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Instructor Profiles

 MG 0630002

Ryan Jankowitz


Phone: 703 501 5040
Silver Spring, MD
United States 20901
9.95 out of 10 (40 reviews)
I show people who are hopelessly in pain how to get back to the work and active life they love.

My clients often experience a significant reduction in pain or discomfort after just a few sessions with me.  They feel better mentally and experience significantly less stress and anxiety. 

Physically, they gain the confidence back to perform the activities they thought they were not going to be able to do again.  Relationships with their children, family and friends are strengthened because they can once again keep up with everyone!

In addition to helping people get out of pain, I am also very passionate about kettlebell training.  I am a level 2 RKC and absolutely love teaching people how to properly train with a kettlebell.  My clients see vast improvements in their strength and endurance while working with me.

Don't let pain cripple your life and hold you back from enjoying all the things you used to enjoy.  I'm here to help you.  Email me at to schedule your free strategy session.

Personal Training in Bethesda, Alexandria and Online Kettlebell Training
  • RKC II, recertified 2017
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, recertified 2017
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer, recertified 2019
  • Certified Kettlebell - Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS)
  • Primal Move Fundamentals 1 Instructor
  • HKC Assistant Instructor & Host, Bethesda HKC June 2019
  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC November 2018
  • RKC II Assistant Instructor, NYC RKC II May 2017
  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Alexandria HKC April 2017
  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Bryn Mawr RKC October 2016
  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC May 2014
  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Vienna RKC April 2013
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10/10 Great support for energy system develoment
By Scot Holliday / Wasington, USA

I went to Ryan wanting to have more awareness in my shoulders and increase my energy level. I had been doing Ashtanga yoga daily for 6 months and some jogging. I signed up to do 8 weekly personal training sessions with Ryan. By the 3rd week I was able to do a few basic kettle bell exercises. I found doing the kettle bell correctly for 10-20 minutes after doing yoga, increased my energy level another 20%. I also quickly had more strength in my shoulders. Kettle bell helped me engage more muscles, get more grounded, and strengthen my body. Ryan is a solid teacher. He listens well, is very positive, and is expert at teaching kettle bell. He let me make short videos at the end of each training session giving me reminders on what we covered. I now see it as a life long practice I can use anytime I like. It is nice even doing kettle bell for 3 minutes to get an energy boost. Using correct form and breathing makes kettle bell much more beneficial and energizing.

10/10 As good as they come!
By Janene Besch / Arlington, USA

I started seeing Ryan for personal training sessions after my back locked up. I knew I needed to do something but I was petrified that doing any form of workout would send it into spasms again. Enter Ryan. He made sure that we slowly built up my strength so that it didn't happen again, all the while making sure that I was using proper form, engaging the correct muscles, and getting in a good work out. I cannot thank him enough for the progress that I have made and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and progressional trainer, whether you are recovering from an injury or are an athlete.

10/10 Knowledgeable, Practical, Professional
By Salomon De La Cruz / Fairfax, USA

I first met Ryan after searching the local area for kettlebell classes. At the time I met him, I was a novice getting by on YouTube videos. But when I started experiencing back pain, I knew there were issues with my form and my desire to keep going with kettlebells compelled me to see professional help. Within a day of emailing Ryan, he responded and we met less than a week later. Ryan’s expertise was critical in correcting form issues, which led to alleviating pain. More importantly, I was introduced to a variety of different kettlebell routines that prevented the workouts from getting stale. It’s been five months since i’ve been working with Ryan and my enthusiasm for kettlebell workouts continues to rise. Thanks to his routines (tailored with my specific goals in mind) I’ve seen personal gains in both strength and endurance. I look forward to continuing my work with Ryan and would recommend him to anyone looking for an affable fitness professional.

10/10 Technique Expert
By Faatimah Muhammad / Alexandria, United States

I began training with Ryan in Sept 2018 after 18 months of physical therapy due to several injuries (hip, ankle, shoulder and knee) and surgeries. I was scheduled for one more surgery in Nov 18 to replace the labrum in my left hip. This was the second tear in the same hip within four years. My physical therapist recommended that I start working with a personal trainer to continue to build strength, flexibility, and functional movement before the surgery. At the time surgery appeared to be the only viable option to alleviate the daily pain and discomfort. After working with Ryan for about two months I felt stronger, had no severe pain, and canceled my surgery! He introduced me to kettlebells, how to breathe properly, and stretches to strengthen my body overall. I am deadlifting weight I never thought was possible, doing pushups, and performing kettlebell routines to strengthen my total body. Most importantly he is a technique expert and I feel stronger than I have in years. Working with Ryan has definitely improved the quality of my life. Thanks Ryan!

10/10 Excellent Experience
By Mark James / Washington D.C., United States

After spending countless hours with other trainers and watching online videos, my form still needed work. Ryan's training is excellent in multiple ways. First, he conveniently comes to your home. I didn't have to drive 30+ minutes to a specialized gym (he even brought a few kettlebells for me to try out!). Second, he has a present zen-like demeanor that allowed me to concentrate on my form and not feel rushed. Third, he gives excellent cues. If something's not working, he's found a few different ways for me to understand the techniques and execute them perfectly. Hire him.

10/10 Terrific Trainer!
By Emmy Scandling / Silver Spring, USA

I started working with Ryan to help alleviate some chronic neck and back pain as well as to help keep me accountable to workouts. In just a few short months, Ryan's workouts have helped alleviate my pain and stiffness to the point where I am more active and almost pain free. He's terrifically positive, knowledgable and patient. He also works with me to change movements/workouts in case of pain or discomfort. All in all, a great trainer, and I would absolutely recommend him.

10/10 Big Goals
By Max F. / Alexandria, United States

I love working with Ryan to reach new goals. He knows how to push limits without risking injury. We work together to plan short term goals that lead to long term well being. He is responsive to how I am feeling all while keeping me on the short and long term plans. Best trainer I've had in the past 11 years.

10/10 Great trainer who listens to what you need!
By Meredith Hurt / Alexandria, US

I've been fortunate to work with Ryan for the past two years at Fitness on the Run. When I had a hip injury (not due to working out), Ryan was, and continues to be, great with modifying our routines to ensure I keep fit while recovering from injury. He is always reminding me to slow down and really do each move with proper form, regardless if I'm doing weights or not. As I travel often for work, Ryan makes sure that I have workouts "on the go" as well, which has helped to keep up my routine when out of town. He is truly a trainer that listens to his clients, pushing them when needed but always making sure that they are receiving the best workout for their body that day.

10/10 Great attention to form!
By Allison D. / Alexandria, USA

Ryan is an excellent trainer and coach. He takes the time to carefully explain the proper form and technique and continues to tweak my moves to make sure I am getting the most benefit while being safe. He even trained me during my pregnancy - until just a week before my baby was born! Throughout that time, I always felt strong, healthy and safe during my workouts with Ryan. He is great!

10/10 Professional and Caring Personal Trainer
By Elaine P / Alexandria, USA

From my first fitness assessment with Ryan, I knew he would be a great choice to train with going forward. His attention to detail and thorough knowledge of technique was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. He is always able to create a new and challenging workout program. Ryan has taught me strong kettlebell techniques as well as mixing in new exercises to keep workouts interesting. Initially, I was worried about injury or my ability, but Ryan is able to accurately assess in a thoughtful way when to add weight or reps to the fitness plan. His calm and encouraging demeanor makes me look forward to my workout program, which is a change from past personal training experiences. Going forward, I anticipate continuing my fitness journey with Ryan and learning more about strength training and growing stronger.

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