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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 48kg 106lb Front P10l
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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 48kg 106lb Front P10l
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  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 48kg 106lb Back P10l
  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 48kg 106lb Front P10l
10 out of 10 (19 reviews)
Now I know why they call it the Beast!
Rated 10/10
By SSgt Davis Nellis AFB, NV

I thought I was ready for the Beast before it arrived. Boy was I wrong. I had been training with kettlebells exclusively for about a year before I ordered the Beast. I could some work with the two Bulldogs I'd had for a few months. I could one arm snatch the Bulldog 10 times and thought…
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Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.)

Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat

Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.) - $348.99
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How sure are we that Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Russian Kettlebell - 48kg (106 lbs.). Go ahead and try it today.


"THE BEAST"Dragon Door's 106lb (48kg) Russian Kettlebell—Accelerates Strength Gains, Builds Dense, Hard Muscle and Dramatically Intensifies Your Conditioning


Dragon Door's heaviest and most brutal strength and conditioning tool, the 106lb cast iron kettlebell—nicknamed "THE BEAST"—is also one of our most popular kettlebells.


The answer is leverage… You can use THE BEAST to perform many of the classic kettlebell strength and conditioning methods—but with far greater intensity…

Strengthen your back and legs with a few sets of front squats or deadlifts, without having to leave your office or home. Drive yourself to new levels of cardio with some heart-pounding swings. Develop your chest and arms when you clean THE BEAST. Then snatch THE BEAST to shatter your previous training plateaus and eliminate any hint of weakness in any part of your frame.

And then shoot for the ultimate challenge: perform and master the pistol, the press and the weighted tactical pullup—with a 106lb kettlebell attached to your waist!

Shaun Cairns, RKC Becomes First to Enter
The BEAST TAMER Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Shaun Cairns for being the first to officially perform the following lifts with THE BEAST—our 48kg (106lb) kettlebell:

The classic Pistol, the Press and the Weighted Tactical Pullup

Many of us can swing THE BEAST, most of us can deadlift THE BEAST, many can clean THE BEAST, quite a few can even snatch THE BEAST, but only a chosen handful of the strong can either press THE BEAST, or do a pistol with THE BEAST or perform a strict weighted tactical pullup with THE BEAST

It takes tremendous overall strength to achieve all three lifts… and when you achieve that rarefied status, you'll qualify to enter our Beast Tamer Hall of Fame…

And so far only one man has officially accomplished that impressive feat:

Shaun Cairns flew over from South Africa to be an Assistant Instructor at the September 2006 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification workshop, where he also competed in our first-ever BEAST TAMER CHALLENGE.

Have you started training with your BEAST yet? If not we invite you begin and look forward down the road to adding your name to the BEAST TAMER HALL OF FAME!

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DSC 0042 1

We Invite You to Step Up to Dragon Door's

To be inducted into THE BEAST TAMER Hall of Fame, you need to be able to perform:

One 48kg pistol (choose which leg)
One 48kg press (choose which arm)
One 48kg weighted tactical pullup

The next BEAST TAMER CHALLENGE will be held at an RKC Certification Workshop.

Future BEAST TAMER Hall of Fame inductees will be published on this page, with photos and will also be featured in upcoming issues of HardStyle.

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10 out of 10 (19 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Now I know why they call it the Beast!
By SSgt Davis / Nellis AFB, NV

I thought I was ready for the Beast before it arrived. Boy was I wrong. I had been training with kettlebells exclusively for about a year before I ordered the Beast. I could some work with the two Bulldogs I'd had for a few months. I could one arm snatch the Bulldog 10 times and thought for sure I was prepared. Well, my first snatch attempt with the Beast ended up leaving a huge crater in my backyard. It took a full month of hard training before I could snatch the Beast two times per arm. It is not a joke! If you need a new challenge and really want to see what you're made of, try to tame the Beast!!

Rated 10/10 The Fat Tamer
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, NC, USA

The Fat Tamer. I just received my beast about a week ago. I have done two work outs using it to do my sumo dead lifts. I'm using my 12 kilo k.b. for upper body and my 24 kilo k. B. for my two hand swings formy cardio. However I must admit I love using the 48 kilo beast the best. My legs are really feeling the burn that it's given me. I love all three of my dragon door kettlebells, but the beast is my pet! I haven't given it a name yet,but I will soon. Oh yes, I'm losing about a half inch of belly fat per week. I'm very happy with my progress. And getting stronger as well. Thank you dragon door! Yours truly Terry Travinsky.

