarding the pre-order, updates, shipping, and receipt of the KB. During these extremely uncertain and ever-changing times, this company kept in contact with me every couple of weeks to update me on the progress of the KB shipping. NO OTHER COMPANY I've purchased products from during this tumultuous time has been so involved in ensuring me they are on top of the shipping processes of their products. I'm looking forward to ordering from them again, and almost regret purchasing a heavy club from a competitor when I SHOULD have ordered a 10kg KB instead from Dragon Door. Thank you so much TEAM OF EXCELLENCE!!!!!

10/10 Everyone rightfully compares their KBs to these
By Chris Gerris Corp / Arlington, Virginia, United States

I never wanted to spend the premium and the shipping associated with these kettlebells even though they were the first premium bell. They are the best and I have bells from all the other places that offer powder coated premium hard style Russian iron kettlebells. I only own a 16kg KB fron Dragon Door, ordered during Coronavirus pre-order, and it's perfect. It's a great tool, of course, but also a perfect thing. I benefitted from free shipping but, no matter what, they are the best kettlebells on the market.

10/10 Functional Art
By Kaveh Karimian / San Francisco, California, United States

I would describe the kettlebells from DragonDoor as Functional Art! I just received my first kettlebell from them yesterday and I'm blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of the kettlebell as well as the service from the DragonDoor Team. Highly recommend these Functional Art pieces that will change your life! Get some!

10/10 16kgs total body remake!
By Delio Carmona / Federal Way, WA, United States

I'm 63 years young, and have been practicing with my 16kg bell from Dragon Door since July 2020. Great for the new normal COVID has caused. The bells are great looking shiny black and Compact for space savings that other exercise equipment can't even talk about. My home is 1400sq ft. and this 16kg kettlebell barely occupies 1 square foot!
I get a great and easy workout/practice saving space and time, more importantly saving your health and ultimately your life.

10/10 Fantastic training companion during COVID lockdown
By Stalin SM / Dallas, TX, USA

I have been training with these bells (8kg, 16kg, 24kg) for 3 months now. They are just fantastic. Thanks to Dragondoor for creating the preorder. I found a safe way to train my strength and mental focus at my home. I am ordering two more bells after being completely satisfied with the product and the top-notch customer service. Special mention to Peter from customer service and John Du Cane who both helped me with an issue. More details below.

I was missing my martial arts class dearly since it shut down in March 2020. After three months of haphazardly doing some general strength exercises I was nudged towards picking up Kettlebell training by a friend. He gave me his 8kg and 16kg bells along with Pavel's Simple&Sinister book. Within a week I realized this was a superb fill in for my martial arts training. The simplicity of the swings and getup eliminated decision fatigue. Also myself being new to kettlebells I had to focus hard and pay close attention to my body. It was exactly the thing I was missing in my practice. I decided to get a starting set for myself and upon basic research locked on to the Dragondoor RKC bells. I placed a preorder for the 8, 16 and 24kg.

I was kept updated of the shipping dates by the Dragondoor team all through the way. Upon receipt I found the 8kg bell was damaged in transit. The 16kg and 24kg bells had a minor imperfection in the coating. I contacted customer support regarding this and they promptly sent me a replacement for all three bells. Although I only desired a replacement for the 8kg bell. I was overcome by this gesture. I quickly contacted them to cancel the replacement for the 16kg and 24kg bell since the blemish was very minor. I had a direct reply from John Du Cane thanking me. John also helped find a way to touch-up the coating. So 10 out of 10 for customer support. Can't ask for anything more from the team.

Once I started training with my RKC bells I started appreciating the quality of the product and the design. It was good I started with lesser bells. In comparison with the other bells I had borrowed from my friend, the handle of the RKC bell is generous in thickness, even on the 8kg, and very smooth without any blemishes or seams. They feel great on my grip during the swings. I could very quickly see the difference in quality. The coating is top notch and rugged and there is no sharp cut on the sides like the other bells. This makes a difference on my getups. Even after 100 days, my eagerness to train with these bells and my mental focus haven't waned. I am glad I picked them up.

I retained the small blemish on my 16kg and 24kg bells. Whenever I see them I am reminded of how truly remarkable and earnest Dragondoor customer service has been. I am going to support them with all my kettlebell purchases in the future. It is so rare to come across such dedicated teams in the world now.

10/10 Best quality
By Jake Fair / St Louis Park, MN, United States

By far the best kettlebells on the market!

10/10 Very High Quality
By Ben Broder / New York, NY, USA

I have a 16 KG and a 24 KG dragon door kettlebell for use in different movements. Very high quality and makes for a perfect workout when your gym is closed for whatever reason and you don't have a ton of space.

10/10 My 3rd purchase of an RKC Kettlebell
By Gabriel Anderson / New York, NY, USA

That about sums it up. Great, HQ product. I bought this one for my partner. She's seen me with my two kettlebells and always wanted her own. We love this product. Would highly recommend it.

10/10 Perfect for mobile kettlebell classes
By Jennifer Hillegas / Rome, GA, United States

I am newly certified to teach and I use this weight to take for my outdoor mobile classes. I love that it pushes my clients and helps them to reach their goals. These RKC bells are perfect for all different grips and easy to use. BTW this website is super easy to use and check out is quick and delivery is speedy! Now I need to order a few more heavier RKC bells.

10/10 Excellent Bells
By Steven Ravnstag / Big Bear Lake, CA, USA

I started off with DD bells years ago and, after skimping and purchasing cheaper bells at various points during the interim, I have learned my lesson and decided to return to the best.

The dimensions are perfect and the finish is great. I also really appreciate the simplicity of the stamping on the front and back. Handle thickness and shape is ideal.

10/10 Power to me!
By Timothy Bishop / Washington, DC, USA

Love it, finally completed my kettlebell collection, all DRAGON DOOR BELLS. I almost bought an inferior brand but I'm glad I didn't.

Dragon Door bells are not inexpensive, but boy are they worth the price. Do yourself a favor and get the good stuff, it's worth the investment. And the customer service was really good to boot!!

Power to you!

10/10 Love RKC Kettlebells
By Corinne DeCora / Broadwater, Nebraska, USA

Recently purchased the 16kg kettlebell to match the one I have in my home gym. The products and customer service from Dragon Door are always exceptional. I would never consider purchasing a kettlebell from any other company.

10/10 This kettlebell is the gold standard
By Chris Abraham / Arlington, VA, United States

There is no better kettlebell then an RKC kettlebell and I needed a 16kg bell so, of course, I came to Dragon Door for one.

10/10 Best Kettlebells Ever
By Jerry Miller / Sierra Vista, AZ, United States

Great Kettlebells. The DragonDoor RKC bells are simply the best and exactly why I keep buying them for my gym. The quality is simply unparalleled. Thanks DragonDoor.

10/10 Great equipment and thanks to Dragon Door
By Nick N / LOS ALTOS, California, US

I am thrilled to now have a set of kettlebells that address all my current needs. Several trainers told me RKC was the best quality and the brand to get if possible. I am glad i held out for the kettlebells II really wanted. They are indeed very high quality, look beautiful and motivate me to work harder. Dragon Door has been great, updating me on he status of my preorder and shipping status. Maybe it's my own Midwestern roots, but i feel these guys are honest, straightforward and very decent people running a first class company.

10/10 Total body workout
By Michael Hill / Saint Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A

There's not much you can't do with this, and 16kg is a perfect weight to start with for guys. I use this kettlebell to train myself and clients, as it's perfect for a total body workout. It gets your heart rate up whilst you perform resistance exercises, making it the perfect piece of kit for H.I.I.T. Not only can you perform many effective compound exercises with this one piece of equipment, but you can use it for isolation exercises too. If, like me, you like to keep things minimalistic, and you're looking for one piece of equipment that can build strength and help you burn that body fat at the same time, then I highly recommend you start with a 16kg kettlebell.

10/10 Boat Cruisers
By Bill & Cathy Truscott / Florida Keys, FL, USA

We live and travel on our sailboat along the east coat, Florida Keys and the Bahamas. We have an 18lb, 12kg and 16kg that fit in storge boxes built in our sail locker. Kettlebells give us a great opportunity to stay in shape and keep our strength to be able to lead very active lives in retirement. We trained for two years before we left for our cruising life almost two years ago. The Dragon Door products have stayed rust or corrosion free in a marine environment.

10/10 The best
By Mike G. / Virginia, USA

I have another 16kg Russian Kettlebell that was bought from Dragon Door several years ago and I just bought another one (October 2011) so I could use one on each side. I was happy with the last one and already knew that these are the best Kettlebells you can get, but my new one is even better. They are not different enough to cause a problem when using both but the new one has a much smoother grip on the handle that makes it much easier on your hands. Glad to see that the best has gotten better!

10/10 KB 35 and 44 lbs
By Mike Davis / Newman, USA

These kettlebells are definitely made for heavy-duty use! They are heftier than they appear, and the centrifugal force generated while swinging single or two-handed requires correct form. While the horn allows one to swing with two hands, the horn is really made for single-hand swings, IMHO. I have read numerous online reviews of different companies who manufacture kettlebells, and it I have yet to read a negative review of the kettlebells sold by Dragon Door. I have both the 35 and 44 lbs KBs, and I expect to receive a 53 lbs KB from Dragon Door by next week. And as I gain in strength and proficiency, I will likely order the 72 lbs KB.

As an aside, I've been training with the TRX FORCE suspension strap system for 10 months and have experienced significant strength, cardio vascular endurance and agility. Recently, while perusing their website, I noticed that Pavel Tsatsouline and TRX had produced two DVDs incorporating kettlebells and TRX exercise routines, and I decided to purchase the 35 and 44 lbs KBs from Dragon Door.

I also purchased Pavel's DVD "Enter the Kettlebell". After watching the video and speaking with my chiropractor, I decided that I needed to take some lessons to ensure proper form and to reduce the possibility of injury. Fortunately, I located Girya Russian Kettlebells, a training center in Palo Alto, CA that is owned and operated by Mark and Tracy Reifkind. My brother and I will be taking our 3rd "Learning 2 Swing" class with Tracy this Saturday. It's a butt-kicker, but fun and challenging. If all goes as expected, sometime in 2012 we will get certified as HKCs and then later as RKCs.

Combining Russian Kettlebells and TRX is really taking my training to the next level. If you like to be challenged physically and enjoy pushing yourself, then buy a Russian Kettlebell and start swinging!

10/10 Excellent Quality
By Barry Adamson / Frederick, MD

As someone who is new to kettlebells, Dragon Door is by far of great quality! Back in November of 2009 I was refered here by a friend after talking with him about kettlebell training. Unlike other kettlebells I have used, Dragon Door is of far superior quality. You name it, Dragon Door has got it! Where other bells lack, Dragon Door kettlebells easily meet, if not exceed, what a bell is supposed to have in quality! Great Balance, nice thick handle for grip strength, and a finish that won't destroy your hands when doing kettlebell exercises. I intend to be a repeat customer, once I am ready to upgrade to a 20kg.

10/10 The Only Exercise Equipement You'll Ever Need
By Michael Lyn / Kingston, Jamaica

Saw the Kettlebell in the movie "Never Back Down", did some research and saw it on, now I have one. I would recommend any new users to also get the book & the DVD "Enter the Kettlebell" what you miss on the DVD you'll get reading the book. As the Federal Counterterrorist Operator said " Kettlebell training-The closest thing you can get to fighting without throwing a punch,"

10/10 New Dragon Door Bells - Best Ever!
By Daniel Fazzari / Carson City, USA

Just received a new e-coat 16 yesterday. Perfect balance, perfect texturing, non-slip paint, and absolutely seamless. The handle is perfectly round, and if I'm not mistaken, is a bit thicker than the older style. I have two older Dragon Door bells, and this is by far the superior version.

