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9/10 Indispensible hidden steps and such detail!
By Adrienne Harvey / Winter Park, FL, USA

The production quality and extreme detail in this DVD and Manual is unmatched. Max Shank and Brett Jones do an incredible job demonstrating all the exercises clearly and with an highly enviable skill level. Again, like the Push Up set, this is a reference DVD and manual, not a follow along workout. I keep going back to watch/learn/experiment with the basic form and with the variants and hidden steps on this DVD regularly. The path to mastery just got a whole lot clearer. Many people get hung up on the route to the 1 leg squat (pistol), but after watching a few critical pieces again, I have been able to help my clients progress with their squatting patterns as well. I was able to use some of the hidden steps and specific cues with my clients the very next day to great success. Of course, in the interest of professional and personal curiosity, I had to pause the DVD at several times and try many of the drills right then as well. Even though I've been doing bodyweight and weighted pistols for some time now, I found that the cues and ideas from the DVD set helped me further define strengthen my patterns, as well as better explain intricacies to my clients. Besides - I now know that there's so much farther I can go with this powerful movement. This is a great series in terms of superior instruction, information, clear presentation and also in terms of quality and detail. My only complaint is maybe 2-3 edits that are cut slightly short (other people might not even notice). The atmosphere of the entire package is a unique welcome change to the usual fitness aesthetic.

10/10 Navy seal on the road
By Tyler Archer / Navy, USA

My whole team uses it. We can work out effectively anywhere and I mean anywhere!

10/10 Complex Made Simple
By Andrew Marchesi / Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Having read both Convict Conditioning and Convict Conditioning 2, the complementary DVD series is an excellent translation of the big six movement progressions into a simple to follow DVD. The demonstration of movement progression through the 10 levels is well described and easy to follow. As a Physical Therapist it is a very useful way to teach safe progressions to patients/clients and other professionals. I have already used Volume I (the push up progression) to teach high school strength coaches how to safely progress athletes with pressing activity and look forward to using volume 2 with these same coaches. I think anyone who studies movement realizes very few athletes can properly squat with two legs, let alone one.

You will not find an easier way to teach the squat. Well done again Paul. Look forward to the rest of the series.

Andrew Marchesi PT/MPT FAFS

10/10 Is it Worth it? YES
By Lee Montgomery / Newark, NJ, USA

Let me make a statement first-I am not a world famous coach and my credentials won't impress anyone. That said, I have some things to say about this product.

The "bad": Yes, it is a bit pricey, and for experts/exercise veterans maybe some revelations aren't earthshaking. However, when you consider the sheer volume of information and the quality of the production--the price is well worth it! It is hard to put a price on having visual manifestations of every step of the series, the variants and nuance of theory performed before your eyes at your whim! Besides, it is nice to know there will be at least one resource out there that gets "it" right and codifies all the main movements that an individual needs to get strong.

The only other "negative" is that I would have liked to see some additional information in the manual or variants, but the package as is still provides a lot to think and work on.

I own the Push-up Volume as well and have no reason not to purchase the remainders--Keep up the great work!

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