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Instructor Profiles

 MG 0630002

Ryan Jankowitz


Phone: 703 501 5040
Silver Spring, MD
United States 20901
9.93 out of 10 (30 reviews)
Hi there, thanks for visiting my profile. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2005 and found my niche in the personal training world as a kettlebell instructor through Dragon Door's RKC. I am currently a level 2 RKC and have assisted at several Dragon Door kettlebell certifications.
As the owner of RJ Kettlebell, I'm able to offer my clients a range of services based on where they are in their fitness journey.  I work with my clients remotely via my online personal training service by building customized workout programs while helping them improve their nutrition.  I keep my clients accountable through weekly emails and monthly phone calls.  Additionally, I work with other fitness professionals and prepare them for kettlebell certifications and teach personal training workshops at various fitness facilities.
You can also find me in Old Town Alexandria working with clients and fellow personal trainers at Fitness On The Run. I am responsible for the on-boarding of new trainers while maintaining my client base.
  • RKC II
  • Certified Kettlebell - Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS)
  • Primal Move Fundamentals 1 Instructor
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • RKC II Assistant Instructor, NYC RKC II May 2017
  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Alexandria HKC April 2017
  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Bryn Mawr RKC October 2016
  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC May 2014
  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Vienna RKC April 2013
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10/10 Thank you, Ryan!
By Dominika Cihanova / Alexandria, Usa

Ryan is the best trainer I could ever wished for. He is knowledgeable, professional and precise. From coaching standpoint, Ryan is patient, creative and encouraging.

10/10 Great Coach
By Coach Fury / BROOKLYN, USA

I've known Ryan for years but he we finally go to work together when he assisted me at an RKC and RKC 2. Ryan is an extremely smart and caring coach. As a Master Instructor, I know that I can trust Ryan to back me up and look after the candidates. I highly recommend him. -Fury

10/10 The quiet professional
By Joe Boffi / New York, usa

Ryan is an amazing instructor. He is very precise and can point into words some of the most complex ideas. No matter what your goal this man will get you there.

10/10 One of the best around
By Jason Kapnick / New York, USA

I attended the RKC2 certification last wekeend, and was lucky enough to have Ryan as an instructor at the course. Ryan's knowledge and technique of kettlebells are as good as any instructor out there. His demonstrations of technique looked like they had come directly out of a textbook. Not only that, he's smart, patient, and gave exactly the right coaching. I can say with confidence that he helped me become a better kettlebell-er. If you have the opportunity to work with Ryan, I can't recommend him highly enough.

10/10 Quality Trainer
By Alex Jones / Alexandria, United States

As I moved to Fitness on the Run, Ryan trained me through all of the kettlebell movements and exercises. He made the learning process very easy and his ability to adapt to my learning skills to modify his explainations so I may understand clearly was outstanding. He is very precise and recognizes every little detail in my kettlebell exercises. I would recommend Ryan to anyone wanting to learn more about kettlebells.

10/10 Train with Ryan for success
By Nene Reed / Alexandria, USA

I started training with Ryan in 2012 as I sought to lose the weight I'd gained since college. At the time, I had no experience with proper kettlebell training and wanted to learn how to use them properly. I found Ryan through a google search and have trained with him since for about 5 years. Ryan's training helped me to lose 40 lbs and contributed to getting me in the best shape of my life. Under his tutelage. I learned proper form for every kettlebell movement, increased strength dramatically and have also been able to pass the knowledge on. Ryan's training allowed me to successfully earn my HKC in 2015, while also becoming a trainer myself. I challenged myself this year and competed in the recent Spring 2017 Tactical Strength Challenge, which consists of max weight Deadlifts (3 attempts), max pullups and 5 minutes of snatches at 20KG. I finished with a deadlift of 250 lbs, 12 pullups and 85 snatches. I give Ryan 100% credit for putting me in position for success.

10/10 Kettlebells - Strength - Form
By Rosemary C. / Alexandria, USA

I've been working with Ryan for about a year now. I started with him while I was nursing a shoulder injury. He helped me with stretching before and after a workout and really focused on my form with the kettle bells. Thanks to Ryan I'm finally 'engaging my Lats!'. I'm feeling stronger and my shoulder is 99% better. Thanks to Ryan I'm feeling stronger!

10/10 World Class Trainer
By Cristina M / Alexandria, USA

Ryan Jankowitz is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever had. I would not describe myself as "into fitness" but I have probably worked with a dozen trainers over the past 10 years, trying to incorporate consistent exercise into my life for health reasons. I could barely make it month without giving up, mostly because high intensity, run around and sweat work outs (think CrossFit) actually make me physically ill. I thought that was the only way to exercise until I met Ryan. He showed me how I could get stronger, healthier and overall more fit without feeling terrible while working out. Ryan listened to me from the very beginning and he came up with a long term strategy to meet my personal goals. He creates completely customized training sessions and has a wealth of knowledge in his field, so if one move isn't working for me, he can adjust the work out real time for my comfort and to still maximize results. I have been training with Ryan for almost a year now and I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I never thought I would say this, but I actually like working out. I don't think any of this would be possible without Ryan and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a true professional partner to help them achieve their health and strength goals.

10/10 Exceptional Trainer
By Cindy Creelman / Alexandria, USA

Ryan taught me everything I know about kettlebells. He and I started at Fitness on the Run at practically the same time. I had seen kettlebells in action before and thought they were insane. How could they possibly be safe? Ryan showed me how to get a very safe and effective workout with kettlebells (and other great exercises, as well). Now, just a little over 1.5 years later, I am in so much better shape, am stronger, and have improved my kettlebell (and other) skills immensely. I have lost weight, built muscle, and feel better overall. You can actually see my abs and I have real definition in my arms. :) Not to mention the fact that my workouts with Ryan have helped me improve and advance the other workouts I do. Ryan places great emphasis and importance on technique, which I really appreciate. There are some days when you might feel like the workout is light, but that is deceptive. The workout may not feel intense, but it is still effective. Ryan knows that not every workout has to be high intensity. He is very perceptive to your individual needs, and will help you adjust (up or down) accordingly. He also carefully considers your ability and technique and will take the time or adjust a workout to help you focus on areas of improvement or to teach you something new. Under Ryan's guidance, I have made vast strides in my fitness and health. And I have fallen in love with the kettlebell workout. I'm pretty picky about workouts, and this is one I have been able to and will continue to stick with.

10/10 Meticulous on form
By Allison Erdle / Alexandria, USA

Ryan has the ability to improve your form and focus in on little areas that may not be working, including form, nutrition, and positive focus to visualize your goals and achieve them. I am not looking to "check the box" with exercise so making sure I am doing maneuvers properly without injury to my back or shoulders is critical! Thank you for being attentive to the details!

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