10/10 Continually Impressed
By Tracy Ann Mangold / Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Dragon Door never fails to impress with their quality service and products. I bought the 16kg last month and since adding it to my kettlebell "arsenal", I am seeing huge improvement from the heavier weight. I have larger hands for a woman so the handle on the 16kg(thicker handle) fits my hands perfectly and it feels great. I am already looking forward to ordering a 20kg kettlebell from Dragon Door next. This is my fifth month since starting kettlebells and I cannot imagine NOT using them. They have changed my life. :) Thank you!!

10/10 Great Package
By Pat K / Albuquerque NM, USA

Where I work there is an assortment of kettlebells. My new Dragondoor kettle bell is much higher quality than the lowest bidder the state paid for. The package coming with Enter the Kettlebell video and book is icing on the cake. I now have video (burned it to my phone so I have a reference with me all the time) and and text to make sure that I am doing the exercise properly. I have watched others work out and it is clear that no one has a clue on how to use these devices. Following the instructions I got one of the best workouts I have had in years in a very short period of time. I am looking forward to buying new kettlebells and attending RKC certification.


10/10 16 Kilo beats Cross Country Skiing!
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, LA, USA

When isay that the 16 kilo beats cross country skiing, I mean you can burn the 600 calories right in your living room in 30 minutes of two hand swings with the Dragon Door 16 Kilo Kettlebell. Cross country skiing also burns the same calories, however you probably can't do it every other day like you can the kettlebell. I now have a Dragondoor 12,16,24,and 48 kilo kettlebell. They are all sitting on my floor in line in my living room of my apartment. I use the 16 kilo for my 45 minutes of cardio two hand swings. I love it! Then I use my 12 kilo for my over head presses and one hand rows. Then I use my 24 kilo to domy sumo dead lifts. And I do two sets of 12 reps. After this Ido the last two sets with my favorite kettlebell to finish up my work out. Yes! I use the beast! The 48 kilo, 106 lb kettlebell. I think I have enough kettlebells now, however there might be a 20 kilo somewhere in the future. Thanks again Dragondoor staff! You guys are the greatest! I'm just getting stronger and stronger every day! Not bad for a 63 years old man!! So to sum up! Yes the 16 kilo kettlebell looks and feels great! A super great fat burner! Thanks Dragon Team!

10/10 Best Kettlebell ever!
By Tom Hudson / Portsmouth, NH, USA

This is my fourth Kettlebell to own and my first by DD. The other KB I had purchased at local big box stores and while they were effective, they just didn't have the quality of this item. They would easily chip, they were covered in paint that would get on your hands or the grip was too narrow. This Kettlebell is AWESOME.

10/10 Iron hardware for Iron Men
By Anonymous / Atlanta, GA USA

The most intense piece of workout equipment period. The kettlebell will definitely make a man out of you.

10/10 chiropractor that uses RKC brand-swears by them
By Kelly Lardi / Coal City, IL, usa

I first bought kettle bells to train with in our office last year. Purchased cheaper brand bells to experiment if we could use them in our core training. Now, none of our students like to swing the cheapies-we are up to 10 RKC bells in our small gym and ordering more.Love the look and feel of the REAL DEAL. The RKC bells are much more comfortable to perform the cleans and snatches. Also thanks for all the learning materials so that we can perform the moves correctly-my trainer and i are excited to sign up for an HKC class. Doctor L.

10/10 Taking conditioning to the next level
By Janelle Pica / Pittsburgh, PA, Usa

I bought this kettlebell after having a few sessions with my RKC trainer in Pittsburgh. I was lifting a 12 kg without a problem and was told to increase my weight for extra conditioning. This was the best advice I could have ever placed into action. My first few drills consisted of 30 minute circuit style swings with this kettlebell. I got through a total of 300 swings and definately felt my heart pumping. My cardio conditioning had increased dramatically over the past month and I am finally able to snatch this bad boy. I am a 5'3" female and have noticed the effects not just with my endurance but also my muscle tone. Don't worry ladies. This WILL NOT bulk you up. It will tone you and give you a lean definition. I have since dropped an extra 5 lbs and my core is finally developing the lean and chiseled look i have been searching for for years. This isn't a cheap purchase, but between this and Pavel's enter the kettlebell, you won't be disappointed. Well worth the investment. The results speak for themselves. Thanks Dragon Door for this kettlebell!

10/10 Amazingly simple but incrediably versatile!
By Scott A. Parker / Orlando, Fla., USA

Excellent quality and a great price!I only wish I had known about these little jewels years ago,just thinking of the money and space I could have saved makes my head spin.I'm already looking forward to increasing my kettlebell collection.Power to the People!

10/10 The best Kettlebell I have ever seen
By Vaclav Sulista / Basel, Switzerland

Perfectly done, quality you do not see with competitors, bought through Robert Rimoczi in Munich following weights: 8, 12, 16, 20 kg Kbs for myself and my daughters, the military grade finish is fantastic.

I have cured my back pain completely with the two arm swing,

10/10 Not disappointed
By Mike Hunter / Economy, USA

If a hunk of iron can be called aesthetically pleasing, then it's a fair description of the pair of 16Kg kettle bells purchased from Dragon Door. The quality is excellent with even coating, flat smooth bottoms and handles that are already ground smooth and don't hurt your hands.

10/10 Don't be fooled
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

Do not be fooled by the diminutive size of the 35. It can humble you in a very short time. It is good to start with this weight if you're a guy and practice the techniques until hou have them down cold. Then and only then should you go up in weight. The bells can sting you if you don't respect them. Hope this helps ES.

10/10 Kettlebell Nut
By Marc DeTour / Essex, US

I have used a variety of Kettlebells and am really pleased with my new purchase. I had to wait a few weeks from purchase as the delivery was quicker than expected and I was still recovering from elbow surgery. I am now using it regularly for two handed swings and hope to be able to handle more in another two weeks. You get what you pay for, the finish is great and the handle feels smoother than others I've tried. I'm at the point of bringing it to the gym as I prefer it so much.

10/10 Best equipment for the money
By Symon / Bryan, Ohio USA

I have greatly enjoy the short but strainious work outs with one kettle bell than all the machines I have used in various Gyms. Lost 3 Lbs of fat in 8 weeks. I only do three day a week and 30 minutes per session.
Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell is a must to along with this beautiful one of a kind product. Ofcourse I beleive in calories in equal Calories out.

I would not trade it for the all the machines if some one gave them to me for free.

Thanks to Pavel for bringing it to us.

10/10 High Quality Product and Great Results.
By Tony / Garland, Texas USA

I have been using the Iron Core work out with the 36 pound kettlebell for almost two months. With at least a 2 percent drop in body fat and increased definition in my Abs and arms I am more than satisfied. I still occasionally do aerobics, but I don't get half the burn I get from doing the Kettlebell work out. I have to admit this is the best fitness purchase I've made and I am considering making the jump up to the 44 pound kettlebell in the near future.

10/10 Best PIECE of equipment PERIOD!!!!!
By Dennis J. McKevitt / Highland Mills, New York USA

In just a short period of time have seen tremendous Physical Appearance and Strength gains never before realized with the use of traditional dumbbells. Highly recommend this product for anyone that wants to explode through plateaus and into a new realm of weight training. 5 STAR ACROSS THE BOARD

10/10 Raw
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Im a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and this is the only tool that gives me the same specific conditioning, for grips, tension, relaxation, and helps build resiliance! No other tool matters!

10/10 The Best
By El Otro / Annapolis, MD, USA

Been in federal law enforcement over 26 years and Dragon Door by far has the best quality equipment in the industry!

10/10 High Quality
By Ronald Palmer / Warm Springs, USA

The price is higher. But your won't find another brand of Kettlebells that have better durability and craftsmanship. The feel of the handle, chip resistant ecoating, the balance of weight. Everything that a good kettlebell should be.

10/10 Still excellent quality
By Calvin Poole / Gloster, Mississippi, USA

I bought this one for my son, whom I got interested in kettlebells, after seeing the shape that a 60 year old could be in. He has used it religiously and tonight is ready to move up to the 24 kg which I will order tomorrow.

10/10 Fantastic Kettebell
By Susan YYYY / Silver Spring, MD, United States

I'm upping my kettlebells workout and this is a great addition. Superb quality.

10/10 Excellent product
By Garrett Groszko / San Francisco,CA, United States

This thing is built to stand the test of time. I'm new to kettlebells and Pavel says they have a mind of their own. It's true! I've dropped these a couple times and the ground needs to watch out. Solid construction and excellent form factor. The horns are perfect. Keep it up Dragon Door!

10/10 Best kettlebell I have ever seen
By Dave Losinger / Wellsboro, PA, Us

This is by far the best kettlebell I have seen yet. Price is a bit much but if u want the best it is well worth it

10/10 16kg/35lbs KB is a must have piece of equipment
By Aram Gerstein / San Francisco, CA, USA

Nick -named "Boris Yeltsin", this little beast is perfect weight and size for practicing and perfecting form and body alignment. I am using it to build up and condition my self for "Ivan the Terrible" (my 24kb/53lbs KB).
This is a must have size and weight for any serious KB user. Smooth grip and excellent finish are features of this well crafted and beautiful Bell.

10/10 Lots of Hype--Lots of Truth
By Peter Dilorenzo / Bonaire, GA

After using my 16kg now for the past three weeks it appears to me that everything I've heard about these kettlebells seems true, except that you need to buy two of the same weight. I am getting stronger quickly, am looking stronger, and feel great. Besides the workout strength and stamina benefits there is also a satisfying psychological benefit. My bad shoulder injured three years ago playing basketball has been fully healed by this cannonball. Ditto my golf elbow (like tennis elbow). Amazing! I just ordered the 20kg kettlebell. I appreciate that they're made in the USA--and beautifully so--and that also made me inclined to order more. It's a part of my life now.

10/10 First bell at age 67
By Doug Wells / Livonia, Mi, USA

I received the 16kg bell two weeks ago and have started a weekly program
of two hand swings and get ups. I use the bell with a bowflex, free weights
including squats and dead lifts. I warm up with the bowflex, an exercise bike
and indian clubs. Great what to name the bell.......d.w.

10/10 Making Kettlebells a Family Affair
By Jason Schimizzi D.C.,F.I.C.P.A. / Pennsylvania

This is the fifth kettlebell that we have purchased and we are happy with everyone. I have played sports my entire life most recently 15 years of rugby and this workout is by far the best. My wife has never played sports but has fallen in love with the kettlebell workout and now my daughter who plays basketball has found the benefits of working out with the kettlebells. We are making kettlebells a family affair.

10/10 Mel the minimalist
By Mel Palacios / Long Beach, CA, US

Grateful for the opportunity to purchase this RKC kettlebell! I love the fact that a few exercises are all that I am required to perform to become a better man because I want to be the change I want to see!

10/10 RKC for the win
By Chris R. / Stevens Point, WI, United States

I have been researching different kettlebells for a while now and almost went with Ader, but thankfully I waited and found home of the original RKC kettlebell. I pre-ordered my 16kg one and the time it took to get was definitely worth the wait. Supreme quality and finish. Takes chalk like a champ and has been kickin' my butt. The scarcity of these kettlebells is real, so get yours while you can.

