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10/10 Ectomorph no longer....
By Lionel Martin / Madison WI

I don't want to give much away about Geoffs System but when I first saw the book....I was like I have been doing this stuff for 15 yrs what's he gonna show me that I have not already tried? In the past years there's been sets of 6-12 reps of every sort and number of sets, HIT, HMS, German Hypertrophy Training etc......I thought I had tried almost every conceivable system to help with growth in a mid fourties body where the most LEAN muscle I have gained in a year was 3 lbs. I am the proverbial Greyhound build...well maybe more like a Collie.
Well Geoff, I gained 6 lbs. of lean muscle while reducing my bodyfat by a percent and a half (hydrostatic weighing) in approx 2.5 months......and that was without eating as much as I should have! Call me vain but I was afraid of losing the six pack I worked hard for!
I can't wait to cycle back to your routine ....I am shooting for 8-9 lbs. this time that I know I can shred the lipid!
Geoff's dirty little secret though is that this is functionally stronger (probably due to the time under tension) muscle as well military press went up from 24k to the next bell up without focusing on the press...
One warning however the hard day/top set..... is a is very hard...make sure you have your breathing down to a t feels significantly harder than the snatch test for sure!
Way to go Geoff......
Lionel Martin R.K.C.
Madison, WI

10/10 Worth 50x the cost!
By Scott Ross / Woodstock,IL, United States

I have taught kettlebells for over 2 years now, but prior to this I was an elite level athlete and was honored to work with some of the best coaches and trainers in the country. I can say as a trainer I have read dozens of dozens of books on training both traditional and functional strength training and have learned so much from each one. But I can say that without a doubt I pick up and use Geoff's book every week. I also make all our trainers read it and use it as a resource, there are so many little nuggets throughout the book. It is not my style to track someone down at an event to tell them how much I love their work, but I did that at the 2011 Chicago RKC training. I can say that I hope to grow my relationship with Geoff and learn from him for years to come. We used his system to help train three gentlemen who compete at a National Masters level in the Highland Games and also Strongman events. And to a man they all had massive increases in the overall pure strength and competitive throws and lifts. If you are looking for one resource to push your training to the next level of strength and competitive edge then get this book... actually get two copies because you will mark up and dog ear the first copy and you want to have a back-up copy!

10/10 The REAL 15 min 3 times a week program!!!!!!!!!
By Mike Sousa / Modesto,CA, United States

If you think you have done great muscle building programs in you day then think again. No more need to spend hours and hours in the gym trying to get the build you want. All you need is this book and 15 min a day 3 times a week. I know that sounds like an infomercial but it is no joke. The complexes that Geoff has designed mixed with the different timed rest periods makes you believed you have entered the depths of Hell. It is a very hard program and is not meant for beginners. I went from 210lb up to 225 in 12 weeks! I also lost 6 lb of fat in the process also. It is by far the best results i have ever seen in any program i have done. Geoff is like a sinister genius. You look at the program for the first time and you say to yourself" it doesn't look thaaat bad". But once your deep in it you are wanting to suck your thumb. I looooved this program and if anyone want to really pack on some serious muscle and strength, THIS is the program for you!!!!!!!!!!

10/10 You Need This Book
By Mike Bobson / Long Island, NY

I've collected many books and videos on Kettlebell training and technique. Some good, some not so good, and some downright fradulent. Then i received an email from Dragon Door about this book. I like what Geoff has to say, so i figured i'd give it a try.

Between the explanations of not only how, but why this 12 wk. program works, the technical advice (the big toe squat tip is worth 3x the price of this book alone), and the easy to follow extremely challenging routine, it's the best training resource i've ever purchased. And that says alot. BUY IT. I promise your training will never be the same. Thanks Geoff.

10/10 Maximum Results in Minimum Time
By Mark Bixby, RKC / Santa Fe, NM, USA

I am now on my second full pass through Geoff's 12 week program, and it's just as pleasurable/painful the second time around. The workouts last from 8-10 minutes to 18-20 minutes, so they are perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. At the same time, you never feel "shorted" by these short workouts. Their intensity tricks your body/mind into thinking they've been working for a lot longer. I've just finished week five (using 2 24's) and have added 7 pounds of tough muscle. Maybe more important than the physical gains achieved in this program are the mental gains. This program requires you to push yourself past mental barriers. Mark my words: you will want to put the bells down on the medium/heavy days. But grit your teeth, grip your bells and keep pushing. The satisfaction at the end is worth it. Thanks, Geoff, for this straightforward and demanding program. It's the first kettlebell program I recommend to any student who has the basics of double kettlebell work down.