Rated 10/10 Best Kettlebells! Period!
By Zach Even - Esh / NJ, USA

I've been purchasing DD KBs since 2003 I think! They have always been the best Kettlebells. Sure, they cost more than other but you get what you pay for. They are indestructible and will likely last a lifetime!

This is the 4th BEAST I have purchased, all from DD. You can't go wrong with DD. Plain and simple. When I purchase equipment I learned long ago that searching for the cheaper brand is only gonna give me the cheapest quality.

Rated 10/10 Legs of Steel!
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, NC, USA

Hello again DragonDoor users! Yes this is my 3rd review.

I started working out with my DragonDoor four kettlebells last 15 July. I started with a 12 kilo. Then bought a 16-kilo. About a month ago I got the 24-kilo kettlebell. After a few more weeks I finally bought The Beast, the 106-pound kettlebell. All my kettlebells work well; however, I love doing the Sumo deadlifts with The Beast very much.

The reason for this third review is to say that I'm a 63-year-old type 2 diabetic. I just saw my doctor and she said I lost so much body fat and gained a lot of muscle in my arms and legs, I knew this, but it was reconfirmed by my doctor. She also said that my A1C is now only 5.8. It was about 8.3, 6 months ago.

So you diabetics take note!

If you work out with your kettlebells three times a week like I do, you will make a huge turn around in your health for the good! My doctor said my legs are like steel now; hence the title for this review. Of course we all know DragonDoor kettlebells are well made and work very well. But I must say I really love my Beast! And it truly did make my A1C level come down. And also gave me the legs of steel! Thanks again DragonDoor for saving my life!

Yours truly,

Terry C Travinsky, USAF

Rated 10/10 Fantastic product and service
By Carl Gauthier / Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I wouldn't buy Kettlebells from any where else; I use this monster for my KB swings with a band within my escalated density sessions. I've come to associate Kettlebells with happiness given the amount of neuro-chemicals released as a result of handling them.

Rated 10/10 great quality
By Trent Rogers / Indiana

I found the 106lb kettlebell to be of great quality with a very durable finish. Though one must question how much it really costs to produce these things.

Rated 10/10 Heavy swings are where it's at.
By Ron Richards / Vienna, USA

I recently purchased the Bulldog followed closely by purchasing the Beast. I'm no where near pressing the Beast but for sets of heavy swings both of these heavy kettlebells rock. I've owned the 70lb (32kg) kb for about 6 months and it always felt heavy for swings. After adding some short sets with the Bulldog and Beast the 70lb bell feels downright light. Heavy swings with the Bulldog and Beast have also improved my double cleans and double snatches. Occasionally throw some heavy swings into your workouts and watch your other lifts improve.

Rated 10/10 It IS BIG !
By Jim Fraser / North Brookfield, MA

I have been working out with KBs for about 6 years. I own KBs from 4 kg up top 48 kg. My first impression was the 48 kg KB was BIG. The handle is comfortable and, with proper technique, easily lends itself to cleans, swings, snatches, and jerks. Swings are without a doubt the best exercise with this KB. At this time, I cannot press it overhead. I believe this is more a balance/position issue than lack of pure strength. The 48 kg KB is a great addition to my collection and adds an interesting challenge to my workouts.

Rated 10/10 Nemesis
By Tony M. / Los Angeles, CA

The beast was something the UPS guy wished wasn't in his truck that tuesday morning. Regardless, get-ups and side bends with a bulldog is all I can manage for now. When I got that beast out of the box, all I could do with it is swing it, and swing it, and swing it one more time. If there was another size up offered by dragon door I would get it. Just swinging the beast feels like every inch of my body is burning and shattering into tiny pieces by a raging internal furnace of pain.

Rated 10/10 The Beast is my new best buddy
By R. Friederich / Northern Virginia

I will be the first to admit it. There are not too many things I can do with The Beast. Power cleans, 2-handed swings, bent over rows, floor presses, 1-legged dead lifts. But in the short time I have had The Beast it has improved my strength on The Bulldog (88 pounder). I can almost do a strict military press with my left arm now with the The Bulldog. I can do more reps of cleans, rows, and 2-handed swings.

I am pleased with my decision to get a Beast!

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10 out of 10 (19 reviews)