10/10 Excellent quality!
By Carey Hackett / Morristown, NJ, USA

I bought a 10kg bell from Dragon Door a while back, and love it. Before I bought this 16kg kettlebell, I had borrowed a 12kg from a friend, which was made by a different company. The grip was inferior, and the way the weight was distributed felt off. Now that I have this 16kg, I will only purchase Dragon Door kettlebells from now on!

10/10 Get the best
By mark mudra mudra / plano, TX, United States

Outstanding quality I have several and this one is the best.

10/10 The best Kettlebell
By Jeff M / Royal oak, USA

This is my first dragon door Kettlebell I have purchased. I'm extremely pleased on the quality & craftsmanship of this Kettlebell. My favorite feature is the smoothness of the Kettlebell. It's so smooth & won't tear up ur hands. This Kettlebell feels like it has a perfect weight & balance. Excellent product. Though they say the 35lbs Kettlebell is the one to start out with, but this was way too heavy for me. I had to buy a 26lbs as well.

10/10 Own quite a few kettlebells...
By P G / Baltimore, USA

...and these are by far the best. The quality of the other kettlebells just doesn't compare. Buy these and you'll see the difference.

10/10 Great addition
By Doug Martin / Ellicott City, MD, USA

I have purchased several bells from Dragon Door and would purchase more, but I don't need to now have 2 of everyone. Glad to have it.

10/10 Good for trying new things
By Mik K / San Francisco, USA

Great quality, like all Dragon Door kettle bells. I use the 16kg to try out 'new things', where I'm just learning the technique. Awesome. The 24 is my mainstay, and the 32 is for 'going up a notch'.

10/10 Best Kettlebell
By Grant Rempe / Royal Oak, United States

I ordered a 35lb kettlebell and its exactly what I needed. I have other brands of kettlebells and this is the best product. The customer service was very helpful.

10/10 perfect
By ken nash / nyc, ny

one of the best workouts tools I have ever used.great quality and well made.

10/10 I love these things!
By Mike Smyser / Redwood City, USA

I bought my first set 7 years ago. I finally purchased the second so I can do double bell exercises. They are awesome, what a challenge!

10/10 Strength and Conditioning
By Michael Carter / Tulsa, OK, USA

After going from a purely strength oriented routine, or so I thought, the KB and Pavel's teachings from Enter the Kettlebell have shown me that proper training with the KB executed in the manner of either the Enter the Kettlebell Minimum or the Right of Passage are the purest definition of true strength and conditioning, capturing both elements entirely and leaving nothing to be desired or needed after execution because you have literally done all that is needed and then some. Working my way to being a Girevik

9/10 Amaziing!
By Shawn Hale / Kalamazoo, MI, USA

This thing is phenomenal. Simple and deceptive. Sure it's 35#, but it's so compact that the workout really works the muscles and the enitre system. Truly Amazing!

10/10 Great Kettlebell
By Bob Reno / Norfolk, US

This is my favorite kettlebell due to the size and shape of the handle. The handle is the perfect size and shape.

10/10 These Kettlebells are great quality
By Nikita Fink / Highlands ranch, united states

These kettlebells are great quality. I didnt see the slimmer handle one for the 16kg until after I ordered so I will need to check that one out. However these are great to work with.

10/10 i love this thing
By Klif / USAF

i have only been using kettlebells for the past couple of weeks and already i can feel the flexibility and strength improvements. not to mention the cardio benefits.

10/10 Great overall bell
By Jason Van Sant / Durham, NC, U.S.

I purchased the 16kg kettlebell and love it. It is a great bell for high rep workouts for me, while also serving as a bell for heavy workouts for my wife. Looking forward to building out my collection.

10/10 Ball of Heavy Metal w/ Nice, Smooth Coating
By John C / El Cajon, USA

Disclaimer: I bought this kettlebell as part of the Enter the Kettlebell book & DVD set. I HIGHLY recommend that you get the book & DVD - you will learn proper techniques (such as how to assume and learn how to not hurt your back or bang the crap out of your forearms.
So, on to the kettlebell review. It is what you think it is - a compact cannon ball with a handle. The coating is smooth. The smooth finish is produced by grinding, sandblasting, and tumbling the burs and sharp spots off the surface. That's what I saw in the video, anyways.
The "e finish" seems to be a thin, yet durable powder coat. The word is that it will not chip. I do not plan on throwing onto the sidewalk to find out, but I have sweat buckets all over this thing and it has had chalk powder rubbed into the handle, but the kettlebell still looks like brand new.
Ergonomically, the kettlebell rests on my forearm when it is held in the "rack" position or in the "press" position overhead. This was irritating at first, but now I easily forget that I am pressing a 16kg kettlebell over my head while take a walk up & down the hallway with it. Who knows, that toughening up of my forearms would probably come in handy when blocking blows in a fight.
I have looked at kettlebells at Target & Walmart, and they all have thin handles. My DD RKC kettlebell has a lot of its mass in the "handle" part of the kettlebell. I am sure that changes the physics of how the kettlebell feels and moves in your hand as you are doing snatches, especially. When a snatch is done properly, it seems to be weightless, as if it is just floating around your hand and settles onto your forearm with absolutely no sensation at all. It is magical, I am telling you! (Read Enter The Kettlebell!)
This was written by a guy who has had lower back pain & sciatica off & on for years, and I do feel that the kettlebell, combined with proper technique, has strengthened my back. Give it a try!

10/10 Don't underrate it!!
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse,NY, USA

Do not underrate this bell because of it's diminutive size. You can still really get a burn from it. It's great to carry in a car for out of town workouts and there are plenty of things you can do with it ,even if you are one of the bigger guys. It also works great as a warmup weight, and is definitely something you want to have in your kettlebell arsenal.

10/10 Top Quality
By Ken Karika / Fort Worth, TX, US

This kettlebell epitomizes quality and ruggedness. I find the handle shape comfortable but of a diameter that challenges my grip somewhat. Great Product! Highly recommended!

10/10 Excellent overall workout
By Daniel M. Dieli / Monterey, CA

I am a retired Army NCO and have graduated to a "desk job". I found that it takes longer for me to "recover" from my workouts ie pushups, situps and 4 mile run. I have been looking for something that I can get a cardio as well as resistance type workout at the same time and still be able to control the level of difficulty. The Kettlebell seems to provide those parameters.

I especially enjoy Pavel's DVD, "Enter the Kettlebell". I can relate to the Task, Condition, and Standards format and he almost shames you into working out with his No nonsense "Spetsnaz" persona. His RKC regimen is the real thing. I think I will be looking good at fifty instead of feeling flabby.

Thanks Pavel.

9/10 Very Good Finish
By George E. Butler / Detroit, Michigan

The finish on this kettlebell is better than the first set of KB's I purchased. Easier on the hands than my older KB's.

8/10 Refreshing a new look as I've ever seen!
By Fred / Newark, Caliornia

The ease of use is the best thing about this piece of equipment. It really kick your system into action. Glad I changed my emphysis.

10/10 I love my new Kettlebell
By Phil / Atlanta, GA, USA

I am an out of shape 43 year old desk jocky. Too many years have passed gaining 10 to 12 pounds a year. I am 320 pounds at 6'0" and got tired of being sloppy. I have used the Kettlebell 4-5 times a week for the last month. I have gained 5 pounds, but my muscles are starting to to shape up. My forarms are getting tighter. My upper arms, shoulders, and abdomen are getting stronger. I feel better and have more energy. The best part of Kettlebell is low impact on my joints. At 320 pounds it would be tough on my joints for many conventional exercises (Running etc.) The investment has paid for itself allready because I had the beginning of carpal tunnel and couldn't completly close my fists. I now can and their tight! Thank you very much for a wonderful product!

10/10 Feels Good on you body
By Dustin D. / LA, USA

This is one solid piece of equipment! I've only had it for three weeks but I'm already noticing its effectiveness. Even the simple ?Halo? exercises feel great on my shoulders. As for the ?swing? don?t let the simplicity of it fool you this is a very tough conditioning and strengthening workout! I heavily recommend the Book by Pavel ?Enter the Kettlebell? to go along with it especially if your new. Anyone can benefit from this rather your just staying in shape or trying to get an edge on your sport competition! In my case brazilian jiu jitsu!

10/10 Great piece of equipment
By Jeff / San Diego, ca


9/10 very satisfied
By MKSchinabeck / Shaker Heights OH USA

great finish. prompt service-- i received it three days after my order.

10/10 excellent
By tony deep sea diver / san diego, ca

this is the second kb i have purchased through dd. this completes the set of two. these are well made and a joy to have around

10/10 The best all around workout I've ever had.
By Nicholas Piotrowski / Chicago, IL

I work 50-80 hours a week and travel on business constantly so I was never able to join a gym or get involved with a club. The kettlebell solved all my problems because I can work out at home with just this one workout tool. Pavel's book and DVD, Enter the Kettlebell, are all you need to get started. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to increase strength and speed. I would also recommend reading the book and watching the DVD multiple times before you start practicing. You can really hurt yourself if you use the kettlebell incorrectly.

10/10 Definitely worth every penny
By Jeremy C / Los Angeles, CA

I have been exercising with a kettlebell and I have to say I am getting in great shape. I have gone from 27% body fat to under 13% body fat in the course of 3 months. I have also gained about 20 pounds of lean mass. This product is great because I can do the exercises in my living room. I have no more excuses to not work out, no more excuses to be weak and out of shape.

I have been reclaiming my life and my kettlebell has played a huge part in the process. I highly recommend buying a DVD to learn the correct form. I am living proof that persistence, dedication, and hard work pays off.

8/10 variety of exercises with the kettlebell
By Todd Zeno / Hummelstown, PA

I recently purchased 16kg kettlebell. I think you can get a great full body workout with just this one piece of equipment. I have found the kettlebell to be a little tough on the elbow joints but I think this can also be attributed to my technique not being perfected yet. I was a little dissapointed with the DVD that accompanied the kettlebell in that it didn't have exercises for the chest, arms or upper back. But after performing some of the cleans, snatches and bent presses that were outlined in the video, the next day it was apparent that these muscles were definitely worked as well.I was also able to find some other exercises on the internet. Overall I think it was a great purchase and will be purchasing another heavier kettlebell soon.

10/10 Awesome piece of equipment
By Mike S. / Michigan, MI USA

After about 3 weeks I was able to see great results. After using the kettlebell for a little over a month the 40 pound boxes at work seem much lighter and i find I can toss them around like nothing now. If you're looking for a quick super-effective way to gain usable strength quickly the kettlebell is the only way to go. Your body only has one choice when using it, and that is to get stronger.

10/10 Great product
By Jeremy / Los Angeles, CA

I've recently come across this website through another training program and I have to say that I love working out with kettlebells. My primary goal is getting healthy and the kettlebells have been an integral part of my recent gains. I incorporated kettlebells along with a healthy diet. I have lost 10% body fat in a couple months and I have gained 6 pounds of muscle. I've been doing the Enter the Kettlebell program. I highly recommend buying the DVD as well so you can learn the proper techniques.

10/10 Amazing
By Jared Dame / Loveland CO USA

I started out with this 16kg and inside of one month I was already working with the 24kg and had purchased a 12kg for the wife. Amazing results can be had with a solid routine with Kettlebells.

10/10 Great
By Michael Lussier / San Angelo, Texas United States

I have ordered 4 of the 35 pounders. I have two that I use at home in Texas. Also, I have one in Chicago and one in New York that I workout with when I visit my grown children. At home I work out with the 10 to 106 pounders. I am 63 and find them to be the best exercise equipment I have ever used. I have heart failure and my cardiologist encourages me to workout with the kettle bells.