10/10 So Excited About This Book!!
By Franz Snideman RKC TL / San Diego, CA

Geoff has always been one of my favorite Kettlebell Instructors because he gives you such incredible programs that produce immediate results. I am currently doing Geoff's Kettlebell Burn Program and the results have been awesome. I am gaining muscles and losing fat, a very nice combination. Just finished reading Geoff's new book "Kettlebell Muscle" and I can't wait to get started with it as soon as I am done with Kettlebell Burn. No doubt about it, Geoff makes the BEST programs in the country and as a strength coach myself, Geoff IS MY COACH!!! The Kettlebell complexes and Chains in this book look BRUTAL, yet totally effective!!! If you are serious about putting on muscle and getting strong you will not be dissappointed!!! Congrat's Geoff!!!

10/10 Packs a Major Punch!
By Scott Iardella, MPT, HKC / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Kettlebell Muscle: The Secrets of Compound Lifting is a book that really packs some great information into a concise method for greater, faster strength gains! Geoff put together a great plan of attack that is great for an advanced Kettlebell trainer to use for themselves or with their clients to get a highly time efficient and effective workout in just a few days a week using compound lifting techniques. Great rationale for the program and a great way to change up your current routine for yourself and your advanced clients. But, keep in mind, this is definitely not for the novice or beginner, as stated in the book. A great system to add to your kettlebell arsenal of training, if you're ready to take it to a new level. I definitely recommend Kettlebell Muscle to my fellow Comrades for an innovative and challenging training approach!

10/10 Not under weight restriction anymore, so give it a go!
By Jack / Edinburgh, Scotland

Got into kbs a couple of years ago and couldnt believe how much stronger you could get, in so little time and without gaining masses of weight, this being important due to being at the top of my weight catagory in judo. (didnt want to be the lightest in the catagory above), but now the only fights i will have in my old age are for gradings where i can be as big as i want, and along comes this book! GREAT! ITS FANTASTIC! Its so simply laid out, concise and bloody convincing! I have 8 weeks on this program to test its claims out before another fight, its all laid out clearly for even an idiot like me to follow, and i will, though it sounds like my food bill will rocket. Strong like Pavel says and buffed up?TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Will feed back, but up to now i am extremely happy to have found this book, it will add an uncomfortable but rewarding chapter to my kb experience i am sure.

10/10 Small book-
By James Doolen / Joplin, MO. USA

- but big in information. I have been wanting to start double complexes and chains for a while and even though I thought I knew enough, I am glad I got this. Geoff makes it all perfectly clear on all aspects of this training. I know now that what I knew was not right.
So, this is not a big read, but well worth the money to have a complete understanding of the training. Plus he has put in some ready made programs for the lazy, like me ;).
The only other thing I can add is, this training might seem simple and easy but I think it really is almost, or is, as hard as doing VO2. So don't go in lightly or you will be surprised to see your lunch hitting the floor.

10/10 Damn Solid Book!
By Zach Even - Esh / NJ

I snagged Geoff's book and I dig it a lot. LOVE the stories of his workouts with the collegiate wrestlers and his influence of using Kettlebell complexes and couplets after learning from powerful olympic lifters and overseas Coaches.

The book is to the point and effective, the workouts are solid for busy guys like myself who still want to get stronger and pack on muscle, as well as being a great source for training others.

It's a damn solid book and I honestly wish Geoff unleashed more of his kick ass experience, I'll pick up part II if there is one!!

Thanks, Geoff!!!

10/10 Savage workouts = Eyepopping Results
By Russ Moon / Richmond, VA USA

My SSST max going into this Kettlebell Muscle program was 221 in 9 mins so I had what I thought was a little base conditioning going. I had violated party direction and performed some dual kettlebell movements which I thought were really powerful, then got my ETK act Geoff's suggestion and said "Now what, I want some type of shock treatment."

I have tried some of Master RKC Instuctor Neupert's coaching based on comments he had made on his blog so I bought the book Kettlebell Muscle.

Shock and Awe, a full head on collision with power, endurance (or my lack of it), heart pounding exertion, sweating that lasted well after the workout ended. All this with big claims of muscle mass gain in 1 HR or so of working out a week while also increasing strength, endurance, huge metabolic boost etc. Pretty Tall Order

I have found these workouts are reshaping my physique rapidly, my abdominal strength and ability to "get tight" has improved, my endurance has improved, my ability to generate power has get the picture.

On Medium Day Week #3 and have gained 10 pounds so far while losing more flab. I feel like an animal. It has blown me away to be honest, but again I am learning that with these techniques I don't necessarily have to understand them for them to work for me.

