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10/10 Terrific trainer & a real kettlebell master
By Gordon Sommers / Washington, USA

After years of fooling around with Pavel's kettlebell books, I decided it was time to get serious about my strength & health and find a trainer who could really show me how to do that various moves and train me in the dragon door style with kettlebells. Ryan delivered and then some - I have learned so much in the past few months working with him, and seen real results in terms of strength and conditioning as well. Ryan is very motivational if that's something you're looking for (it has helped me maintain consistency in my workouts), but what really makes him shine is that he truly teaches you. I'm writing this while the whole area is shut down due to COVID-19, and I feel so well prepared to keep working out at home using just a few kettlebells and the highly effective movements that Ryan has shown me (Ryan has also made himself available via Zoom during this time so we can keep up momentum). Ryan is a real kettlebell enthusiast and I guarantee you'll enjoy learning with him and getting fit.

10/10 Excellent Trainer, Excellent Results
By Ary Levy / Silver Spring, USA

I’m writing to review my kettlebell training sessions with Ryan Jankowitz. They were a great experience where I learned valuable lessons. I didn’t take lessons for back pain, but I found that the exercises and posture helped my back much more than physical therapy I took years ago. I had studied and worked hard on a few books teaching how to swing kettlebells. When I took lessons with Ryan, he brought my skills to an entirely new level. He has a deep knowledge of the minutia of technique and his attention to detail made a huge difference in my kettlebell training. When I did an exercise such as a swing, what Ryan taught helped me to exercise better, use and feel my body in a much more efficient way and have a more positive training experience. Since starting with Ryan I have not had a single exercise injury. I feel better, physically and mentally. I found training sessions with Ryan to be a positive and valuable experience. His lessons stick. With the training tools he’s given me, I hope achieve many more years of great workouts.

10/10 The ideal instructor
By Andrew Armstrong / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is fantastic to work with; equal parts knowledgeable and patient. The ideal trainer. Its hard to come to training with less knowledge than I did, and he made the transition to training as positive as one could hope for. What is more, he is also genuinely kindhearted and personable. To close: if you're looking for someone to work with, gratz, your search is done.

10/10 A Knowledgeable and Patient Instructor
By Ev Clark / Alexandria, United States

Ryan has done personal training for my wife & me for the last six months. He has been very understanding of my physical limitations (chronic back pain) and has designed an exercise plan that helps us build core strength without aggravating my injury. He has helped me improve my form on pushups, planks, squats, and all kinds of kettlebell exercises. Highly recommended.

10/10 Great support for energy system develoment
By Scot Holliday / Wasington, USA

I went to Ryan wanting to have more awareness in my shoulders and increase my energy level. I had been doing Ashtanga yoga daily for 6 months and some jogging. I signed up to do 8 weekly personal training sessions with Ryan. By the 3rd week I was able to do a few basic kettle bell exercises. I found doing the kettle bell correctly for 10-20 minutes after doing yoga, increased my energy level another 20%. I also quickly had more strength in my shoulders. Kettle bell helped me engage more muscles, get more grounded, and strengthen my body. Ryan is a solid teacher. He listens well, is very positive, and is expert at teaching kettle bell. He let me make short videos at the end of each training session giving me reminders on what we covered. I now see it as a life long practice I can use anytime I like. It is nice even doing kettle bell for 3 minutes to get an energy boost. Using correct form and breathing makes kettle bell much more beneficial and energizing.

10/10 As good as they come!
By Janene Besch / Arlington, USA

I started seeing Ryan for personal training sessions after my back locked up. I knew I needed to do something but I was petrified that doing any form of workout would send it into spasms again. Enter Ryan. He made sure that we slowly built up my strength so that it didn't happen again, all the while making sure that I was using proper form, engaging the correct muscles, and getting in a good work out. I cannot thank him enough for the progress that I have made and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and progressional trainer, whether you are recovering from an injury or are an athlete.