8/10 Excellent workout. Stong people might want 44lber to start
By Jon H. / Loveland, CO USA

The 35lb kettlebell gives an excellent workout. You can learn some basic exercises for free just searching the net, but I'd highly recommend Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell."

I'm 6'2" and 190lbs. I'm not a bodybuilder, but I do exercise and keep myself in shape. I like the 35lber, however, feel I could have bought a 44lber to start with. Pavel even recommends a 44lber to start if you are a little above average. Average is defined as benchpressing less than 200lbs.

I'm now eyeing the 53lber! Apparently that is the standard Russian military weight. The 35lb and 53lb kettlebells make an awesome combination.

10/10 Nothing Compares to a Kettlebell Workout
By Robert / Bloomfield, IN USA

I came across the kettlebell searching the web for workouts, and decided to give it a try. In my opinion, this is the best investment anyone can make for their health. It stregthens your whole body, increases your lung capacity, and does wonders for your blood pressure. If you're out of shape it's much easier to swing a kettlebell than to go run a couple of miles, well, up to about the 30th swing! Definitely the best fitness product money can buy.

10/10 16kg Russian Kettlebell
By Enrique Gaitan / Seguin, Texas

This was my first purchase from Dragon Door and it will NOT be my last. I was very pleased with the the service I received. From the time I placed my order I received e-mail notifications every step of the way, which confirmed purchase and shipment of my Kettlebell, which left me worry free. I received my KB in about a week. I am also pleased with my Kettlebell. It is a quality product which will last me a lifetime. For those of you who are interested in Kettlebells, I encourage you to invest in one. It will change your body in no time. A kettlebell is all you will need, it is a gym with a handle! Thank you Dragon Door. I will be making another purchase soon.

9/10 Great starting off
By Marc Thornton / San Francisco Bay Area

It seems to be pretty amazing in regards to payoff vs. effort. More focus on diet (less sugars, etc.) and mastering a few of the exercises (not totally mastered =D ) with 2 nights a week (Monday and Thursday)for about 4 weeks people have notices what appears to be lower body fat (thinner face, neck and stomach) and increase muscle size (Bicepts and tricepts)

10/10 Retired FBI agent reviews KB
By Lynn F. / Utah, USA

I was curious about the information I had on KB's from a friend. After using the 35lb KB for just three weeks I have lost 6 lbs and two inches from my waist. I feel stronger and more flexible with this training than with any other strength training I have used while in the FBI or in retirement. I wish I could share this info with all of my agent friends. I am certain my KB will improve the physical quality of my life for years to come. I hate all the time wasted on changing settings on my bowflex and other exercise machines. This is so fast and easy to get a hard work out. It just makes good sense to me. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Killer Workouts
By Jason / Middletown, NY, USA

I purchased the 16kg Russian kettlebell a little over 3 months ago and its the best exercise equipment I have in my arsenal. Learning the swing and how to "tame the arc" has been a nice challenge. I'm ready to move up in weight and try other routines. My strength has gone up and the swing ladders get my heart rate up high enough it feels like I'm sprinting. Can't wait to see what the 24kg feels like.

10/10 Killer workout
By Greg / Columbus, Ohio

I was a little hesitant on which size to purchase, thinking the 16K was a little light. I have been working up to a twenty minute constant cycle, the total workout strains the cardio unlike anything I have previously done. Very versatile item that travels with me, since I am on the road all week, I throw the KB in my work truck and have no excuses to miss a workout. Highly reccomended!

10/10 The kettlebell is pure genius!!
By Chris Thompson / Syracuse, New York

Currently we are only doing about 8 of the different excercises with the kettlebell. It is truly amazing to see how much of a difference the kettlebell makes.
After just 1 month of using the kettlebell, I plan on getting rid of my entire olymipic style weight lifing bench with the lateral pull down extension.
The kettlebell does everything I need and I can take it with me anywhere.

10/10 great stuff
By Aron / LA, CA

I'm enjoying these kettlebells

By Paul Riley / Santa Ana, CA USA

I swim, bike, run, lift weights, and play sports, but never have I received a workout like this. Right when you pick it up it feels like you are doing something meaningful with your body--something worthwhile.

When my friends first saw me with this thing, they thought I was some kind of imbecile. Now I have a hard time ripping it from their hands.

If you don't want to dramatically change your strength and physical conditioning, please do not buy Kettlebells.

10/10 Cannonball with a handle
By Chris / Belgium

Can't get a tougher piece of eqiupment with as many uses as the kettlebell.

10/10 I thought my days of working out with weights were over
By Linda Walton / San Jose, CA USA

Due to a neck injury/surgery, I had to remove most of the traditional exercises from my workout routine. It was boring to be limited to stretching and mobility movements. That all changed when my trainer (RKC certified) introduced me to working out with kettlebells. I can get a workout without injuring any body parts and the 16kg/35lb just feels right in my hands. I owe my physical health and condition to kettlebell workouts.

10/10 The Destination
By Tony / Los Angeles, CA

A kettlebell was something I had to take serious due to it's extreme nature. I have never seen anything like it in gyms or through private instruction. Since training with my kettlebell I've sold all other workout equipment. The combination of kettlebells with yoga are an extreme combo, one of which that neither dumbbell nor barbell can contend with. It should be said that Pavel has done a job which far exceeds any workout guru who shows his lame ass never-ending infomercial on ass flexors or aerobic phantom punching. Sincere appreciation for the introduction of kettlebells to western culture, Pavel. Thank You.

10/10 Kettlebell Crack
By Roy Page / Memphis, TN USA

I've had my kettlebell for a few weeks now, and in that time I have convinced two friends and my girlfriend to purchase their own. Let me re-phrase that: the kettlebell has convinced my friends of its worth. You only need to lift it once to be a believer. It is deceptively heavy for its size and offers a unique full body workout in a matter of minutes. Once you clear the exceptionally short learning curve, the kettlebell figuratively beckons you to use it, and use it, and use it. In fact it's almost an unhealthy obsession as its addictive qualities do not mesh well with recovery time. I even take it to work with me, so those who are skeptical about finding time for it should be relieved to hear that the time finds you. To illustrate the love my friends and I have for this cannon ball, we have ventured into personalizing our equipment with kettlebell art by designing vintage world war II iconography (among other ideas) to be painted on the outside. Maybe one day this art form will be regarded as high art, telling the struggle for perfection, performance, and pain tolerance.

I work in a Wine and Spirits store and must stock upwards of 400 cases every Tuesday and/ or Wednesday. Before training with the kettlebell I would leave work on those days feeling obliterated and waking up with terrible back pain. Now after only a short while of using this incredible device I not only leave work with plenty of energy and awake with zero residual soreness, but I can also finish my work much more quickly. I am also a martial artist and originally bought this equipment for conditioning and strength reasons to enhance my fighting and performance skills, but now I know that that intention was close minded, for the kettlebell provides immeasurable benefits for all of life's physical and even mental challenges. If you are serious about your health or wish to gain an edge in a world gauged by accomplishment, then give the kettlebell the respect it deserves.

10/10 Kicked my butt, in a good way!!
By Ted Adams / Lubbock, TX USA

This is the best cardio workout I have ever received while also lifting weight. I do not have much time to work out and this is the perfect tool for the job.

10/10 From 'exercise' ridiculous to sublime!
By Graham McKinley / Conifer, CO USA

At nearly fifty years old and being a die-hard believer in the benefits of resitance (weight) training since high school - I can't believe my recent 'ridiculous to sublime' journey!

In my younger years, I would never work out with anything but free weights. However, as I grew older and as the availability of equipment, time and work-out partners grew more scarce, I began using machines and then began trying to find the perfect home gym.

Finally, after finding what I felt were the finest machines around (VecrtraFitness), I spent years getting what I thought were great workouts in the privacy of my home. However, since I could never break the 'whole-body workout' addiction, I would strive to get two to three 'full-body' workouts a week that would take me an hour and a half to two hours each time.

I just hated breaking up the body into parts or portions to work out. I loved that 'full-body' fatigue. But, I had to work out for long sessions, since I was using relatively safe machines to work out, in order to get the whole body worked out.

Over time, I developed some shoulder problems due to (discovering lately) that the machines caused due to the 'groove' the machines force you to work within (vs. free weights). But I didn't want to take the risk of working with free weights by my self.

So I started doing dumbell workouts. They were quite satisfying, so I thought - until I discoverd kettlebells!

Now - I can't believe that I can get such a satisfying, full-body, sweat-dripping, resistance anaerobic and aerobic, combination workout - and do it in such a short amount of time! And, just in time, since I was going insane and was almost considering seriously looking at the ultimate of expensive machines (the 'Quick Gym' or 'ROM" machine)!

So, now I'm looking for a home for my VecrtaFitness equipment and maybe even my dumbells - which will mean instead of needing a large room for all my equipment, I now have a portable gym that requires very little space or the wide-open outdoors!

10/10 More than I expected
By Tabonga / Los Angeles

It's the perfect tool. Versatile, durable (I know now)... Perfect.

10/10 Superannuated grad student reviews kettlebell
By Stephen W. Browne / Norman, Oklahoma

I am 56 years old, a father of two small children and recently returned to grad school for my third life-change of career.

I am also a life-long martial artist and the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and the need to keep fit enough for martial arts and keep up with two active kids is a continuous problem. When I was younger I did hard physical work for a living, but now the only exercise life throws at me is walking.

I've just started kettlebell workouts and find them an excellent combination of training for strength, flexibility and endurance - both aerobic and anaerobic.

As I'm just starting out, I like to begin with warming and flexiility exercise, move on to more vigorous form practice and shadowboxing (barehanded and with weapons) and finish with a 20-minute workout with the RKB. It's economical of my time, I only have to step outside to do it, and the equipment doesn't take up a lot of room in our student apartment. (Not to mention the fact that it's nothing the kids are going to hurt themselves with and/or break.)

I can feel the results already in my legs, shoulders and upper chest. In particular, I feel the lower back is getting a workout I didn't realize I was lacking.

I love the Russian kettlebells and I'm happy to see a movement back to an older philosophy of fitness training that emphasizes strength training for the real world of physical effort, rather than esthetic bodybuilding.

P.S. When I was a young man I worked as a garbageman for several years. The elementary clean of the RKB is exactly the same movement we used to lift the heavy containers on out backs to take the garbage to the truck. It kind of made me nostalgic...

10/10 16 kg Kettlebell
By Ty Eidam / Sacramento, CA USA

I own 3 kettlebells, this is a great product. The finish does not chip, the handle doen't tear up your hand. The weight has been a challege to work up to when doing circuit training type workouts. Will buy one more.

8/10 Product & shipping to Expensive
By shad baltimore / Oskaloosa, Iowa United States

They need to stop OVERCHARGING for shipping. They also need to offer a better discount for sets.

10/10 top shelf
By thomas O'Rourke / boston

I am pleased with the strength gains that I have made with the

9/10 Solid and painfull.
By Horomancer / Norwalk, CT USA

The kettlebell arrived just as described and has been kicking my ass on a routine basis since it's been unboxed. Money well spent as i've already noticed a loss in weight (about 6 lbs) in the 2 weeks of swings and getups coupled with my existing yoga routine.
The handle is rough on the palms, which is the only fault i can find in an other-wise perfect fitness tool

By Joe Lopez / Philadelphia, PA USA

I started using DragonDoor 35lb kettlebells about 2 months ago, and I am very impressed. I bought a 25lb pair of generic brand kettlebells from a local fitness equipment store when i first started using them and they DO NOT even compare! For starters the thicker handles are a huge plus! They helped improve my grip strength as well as the rest of my body, which is very important because I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I've seen a huge improvement in my physique, endurance, and explosiveness since using these kettlebells. I already placed an order for a pair of 44 pounders. Working out with DragonDoor kettlebells sure beats a conventional gym workout using machines, barbells, dumbells etc...ANY DAY! Thanks DragonDoor.

