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10/10 You just thought you knew about bodyweight exercises!
By James Copelin, Texoma Judo-Jujitsu / Wichita Falls, TX

Pavel's DVD is a treasure trove of information for any beginner or expert strength trainer. I was trained by Bill Starr in Power Lifting and Weight Lifting(Olympic Lifting to the ignorant.) and was a personal trainer/instructor 26 years, Military Police/Correctional Officer for 11 years and coaching/instructing Judo and Ju-jitsu for the last 8 years, and I was in the Marine Corps, Navy, and the Guard for giggles and grins, so I have some knowledge on the subject matter. I can honestly say that Pavel is 100% correct! Give his DVD or book a shot (hell, I bought both!) and you'll see that you don't need hundreds of reps or dozens of different exercises to become rock hard and strong as coiled steel. What Pavel and Bill Starr have in common is that neither of them accept Status Quo in their work and they both know how to make you STRONG. Both Pavel and Starr looked beyond traditional Western methods and dogma regarding what it takes to get strong. But, as far thinking as Bill's classic work "The Strongest Shall Survive Strength Training for Football" was Pavel's works are light years ahead of the pack. What would you expect from someone who got to use Spetsnaz soldiers for guinea pigs and had all of the Evil Empire's sport science data at his disposal. This guy just keeps getting better and better! Those who whine about "too few exercises" "too expensive" obviously don't know their ass from a hole in the ground! Remember, you get what you pay for! Less IS more! When the exercises WORK don't cry about your pencil neck gym class going bye bye, strap on a pair and do the exercises and become a man! Then maybe you'll be able to pick up a Russian Kettlebell! Pain tells you you are still alive, enjoy the pain.

10/10 The one stop crash course to super strength
By SSGGLASS / USAF, Okinawa Japan

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is the offical lecture of super strength. Want to be stronger then every one around you, but can't get to a gym? Not a problem, because Paval teaches you how to get a powerlifters work out with what ever you have now. This program is for every one, even if you can't do a single one arm push up (you will be soon!) This program picks up where Power! To the People left off on tension and effective training. Grease the Groove will fill you with power! If you are not willing to pay the measely asking price for this kind of information, then you are a fool.

10/10 Top Class DVD
By scottie / Dublin EIRE

EXCELLENT!!! Bought it, watched it, then watched it all over again twice more. Great to have the book and dvd together. Very well made and with highly pactical techniques. No gibberish, just genuine strength. Recommended.

10/10 warrior workout
By karla peters / lake illa, il.

i am into tomorrow. i plan to do the best that i will get from it.

9/10 The Naked Warrior is a must for travelers!
By Craig Merritt / Sioux Falls, SD USA

I frequently travel for my work and many hotels have little or no exercise equipment. The knowledge I gained from the Naked Warrior allows me to get a good strength workout no matter where I stay. I give this a 9.5. It would be a 10 but I would like to have seen a few more suggestions for different types of workout routines.

9/10 Great choice if you're interested in bodyweight training
By Robert Dorf / Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

As good as the Naked Warrior book was, some of the movements still didn't click for me until I saw them demonstrated. The DVD really made a difference.

10/10 Bodyweight training is KIng again!
By Gil Flores / San Mateo, CA

The Naked Warrior brings bodyweight exercises to the forefront
of fitness routines! Pavels no nonsense approach and solid technical
instructions make free hand exercise a breeze. Me doing 1 handed
push-ups? I never thought so, but I am on my way! Yes - get this DVD!

10/10 Excellent
By Jeanette / Greece, New York

My boyfriend has the book and so I got him the DVD to go along with it -- excellent run through by Pavel and he even adds a little humor.

9/10 Extraordinary Experience
By Chandler / Nixa, Mo USA

-This was the stuff your highschool gym coach should have taught you, but didn't.-
Being a frequent 'road warrior' I often find myself staying in hotels that tout their 'GYM' as an important feature and amenity. These so called GYMs are usually woafully inadequate, or in some cases non existent.
Watching this video, I was struck by the concept that not only could I get an amazingly beneficial strength practice in while on the road, but could add two brutally effective and impressive techniques to my already rigorous routines.
Having purchased several of Pavel's books and videos, and already incorporating dead lifts, presses, and kettlebell training into my routines, my body has been transforming itself into a Spetsnaz recruiting poster.(Thank You Pavel!)
The Naked Warrior DVD REALLY helped me to master these two amazingly effective exercises because I could watch the movments over and over, and thus critically adjust my own faltering form, and figure out where I was "leaking power".
Pavel just seems to understand where you might hit SNAFUs and addresses these as well as offers suggestions and tips for how to avoid them.(very comprehensive)
As far as personal application of these exercises goes, the one arm push-up gets practiced mostly on the road, however I find myself practicing my pistols and their variations almost daily, both "naked" and with a 24kg kettlebell.
The benefits of this exercise alone on overall strength and conditioning cannot be over-emphasized. My dead lifts skyrocketed as a result of this little training nugget. The psychological impact of being able to do something very few "fit" people are capable of is an amazing confidence builder as well.
All in all I am VERY happy with my purchase of the DVD. If you are one of those people that can learn by reading only, I applaud you. The Naked Warrior book is certainly a great purchase and an engrossing read. But if you're like me and need a good visual reference and example to follow to really excel, then do yourself a favor and also buy the DVD. You won't regret it.