10/10 Knowledgeable, Practical, Professional
By Salomon De La Cruz / Fairfax, USA

I first met Ryan after searching the local area for kettlebell classes. At the time I met him, I was a novice getting by on YouTube videos. But when I started experiencing back pain, I knew there were issues with my form and my desire to keep going with kettlebells compelled me to see professional help. Within a day of emailing Ryan, he responded and we met less than a week later. Ryan’s expertise was critical in correcting form issues, which led to alleviating pain. More importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different kettlebell routines that prevented the workouts from getting stale. It’s been five months since i’ve been working with Ryan and my enthusiasm for kettlebell workouts continues to rise. Thanks to his routines (tailored with my specific goals in mind) I’ve seen personal gains in both strength and endurance. I look forward to continuing my work with Ryan and would recommend him to anyone looking for an affable fitness professional.

10/10 Technique Expert
By Faatimah Muhammad / Alexandria, United States

I began training with Ryan in Sept 2018 after 18 months of physical therapy due to several injuries (hip, ankle, shoulder and knee) and surgeries. I was scheduled for one more surgery in Nov 18 to replace the labrum in my left hip. This was the second tear in the same hip within four years. My physical therapist recommended that I start working with a personal trainer to continue to build strength, flexibility, and functional movement before the surgery. At the time surgery appeared to be the only viable option to alleviate the daily pain and discomfort. After working with Ryan for about two months I felt stronger, had no severe pain, and canceled my surgery! He introduced me to kettlebells, how to breathe properly, and stretches to strengthen my body overall. I am deadlifting weight I never thought was possible, doing pushups, and performing kettlebell routines to strengthen my total body. Most importantly he is a technique expert and I feel stronger than I have in years. Working with Ryan has definitely improved the quality of my life. Thanks Ryan!

10/10 Excellent Experience
By Mark James / Washington D.C., United States

After spending countless hours with other trainers and watching online videos, my form still needed work. Ryan's training is excellent in multiple ways. First, he conveniently comes to your home. I didn't have to drive 30+ minutes to a specialized gym (he even brought a few kettlebells for me to try out!). Second, he has a present zen-like demeanor that allowed me to concentrate on my form and not feel rushed. Third, he gives excellent cues. If something's not working, he's found a few different ways for me to understand the techniques and execute them perfectly. Hire him.

10/10 Terrific Trainer!
By Emmy Scandling / Silver Spring, USA

I started working with Ryan to help alleviate some chronic neck and back pain as well as to help keep me accountable to workouts. In just a few short months, Ryan's workouts have helped alleviate my pain and stiffness to the point where I am more active and almost pain free. He's terrifically positive, knowledgable and patient. He also works with me to change movements/workouts in case of pain or discomfort. All in all, a great trainer, and I would absolutely recommend him.

10/10 Big Goals
By Max F. / Alexandria, United States

I love working with Ryan to reach new goals. He knows how to push limits without risking injury. We work together to plan short term goals that lead to long term well being. He is responsive to how I am feeling all while keeping me on the short and long term plans. Best trainer I've had in the past 11 years.

10/10 Great trainer who listens to what you need!
By Meredith Hurt / Alexandria, US

I've been fortunate to work with Ryan for the past two years at Fitness on the Run. When I had a hip injury (not due to working out), Ryan was, and continues to be, great with modifying our routines to ensure I keep fit while recovering from injury. He is always reminding me to slow down and really do each move with proper form, regardless if I'm doing weights or not. As I travel often for work, Ryan makes sure that I have workouts "on the go" as well, which has helped to keep up my routine when out of town. He is truly a trainer that listens to his clients, pushing them when needed but always making sure that they are receiving the best workout for their body that day.

10/10 Great attention to form!
By Allison D. / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is an excellent trainer and coach. He takes the time to carefully explain the proper form and technique and continues to tweak my moves to make sure I am getting the most benefit while being safe. He even trained me during my pregnancy - until just a week before my baby was born! Throughout that time, I always felt strong, healthy and safe during my workouts with Ryan. He is great!

