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Ryan Jankowitz


Phone: n/a
Silver Spring, MD
United States 20901
9.96 out of 10 (49 reviews)

I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2005.  It took several years for me to find my calling within the fitness industry.  In 2011, I attended the Philadelphia, PA RKC and my career was forever changed.  I found a system of strength and movement that resonated with me on a visceral and intellectual level.  A system that I’ve now successfully used to train high school athletes, senior citizens, and everyone in between.


Since that fateful weekend in 2011, I’ve had the good fortune to learn from some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the industry.  I’ve soaked up as much kettlebell, general strength, and mobility knowledge as possible to help my clients, friends, and family members.


I feel like helping and teaching others the RKC system, is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done as a personal trainer.  Assisting at HKC and RKC events has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience.  Now, my goals are to continue spreading the RKC message, help others unlock their potential, and feel the pride I felt after earning my level 1 RKC.


Here's how we can work together:

  1. We can set up an HKC or RKC event at your gym.
  2. I'll help you train for an HKC or RKC certification.

Email me at and let's chat.

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10/10 Ryan's online coaching is excellent.
By Alex F / Lyon, France

He is very generous with his time, he has a good attention to technical details, always providing encouragement, always positive, always friendly. Every workout is simple yet challenging. Even though it's online, the only difference with a live coach is that he's not right here when you're doing your workouts, yelling at you to push you haha ! But I could just film my workout, send him videos and have a feedback in the day. For the period I had without a live coach it was perfect. When I started I was working with a 16kg bell, now I work with a 20kg and a 24kg, I'm a slow gainer so my body doesn't change much even with strict diet 3 workouts and 3 Muay Thai classes a week, but I got clearly stronger, because 6 months ago I could barely do a Turkish Get Up with a 16kg and now 20kg feel easy and I'm working my way to the 24kg. I just regret not being able to attend the zoomcalls because of the time gap between France and USA, and not having sent videos of my own sooner in the process and I don't know about the spending power in USA, but for my income the price was bit high. But if you can afford it, and fully commit to the whole experience, it's definitely worth your money. That's why I still give a 10/10. I definitely recommand.

10/10 Knowledgeable & Patient Instructor
By Joanne Anderson / Arlington, United States

Ryan completed a very informative KB workshop at our training facility. He did a great job of breaking down the basics and provided ample cues for personal and client training. I asked several questions and felt like he did a great job of answering them all. I left this workshop feeling more confident in my training with KB's and carrying this knowledge over to my clients programming.

10/10 Amazing Seminar
By Aaron Holliday / Fort Washington, US

Ryan is very passionate about what he does and is highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend any one check him out if you are trying to become a better athlete or just want to learn more about the kettlebell and how to properly use them.

10/10 Great Practical Advice
By Jordan L. / Centreville, United States

I’ve been practicing my kettlebell swings and get ups for a while now, and I’ve consistently been dealing with some level of back pain. During my session Ryan provided me with specific tips to lessen the load on my back during these exercises as well as feedback as I worked them into my routine. The session was great, and I got a ton out of it!

10/10 Committed and focused on your success!
By Tom T / Bethesda, United States

I sought Ryan's guidance due to too many years of back issues. I had done a lot of physical therapy, massage, yoga and lots of general fitness work, but was still 'tweaking' my back far too often. It was frustrating since I was working so hard to correct it. Then I worked with Ryan. He was very careful to start me slowly, and work through basic strengthening in ways I'd never done in the past. He's very good at detailing what the exercises do and how, in great detail, to do them properly. My goal wasn't to gain strength, it was to gain my life back. And literally within 2 months, I was seeing results, finding freedom to do the things I love to do. Ryan was exceptional and I'd recommend him to anyone whose plight is similar to my own.

10/10 Terrific trainer & a real kettlebell master
By Gordon Sommers / Washington, USA

After years of fooling around with Pavel's kettlebell books, I decided it was time to get serious about my strength & health and find a trainer who could really show me how to do that various moves and train me in the dragon door style with kettlebells. Ryan delivered and then some - I have learned so much in the past few months working with him, and seen real results in terms of strength and conditioning as well. Ryan is very motivational if that's something you're looking for (it has helped me maintain consistency in my workouts), but what really makes him shine is that he truly teaches you. I'm writing this while the whole area is shut down due to COVID-19, and I feel so well prepared to keep working out at home using just a few kettlebells and the highly effective movements that Ryan has shown me (Ryan has also made himself available via Zoom during this time so we can keep up momentum). Ryan is a real kettlebell enthusiast and I guarantee you'll enjoy learning with him and getting fit.

10/10 Excellent Trainer, Excellent Results
By Ary Levy / Silver Spring, USA

I’m writing to review my kettlebell training sessions with Ryan Jankowitz. They were a great experience where I learned valuable lessons. I didn’t take lessons for back pain, but I found that the exercises and posture helped my back much more than physical therapy I took years ago. I had studied and worked hard on a few books teaching how to swing kettlebells. When I took lessons with Ryan, he brought my skills to an entirely new level. He has a deep knowledge of the minutia of technique and his attention to detail made a huge difference in my kettlebell training. When I did an exercise such as a swing, what Ryan taught helped me to exercise better, use and feel my body in a much more efficient way and have a more positive training experience. Since starting with Ryan I have not had a single exercise injury. I feel better, physically and mentally. I found training sessions with Ryan to be a positive and valuable experience. His lessons stick. With the training tools he’s given me, I hope achieve many more years of great workouts.

10/10 The ideal instructor
By Andrew Armstrong / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is fantastic to work with; equal parts knowledgeable and patient. The ideal trainer. Its hard to come to training with less knowledge than I did, and he made the transition to training as positive as one could hope for. What is more, he is also genuinely kindhearted and personable. To close: if you're looking for someone to work with, gratz, your search is done.

10/10 A Knowledgeable and Patient Instructor
By Ev Clark / Alexandria, United States

Ryan has done personal training for my wife & me for the last six months. He has been very understanding of my physical limitations (chronic back pain) and has designed an exercise plan that helps us build core strength without aggravating my injury. He has helped me improve my form on pushups, planks, squats, and all kinds of kettlebell exercises. Highly recommended.

10/10 Great support for energy system develoment
By Scot Holliday / Wasington, USA

I went to Ryan wanting to have more awareness in my shoulders and increase my energy level. I had been doing Ashtanga yoga daily for 6 months and some jogging. I signed up to do 8 weekly personal training sessions with Ryan. By the 3rd week I was able to do a few basic kettle bell exercises. I found doing the kettle bell correctly for 10-20 minutes after doing yoga, increased my energy level another 20%. I also quickly had more strength in my shoulders. Kettle bell helped me engage more muscles, get more grounded, and strengthen my body. Ryan is a solid teacher. He listens well, is very positive, and is expert at teaching kettle bell. He let me make short videos at the end of each training session giving me reminders on what we covered. I now see it as a life long practice I can use anytime I like. It is nice even doing kettle bell for 3 minutes to get an energy boost. Using correct form and breathing makes kettle bell much more beneficial and energizing.

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