10/10 Love it!
By Brandon Hall / Anchorage, AK USA

A killer addition to any type pf training reigime! You feel a new kind of strength in the first week! No matter if you are a lifter, or endurance trainer. Sack-up and get one... its worth it!

10/10 Nice chunk of iron
By Patrick / Atlanta, GA

This kettlebell rules. The workmanship and quality show through. Unless global warming really gets out of hand and melts everything, I'm sure it will last many lifetimes. I highly recommend it.

10/10 Pooders Rock!
By Sharon / Myrtle Beach, SC USA

Absolutely incredible!! I'm still amazed at the versatility of the kettlebell. I am a female, and after only a couple of months learning proper form and technique with the lighter 8kg and 12kg bells, I am now a POOD-er!! Thanks Pavel, for bringing such a tried and true training tool into the open market and public eye!!

8/10 Kettlebells Shipped to Iraq APO
By CW4 Macs Burke / Kirkuk Iraq

Dragon door has been fantastic to deal with. I ordered a total of three kettlebells for shipment to my miitary APO in Iraq. Dragondoor tracked the shipment thru the APO and kept me informed of the delivery date. I received my Kettlebells within 10 days in Iraq, pretty darned impressive. The bells themselves are exactly as advertised, great quality, and arrived in perfect condition. Can't say the same for the postal clerk who had to deliver them that day. I will purchase two more kettlebells from dragondoor, Russian Reds, within the next two weeks based on my success this time. My only complaint is the price of shipping nearly doubled the cost, I wish there was a way around that but I certainly understand that things don't get mailed for free. Thanks again Dragon Door!

10/10 Fantastic
By Jason / Cedar Rapids, IA USA

I learned about the KBell from a Military budy of mine when visiting in San Diego. After one day of training with the Kbell, I fell in love. I placed an order for one 16kg KB from Dragon Door. "Fantastic Service" I was hoping it would arrive quickly and it did. I have worked out with your standard free weights since I was 8yrs old. Now that I am 30 maried with children,I am starting to get the agressivness, fight and youthfullness that I have dearly missed since 18. Thanks Very Much!

10/10 Absolutely Amazing
By Nicholas John Davis / Swampscott, MA USA

After working out with the Kettlebell my back pain is virtually non-existant. Pavel Tatsouline teaches you correct posture and correct use of your muscle through the Kettlebell. It will strengthen you in every way and give you a feeling of power that you never had before.

10/10 Freakin Amazing
By Steve N / Charlotte, NC

I haven't got the Russian walk down pat quite yet, but everything else is coming along nicely.

8/10 Something that adds variety to any work out
By Dana Pohlson / Boston, MA, USA

I'm not very disciplined when it comes to lifting any weights. I like to jog, swim, and hike. Push ups, sit ups, and pull ups make up the most of my strenth training because I don't want to gain mass. I want to gain strength and endurance. To this end I use a light weight kettlebell = 35lb. High repititions really kick the snot out of me, and I love it! Lifting releases testosterone, and . . . being a man, I like that side effect.

10/10 Solid investment for my business and my body!
By Q. Ruffin / Tracy, Ca.

I am a police officer. I began using the kettlebell at work with a co-worker who swears by it. I got a great workout with it and fell in love. Since I have a personal training business on the side, I began to learn more about it and then to train people with my own. They love it and the results are great!!

10/10 Pure Raw Power
By Byron W. Smoot / Richmond , Kentucky

Great tool!! Works my total body and I beleive that the results show alot faster than gym regular equipment. I coach High School Football in Kentucky and we are implementing Kettle bells into our workout program.
Byron W. Smoot
Richmond Kentucky

10/10 2nd Kettlebell purchased from your company
By Amir karkouti / San Diego, CA

I have been so excited with my progess with kettlebells, that I have decided to take it up a notch. I recently purchased my second kettlebell and it's been amazing. If you really want a workout, get two kettlebells and purchase the Art of Strength "Firepower" dvd. You will be wore for days. As always, your company shipped the kettlebell in a timely manner. Thanks again for everything.

10/10 Great product!!!
By John / Coatesville PA

Best quality I seen so far. I had some other off brands and they dont compare to the quality of these.

9/10 kettlebell review
By Bryson / Oahu, Hawaii

I've found that this kettlebell is of extremely good quality and I am very happy with the product. The only downside was that the shipping to Hawaii costs more than the actual kettlebell itself. I feel that this will limit the number of people that are looking to possibly begin training with kettlebells. If there is some other way to get them out here at a better shipping cost, I feel that you may gain a lot more kettlebell practioners.

10/10 Don't under-estimate the value this provides!
By Greg Wilson / Santa Barbara, CA USA

I had first heard about Pavel and his Kettlebell training methods from some friends of mine who were coupling it with their Muy Thai workouts. At first I was a bit skeptical given the seemingly small weight used for the drills, but even after my first intensive workout I knew I had found something spectacular. The Kettlebell workouts succeed in so many ways over regular weight training. Where benchpresses and curls leave only certain muscle groups exercised, the workouts provided by Pavel and this "Demon Weight" left my entire body feeling full of strength and very well punished. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get back in shape, or simply looking to up the ante on their current routine.

10/10 Dramatic muscle gains in record time!!!
By Zig / Annapolis, Md

The Kettlebell workout forces you to perform the exercises correctly , and they always stimulate the body. I know no
other exercise equipment that can burn fat and strengthen the
body so easily. After the first workout you will feel more energetic and confident. Its amazing.

10/10 Amazing Tool
By Migdoel "Dio" Miranda / Miramar, Florida

Nothing to compare it to! and I have. The real deal.

10/10 Excellent little tool
By Thomas_CK / Tuscaloosa, AL USA

After three years of reading articles on this ?tool?, I finally worked the nerve to buy two KB (same size). When I opened the box to see what a Dragon Door KB would look like, I was surprised by how small it looked. But when I started to do some exercises with them, I quickly discovered that the size of it had fooled me. What I mean is that I was huffing and puffing in less then a minute. Having done exercises with thick handle barbell & dumbbells I thought surely this is a one time deal? nope. Just like the other ?tools? I use to test my strength, the Kettlebell keep surprising me with how tough they are at such a small size.

Also, to stay motivated, I decided to use the training journal Dragon Door provides (free of charge!). That way, whenever I feel like not doing the exercise I had plan, I just imagine all the meatheads mocking me and calling me a wimp. Now if you will excuse me, I have some Clean & Press to do.

10/10 The heavier the better
By Sonny Ritscher / Los Angeles, CA

I had been working out with the 26 lb. kettlebells (one in each hand)and enjoying them very much, but I decided I would try and move up to the 35 lb. ones. Last night I used them for the first time and, boy, what a total body workout - every exercise taxed my whole body. All the techniques I had been hazy about for the exercises became very easy, because there is no way I could have completed my workout without using proper breathing, tension, form, etc. with the heavier weights. It was definitely a challenge and that is exactly what I am looking for. A pair of 52 pounders will be my next order.



10/10 Dragon Door Has the Best Kettlebells
By Cold War Scout / Manassas, Va.

I recently spent a good amount of time working out at The Warrior's Forge, a high intensity combatives and conditioning training facility in Manassas, Va. Kettlebells (KB) are a staple of the conditioning programs conducted there. Ergo, I have had a decent amount of exposure to another model of kettlebell. And while I do not dislike this other brand, the simple fact of the matter is that I much prefer the Dragon Door kettlebells and will pay the premium for them. In fact my preference is such that I bought a complete series of Dragon Door kettlebells for working out at home on days Nena and I would rather do a home workout rather than hit the Warrior's Forge. Heck I even bought a starter one (18 lbs.) for my ex-wife and daughter (high school track star) which I will deliver today and hope they take the challenge. I believe KB training could make my daughter an even better runner and hurdler.
Cold War Scout - Manassas, Virginia

10/10 hesitant because of prices
By Jim / Raleigh, NC

I waited a long time because of the expense. Now that I took the plunge I wonder why I waited so long. A kettlebell workout is a wonderful and unique experience. Do yourself a favor and go for it!

10/10 good quality equipment
By Charles Hendren / Benson, North Carolina United States

I am pleased with the quality and workmanship of this product. It weighs exactly as the poundage I ordered. Thank You for the excellent piece of exercise equipment I have come across in a long time.

10/10 exactly what I wanted!
By Michael / San Diego, CA

I love using this Kettlebell. It's well made!

10/10 thanks, comrade
By steve / virginia beach, va

A colleague introduced me to the Kettle bell and I thought I'd give it a try. I like it and am looking forward to using it consistently. However, the Kettlebell did not come with a manual explaining different routines. I had to purchase "Enter the Kettlebell", which I do not regret. I haven't finished reading it but it has proven helpful thus far.

10/10 Kettlebell Review
By GABE / Boca Raton, FL USA

Kettlebells rule!

10/10 Excellent Purchase
By cbigb1000 / Ft. Huachuca Arizona

I am in the military and needed a different medium to enhance my already strenuous workouts. I am so pleased with my progress since receiving my kettlebells that I have been trying to persuade the leadership in my unit to purchase some. It is pretty easy to pass the Army APFT, but, I love the fact that these KB's are making me strong, really strong. They have given me the power to do more than just train to pass the APFT.

10/10 Best Exercise Equipment Ever!!!
By Julia Steiner / Cooper City, Florida

I have Russian Kettlebells ranging from 9lbs up to 35lbs. They are far and away the best exercise equipment I own. They are durable, well made, easy to handle and versatile. I absolutely LOVE them! They are well worth the investment--I've no doubt they will last a very long time.

10/10 Excellent Russian Kettlebell
By Jason / Lexington, KY USA

I paid the extra to get a kettlebell from dragon door because I had read that these are the best.

I was not disappoited. The 16kg feels much heavier than that amount of weight. Nearly all the weight is in the ball and not in the handle. In addition, the handle is very meaty and feels wonderful to grip.

Looking forward to getting another one to make a pair and then eventually a pair of the next higher weight.

10/10 High quality
By David / Jacksonville, FL

This is my first kb, so I can't compare it to others. I do know how to spot quality when I see it, though. The handle is nice and thick for easy grasping. There are no sharp seams from the mold that will cut your hands. The kb is coated with something that makes it smooth and a pleasure to touch. This doesn't feel like your cast iron pots and pans!

Other people that I show this to worry about it slipping or dropping while working out with it. I don't see that happening. Once you hold it in your hand, you can feel that the coating won't let that happen. I haven't had to worry about my grip no matter how sweaty I've gotten.

If you're thinking about getting into this sport, I would recommend this product. I've read reviews on other sites from off-brands of easy breakage and sharp seams from the molding that basically make it useless. You're not going to want to handle something that will cut you. PS - I typed my review with paragraph breaks, but the submit form removed them for some reason. Thanks for reading.

10/10 Enjoying the kettlebell
By Mike Haggerty / California

On the box the kettlebell came in, it said "Enjoy the Pain". I've been doing just that. Dragon Door was the most reasonable site I could find for the purchase of and shipping of kettlebells. And the product arrived in a timely manner. Thanks again for a great product and great service.