10/10 Professional and Caring Personal Trainer
By Elaine P / Alexandria, USA

From my first fitness assessment with Ryan, I knew he would be a great choice to train with going forward. His attention to detail and thorough knowledge of technique was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. He is always able to create a new and challenging workout program. Ryan has taught me strong kettlebell techniques as well as mixing in new exercises to keep workouts interesting. Initially, I was worried about injury or my ability, but Ryan is able to accurately assess in a thoughtful way when to add weight or reps to the fitness plan. His calm and encouraging demeanor makes me look forward to my workout program, which is a change from past personal training experiences. Going forward, I anticipate continuing my fitness journey with Ryan and learning more about strength training and growing stronger.

10/10 Thank you, Ryan!
By Dominika Cihanova / Alexandria, Usa

Ryan is the best trainer I could ever wished for. He is knowledgeable, professional and precise. From coaching standpoint, Ryan is patient, creative and encouraging.

10/10 Great Coach
By Coach Fury / BROOKLYN, USA

I've known Ryan for years but he we finally go to work together when he assisted me at an RKC and RKC 2. Ryan is an extremely smart and caring coach. As a Master Instructor, I know that I can trust Ryan to back me up and look after the candidates. I highly recommend him. -Fury

10/10 The quiet professional
By Joe Boffi / New York, usa

Ryan is an amazing instructor. He is very precise and can point into words some of the most complex ideas. No matter what your goal this man will get you there.

10/10 One of the best around
By Jason Kapnick / New York, USA

I attended the RKC2 certification last wekeend, and was lucky enough to have Ryan as an instructor at the course. Ryan's knowledge and technique of kettlebells are as good as any instructor out there. His demonstrations of technique looked like they had come directly out of a textbook. Not only that, he's smart, patient, and gave exactly the right coaching. I can say with confidence that he helped me become a better kettlebell-er. If you have the opportunity to work with Ryan, I can't recommend him highly enough.

10/10 Quality Trainer
By Alex Jones / Alexandria, United States

As I moved to Fitness on the Run, Ryan trained me through all of the kettlebell movements and exercises. He made the learning process very easy and his ability to adapt to my learning skills to modify his explainations so I may understand clearly was outstanding. He is very precise and recognizes every little detail in my kettlebell exercises. I would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to learn more about kettlebells.

10/10 Train with Ryan for success
By Nene Reed / Alexandria, USA

I started training with Ryan in 2012 as I sought to lose the weight I'd gained since college. At the time, I had no experience with proper kettlebell training and wanted to learn how to use them properly. I found Ryan through a google search and have trained with him since for about 5 years. Ryan's training helped me to lose 40 lbs and contributed to getting me in the best shape of my life. Under his tutelage. I learned proper form for every kettlebell movement, increased strength dramatically and have also been able to pass the knowledge on. Ryan's training allowed me to successfully earn my HKC in 2015, while also becoming a trainer myself. I challenged myself this year and competed in the recent Spring 2017 Tactical Strength Challenge, which consists of max weight Deadlifts (3 attempts), max pullups and 5 minutes of snatches at 20KG. I finished with a deadlift of 250 lbs, 12 pullups and 85 snatches. I give Ryan 100% credit for putting me in position for success.

10/10 Kettlebells - Strength - Form
By Rosemary C. / Alexandria, USA

I've been working with Ryan for about a year now. I started with him while I was nursing a shoulder injury. He helped me with stretching before and after a workout and really focused on my form with the kettle bells. Thanks to Ryan I'm finally 'engaging my Lats!'. I'm feeling stronger and my shoulder is 99% better. Thanks to Ryan I'm feeling stronger!

