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 MG 0630002

Ryan Jankowitz


Silver Spring, MD
United States 20901
9.96 out of 10 (46 reviews)

If you're ready to get into better shape and look better naked, please keep reading.

My kettlebell system helps my clients easily lose weight, build lean muscle and get stronger, which results in more self-confidence and less anxious visits to the doctor.

Here are 3 powerful benefits to Kettlebell training…

  1. You can get a total body workout with one piece of affordable equipment in a fraction of the time compared to other workout programs
  2. You build strength without bulking up, so that your clothes fit better
  3. You’ll have a tested roadmap to follow as you progress and get better at it

But wait, there’s more!

Combined with a sensible diet, you’ll immediately find yourself with more natural energy.

The more water you drink and the more veggies you eat, the more fat you’ll burn when combined with regular Kettlebell workouts.

My kettlebell programs are a hybrid of online lessons and workouts with live group Zoom calls.  

Allow yourself to imagine what it feels like to look in the mirror and be proud of the strong and lean body that you’ve worked so hard for.  When you join my programs...

  • I'm going to teach you how to improve your form so you stay safe while working out so that you can confidently swing kettlebells for the rest of your life
  • I'm going to plan your workouts for you to save you time and logically progress your strength and conditioning, so you continue to see long lasting results
  • I'm going to connect with you over a live group Zoom call so that I can answer your questions and hold you accountable so that you stay on track with your goals

Additionally, you receive bonus support to help improve your technique in the form of video sharing.  We'll share videos with one another to help improve your form with any exercise you're struggling with.

My programs work for beginners and advanced kettlebell practitioners alike.  I'd like to invite you to download one of my free kettlebell plans, so you can start making changes to your fitness right now.

If you're new to kettlebells and you want to make sure you're using the right form and you're not quite sure how to workout to get the approrpriate results, then download my Beginner Kettlebell Program by clicking here.

If you're advanced and you're looking to learn new exercises or fine tune your form and you're looking for a complete system to follow, then download my Advanced Kettlebell Program by clicking here.

5-Day Beginner Kettlebell Program

2-Week Advanced Kettlebell Program

I'll talk to you soon :)

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10/10 Great Practical Advice
By Jordan L. / Centreville, United States

I’ve been practicing my kettlebell swings and get ups for a while now, and I’ve consistently been dealing with some level of back pain. During my session Ryan provided me with specific tips to lessen the load on my back during these exercises as well as feedback as I worked them into my routine. The session was great, and I got a ton out of it!

10/10 Committed and focused on your success!
By Tom T / Bethesda, United States

I sought Ryan's guidance due to too many years of back issues. I had done a lot of physical therapy, massage, yoga and lots of general fitness work, but was still 'tweaking' my back far too often. It was frustrating since I was working so hard to correct it. Then I worked with Ryan. He was very careful to start me slowly, and work through basic strengthening in ways I'd never done in the past. He's very good at detailing what the exercises do and how, in great detail, to do them properly. My goal wasn't to gain strength, it was to gain my life back. And literally within 2 months, I was seeing results, finding freedom to do the things I love to do. Ryan was exceptional and I'd recommend him to anyone whose plight is similar to my own.

10/10 Terrific trainer & a real kettlebell master
By Gordon Sommers / Washington, USA

After years of fooling around with Pavel's kettlebell books, I decided it was time to get serious about my strength & health and find a trainer who could really show me how to do that various moves and train me in the dragon door style with kettlebells. Ryan delivered and then some - I have learned so much in the past few months working with him, and seen real results in terms of strength and conditioning as well. Ryan is very motivational if that's something you're looking for (it has helped me maintain consistency in my workouts), but what really makes him shine is that he truly teaches you. I'm writing this while the whole area is shut down due to COVID-19, and I feel so well prepared to keep working out at home using just a few kettlebells and the highly effective movements that Ryan has shown me (Ryan has also made himself available via Zoom during this time so we can keep up momentum). Ryan is a real kettlebell enthusiast and I guarantee you'll enjoy learning with him and getting fit.