10/10 Doesn't hurt my shoulders like free weights do
By Reid / Indianapolis, IN USA

I received my 35lb Kettlebell about six weeks ago, and have been very pleased and surprised with it. I have not been able to perform bench presses over 100lbs or dumbbell military presses for about 2 years now due to shoulder pain that would persist for a week or more, the Kettlebell exercises have given me a chance to work my upper body with very little pain. I am still experimenting with the various exercises in Pavel?s books, and from various KB websites I have found. The Dragondoor Kettlebell is very well manufactured, has no rough areas, and has a nice glossy painted finish. I point these out because I have since purchased a 45lber from another vendor to save some money, and am not satisfied with it due to rough areas on the handle (I had to grind the handle smooth myself), diameter of the handle (grip is almost too large for my long fingers), and flat finish. The Dragondoor KB is a much nicer hunk of metal, and since you are not buying a whole set, worth the additional cost.

10/10 A great addition to my routine
By Keith / NY, NY USA

I found myself getting very bored with my normal traditional weightlifting routine and then I saw an instructor at a brazilian ju-jitsu seminar swinging one of these around and I had to have one. It's a nice change from your traditional lifting and I can feel how it works the whole body together. With just the one kettlebell I can do a whole workout in my tiny NY apartment. A great investment!



10/10 As expected
By Samuel Jamison / OKINAWA, Japan

Stationed overseas while in the military, I was looking for various ways to stay in shape besides the standard PT and going to the gym. I forget how I stumbled onto kettlebell training but in the process of learning about this new exercise method (to me at least) I found my way over to dragondoor and decided to make a purchase and see what happens. Suffice to say I am very satisfied so far. Even though I currently only do a few basic exercises with the single kettlebell that I purchased, it is without a doubt helping me to improve my physical conditioning. In regards to the kettlebell itself in terms of quality and what not, it seems to be a high quality hunk of metal. That being said I have nothing to compare it to since I am so new to this style of training but as far as I can tell I have no reason to complain. TWO THUMBS UP.

10/10 Superior to other brand
By Matthew Schroeder / East Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I purchased this bell to replace a 35lb bell I started with a year ago. The handle on the old bell never felt quite right. I've been nothing but pleased with this bell.

10/10 JTB
By J Brocato / Maryland, USA

Having never been one to follow a strict routine when it comes to lifting weights (I'm a runner) I think I've found my niche'. I take a 35lb bell with me when i walk the dogs in the evening on a wooded path in my developement. When they stop to pee, sniff etc... I start doing swings and when they're walking Ive been rotating between one arm curls into an overhead press, double arm tricep press behind my head or lunges. I get a good pump (as the experts call it) through out my entire body and work muscles in my neck and shoulders I didnt even know existed. Just walking with it is a work out in itself, mega popeye arms. I went 36 minutes this evening before i had to put it down and rest with my goal before summer to be an hour. It may be a little unorthadox but its working for me and thats all that matters. The looks on other peoples faces when I start talking to my pet cannon ball is priceless!!!

10/10 Great Bell!
By Maria Kraft / Ladera Ranch, USA

Well made.

10/10 Thrilled
By Sharon Darr / Grand Ledge, USA

My daughter said she expected more moving parts! No, seriously, she has two other 'bells and is thrilled with getting this one for Christmas...knows she'll have a challenge working up to the 35 pounds.

9/10 Best KB for the Money
By Daniel L. / Houston, United States

The paint job on this one I received was a bit flawed, but overall still a great ketllebell. Compared to others out there these will last you a lifetime. Spend the extra bit of money and get what you pay for.

10/10 Superior Quality
By Vincenzo A. / Kingston, USA

I am a beginner and this is my first kettlebell. You can tell right out of the box that someone took pride in creating this product. I have seen inferior kettlebells locally and they do not stack up to the Russian Kettlebell. You can never go wrong when you pay for quality. Thanks DD your the best!

10/10 Exellent Kettlebell
By Mike Holland / Greenville, USA

Really great quality kettlebell, will definitely last a long time.

10/10 The only place to buy your kettlebell
By Scott Raymond / St. Paul, MN

Rarely review products but just love the two kettlebells we purchased from dragondoor. Very lucky to have a friend who is RKC certified and I asked him where to buy the "real kettlebells" and he sent me to dragondoor. Awesome! Started with the simple KB swing movement after reading Tim Ferriss book Four Hour Body. Purchased the 35lb for my wife and the 53lb for me. I take them to the gym with me since my gym has a handful of the fake kettlebells. Also love the fact that I have a mini gym in my apartment thanks to these two KBs. Always have an option to do a little workout in my apartment thanks to this purchase. Fast service, and the only KB to buy. Yeah it was expensive and yeah shipping sucks but after about 45 days, I'm loving the kettlebells. By the way, we have added 75 swings to the end of our workouts (from Four Hour Body book) and this has made a big difference. Keep in mind we were two former college athletes with a pretty high level of previous training. Other people can spend 30 minutes on the cardio but 75 swings at the end of the workout is tough! That's why I bought these kettlebells and we are noticing a difference.

10/10 HOLY COW
By Darrin Plank / Topeka Kansas

This is a quality product. Far out doing the others you find in the big box stores. I don't see how mine could not last longer than Me.

10/10 Great buy!
By mike / .

There are no other kettlebells on the market with the same grip and feel!

10/10 Great piece!
By Abre328 / Brooklyn, NY

Super comfortable handle! Fast delivery.

10/10 Exactly what was promised
By Calvin Poole / Gloster, MS

This is a well made Kettle Bell with no defects or irregularities. Just what was promised.

10/10 One Tool Fits All
By Julie / Chico, CA

I am a 22 year old female and for all of my female comrades out there, I say this piece of equipment is responsible for more endurance and strength than I ever achieved from using something as inefficient as the elliptical trainer or treadmill. I'd use this tool any day before I would attempt to do another set of standing shoulder presses with dumbbells. Ballistic movement is where it's at! This bell, if used correctly, will deliver more tone, definition, and fat loss than you can imagine. Worth every penny.

10/10 Very high quality kettlebell
By Glen / Long Island, NY USA

After reading through the Dragon Door website and kettlebell training in general, I decided to purchase this 35lb kb from Dragon Door. It arrived at my doorstop just a few days after I placed the order. It is made of very high quality and will last a lifetime no matter what! I could drop this thing off the Empire State Building and I think it wouldn't crack!
I am new to KB training and purchased this in conjuction with the Enter the Kettlebell DVD/book. I have been following along with the routine and exercise descriptions for roughly 6 weeks now and have been making some good progress.
After 6 weeks my weight is down about 10 lbs, my waist has shrunk a bit as my belt is on a smaller size, and my leg muscles are really developing.
I was a traditional barbell/dumbell user for many years but after a long break, decided to try something new and so glad I found this site.
My only complaint is the S&H costs are pretty high. It would be nice if they had warehouses where you could come pick them up, but oh well.

10/10 Excellent - I love it, but watch the brokers
By George / Fort St John, BC CA

I have two 35 Lb, and one 50 lb. The exercise value is superb. I take one to work. Instead of driving to work, I put one on my shoulder and walk the 25 minutes. On my days off or after a walk back from work I do the swings and snatches, cleans etc.
The only disappointing part of this whole experience is that the UPS brokers who handle the shipping.
Here is the math, I bought two kettlebells and a video - $87.95 x2 for the kettlebells $72.00 for freight - so far so good. comes the kicker $42.00 x 2 for broker fees and $12.50 for broker fees on the $24.00 video I bought. That means I spent $199.00 on product, and $102.00 on brokerage fees, and $72.00 on freight.
That's .50 cents on the dollar to receive the products.
I guess I must REALLY want these kettlebells huh?

10/10 WOW
By Biker Bob / NYC

After one week I can feel the difference! WOW this thing is great, I work in heavy construction in NYC delivering concrete, so even though Im lifting chutes and climbing ladders all day long I still got lazy and fat but retaining alot of strength, or so I thought! I have always been a strong guy, when I was younger I played a little football and even got into boxing, well it was more like beating the crap out of each other in someones basement, and this was long before cage fighting or mma. Well one week into working out with a 16kg kettlebell and following along with Enter the Kettlebell I can feel a huge improvement its just amazing how my power level just expolded. Of course I have tons of energy and feel great. I cant wait to move up to the next size kettlebell and get even stronger. I never really liked working out, except on the heavy bag, but I AM ADDICTED to kettlebells already!

10/10 Love it!
By Melissa / Ventura, CA USA

I work out with my personal trainer/kettlebells instructor using DragonDoor kettlebells so I bought one for myself. My doctor turned me on to kettlebells, himself a devotee, and he affirms that Dragondoor is the best.

8/10 A big chunk of metal
By Brad T. / Newport News, VA USA

What can I say, it's a big hunk of metal. Not much to it and it shouldn't be too hard make a rugged piece of solid iron for a few bucks. I don't have any complaints. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. But it's hard find a way to consider a solid chunk of metal worthy of any degree of extraordinary praise.

8 out of 10 because it seems significantly more expensive than it should be. Otherwise it would be a 10.

9/10 Strength training in it's purest form
By JTB / Washington, DC USA

The Dragon Door 16kg Russian Kettlebell is, hands down, the piece of strength training in my home gym that I use the most. The handle width, diameter, and clearance space from the kettlebell body is ideal! The reasons why I did not rate this product (the one that I received, can't vouch for all of them) are (1) the paint is streaked and blotchy, especially noticeable on the handle, and (2) the bottom of the kettlebell isn't flat, so it rolls around quite a bit on my garage floor, even more so than kettlebells with flat bottoms that I've ordered from other companies. The 24kg DD Russian Kettlebell that I purchased a little while ago doesn't have these issues, so maybe my 16kg kettlebell was missed by the quality control inspectors.

10/10 Great product, great transaction and I use them every day!
By Roger / Atlanta, GA

As a newcomer to Kettlebells I shopped around and wanted to be as informed as possible before I took the plunge. After reading and talking to folks that are avid Kettlebell participants I could not be more happy about having hopped on board the Dragon Door train and purchased these top of the line Kettlebells. The craftmanship is second to none!

10/10 Double Kettlebell routine
By Frank / Northern California

I bought my second 35 pounder in order to perform double kettlebell snatches. I'm doing the ten minute routine with a 10 rep set and then a 30 second rest, working up to the point where there will be no rest period. Girevoy-style. What a great workout for every system in the body. Soon I'll be moving up to the double 53 pounders. With one-arm pushups, I'm turning into a human dynamo. Pansy co-workers and friends are in shock. I'm doing things people half my age can't accomplish. Glad I found you guys. Thanks.

10/10 Exciting, Inspiring and Life Changing!
By David H / Covington, Indiana USA

In late 2007 an online friend of mine mentioned Kettlebells, not having a clue we went into detail and that lead me here to Dragon Door. Around March 2008 I couldn't stand idle any more and ordered a classic set of three, this 35 pounder, a 53 pounder and a 70 pounder along with Enter The Kettlebell DVD and Book which I highly recommend to go with the Kettlebell! When they arrived I knew my delivery guy would start to hate me, but thats OK with me. I opened each box and then lined them up, I can tell you they literally demand your attention and that you pick them up and let them have their way with yours weak body. It has been months now, and I feel and see a difference in my shoulders and in my general well being. Matter of fact, speaking of shoulders. Years ago I had dislocated my right shoulder, and it had bugged me with pain and discomfort for years. To my astonishment shortly after I started working with Kettlebells, I noticed I had forgotten it ever hurt and the nagging pain has never returned! They are very addicting and you will not be disappointed, in fact you just may well find yourself in love with these things. Fun, challenging and absolute dynamite! I now too want to strive to one day become an RCK, thank you Pavel for making me a better man!