10/10 World Class Trainer
By Cristina M / Alexandria, USA

Ryan Jankowitz is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever had. I would not describe myself as "into fitness" but I have probably worked with a dozen trainers over the past 10 years, trying to incorporate consistent exercise into my life for health reasons. I could barely make it month without giving up, mostly because high intensity, run around and sweat work outs (think CrossFit) actually make me physically ill. I thought that was the only way to exercise until I met Ryan. He showed me how I could get stronger, healthier and overall more fit without feeling terrible while working out. Ryan listened to me from the very beginning and he came up with a long term strategy to meet my personal goals. He creates completely customized training sessions and has a wealth of knowledge in his field, so if one move isn't working for me, he can adjust the work out real time for my comfort and to still maximize results. I have been training with Ryan for almost a year now and I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I never thought I would say this, but I actually like working out. I don't think any of this would be possible without Ryan and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a true professional partner to help them achieve their health and strength goals.

10/10 Exceptional Trainer
By Cindy Creelman / Alexandria, USA

Ryan taught me everything I know about kettlebells. He and I started at Fitness on the Run at practically the same time. I had seen kettlebells in action before and thought they were insane. How could they possibly be safe? Ryan showed me how to get a very safe and effective workout with kettlebells (and other great exercises, as well). Now, just a little over 1.5 years later, I am in so much better shape, am stronger, and have improved my kettlebell (and other) skills immensely. I have lost weight, built muscle, and feel better overall. You can actually see my abs and I have real definition in my arms. :) Not to mention the fact that my workouts with Ryan have helped me improve and advance the other workouts I do. Ryan places great emphasis and importance on technique, which I really appreciate. There are some days when you might feel like the workout is light, but that is deceptive. The workout may not feel intense, but it is still effective. Ryan knows that not every workout has to be high intensity. He is very perceptive to your individual needs, and will help you adjust (up or down) accordingly. He also carefully considers your ability and technique and will take the time or adjust a workout to help you focus on areas of improvement or to teach you something new. Under Ryan's guidance, I have made vast strides in my fitness and health. And I have fallen in love with the kettlebell workout. I'm pretty picky about workouts, and this is one I have been able to and will continue to stick with.

10/10 Meticulous on form
By Allison Erdle / Alexandria, USA

Ryan has the ability to improve your form and focus in on little areas that may not be working, including form, nutrition, and positive focus to visualize your goals and achieve them. I am not looking to "check the box" with exercise so making sure I am doing maneuvers properly without injury to my back or shoulders is critical! Thank you for being attentive to the details!

10/10 Personal Training Maestro!
By Dushyanthi Zettler / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is an exceptional Personal Trainer! He is very knowledgeable, highly-trained, and professional. I started training with Ryan, with a special focus on Kettlebell training. Ryan created some customized workouts where I learned a lot of great new techniques. Ryan is adept at keeping his clients challenged and motivated. Ryan is great at listening to his client’s needs; and devising workouts that are focused, interesting, and fun. Ryan is also very versatile and designs diverse workouts, and continuously changes things up to keep you on your toes and accelerate your learning curve. I recommended Ryan to my husband, Chris, who is also a great fan of Ryan now! I highly recommend Ryan, he is an outstanding Personal Trainer!

10/10 Look no further
By Elaine Donovan / Alexandria, USA

I've with been working with Ryan since 6/2016. When I first started with Ryan I was still recovering from a severe back injury and was petrified of re-injury. His willingness to work with my fears without judgment was key to my success. Together we figure out what exercises my body could manage. When we found out one exercise bothered my back, he pulled 3 more out of his fitness hat that worked. With Ryan's direction and help I quickly mastered Turkish get ups and was hitting the kettle bells. He is more than a "trainer". He is genuinely interested in my physical goals and puts time and thought into my workout plans. With Ryan, it's more than pumping iron- it's reaching your goals with consistent safe workouts and it's about total body health. I have recommended him to my friends and family. Absolutely give Ryan a chance to work with you: your expectations will be greatly exceeded!