10/10 Excellent Trainer, Excellent Results
By Ary Levy / Silver Spring, USA

I’m writing to review my kettlebell training sessions with Ryan Jankowitz. They were a great experience where I learned valuable lessons. I didn’t take lessons for back pain, but I found that the exercises and posture helped my back much more than physical therapy I took years ago. I had studied and worked hard on a few books teaching how to swing kettlebells. When I took lessons with Ryan, he brought my skills to an entirely new level. He has a deep knowledge of the minutia of technique and his attention to detail made a huge difference in my kettlebell training. When I did an exercise such as a swing, what Ryan taught helped me to exercise better, use and feel my body in a much more efficient way and have a more positive training experience. Since starting with Ryan I have not had a single exercise injury. I feel better, physically and mentally. I found training sessions with Ryan to be a positive and valuable experience. His lessons stick. With the training tools he’s given me, I hope achieve many more years of great workouts.

10/10 The ideal instructor
By Andrew Armstrong / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is fantastic to work with; equal parts knowledgeable and patient. The ideal trainer. Its hard to come to training with less knowledge than I did, and he made the transition to training as positive as one could hope for. What is more, he is also genuinely kindhearted and personable. To close: if you're looking for someone to work with, gratz, your search is done.

10/10 A Knowledgeable and Patient Instructor
By Ev Clark / Alexandria, United States

Ryan has done personal training for my wife & me for the last six months. He has been very understanding of my physical limitations (chronic back pain) and has designed an exercise plan that helps us build core strength without aggravating my injury. He has helped me improve my form on pushups, planks, squats, and all kinds of kettlebell exercises. Highly recommended.

10/10 Great support for energy system develoment
By Scot Holliday / Wasington, USA

I went to Ryan wanting to have more awareness in my shoulders and increase my energy level. I had been doing Ashtanga yoga daily for 6 months and some jogging. I signed up to do 8 weekly personal training sessions with Ryan. By the 3rd week I was able to do a few basic kettle bell exercises. I found doing the kettle bell correctly for 10-20 minutes after doing yoga, increased my energy level another 20%. I also quickly had more strength in my shoulders. Kettle bell helped me engage more muscles, get more grounded, and strengthen my body. Ryan is a solid teacher. He listens well, is very positive, and is expert at teaching kettle bell. He let me make short videos at the end of each training session giving me reminders on what we covered. I now see it as a life long practice I can use anytime I like. It is nice even doing kettle bell for 3 minutes to get an energy boost. Using correct form and breathing makes kettle bell much more beneficial and energizing.

10/10 As good as they come!
By Janene Besch / Arlington, USA

I started seeing Ryan for personal training sessions after my back locked up. I knew I needed to do something but I was petrified that doing any form of workout would send it into spasms again. Enter Ryan. He made sure that we slowly built up my strength so that it didn't happen again, all the while making sure that I was using proper form, engaging the correct muscles, and getting in a good work out. I cannot thank him enough for the progress that I have made and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and progressional trainer, whether you are recovering from an injury or are an athlete.

10/10 Knowledgeable, Practical, Professional
By Salomon De La Cruz / Fairfax, USA

I first met Ryan after searching the local area for kettlebell classes. At the time I met him, I was a novice getting by on YouTube videos. But when I started experiencing back pain, I knew there were issues with my form and my desire to keep going with kettlebells compelled me to see professional help. Within a day of emailing Ryan, he responded and we met less than a week later. Ryan’s expertise was critical in correcting form issues, which led to alleviating pain. More importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different kettlebell routines that prevented the workouts from getting stale. It’s been five months since i’ve been working with Ryan and my enthusiasm for kettlebell workouts continues to rise. Thanks to his routines (tailored with my specific goals in mind) I’ve seen personal gains in both strength and endurance. I look forward to continuing my work with Ryan and would recommend him to anyone looking for an affable fitness professional.

10/10 Technique Expert
By Faatimah Muhammad / Alexandria, United States

I began training with Ryan in Sept 2018 after 18 months of physical therapy due to several injuries (hip, ankle, shoulder and knee) and surgeries. I was scheduled for one more surgery in Nov 18 to replace the labrum in my left hip. This was the second tear in the same hip within four years. My physical therapist recommended that I start working with a personal trainer to continue to build strength, flexibility, and functional movement before the surgery. At the time surgery appeared to be the only viable option to alleviate the daily pain and discomfort. After working with Ryan for about two months I felt stronger, had no severe pain, and canceled my surgery! He introduced me to kettlebells, how to breathe properly, and stretches to strengthen my body overall. I am deadlifting weight I never thought was possible, doing pushups, and performing kettlebell routines to strengthen my total body. Most importantly he is a technique expert and I feel stronger than I have in years. Working with Ryan has definitely improved the quality of my life. Thanks Ryan!

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