10/10 my beast
By sue williams / edgewater,nj

This KB is great, nice glossy finish, smooth handle and heavy!
for me, this is "The Beast"!!!

10/10 The Perfect Strength Foundation Builder
By Erwin / Tucson, AZ

Just add one 16 kg kettlebell and pure devotion and you WILL get results.

10/10 Tough to knock!
By Wally / NC

Not sure how to rate a bell of iron but I love the thing!

9/10 Order these bells, you won't be sorry! But _do_ buy them in pairs!!!
By David / Ann Arbor, MI

I started off with one 16kg, working with that one for a while. My brother treated me a few months later to a 24kg. Shortly thereafter, I wanted a pair for double-bell exercises, and jumped to a second 24kg. The first thing I noticed is that the bells come out slightly different if you order them in different batches. It seems that the glossiness diminishes over subsequent production runs. My most recent purchase was the sister to my first bell, another 16kg. Again, each of my four bells were purchased some months apart from each other, and I am struck with how different the feel is between each of them, mostly while doing upside down presses with a pair of the same weight.

I recommend buying pairs of the same weight so that they feel the same. I turn forty this year and am in the best shape in my life. I owe this to the last two years with my kettlebells.

10/10 Great Excercise
By Tracy l. Smith / Katy, Texas

With the expense of this item it should include video workout to come with the unit.

10/10 Most amazing workout ever!
By David Girdley / Orlando, Florida United States

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, I read all of the reviews and said, this almost looks like alot of hype; well, I can truly say that I have never had a more demanding or enjoyable workout in my life. I am 51 years old and my body was starting to get back at me for all the years of abuse I had heaped upon it. When I first received the 35lb kettlebell I remember saying how heavy it felt, it was actually hard for me to pickup. Now, after 6 weeks of progressive workouts it feels like it weighs only 10lbs and I am ready for a heavier kettlebell. These are truly amazing, very well made and durable. I couldn't be more pleased!

10/10 Superb!!
By Judith DeMuro / New York

I have never focused more clearely during my workouts while using the Kettlebell I feel like its me and the kettlebell. I feel every muscle working to its capacity and then some. The kettlebell gives me a challenge while it is not boring at all to say the least my RKC trainer in which I located thru gives me a training session packed with variations working the entire body, mind, and spirit as I have a good time training with the Kettlebell. I see results already in strength, endurance and muscle response. In given time I will be ready for the next size kettlebell. I have much respect for the Kettlebell and

9/10 Endurance athletes can kettlebell too
By Joel B / Denver, CO

Aside from learning how to not destroy my wrists on snatches, this is by far the best single piece of workout equipment I have found. As an endurance athlete (triathlons, running, etc). I am searching for functional strength gains without additional weight. Especially for cycling and helping maintain strength on the runs, I feel like my brief stint of kettlebell training has really helped my shoulder and upper back stability. I might use kbell to supplant my entire lifting routine. A great time saving device as well.

10/10 Positively Pavelizing!
By Steve Solomon / Dallas Texas

Greetings Comrades!
As a long-time fan of Pavel and his giryas, I must say that I have never been so "pumped" over a ball of iron with a handle! Pavel's kettlebells are indeed the real thing when it comes to pure, scientific strength conditioning and total fitness. As a Tai Chi and Baguazhang practitioner, I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial the kettlebells and Pavel's exercise program is to someone who is interested in overall physical fitness. Get ' will be amazed!

5/10 mediocre finish
By Stephen Simpson / New Castle, CO USA

As I stated in a recent email to you, the finish on the kettlebells I recently purchased is quite inferior to some I purchased from you three years ago. The metal is very grainy and rough. While it doesn't matter on the bell, it matters on the handle as it makes it hard on the hands. If I go ahead and grind it smooth, like it should have been in the first place, it will take the finish off. That leaves me with a choice I shouldn't have to make, blistered hands or no finish on the kettlebell. With the growing popularity of kettlebells there are many other places to get them. I think you might want to have a serious talk with your quality control department. This applies only to all of the American made bells I just received. The Russian Reds from India are exquisite. A beauty to behold. Far superior to the black ones.

10/10 So much better than dumbbells!
By Ernie M. / Los Angeles

I can't believe how much more dynamic and engaging it is to work out with my kettlebell. I really feel that unlike regular dumbbells I am actually building muscle that I can use through a complete range of motion. An added benefit has been my right shoulder which I injured rock climbing has improved doing halos.

10/10 Gym? What's a gym membership???
By Peter Black / Hollywood, CA

True physical fitness.

10/10 Getting Ripped Up !
By Kyle Kappenman / Watertown,SD USA

I just started using my keelebell and am amazed at how I immediately am getting ripped up results!

10/10 Kettlebell is good but pricey
By Ajit / Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

I live in Canada, I thought that I was paying for a pair of kettlebells. I paid the $70 shipping thinking that I was getting a pair. When the UPS guy shows up at the door I am told that I must pay an additional $50 for international shipping! And that the book that I ordered will not be here for a couple of weeks.
Therefore I paid nearly $300 for a 16kg piece of metal and a black and white book. Insane!!!

10/10 Very tough, very versatile.
By Larry Brew / Iraq, Kentucky, Rhode Island

The kettlebell is an unforgiving scorned woman. Remember it doesn't like you and don't expect anything you do with it to be easy, but who ever got great results doing something easy. I really enjoy exercising multiple muscles to maximize time and training. I've only been doing the RKC minimum for a short while but it is keeping me in great shape. You truly won't need any other exercise equipment if you have this mean hunk of metal. You can take it anywhere. I take it everywhere I travel, I can't do that with the proper cardio equipment or dumbells to get a total workout. I may never use any exercises other than body weight and kettlebells for the rest of my life.

10/10 Awesome.
By Howard Kane / Arlington, Virginia

I recently received my kettlebell and it is awesome. I love the quality of the product, built like a tank. Great stuff.

10/10 Diabolical fitness
By Jason / Fresno, CA USA

Simply the most diabolical and effective piece of exercise equipment available on the market today. Superior strength and conditioning without hours spent at a gym waiting for equipment to open up. No metrosexual muscle building here.

10/10 This 35lb ball of iron with a handle is DIABOLICAL!
By David H. / Glen Gardner, NJ USA

Start kettlebell work with the 35lb kettlebell, I was told. You're kidding, right? Only 35lbs? Looks small, doesn't weigh much and pretty much flies under the radar. That is until you pick it up and start working with it. After 100 two-handed swings my heart rate had skyrocketed to 160! I thought I could tame the tiger by limiting its range of motion so Get-ups were next. I quickly realized the fool I was as the kettlebell now held the high ground above my head! It forced me to focus, squeeze tight, and gain control of the situation. Two get ups successfully completed. Aah, the kettlebell is a great teacher that earned my respect! The 35lb kettlebell is a SERIOUS back/legs/glutes/cardiovascular workout tool not to be taken lightly! I am looking forward to mastering the sinister little bugger and challenging the 44lb kettlebell! Enjoy the Russian pain, comrades!

10/10 DD provides a superior product - do NOT buy imitations!
By Jake / Woodstock, GA USA

Just looking at this kettlebell sitting in my living room makes me want to pick it up and start swinging. Amazing quality. It performs as it should with none of the ergonomic problems I experienced with other kettlebells. For my first kettlebell purchase, I wanted a Dragon Door but I was so excited that didn't want to wait for shipping and I figured I'd save a (insignificant) 20 bucks by going to a large, well-known sporting goods store and buying the ones they carry, manufactured by an unspecialized company that makes all sort of miscellaneous exercise equipment. It took me a while to figure out that the extreme pain and bruising I was experiencing was not normal and was a result of the bell's design. By my fifth workout or so, I could no longer press this bell because instead of being round where it contacted my arm, it was pointed where they decided to make their logo large and flat. The handle was also designed bad. I ended up having to take the imitation bell back weeks after purchase without a reciept and demand they return my money. I then bought a Dragon Door and have been more than happy. I get excited to workout with this bell everyday.

10/10 Making a friend for life!
By Robert Motley / Boston,GA USA

I was not surprised at all when I received my new Kettlebell when it came to fit and finish which were excellent. Unlike a barbell or dumbell, this kettlebell feels so "organic" in your hands. It also reminds me of a quote concerning buying a new iron skillet, "you are about to make a friend for life".

8/10 Blitzing My Shoulders and Core
By Richard Stewart / Baltimore, MD, USA

I have been using the kettlebell routine to augment my return to competitive road cycling (former sprinter and National Team member in my mid-30's - now 47 and had arthroscopic knee surgery on Feb 12th 2008). I first saw the kettlebell being hoisted by Lance Armstrong during his off-season training routine. I found Pavel's site and all that it has and decided to commit to doing it. I'm used to blitzing my legs with high-volume/reps and multiple sets to build muscular endurance in my quads, but have never before felt what using the kettlebell does to my core, arms, and shoulders. Wow! I was doing a similar movement with two medium-sized dumbbells, but have since put those away and rely solely on the kettlebell for my core-strengthening and upper body endurance and fitness. Old school is real and hard and like any hard work, it pays off.

10/10 Small in size but bigger and stronger than you ever would think...
By John McCarter / Millersville, MO USA

I've been training on and off for the past 2 years with kettlebells and b.w., I mainly got into them because of an ad I saw in some martial arts mag, stating how you could have gains unlike anything you could ever dream of having, and never having to use a barbell or dumbbell again! Weight training is fun, but there are just times where it seems very pointless, but when I got my kettlebell about 2 years ago, my thoughts were changed right then and there! I never knew something that was 35 lbs could feel so heavy at times, it really did everything it stated it would do plus more. The exercises them self have many different ways of being performed, and if you really want a wicked move to perform, try doing a snatch, but all the while you keep it in the bottom-up style, now that's something to really work you.

10/10 Physical Results
By romzilla / Atlantic City, NJ

I bought the RKC book 3 months ago, and started doing the exercises with dumbbells. After reading several testimonials, explaining the difference of using kettlebells over dumbbells, I broke down and got the real thing for my wife and myself.

Due to my occupation, I receive a full physical examination each year. The results this year were a little surprising. At age 38, I did not train with KBs, at age 39 I started KB training. Basic results were: Resting pulse at age 38 was 72bpm. Resting pulse at age 39 was 58bpm. Blood pressure at age 38 was 116/70. Blood pressure at age 39 was 102/60. Weight at age 38 was 170. Weight at age 39 weight was 159.
My favorite test: Age of lungs: at age 38, my lungs were recorded as to have aged to 44 years old. At age 39, age of my lungs dropped to 30 years old. Gotta love that!
Of course I can't prove that KBs were responsible for the physical improvements, but KB training was the only thing I did differently between the 2 examinations. I can't wait to take my next physical examination!

Thanks Pavel!

10/10 My wife's fear
By Paul / Rapid City, SD USA

The kettlebell is just as described and I enjoy using it immensely. It will be beneficial to my Ju Jitsu training. My wife on the otherhand is fearful that I am going to throw it through the wall!

10/10 Good Stuff
By Robert Grossman / Was Baltimore, MD now is Cincinnati, OH

The Sarge first introduced them to me. I am slowly learning how to use the kettlebell. Brutal. Very Brutal, but challenging. Keep finding new ways to use it.

10/10 True Health and Strength from a Small Power Package!
By Mark Pearlscott / Seattle, WA USA

More fun than dumbbells. More variety in exercises. More muscles worked at the same time. More strength in less time. My dumbbells are going to collect dust from now on.

The product is well made, epoxy coated, and shipped quickly. Thank you Pavel and DragonDoor for sticking to your guns and making true health and strength available to those willing to listen.