10/10 Smart, Direct, Knowledgeable
By Chris Ballard / Portland, USA

I have been a part of many gyms and gone through my fair share of trainers. These days, everyone has an angle to sell or a new fad to promote. With Ryan, you do not need to worry about any of that. Ryan introduced me to a "new" type of work out. Well, new to me at least. Kettlebells have been around for almost as long as people have been lifting weights. I had been going through the motions of any and every workout program that used free weights, machines, straps, bells, whistles, etc. If the gym had it, I tried it. It would work, but only for a little. Then Ryan introduced me to Pavel and the RKC. It instantly clicked. Not only did I feel like a warrior after each workout, I felt challenged and engaged. Ryan has a way of explaining the reasoning and idea behind every work out so that you understand why you do certain things instead of just trusting someone to tell you what to do (though, he can do that as well!). It was a breath of fresh air to meet someone who took the time to understand where I was with my health and fitness and create a workout AND nutrition plan tailored specifically for me. Not only that, his remote coaching is equally as valuable as his in person training. You just cant go wrong. Bottom line, if you are looking for someone who can challenge you, motivate you, and give you the tools to enable you to be the best version of YOU that you can, Ryan is your man. Accept no substitutes.

10/10 KB technique - methodological, direct, precise
By Andy Johnson / Washington, USA

Through a recommendation from my chiropractor and word of mouth from others in the DC area, I started working with Ryan two months ago in preparation for the StrongFirst KB instructor certification (sorry RKC). I had worked with several trainers in the past who were helpful and gave me a foundation of decent technique, but were either too distracted to give truly substantive feedback or didn't have an end goal in mind while working with them. Ryan brings laser focus to every session and gives you the immediate sense that your experience is uniquely personalized. He has an impressive memory about what was covered in previous sessions and where sticky points were and wants to hear how progress has been in these areas. Rather than just working with you to see "where it goes", however, Ryan is very clear about how certain movements should feel, where tension should be building, and how strength can be gained. He is very dedicated to Pavel's principles, to a level I haven't see in the DC area. I've emailed Ryan with questions about what we covered in our sessions or new things I may be working on and he's quick and thorough in his response. I live in DC and take public transportation everywhere. I'm very protective of my time, but making the trip out to Northern VA to work with Ryan is well worth it. I've had to delay my KB certification due to work and personal commitments, but know that my technique and current program will keep me strong and injury-free until I'm able to test. Highly recommended. Don't hesitate to sign up for a session with him or continue to read more reviews hoping to find someone better. Best KB trainer in the DC area.

10/10 RKC Prep
By Paul Herring / Springfield, United States

I met with Ryan 3 months prior to my RKC Certification for a much needed tightening of my technique before the big weekend. Ryan provided fantastic instruction and patiently took me step by step through every movement and all the essential techniques. Once we were finished, he provided me with a program to put me on track to pass, and the next day emailed me a full review of what we covered and what I needed to work on. I could not have passed the RKC without the tips Ryan provided and the workout program he put me on. If you're in the area and looking to get put on a track to succeed at the RKC, look no further than Ryan.

10/10 Mastery of KB Instruction
By Brooke Hymas / Fort Belvoir, US

Given Ryan’s excellent reputation in the Strength & Conditioning field, my co-worker and I contacted Ryan with the intent he could help us improve our kettlebell knowledge and teaching skills that we use to train patrons in our fitness facility. In every session during our 4 weeks of training Ryan showed impeccable patience and was thorough in explaining and demonstrating each movement. He listened and focused each session on what was important to us. Ryan’s in-depth knowledge and skills exceed our expectation. My co-worker and I learned more than we thought was possible. Ryan gave us superior tools to carry-on proficient kettle bell skills to all our patrons at Kawamura Human Performance Center Fort Belvoir. Thank you Ryan!

10/10 Professional and Fun
By Caity Davis / Alexandria, United States

I co-own a personal training company in Old Town Alexandria. My business partner Jill and I had Ryan come out to our studio for a 2 hour workshop, to instruct our trainers on proper use of Kettlebells. Ryan is very knowledgeable and professional and he kept the class interesting and fun. He is thorough with his information and passionate about his approach. This is the second time I have taken a class from Ryan and when I made a special request to include a sample program design for clients, he followed through and provided the information for our trainers. I would highly recommend Ryan to any individual or personal training company to educate on proper mechanics of using Kettlebells. Thanks Ryan!