What I need to do is lay my hands on the kettlebells and follow the workout. Worth the money, watching myself explode with muscle daily and looking forward to experiencing the rewards of completing the first 6 weeks. I am definitely "enjoying the pain".

10/10 Exquisite Torture
By Jennifer Urbano, HKC / Orange, CT

Knowing that I needed to work with double kettlebells - I began the "Kettlebell Muscle" program approximately 5 weeks ago as part of my preparation for the upcoming RKC weekend in Orlando this October.

I had started the program with a pair of 20lb KBs (use what you have right?) not sure that I would be able to use the 12kgs KBs and "survive".. After the first couple of weeks, feeling that I wasnt living up to the program's potential, I made the switch to using double 12kgs KBs.
I almost can't believe that I have been able to continue on week to week, set to set. The strength results for me have come fairly quickly, and the changes in my upper body are undeniable. (One of my young staff members recently remarked to me last week that I looked "jacked")

Each week has been a lesson in the most exquisite torture that I could possibly imagine. Geoff knows just how far you can push without trying to go out too far. His explanation of the exercises are concise - and the notes he shares are invaluable. The accompanying photographs are burned into my mind, I know exactly what I am striving for with each rep.

I alternately curse and praise Geoff Neupert while gasping for air during the rest periods between sets.

If you are looking for a program that will make you stronger, push you further than you thought you could go and yet it can still fit into your busy life, then this program is for you.

Thank you Geoff for making me stronger.

10/10 I have never had anything work like this program
By Eric Olsen / Tremonton, UT USA

I have been a lightweight ever since I was a skinny kid. Most of my life, I have never been more than 150 pounds at 5'10" except for a couple of years when I was eating fast food 3 times a day as a desk jockey. After discovering RKC and starting to understand the approach towards strength and function, I read the reviews for the newly minted Kettlebell Muscle. It all sounded too good to be true, but I was stuck on a plateau with Pavel's Enter The Kettlebell and still stuck around 150 pounds. So I decided to follow Geoff's program to the letter. Boy was that the recipe! Simple but not easy. There have been a couple of times that I have been overwhelmed with physical panic on the heavy day, but I am learning that this is as much mental as physical. At age 50 I have gained both muscle size as well as density. I am a little more than half way through the cycle and most of my muscle measurements have increased at least an inch. I am hoping for 1-2 inches gained on average by the time I am done. That may not sound like much progress to a lot of guys, but speaking as the eternal "hard gainer" this is the most amazing growth I have ever had from any program. As a side bonus, my back, hips, knees and ankles feel better than I ever remember and I know I have never been this flexible before. I am amazed. Best money I have spent.

10/10 Don't confuse the brevity of this book with its value
By Brad Ellis, RKC / Alpine, CA

This book goes a long way in supporting the notion that really good things come in small packages. While the book is relatively brief, the concepts and the descriptions of exercises and routines are outstanding. Geoff has developed a system that lays out a very logical and effective program that takes a minimum amount of time, but make no mistake, there is a trade-off, the workouts are brutal. Einstein wrote "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler" Geoff has achieved that goal. You won't be disappointed with your purchase.

10/10 Deceptively Simple; Deceptively Challenging
By David Alianiello / Reynoldsburg, OH

Entered the 12 week program with some doubts: a few basic exercises that I have been doing for years, when am I going to train my biceps, seems too easy. Yeah, right. Three of us started the program and I am the only one to complete the full 12 weeks. The others found it to be too tough. BTW I'm 56 y/o, my workout buddies are under 30 y/o. The nasty secret is double kettlebells, especially the snatch. Talk about heart-pounding core, leg and upper extremity strengthening, coordination and balance all rolled into this one evil exercise. I didn't take measurements before, but I definitely gained some significant size, even my biceps! And people noticed...

10/10 Great Gains!
By Phil Ross: RKC team Leader / Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Thank you Geoff for putting this book out! Not only is Kettlebell Muscle full of great information on how to build greater mass with dual bells and complex circuits, but it's a great read. The history of how Geoff got to where he was to where he is today...a lot of "Muscle Heads" can relate to his story.
I been able to use the information not only for my personal gains, but for my clients as well. I have a great deal of Football players and Wrestlers. I've been able to apply the principals advocated in the book to help my clients to meet their goals.
Do you have any plans for a Kettlebell Muscle 2? If so, sign me up!