10/10 The Right Tool For The Right Job
By Russell Mesteth / Grand Forks, ND USA

After a long absence from the world of real exercise, due to injury after injury, its nice to be back. I couldn't have made the transition back with convetional free weights and machines. The kettlebell has been my saving grace. After almost a year of rehab and licking my wounds the kettlebell has been instrumental in reconstructing my physique as well as the confidence in my ability to use my body again. I'm finally getting back into wrestling-shape again and have never felt more optomistic about my ability to acheive. I highly recomend this product and its brothers and sisters to everyone looking to make a dramatic change in their life both physically and mentally, this is second to none. Russ,age 23.

10/10 True Strength Training
By Anthony Lang / San Diego, Ca

Kettlebell training is the only way I know that builds strength, increases flexibility, and burns off the excess fat. In four weeks, I lost 7 pounds and I'm starting to see those muscles that have been hiding under that extra layer of fat.

Kettlebell training is challenging and demands your full attention while lifting. Unlike the linear movements of the bench press and curls (as with the other exercises in the gym), KB training works the whole body with every technique.

Great product, very helpful customer service.

10/10 Less is more
By Tony / Fayetteville (Ft. Bragg), NC USA

This is not for the weak hearted. Pure weight, quality product. I wish I would have known sooner, but now is better than never. I can't wait to go to the next level.

10/10 Excellent Alternative
By JMN / Sayreville, NJ

I never even knew that there was something out there that could work all the muscles. A workout program that stimulates your muscles as well as your stamina and endurance. 20 minutes of swinging around my kettlebell and I am dreanched as if I ran a marathon. I can hardly wait until my body allows me to upgrade to a second kettlebell.
I love my kettlebell.

10/10 Starter workout load
By Bob McDonald / Bakersfield, Ca. USA

This is my second 16kg. I started with my first 16kg about four months ago, and am starting to use both the 16kg together. Enjoying workouts once I am finished.

10/10 It's about time!
By Bill / Cheshire, CT USA

Just got an email from Dragon Door asking me to review this product. Okay, why not? I got my 16kg on 2 July and have been practicing with it every other day following the instructions in ETK. The practice consists of 10 minutes of warm up: wall squats, pumps and halos followed by 15 minutes of TGU practice and 15 minutes of swing practice. In between sets I perform the backbends Mr. Tsatsouline recommends.

In eleven sessions I've dropped 5 pounds, have increased definition in my core area (above the knees and below the chest). My shoulders feel like they never have before and my wife has complimented me on the tightness in my butt! I'm 52 years old, 5'-8'' 155 lbs. and am loving every minute using this kettlebell. I take it outside to practice and I'm amazed that this one chunk of iron is so effective. Can't wait to start the RKC Minimum program next month.
Thanks for a great product. I've been working out my entire life via various methods and this way is so simple it's ridiculous!

I shopped around before buying from you and your kb is the best one out there.

10/10 My husband loves it!
By Julie / Alabaster, AL.

I bought the 35lb kettlebell for my husband for his birthday this past July. He is an avid kettlebell user and has convinced many of our friends into trying a kettlebell. He loved his 35lb kettlebell when he only had one, but is absolutely in heaven to have two. ALthough he does own a 55lb kettlebell his two 35lb kettlebells are perfect to take along to work for a quick lunch workout.

10/10 The beginning of a great thing...
By Noah Ahmed / Silver Spring, MD USA

I got this as my starter KB, and let me tell you... the workouts will leave you feeling dog tired and like you just got your butt whooped, but you enjoy every bit of it. I wouldn't go so far as to say it eliminates the usefulness of other, more traditional, equipment entirely, even Pavel's released material on traditional barbell/dumbell/bodyweight strength-building workouts. For someone looking for a simple, compact way to build themselves the body they want and improve their overall well-being while they're at it, though, no single piece of equipment will ever come close to the kettlebell.

10/10 Best workout I have ever had and still continuing to learn.
By J. Meier / Greenville, SC USA

I purchased the 35 pound KB, and after carefully reviewing the DVD and the book, I started doing the workout. I did have a bench press over 200 pounds, but I decided to get the 35 pound KB anyway. I am glad I did. Its a workout for me.
Im 40 years old, and I really took the time to study and practice the movements rather than just jumping in and doing things. I would recommend anyone that does not have patience to not purchase this product. It is worth taking your time and practicing to be able to perform the exercises correctly. I would recommend buying the "Enter the Kettlebell" book and DVD together. I purchased the book and realized I needed more than just pictures on some of the exercises.
The last two weeks I have just really been getting a rhythm down with a good majority of the exercises. I have a little workout schedule with certain exercises on certain days. All I can say is for a guy who grew up playing sports and working out with free weights, I wish I would of had this kettlebell growing up and Pavel's instructions. Like I said, Im 40 now, and I can't wait to do these workouts. No need for aerobic training or running. You get both with the kettlebell, along with the awesome strength training and muscle balance to add. When I finish a workout with my kettlebell, I do not have a dry spot on my shirt. This thing rules

10/10 Great Product
By Pug / Philadelphia, PA

I enjoy my dragon door kettlebell. Its a great quality product and I plan on purchasing other products in the future.

10/10 it just sits there waiting to get thrown around... begging even.
By JME / Missoula, MT

More! More! It screams.

10/10 I've reviewed this already
By bill1156 / Cheshire, CT

Just got a 20kg a couple of weeks ago. Will be ordering a 24kg in a few weeks.

You guys are the best.

10/10 Absolutely perfect
By Mark G / Northern Wisconsin, USA

I tried many kettlebells before trying this and none of the other brands compare! Well made and comfortable to use. I look forward to purchasing many sizes.

9/10 My love for kettlebells!
By Watergal Sara Madvay / San Diego, USA

I love kettlebells, which is why I became an instructor. But the bells have to be nice otherwise it hurts your hands. RKC bells are great. I'm glad I invested in these bells.

10/10 Very Pleased
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

I bought this kettlebell as my starting weight, as recommended by the Enter the Kettlebell book. Very happy with the quality of the kettlebell compared to all others I have handled.

10/10 Awesome
By jay cho / marlboro, New Jersey, United States

Now i have own 35, 44 time to order the 70lbs

10/10 High Quality KB
By Mack Owen / Midwest, Oklahoma, USA

I had used KBs at my local gym before, but they were all of inferior quality to DragonDoor KBs. I highly recommend DragonDoor!

10/10 Precision KB
By Mark Forster / Albuquerque, NM, USA

After trying different KB's from other makers the RKC is hands down the best. It is a precision KB, the "Best".

By Moises Delgado / Gainesville, GA, USA

This kettlebell has the best quality compared to the other ones this is made of 1 single piece of cast-iron made to last a life time

10/10 The KBs in big fitness stores don't compare
By Emily A / Sacramento, CA, USA

I learned how to train with DD KBs.

I have been to other gyms with less expensive KBs and they don't have the same feel. The grip doesn't feel the same. I'm not sure if it's the coating, the size of the handle, how they're weighted, or a combination of these. There are more obvious signs of rust/wear and tear on other bells. These are my go to KBs.

10/10 Great Quality - My lightest bell
By Sean Hannon / Chicag, IL, USA

Excellent piece of equipment. Smooth handle, sits well on a hardwood floor and will certainly outlive me.

The 16kg bell has been important in my home regiment. Getting started it was my "everything" bell even though now I've progressed away from it. I still use the 16kg bell everyday for my warm up routine and it makes an appearance in the proper workout when I need a light day. When I hit my current strength goals I'll be making a return to this bell to start working on bottoms up exercises and other balance requiring techniques.

10/10 Perfect!
By Gavin M. / Denver, CO, USA

Simple, easy to use, and killer for the whole body! Excellent quality!

10/10 These bells are Awesome!
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

I loved having 2 of these when I started doing double swings and all other double exercises as well. Get two of these and experiment with more than just swings!

10/10 best quality
By christopher wenzel / kissimmee, fl, usa

These are the best quality kettlebells on the market. An incredible value for such a high quality product

10/10 Great
By Chad Baugh / Edwardsville, Illinois, United States

My first kettle bell ever and I'm certain I'm spoiled already. Exactly what I expected - high quality, right proportions, looks tough. Almost makes the pain "fun"

10/10 Great Bells!!
By K D / Rockwall, Texas, USA

I am an intermediate practitioner of kettlebell. I have tried other brands of bells, but Dragon Door is my favorite. I like the handle shape and coating. I recently purchased a 16kg. It arrived timely and in perfect condition. I expect to have this bell for many many years. I will purchase more in the future.

8/10 A very good bell, small flaw in handle.
By Kevin Hutchins / Hillsdale, Michigan, USA

I just received my 22 kg bell today. Very good shape, compact size is great. The coating is very good, but the under side if the handle doesn't have coating, just metal.

10/10 simply the best
By Chris Steele / Baltimore, MD, USA

These are the best kb's out there. Top quality. Nothing more I can say.

10/10 great kettlebell
By stephen varga / cleveland, ohio, US

shipped quickly, nice build quality looks nice. great to have at home.

10/10 Best Kettlebell
By Richard W. / San Joaquin, California, United States

Purchased two for doing double kettle bell workouts this maybe the best size to do exercises that use dual bells

10/10 Consistent Quality
By Frank Papp / Indian Land, SC, United States

Having purchased many of the RKC kettlebells over the years, it was great to see that when I recently received the latest 16 kg bell, it is the exact same shape and size as the one I purchased years ago. The surface is slightly different, but does not impact its use.

10/10 Consistent quality
By Charles W Bell Jr. / Edison, NJ, USA

We have a full line of Dragon Door kettlebells ranging from 14 through 32k and are starting to accumulate doubles at 16 24 and 32k.

10/10 Very happy.
By Brandon Shearer / Feasteville, PA, USA

Superb quality. Finish is smooth but not slippery. More expensive than competitors, but well worth the extra money for its durability.

9/10 Solid for a Newbie
By Jory Herman / Los Angeles, CA, USA

this is my first kettlebell experience. Got rid of the gym membership because I wasting too much money not going. I'm 5'11'' and not incredibly strong, so this was a good first entry into lifting like this. It is smooth on the hands for swings. Wish it was a tad cheaper but such are weight products. Ships to your door!

10/10 worth the wait and money
By Brian Smith / Miami, Florida, USA

These bells are worth it!!

10/10 The ultimate conditioning and Strength Tool
By Delio Carmona / Federal Way, WA, United States

Do as Pavel says and it will happen! I'm a disciple of this now and should have seen this years ago. I'm in love with my kettlebell (16kg)

10/10 Best customer support
By Philip L / Fairfax, VA, USA

I would like to share my experience with the dragon door company. I ordered a few kettlebells with dragon door online. A subset of the kettlebells had minor defects with the e coating. Mr. John Du Cane went beyond the typical customer support to resolve my issues. I am extremely satisfy with dragon door and Mr John Du Cane customer support. I will definitely purchase from them again in the future. Thanks you

10/10 Full body workout
By A Orosco / Hanford, CA, United States

I have 8 RKC kettlebells and they are best for me. I've purchased sets for my adult children and they're excelling with the work put in.

10/10 best of all
By stelios milolidakis / rethymno, rethymno, greece

i try many kettlebells and very expensive but here in greece not many options...when i trainining for first time with rkc i understand the ergonomics and the quality of that brand...perfect for my hands and rate it 9 because a seam is under the handle but not a big month i order the 20 and 24 hope the quality of the handle score 10+

10/10 Best Kettlebell
By Rob P / San Diego, California, USA

These are the OG Kettlebells. I have two and got this one for my brother. The best!

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