10/10 Professional and Knowledgeable
By Cynthia Moore / Fort Belvoir, USA

Ryan is a true professional and very knowledgeable in his field. He has taught several workshops in our facility and is able to easily adapt to each participants skill level. Ryan does an excellent job engaging and motivating each participant. No matter where they start out, everyone leaves the workshop with a better understanding of how to properly and effectively use kettlebells in their training.

I recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a professional instructor or trainer.

10/10 Chiropractor sees benefits and results
By Dr. Jake Dodds / Alexandria, USA

As a chiropractor I am always looking for personal trainers who are great at increasing an individual's flexibility, endurance, and strength. More importantly I am looking for trainers who have a thorough understanding of how the body works so they can custom tailor workouts for people in a manner that will be both safe and effective. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Ryan's and I have been extremely impressed. Ryan has been able to combine his passion and knowledge to change the way I think about what a good workout is and what my body is capable of accomplishing. There is a lot of different things to try and I have seen a lot of them, but if you want to get strong, flexible, and fit, I would recommend starting with Ryan.

10/10 Kawamura Human Performance Center KB Training
By Joseph Castro / Ft. Belvoir, VA, USA

Ryan was an excellent instructor. He instructed seven of my staff members on proper techniques of the kettlbell swing, goblet squat, clean, front squat, goblet squat, turkish getup, and press.

His sytle of teaching is excellent for group or individuals. He's hands on and really focuses on correcting technique. I highly recommend Ryan as a kettlebell instructer or coach. He will be coming back to my facility on Ft. Belvoir to instruct more kettlebell workshops.

10/10 Mad Scientist
By Jordan Lipp / Arlington, VA, USA

Ryan is a mad scientist when it comes to primal movement and functional training. It is apparent that he has studied the art of training others. I have never experienced more rewarding conditioning/training sessions before. Training with Ryan has caused me to actually enjoy exercise in my free time. Ryan also sends comprehensive documents detailing each of the techniques he taught in the session. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who is committed and open to learning new training technique.

10/10 RJ Kettlebell Results
By Scott C / Alexandria, VA, USA

I have worked with Ryan for several years and have been very focused on kettlebell training the past couple years. This workout is personalized and really gets results. It is not a "quick fix"; this is the type of workout that can last forever and continue to get results. Ryan is one of the few experts in the area and this is the type of workout that you really can't learn on your own. You need an instructor. If you want to invest in results, Ryan will get you there. I highly recommend this work out and Ryan is the best in the area.

10/10 World Class Instruction
By Greg H. / Arlington, VA, USA

Ryan has a phenomenal ability to push his clients to improve their athletic performance and avoid injury. As a distance runner, I began kettlebell training with Ryan two years ago to add variety to my exercise (which consisted of only running and biking). My injury rate has since dropped to zero and my functional strength and stamina have increased dramatically. Thanks Ryan !

9/10 A clear focus on mechanics and progression
By Erin W / Falls Church, VA, USA

I've worked with Ryan for a little over three years. In that time I've lost over 60 pounds, but more importantly I've improved my posture, my stress level, my core strength, and my confidence. Being able to do nearly 250 kb swings in five minutes helps with that.

Ryan's focus on kettlebells and functional movement training makes nearly every exercise a full-body movement. And Ryan, in a calm and steady way, goes through the mechanics of each exercise to ensure that they are completed efficiently, effectively, and without injury to the client. He trusts me enough to "let" me fix a movement during the set, but he's quick to step in if he sees repeated issues with form. It's made me more conscious of my body in the best way possible.

Ryan is also committed to expanding his knowledge base. He regularly attends training seminars and certification events and brings new techniques and ideas from those sessions to his work with me as quickly as he can incorporate them into his practice. Some were better fits for my needs than others but I've learned something from every new approach and it all coheres with his basic teaching style. I even breathe better now.

He also has progressions for every movement pattern and exercise style we've tried. Sometimes I've had to ask for them but when I have I've invariably recognized the new challenge. With Ryan, I can consistently move forward.