3/10 Very disappointed with this book
By Gail Lecuyer / Coats, NC

I previously trained by the workouts outlined in Body Sculpting for Women by Lorna Kleidman. I completed her book (GREAT WORKOUTS!! VERY CHALLENGING!) so I was searching for a new routine. Unfortunately KB Muscle does not live up to the claims made by the author. I started the first 6-week program with enthusiasm but after two weeks felt like I was not getting what I needed so I increased my KB size. I followed the program exactly as outlined but at the end of the 6 weeks I had gained a couple of pounds (expected) but my waist had increased by 1 inch (NOT expected!) The workouts were not long enough to tire me and 3x a week is not enough for me. I was hardly ever sore which made me feel that the program was not challenging me. I have requested a refund and returned to my previous workouts with Body Sculpting for Women.

10/10 Double Kettebell work is where it's at.
By Paul Hafner RKC / Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, United States

On two separate occassions I have spoken to Geoff about what a great program Kettlebell Muscle was. Most recently, at the Summit of Strength, I promised him that I would share my thoughts with everyone else. If you haven't done much work with double kettlebells you are truly missing out, double kettlebell work is where it is at. Twice the amount of work in the same period of time. The workouts are gruelling but short in duration. I was doing the complexes with the 28 kgs but had to drop down to the 24 kgs. once I started the chains.
When I was done with the program single kettlebell exercises seemed like childs play. I am bigger and stronger with less bodyfat, you can't go wrong with this program. When I finished the program I was estatic that Geoff recommended to take a break from this type of training for a while...but honestly it's been a few months and I keep noticing the book on the shelf..almost time for round two.

10/10 Great results, the most time efficient way ever!
By Gabi Katschthaler, RKC TL / Debrecen, Hungary

After passing my RKC Level 2 I was thinking about what next, and I realized I had already trained for all kinds of goals, strength, endurance, fat loss, but never for building mass... I was not into getting big that much, actually (I think most women aren't), but as a professional the project somehow intrigued me. It was kind of an experiment, before putting any of my clients on this program.

So I bought Kettlebell Muscle and followed Geoff's instructions to the letter. Including nutrition, which, after having been on the WD for so long, was actually more difficult than the training part :)

The workouts were tough, but doable. And short! I admit I was kinda skeptic, I couldn't imagine how just a few minutes only 3 times a week with not all too heavy weights could produce the results promised. But I trusted Geoff and I was right.

In 3 months I put on about 6 kg, or 13 lb - no worries, ladies, they all went to the right places, no thick waist and huge thighs here! And that as a female, over 40, without really wanting to!!

So guys, if you want to get big, what's holding you back?!? :)

10/10 Not for the Feint of Heart
By Paul / Rochester, NY

KB Muscle is an extremely easy to read book with an extremely easy to follow program for strength development. Contrarily, the program is very difficult to perform. It is not for the "feint of heart". You must be motivated because you will (as Geoff states in the book)be sore, tired, and hungry between workouts. You'll be sucking too much wind while working out to think about these consequences! Seriously, the program is logical in its' progression but I believe that only the dedicated will follow through. With the appropriate sized bells, it's a TOUGH series of workouts.

10/10 Another great book from Dragon Door
By Dustin / Rochester, NY

I'm not quite ready to take on the whole program yet, because it's incredibly demanding physically... But I'm able to use a bunch of the material in the book to step up my current training, so that I'll be able to get into the program in 2-3 months. The benefits and gains I've seen from applying only pieces of this book have been very motivating; I can't wait to reap the rewards of the full program once I get my S&C up to snuff.

10/10 Kettlebell Muscle- Give it a shot!
By Doug J / South Royalton, VT USA

I have only gone through two complete weeks of the twelve-week program laid out in Kettlebell Muscle, however- so far, so good! So good it hurts, as a matter of fact :) I'll let you know how it goes as the weeks progress. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the Kettlebell Muscle program. Only 45 minutes or less training per week? I am used to going 45 minutes in one session! From a minute and a half to two minutes rest between sets? I'm used to tabata cycles! Only 3 sets? And on and on my brain protests...However, I decided to give it a shot and strictly follow the program. Like I said above: so far, so good. My heart pounds nearly out of my chest as I near the end of each complex, my grip wants to give out, my muscles burn, and the sweat pours out. I'm thankful for the longer rest, and can't help but notice with a bit of anxiety that as the weeks progress the rest period shortens while the number of sets increase. No more skepticism here. I think I'll keep stickin' to the program, and follow the Master's advice!

10/10 A must read if you want some real muscle.
By Dfranyo / Charleston, SC

Anybody who ever asked," why can't I pack on muscle?" - needs to read this book
I am on week # 2 and I can tell it's already working.