10/10 Nothing Better !!!
By John McCormick / Iowa, IA USA

I have been using this program for over 2 years now. It?s the only strength training I use, and the only one I will probably ever use. This is the real deal; I?m just now able to do the more difficult things on the DVD with maximum proficiency. There is no question this DVD makes you stronger. I have a friend who can bench twice as much as me, but I over power him easily. I could go on and on about this DVD, but no time I need to go do some one-handed dive-bomber pushups. If your hesitant about buying this DVD, hesitate no longer it will be the best decision you ever make.

By Aisha / Newport news,va

This is the best dvd i ever bought. I will start the execrise today
to begin a new execrise progam.

6/10 Wanted More Beginner Exercises
By Phil / Phoenix, Az

The DVD overall is very well done, and Pavel is amazing, however I was hoping for more beginner steps to help you get to the point where Pavel is. Good video for those advanced enough, but not the best starting place for a beginner.

8/10 The Naked Warrior - Pavel
By Robert R. Davila / Palmer, Alaska USA

i liked the dvd. the explaination were simple and to the point. the demonstrations were preformed with good shape and alignment. the visual and verble queues were in harmony. i did not see any waisted time which made it easy to watch and learn. the reason i scored the product as an eight was: i was looking for more drills to developed core strenght and fast twitch muscles. i got done with the dvd wanting more information/drills, i just thought it was to short. note: i am a gymnastics coach and i am always on the look out for better and different ways to develope core strength, balance, power, and speed for my gymnastics. thank you very much for your product...

5/10 Good-Bad
By Tim / Pensacola, FL

This DVD has great workouts for more advanced "body-builders." However, most of the exercises are almost impossible if you do not already have upper-body strength. I compare this to trying to bench 200 lbs the first time you have ever lifted weights--it's probably not going to happen.

The other "bad" value of this DVD is that if you are looking for a DVD to work out with (e.g. Tae Bo), then this is not the video for you. It simply gives you a very brief overview of the work out to perform--after that, it moves very quickly on to the next exercise. It doesn't even give you the number of repititions you should perform to get a "full" workout.

5/10 Misleading
By Bryan / Utah

Although there is good information in this DVD, it's description is a little misleading. One would think it is full of bodyweight exercises. Really, it is about the one legged squat and the one armed push up.

Being able to do those exercises is important because of everything else that comes into play. Maybe a rewrite of the DVD's description is in order.

The price in my opinion is also almost double what it should be. You get twice the information in DVDs by some of the worlds leading strength coaches for almost half this price.

Pavel also seems to cash in on the gimmick that he is from Russia. He over emphasizes his accent and says "Comrade" so much it becomes irritating.

8/10 Very Tough
By PA / Newcastle, Australia

Excellent exercises. But I found the one handed pushups and single leg squats too tough to start with.

I will need to slowly build up to them

10/10 wow!
By wildflower / India

Have some balls!Senoras,senoritas,y senore.Y mas of 'em if you want to follow the Naked Warrior. awesome technique displayed by Pavel!

10/10 Great DVD, worth the purchase, very satisfied.
By Sammy / Minneapolis, MN

Realy great DVD. Although it only covers a few exercises, you can apply the principles of GTG with practically any strength exercise.

10/10 I am sold once again!
By David Hayden / Covington Indiana USA

The Book and DVD are a must have to anyone who goes away from their Kettlebells and other iron, I have a girlfriend that I spend week ends with and I don't always want to haul my iron around especially if I am in my Power to the People cycle. Huge plates or iron, across town venture etc. So this come in very handy if I am not lugging my KB's around.

If you travel and do not have your iron, or where ever you are dosn't have anything useful this is a must have instead of skipping your work out.

10/10 excellent workout
By Paul Vanderhei / beecher, Illinois USA

first program that focuses on all aspects of strength.

3/10 do not even think about it if you are not already "strong"
By arkin celik / istanbul, Turkiye

not for ordinary folk... if you can do one handed push ups, one legged squads very good exercises to get to more advanced levels! if not... well get "strong" comrade! otherwise this DVD is not for you :)

10/10 All this progress with just a few tips? Too good AND true!
By Philippe Til, RKC, Action Fitness Owner. / Los Angeles, California United States

So, I've got enough books to read. I figured, a few minutes of my time watching the DVD, Pavel's inspirational wisdom, I should be good.
Well, it was better than I thought! No joke!
Pavel shows you the moves and with a few well placed words and comments gets you going and attempting moves that, though simple, are normally perceived as hard. Well, they are, but he makes it look easy. Besides, it feels like he's watching you directly, so the pressure's on. Or, "compression" I should say :)
Best part, add it to your regular routine, grease the groove with a few sets, a few reps and reap rewards beyond your expectations in other aspects of your training.
A must have to increase your true strength!

