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Bliss Qigong
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Bliss Qigong
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Bliss Qigong

An instructional guide to Tai Ji Qigong

With John Du Cane

DVD, 54 minutes

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Bliss Qigong (DVD) - $29.95
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Reveals the Yang Family's personal qigong program, with additional tips on energy accumulation and balancing. The simple movements gently harmonize the qi, promote blood circulation, cultivate vitality, regulate the breath and reduce stress.
  • How to use attention to effectively feel and direct qi.
  • How to activate all your major energy centers.
  • How to turn on healing power in your hands.
  • How to clear all the major meridians in your body.
  • How to develop your sensing ability.
  • How to get real results with you standing qigong practice.
  • How to incorporate special internal sounds to deepen your meditation.
John DuCane presents proven qigong techniques in a slow, follow-along format designed to optimize learning, without having to constantly rewind and review.
  1. Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination - for weight control, more youthful appearance, and higher, longer-lasting energy.
  2. Stimulate the lymph system - for a stronger immune system. Be less susceptible to the flu or colds and recover faster if you do get sick.
  3. Improve your circulation - alleviating conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue.
  4. Build stronger, more durable bones.
  5. Give your internal organs an inner massage - retarding the aging process by restoring your organs to peak efficiency.
  6. Increase oxygen in the tissues - reducing tensions, blocks and stagnant energy.
  7. Lubricate the joints - for pain free movement and greater flexibility.
  8. Soothe the nervous system - for feelings of contentment and serenity.
Read Reviews For: Bliss Qigong (DVD)
9.83 out of 10 (6 reviews)
Rated 10/10 A great introduction to Qigong
By R. CARDINALE / Paris, France

This is an outstanding DVD.

John Du Cane is a great teacher; I had never practiced Qigong, Tai Chi (or any martial art for that matter) but learning the different movements was extremely easy.

Mr. Du Cane provides very clear instructions with a calm and relaxed voice.

This form is truly about cultivating Qi and highlights the most fundamental principles of Qigong; a raw beginner will benefit greatly simply by following the instructions while trying to integrate the more advanced concepts, which can be done very gradually.

With a strong focus on meditation, it is very soothing. You will probably see results from the very first practice and, over time, this practice can be made as "intense" as you want it to be, as short or as long as you want it to be (the actual form is rather short and easy to memorize - I like to practice it in a GTG fashion, daily).

I have already noticed significant changes in body composition using this DVD along with the Power and Serenity DVDs from The Five Animal Frolics series. This was somewhat unexpected.

These DVDs will certainly keep me busy for many years as I keep studying and practicing this art.

Thank you.

Rated 10/10 Ridiculously simple, but packs a powerful punch!
By Jasdeep Jassal / London, Middx, UK

Initially I did the movements for 30 minutes didn't feel nothing, and thought what a fraud. As I came out of position I felt like a wave of relaxation had hit me if that makes sense. I was freaked out. I do chi gong on weekdays prior to work, helps me refrain from stress. It's simple and straightforward, buy it now!

Rated 9/10 2nd time around
By Kimberly Fritz, M.Om., L.Ac. / Blaine, MN

I owned this originally as a vhs. When my vcr died, I vowed not to replace it (the vcr that is...outdated technology and all )and thus I began lending this vhs out to my patients (I practice Traditional Chinese medicine). It never came back...and that's ok. It gave me an excuse to get the dvd.

I never would have made it through my graduate program without practicing qigong with John. I've tried to work and go to school before, and I always got stressed and sick. I believe qigong helped balance me, in a completely unbalanced lifestyle, enough so that I was able to finish my graduate program in tact!

Rated 10/10 Sets your right into a powerfull stage to relax or to be prepared to go on.
By Thomas / Germany

The video is transporting that feeling of beeing well and "let go" very good. Excellent and easy to follow demonstration. You can unpack the video and get right in front of the monitor and it feels probably as if you are standing in the second row of a Qigong class were you understand everything beside you can not ask anything. I love the concept of split it in parts and than putting it all together on the end. I have a basic knolledge of Qigong, but after this video and in the same way the 5 frolics video from John, you have the foundation to go on or to expand what you allready know.

Rated 10/10 wow -this bliss qigong is for real
By luis / los angeles,ca

i'm a novice in the world of tai chi. been taking wu tai chi for a month. to tell you the truth i'm pretty skeptical about the whole mystical aspect of the internal martial arts-but have since changed my mind the day i received this bliss dvd. i went straight into john's instruction of the 21 movement-i followed him very closely and learned the form. i then proceeded to take my daily walk and felt an extreme peace inside of me and also sensed that i had a protective shield around my body. wow-all after my first day with the dvd. imagine what one would gain after just one year. my skepticism about ima is gone. i look forward to one day to meet mr.john du cane and personally thank him for making this "secret yang qigong" available to us all.

Rated 10/10 serious and credible
By Ron none / Ephrata, PA, USA

I saw John Ducane on you tube teaching a fitness coach qigong, and his deliberate and thorough explanation of each move persuaded me to purchase his video, "Bliss Qigong." He was credible enough to me that I continued the exercises. Then, one day, I actually felt resistance when I pushed my hands together at about two inches from each other. It kind of freaked me out. This stuff is real. Excellent instructor. Excellent video.

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