9/10 So far so great.
By Sergio / Burbank, CA USA

The information leading up to the workouts in this book is great, learned a lot of new information and more importantly understand the why's. The workouts themselves are awesome, I did not realize how double kettlebell lifting intensify a workout. I am always looking forward to the next one. Great book Geoff.

8/10 An Interesting Twist to KB training
By Chuck D / Charlotte, NC

Thoroughly enjoyed Geoff's book. It's an easy read, chock full of good information. Appreciated his directness on how to perform his 12 week workout, as well as suggestions for integrating complexes/chains into your regular strength workouts.

10/10 Awesome!!
By Steve / Australia

Simple and effective, i have used complexes and chains with barbell movements in the past, but the Program created here is fool proof. Get bigger super quick by eating lots of good quality food and following this program!

10/10 Whoa What Happened???
By Evan / Powell, Ohio

Hey Geoff,
I'm 51 years of age. Long time fitness "freak" I was given a copy of your latest book KB Muscle. It looked challenging to say the least. I have been using the program for about 10 weeks. I have unintentionally put on about 10lbs and look / feel great. I have never seen these kind of changes that quickly and at age 51 it is extremely impressive. While the workouts can be brutal at times, I find them very satisfying and challenging. I ran a few miles the other day for something different and was surprised how quickly I recovered. The cardio / metobolic conditioning part of the program is incredible. Thanks again.

By Scott Herman, RKC II / Lenoir, N.C.

What can I say, KB Muscle is everything I thought it would be and more. It is so easy a cave man can do it. When I say easy, I'm not talking about the program, I'm talking about how the program is laid out and described in the book. Geoff did a great job of putting this program together and giving suggestions for your nutrition and eating. The program itself was very challenging and demanding. I was very humbled by it. But the payoff was very beneficial. I was able to gain 13 lbs in 12 weeks. Each session is short and on the heavy days you're glad it is. I was able to see more visible muscle in a lot of body parts, especially legs, shoulders and upper back. I was able to gain more strength from this program. The carry over to my next program (RTK) was very noticeable. I got stronger by using moderate weight for short amounts of time thanks to Geoff and KB Muscle. Each day had their own variation of sequence and order which kept it fresh. I loved the advice that Geoff gave about nutrition, especially the eat a lot part. Each day of the program did exactly what it said it would do. Each day felt like a workout and was brief (thanks agin for the brief part). I was very challenged and I did question my manhood several times, but again it was worth it. I was very tired and I was able to sleep well at night. My heart rate did increase significantly and my grip was about to fail every time. But like it said, I was able to experience new muscle growth. The KB Muscle program does deliver. Geoff is a brillant man. Thanks again. I look forward to another program of this caliber.

10/10 Fun, Drama and Muscle
By Martino / Albuquerque New Mexico USA

We all want the highest quality of life in relation to physical fitness and everything that comes with that including feelings of accomplishment, increased capabilities and sublime emotional states gained from concentrated effort. Kettlebell Muscle is a physical fitness engine that delivers something real something sublime in several dimensions. Do you want to be maxed out and go to the edge(more than once)? Do you want to confront a worthy opponent, the front KB squat? Do you want to commit to consistent improvement? Do you want to increase strength endurance, core fitness and systemic fitness all at the same time? There is real fun and drama with these workouts. The feelings at the end of a workout are tremendous. There are other feelings you must experience to get there.

Practically, this has been a KB reinassance for me. I really needed to leave variety behind and focus on results with a concentrated program. And be accountable. Everything is laid out here and my body is gaining muscle--fast. I am also becoming more cut which must mean fat percentage is decreasing. This was another big goal to decrease my body fat percentage. Finally. I newly appreciate KBs for their range of motion, practicality and space requirements in the home, and their shape and pure mass. Thanks much Geoff for this super program

8/10 good stuff
By Mike B / Rockwall, TX

Great info. Understandable foundation for his techniques. I would've liked more combinations of workouts included.

10/10 Straight to the point!
By Daniel de Sousa / Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRAZIL

I cannot, yet, state that the workouts are easy, medium, hard or "where's-my-other-lung?" in terms of difficulty, since I'm only in the second of 12 weeks. I can say I've already been challenged, though all exercises were familiar.
The book itself feels like a 1 hour seminar, covering all the basics and giving you a feeling of completeness. Doesn't jump right into the workout, but neither does it digress in answering everything about kettlebells, compounds and chains.
Two thoumbs up!