10/10 Fast results that link to everything else in RKC Fitness!
By Philippe Til, RKC, Action Fitness, Inc. / Los Angeles, California United States

OMG! After only 3 "practices" where I just "greased the groove" and had fun practicing a few reps here and there, I was able to do a full pistol! With flat soles, flip flops and barefoot (all 3 in that order of progression, the barefoot being the hardest).

I'm not quite able to do a full one-arm push-up on both arms, but I believe I'm one practice away for my strong arm. Again, that's after only 3 practices!

Regardless, I've noticed not only improvements in the Naked Warrior drills quickly, but I've set a new PR in my presses when following my ETK protocol to lift heavier. And, as a bonus "body" improvement, my muscles truly feel bulletproof! Definitely the best tool to get a hard body. Pavel promises AND delivers here (when does he not?)

The Naked Warrior drills were not covered at my RKC, but I recommend this as a companion book/DVD to anyone.

Short, concise and extremely effective. Like any good kettlebell workout!

10/10 Naked Warrior gives great technique strength ideas
By L.E. Olszewski / Bel Air Maryland, USA

Good DVD all around sound advice.

2/10 Not worth the money
By Some Girl / North Carolina

I was very disappointed with the amount of and type of content. The only reason I didn't give this a 1 is because Pavel is entertaining. If you are an absolute beginner with no skill and some strength then you will like this. If you already know how to do pistols and pushups then do as many variations of those as you can think of and that's the DVD. I have found just as much helpful info on the web. By the way, I'm a girl and I could do every single pistol variation so....they could be harder, I guess. Also, while I haven't mastered the one-armed pushup or one-armed divebomber yet, I have been working on it for awhile and Pavel's "tips" didn't do anything to further the cause.

10/10 Great tips given out
By Grant Lofthouse / Melbourne. Australia

Pavel gives great tips on how to perform 1 arm push ups and pistols

9/10 great workout
By sheryl / Lawton,OK USA

this is a good work out. some exercises i didn't know existed.i would recommend this to anyone.

9/10 Love These DVD's
By Kyle Williams / Los Angeles, CA USA

You really gotta have the DVD's and the books. The books go into greater depth and the DVDs let you see how it's done where the pictures in the book just can't compete. Great DVD, perfect execution throughout. Very important to me.

10/10 Beyond my capability
By Deb / San Diego, California United States

I watched the dvd to get an overview - it's definitely for someone that is more physically advanced than me. However, it will give me something to shoot for.

10/10 Fastest results ever?
By Aleks Salkin, RKC / Omaha, NE

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by this DVD. I finally bought it after years of owning and loving the book, and the DVD the book make this the ULTIMATE tag-team attack on your weaknesses. I set a goal for myself: to nail the one-arm pushup within two months - a goal that I thought sounded ambitious. After watching only the first half of the DVD and following Pavel's laser-sharp focused instructions, I did my first one-arm pushup on each side! Two months down to 15 minutes? Absolutely incredible. Regardless of your strength goals, everyone stands to gain a lot from this DVD. Buy it now.

9/10 Great
By Tushar S / West Des Moines, United States

Love it..

10/10 Naked results!
By Jeff Zuniga / Carlsbad, United States

Definitely a must for any athlete. I am passing on these techniques to all the young athletes around me so they can reap the benefits at an early age and not a 40 something as myself.

10/10 Must have for beast tammer prep
By Chris N / So, Cal, USA

The pistol has concerned me in reguards to the beast tammer challenge after watching this DVD I feel much for comfortable and my pistol has cleaned up almost over night. Thanks Pavel

10/10 Naked Warrior
By Rhett Dilllard / Chula Vista, CA, USA

DVD demonstrates the techniques used to go from bilateral to unilateral work in push-ups and squats.The expertise of Pavel is extraordinary.If you want to master the one arm push-up and squat you need to get this video!

6/10 Not quite what I expected
By Joe Snow / Alto, MI, United States

I purchased this video thinking it would contain a bodyweight workout program that I could use when traveling. It does not.

It is, however, a very well put together instructional DVD for squats and pushups.

If you are looking for supplemental instruction, tips, or techniques, this is the place. Otherwise, keep looking.

9/10 Listen to the man and do it!
By Igor Blagojevic / Nicosia, Cyprus, Cyprus

I struggled with pistol for a long time, but with Pawel's instruction and guidance - done in 5 days! Great DVD.... Recommend to anybody interested to bring his fitness level to other level. And who is willing to listen and follow what the man is saying

10/10 The Naked Warrior
By Robert Myers / Davie, Florida, United States

Excellent DVD with Pavel. A gem for all ages. I am 77 and we all need to keep moving!

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