The best endorsement that I can offer is that three friends were so pleasantly surprised by my results that they became clients of his as well.

10/10 Achieve Your Fitness Goals the Smart Way
By Amy Pate / Arlington, USA

Whether you want to just improve your overall fitness or have a specific goal in mind, Ryan Jankowitz is a man who can deliver results through his expert training. His style, knowledge and ability to communicate combine to give you an intelligent and effective program.

I am an NSCA certified personal trainer myself and went to him to get the inside scoop on how to incorporate kettlebells into a traditional bodybuilding plan in order to build slabs of muscle in the shoulders. This workout did not disappoint. It was not only a fun and challenging workout, I also came away having a better path to achieving my goal.

Ryan's calm demeanor and positive energy will instill trust that you are good hands. He is professional without being intimidating. His ability to convey instructions and guide you through the workout is skillful and effective. Any corrections he makes are done so well that you remain encouraged and confident rather than frustrated or overwhelmed with details.

Lastly, it's clear that Ryan is a thinker and a trainer that puts in a lot of time into programming and understanding how to deliver results. What this means for clients is huge. You can waste a lot of time with trainers who don't know the best route to get you where you want to go. Trainers like Ryan are worth their weight in gold. I came with a very specific goal, and the workout was carefully crafted around it. Not only did I learn what I came to learn, but I walked away with an understanding of the principles to apply to other situations.

I highly recommend Ryan as a personal trainer and a expert kettlebell instructor. His abilities as a teacher are outstanding. You'll not only like him, you'll also get a great workout that's effective, fun and leaves you with a better understanding of your path to fitness.

9/10 My love of kettlebells
By Janice K / Alexandria, US

I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan for the last few years. I had a bit of experience with kettlebells and have continued to gain strength and improve my technique. I really enjoy lifting heavy weights and learning new things. Ryan is not only extremely skilled but works with each of his clients individually.
This was very apparent as he made weekly adaptions while I was pregnant to ensure I was comfortable and safe. We started back up six weeks after my child was born and I have not looked back.
Two years later, I am a stronger, leaner person than I was before look forward to my time with him every week. I appreciate his ability to tailor workouts based on individual goals and the fact that he is very aware of ensuring each client is doing a lift in a safe manner. I highly recommend Ryan for anyone interested in becoming stronger, more fit and learning new things.

10/10 A True Pro
By Adam C / Arlington, VA, USA

So, I've been with this guy for a long time, just about when he started. And when he added the Kettle Bell program, WHOA!!! Ryan has taken it to the next level. He's worked it into an amazing program for me, always stressing proper form and technique, keeping things fresh. A true pro.

10/10 Kettlebell Convert
By Carolyn W / Alexandria, VA, USA

I never get bored working with Ryan because every session is different. Ryan makes sure that you learn the fundamentals of each exercise: from form and posture to breathing; he breaks it down so that even an uncoordinated spaz like me can learn. When I started training with him 2.5 years ago, I had never heard of a kettlebell and since then I have lost weight (and kept it off) and am now the strongest I have ever been in my life.

10/10 One of the best around...
By Jon T / Arlington, USA

Ryan truly custom builds each session to work towards your goals. I've had a history of getting bored with repetitive work-outs and then losing interest. Ryan has done a fantastic job of changing up each session so I still get amazing results while staying fully engaged in the entire session. His emphasis on fundamentals and mechanics has enabled me to feel completely comfortable and safe, even when swinging around the heavy stuff!

Thanks, Ryan!

10/10 Fantastic instructor; Amazing results!
By Dennis F / Arlington, USA

Ryan does an excellent job of teaching proper techniques. I started training with kettlbells after several *years* of complete inactivity. He stresses how to do each technique safely and efficiently while maximizing the results of each movement. Ryan also structures each workout differently to keep things interesting and challenging. I have lost over 25 pounds since working out with Ryan and training with kettlebells. My strength and endurance have GREATLY improved.

The only problem is that I need to buy new clothes because my old fat pants are WAY too big now.

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