9/10 It's in the programming!
By Neil / England, Co Durham

Initially I was a little disappointed with the book having read some of Geooffs' articles on complexes in the past. It seemed to be a repetition of what I'd read before. Obviously the seen has to be set before the program is presented and this is the most valuable part.

Anyone can throw some exercises together to create a complex but developing a full program takes knowldege and experience. This book lays everything out for you in full giving progressions and developments along the way.

The workouts are brutal if you pick the right weight and you get that feeling of dread on heavy day before you begin your session. I started with double 24kg bells but that was a little too ambitious and I've settled on 20kg bells which have just arrived for my run through the whole program.

Buy the book follow it through the whole 12 weeks and build some Kettlebell Muscle.

As a side note, delivery to the UK was quick and I did not incur any additional taxes.

9/10 plateau buster
By Lance Kabot / Hermanus, Other South Africa

A concise, profesional book with a well designed programme to follow.
A great plateau buster for people well versed in the correct form of kettlebell training.
Be prepared to work harder than you thought possible - a serious challenge awaits!

5/10 That's almost 50 cents a page!
By Timothy Gipkik / Seoul, Korea

Oh yeah! Some good workouts, but at an exorbitant price! Choose RKB instead. A much better deal. And no, the thinking that Geoff Neupert charges $100 an hour is simply not good enough. This is a mass produced and generic publication, not an individualized workout.

10/10 Great!
By Brian / Lower Merion, PA

Great book. Explains chains and complexes. Get it!

6/10 must do better!
By Faiz / USA

Sure, Neupert is great he really knows his stuff, and judging by his beating of the 'beast challenge' hes a helluva lifter also. I own kettlebells and use them as part of a body building split (this high rep stuff isnt for me I'm afraid) and so I thought this was the book for me.

It's pretty good, I must say. It is very high quality, but I am disappointed also. It really is over priced. If you take out the adds and blanks theres barely 60 pages here. Its just not enough to justify the price tag. It's nearly 2 bucks per page!!!

Given the massive knowledge this man has, couldn't he have at least dug another 50 pages out of his brain?

Sorry Geoff, but its too much money, not enough pages. And you know it. I hope dragon door dont keep going down this route (as they did for Viking Warrior Conditioning.)

By SSG Skeens / Fort Bragg, NC USA

This is an outstanding advanced kettlebell training program for intermediate girevoy athlete who wants to take it to the next level. It's simple, time efficient, extremely intense, and a lot of fun. I give it my highest recommendation!

10/10 Simple and Effective Results - but it's not Easy
By Steve Rowe, RKC / Kettlebell Daily, West Haven CT USA

Geoff is genius.

The program is Simple. 3 days per week. No session longer than 30 minutes.

Effective? Yup! At 50 years in this gravity I should have trouble putting on lean mass and losing fat mass; NOT on this program... I just started week 9 and have gained 5 lbs of muscle and lost 7 lbs of fat. I did not eat enough... could not eat enough and still gained 5 lbs lean mass and according to the measurements it's in my arms!

If you are a busy person this is for you. We all need more lean mass as we age, get yours now!

I just opened my Kettlebell Gym in the middle of this program... and did not lose ground and only had to shift a few training sessions around... As busy as I've been these last weeks I still made progress on Kettlebell Muscle.

Thank you Geoff for; a program well worth 10 times the published price, and an easily digestible book.

If you are questioning the price (you know you did) STOP! The results you will get by spending $30 would cost easily $2,500 or more.

Spend the money and quit donuts for a month - then DO THE WORK!

8/10 Implementing the Training Principles of Kettlebell Muscle
By Bruce Kelly, MS, CSCS / Swarthmore, Pa.

Geoff's book is concise, informative and practical and provides the foundation and understanding necessary to implement kettlebell complexes into your training.
I have commenced the 6 week program, with some personal variations to accomodate my own "issues." So far so good and I will be interested to see how I feel after 6 weeks. May go on to the next phase.

8/10 Very informative and thought provoking
By Thomas / Texas

I've been involved in powerlifting for over 40 years but have never used kettlebells until recently. Kettlebell Muscle is very informative, to the point and explains the how and why of doing the exercises and routines. I believe anyone who purchases the book and follows Mr. Nuepert's instructions will benifit by increased strength and conditioning.

9/10 Efficiency at its best
By Don Malec / Akron, OH USA

The book provides a wealth of information in explaining why kettlebells are so effective and efficient if you want to increase your strength and power -- read this section twice -- it's that good.

The work outs appear too easy on paper but once you try them, you'll find out they are 'real'. I did not finish the full 12 weeks because I had to undergo knee surgery (not caused by KBs). In fact, my recovery is ahead of schedule (per my doctor) because I was working out with kettlebells.

If you're short on time (to workout) I highly recommend this book. My only negative comment is the book has several typos but this does not detract from the great workouts.

10/10 Great program and book
By Dale / Boca Raton, FL

I am using this book right now for me and my kettlebell training clients. Not only is the program great there are also a lot of good tips in there that I also use to teach my clients, and myself.

8/10 Brief, Direct and Intense
By Mike / Atlanta, GA

Like the book, I found the workouts to be brief, direct and intense. I really enjoyed them!
If I read Mr. Neupert right, he'd say I didn't follow his program for the following reasons: I never get more than 7 hours sleep; I don't like to eat a lot; I still continued with some of my other workouts during the 12 weeks. That said, I did every KBM workout except the light day of week 9 on schedule by the calendar and stop watch.
Here's what I got out of it after 12 weeks:
I added 4kg to my max snatch and max press. I added 3 reps to my max pull-ups, which I did not expect. My squat improved significantly, but it's hard to tell how much due to my limited weight supply in my basement. I gained 5 pounds, but look like I lost body fat (and I was skinny before). My wife started complementing me on my shoulders, which hasn't happened since I left the military 14 years ago.
I'm just an average 40+ family man who likes to work out with kettlebells, not RKC, not a trainer and not a Dragondoor strong man, but I'd recommend the book. After a few months, I'm planning to go through the 12 weeks again, and this time, I'll focus more on the nutrition side to see if I can get even more out of it.

10/10 Delivers as promised
By Marcus Eskilsson, RCK / Malmoe Sweden

This book is the complete package. It will tell you how to eat, how to sleep, and how to train. It also includes good information on how to perform the techniques used in the book. Easy and a fun read, while the actual workout regimen is anything but easy it sure is a lot of fun and delivers a good amount of muscle mass. This book, a pair of kettlebells, and a new wardrobe a size or two bigger for wearing when you're done is all you need.

10/10 Kettlebell Muscle - Quick and Effective
By Mike Horan / Poway, CA USA

Geoff's program is very effective and efficient, timewise. I've been using Kettlebell Muscle for two week and have seen an improvement in strength and a change in my physical appearance. I'm 68 years old and to see the type of changes I've seen, in two weeks, is pretty impressive and a credit to the program design. Like all fitness programs, you get out of it, what you put into it. It's a very demanding workout and develops a high level of mental toughness. The book is very well written, the exercises are explained in great detail and I highly recommend Kettlebell Muscle to anyone looking for a quick and demanding workout.

9/10 KB muscle
By Mike Elliott / Home, USA

Looking forward to the 12 week workout.

10/10 My Favorite DragonDoor Book!!!
By Matt / KY, USA

I have purchased nearly every book DragonDoor has offered and this one has me the most excited! I have always enjoyed working with Complexes and this book has the entire program layed out for you. No guesswork, just read the book and begin. I look forward to implementing kettlebell muscle and reaping it's rewards.

10/10 One of the toughest workout programs I ever did!
By John G / NJ, USA

Without question a brutally effective routine. Literally one stop shopping of strength, cardio benefits and body composition improvement in a fifteen minute or less workout. More is not better with this routine....simply follow it!

10/10 Worth It, Even If You Don't Want To Build Muscle
By Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader / Ridgewood, NJ, USA

I bought Geoff's book out of curiosity - I'm not interested in adding muscle and neither is anyone I train at the moment. However, the complexes in Kettlebell Muscle are very useful things, even without trying to build muscle. E.g., if you're looking to be time-efficient in your workouts, what better way than performing several sets of different exercises in a row without putting the bells down? A strength-focused athlete could literally have a 1-minute workout using some of these complexes, and anyone can also get a fine workout by following the template but using longer rest periods - again, the focus will be more on strength and less on muscle-building or conditioning.

The take-home point about Kettlebell Muscle for me is this - I've known about the concept of complexes for a long time, but I never used them before because I didn't want to take the time or, frankly, the risk to think through all the possibilities in order to come up with complexes that are safe yet effective. Geoff's done all the work for me, and now my training toolbox has expanded in several, very useful ways. Thank you, Geoff.

10/10 Wow
By Tushar S / West Des Moines, United States


8/10 Great program
By George K / Brooklyn, USA

The program is phenomenal. I haven't even gotten halfway through and I'm already seeing some pretty good results. Within the first few chapters, it becomes apparent that the author knows what he's talking about. The book is full of useful tips that make a huge difference. Who knew that persistent knee pain could be completed avoided just by tweaking the foot position and focusing on where you're loading the weight?

I would have given the book a 10/10; however, there is some repetition, which means the book a bit on the short side, and some glaring errors make me think it was rushed through the editorial process. Some might it's unfair to dock points for typos, but small errors on a page can translate into huge, sometimes dangerous errors, in practice, especially for less experienced readers.

Long story short - Book - 6/10; Program - 10/10

10/10 Want Muscle Without Silly Bodybuilding Routines?
By Caleb Lee / Fredericksburg, United States

Neupert speaks of that which he knows--building functional, STRONG muscle with kettlebells.

In Kettlebell Muscle he wastes no time, which is great. Just simple and to the point:

-- here's why you should listen to me
-- here's why you want to use double kb's
-- here's the type of exercises we're going to utilize and why it's going to rock
-- here's the routine
-- here's the FAQ
-- get to it!

Pure. Simple. And Works.

Maybe I'll update this review when I finally work up the courage to attack the double KB's I have sitting in the garage gym (focusing on barbell work now ... which as you might have guessed ... I've used some of Geoff's same secrets there too!)

Great book!

8/10 Great program for a not so great price
By Dmitri Poltavski / Grand Forks, ND, USA

I loved the program, tried it out for a week while still being in my powerlifting phase. Quickly realized that Geoff was absolutely right when he said that if you want the most gains from the program, do not combine it with anything else. I can't wait to start using it after my power-lifting cycle is over. My only complaint, as is the case with some of the reviewers, is the price of the program. $30 for two pages of tables and the description of exercises (which are mostly blown-out photos) is a bit steep, probably not worthy of the name "book", but otherwise a top quality booklet.

9/10 Kettlebell Muscle, the Real Deal!
By Bill Atha / Kent, OH, USA

I knew if I followed this program I would see results, but even I was surprised with how well this program worked. I am 39 years old and have tried a lot of different programs in my day, but KB Muscle clearly got me stronger and put more muscle on me than any other program I've tried, and that was only after the 1st 6 week phase. My previous best with a 100lb. KB was 3 reps in the strict overhead press, but with this program I increased that to 9 reps with my right arm and 8 with my left. Geoff Neupert hit a home run with this program. I wish I could go back in time and use double KB's and Geoff's program when I was playing Div. I football. Excellent book/program Geoff! I can't wait to see what you come out with next.

10/10 Of the Highest Quality
By Philip J / Miami, FL, United States

It's difficult to put into words how much I like KB Muscle!
I have one week left on KBM before finishing the program. After I finish, I plan to follow more of Geoff's programming. Geoff really understands proper progression and everything is laid out in a simple, "do this" manner. No confusion.

After 11 weeks so far I have...
- Gained a considerable amount of strength
- Added a solid amount of muscle to my shoulders, traps, legs and forearms
- Become leaner than I ever have been

And to think all of the above was accomplished working out less than an hour a week! Now, of course, the time spent working out is highly intense. In fact, often after completing a heavy day I would, gasping for air, have a hard time believing what I had just done...literally unable to process the metabolic overload. You'll be happy most workouts last around 10-15 minutes The feeling the rest of day after a workout is bliss - everything seems so easy and relaxed.
More shoulders are broader, my waste is narrower. I feel so good.

Commit to the workouts and you will see results.

8/10 Good book!
By John / Ohio

I like the author's writing style and the program laid out in this book but it is very short. $30 for 75 pages, with at least 10 pages with large photographs is a little steep. But really the value lies in the program so I'm glad I bought it.

There are also some glaring typos within the book.

10/10 Gain Muscle and work capacity
By Mike Moran / Tucson, Arizona, USA

Only through week 5 so far and my arms have grown,my back has grown. Work capacity is increased quite a bit. This program works!!! You will be wiped some days and eat responsibly!

10/10 Simple, makes sense and humbles you
By Chris N / So, Cal, USA

this is a great book, these complexes are brutal when you get above the 24s but I can already feel and see the difference. Can't wait to get up to the 36s.

8/10 Love Geoff's stuff
By Carol A / SW, MI, USA

This is a solid book that gets you into Geoff's double kettle bell work. The program is readily adaptable to the skills he lays out. At the same time, the program is at the end of less than 100 pages, so there's a lot of explanatory stuff that I thought was a bit pricey for $29.95 plus shipping. If you have his STRONG, this doesn't add a whole lot unless you want to be really comprehensive about every thing that Geoff has done. There's nice warm up series if you're not sure you're up for it (and in my 50s I play it cautiously) by Mark Reifkind at

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