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10/10 The best...
By Frank Spencer / Granville, USA

Lori is the best coach I have ever worked with. I appreciate her adherence to the fundamentals (I learned everything I know about proper kettlebell form from Lori) as well as her concern for safety and staying injury free. That said -- the workouts are tough! I always leave MoveStrong sore in new and different (and healthy) ways. Great gym, great "vibe," great coach. Frank

10/10 Great RKC experience
By Pat Giblin / Mason, USA

When registering for my RKC re-certification in 2016, I was happy to learn that Lori would be hosting the April event at her facility in Dublin. I had met her at my first RKC in 2013 and knew that we would be in good hands. The letter that Lori sent out in the weeks prior to the course was exactly the information that I needed to fine tune my preparation! Her facility had more than enough equipment and Lori's knowledge and friendly, calm demeanor enhanced the whole experience. I believe that Lori's coaching can benefit anyone regardless of their experience level. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and have the desire to move better and become stronger, train with Lori.

10/10 Awesome encouraging environment
By Mike Butsko / Columbus, United States

Lori provides a great environment and works in a lot of instruction in kettlebells, body weight strength training and movement.

10/10 The professional's coach!
By Lisa Krumlauf / Grove City, USA

I met Lori several years ago when a patient from my PT clinic was using her for his fitness training. After meeting Lori the first time I knew she had something special to offer and so I referred another patient from our clinic to her once that patient had completed her formal physical therapy. I have recognized for years the undeniable gap that exists from the time a patient completes formal rehab for a given injury to returning to full functional ability both in the gym and in life. What a gift it is to have Lori to help me fill this gap in Columbus. Not only as a coaching resource for our patients, but I now use her as my coach. I very much see my class time with her at MoveStrong as my personal functional training AND as professional development for me in my clinical practice. Her focus on postural training and awareness surpasses my expectations at every turn! Her attention to detail overflows from the KB lifts to every mobility movement and even including how we approach and lift the kb's in her gym. One of my favorite comments from Lori is when she says "you have to earn the right to pick-up a kettlebell in my gym." In other words if you aren't going to use the proper lift technique to get your kb from here to there then you haven't earned the right to use it. Lori is relentless and tenacious about her client's progress: the way we move, the way we flow (or more precisely THAT we flow everyday paying attention to what our bodies are asking for) and whether or not we are achieving OUR goals. She ends her weekly e-mail updates with phrases like "Thank you so much for your trust, and know that I truly love coaching all of you, learning from you, and being part of your fitness journey" and "take a few minutes to be grateful for your body each day and all that it can do because each of you are amazing in what you can do!" If your coach isn't using words like these to encourage and move you forward in your life's journey maybe consider a new coach! May I recommend Lori Crock at MoveStrong Kettlebell.

10/10 Best thing I've done for myself
By Cindy Musson / Delaware, Usa

I came to Lori 6 months ago at 53, looking to get in better shape. I didn't think I could actually work out in front of other people. I did a lot of video workouts and walking on my own. Lori made me feel very comfortable in class. She encourages me to push myself, and doing so I have made great gains in strength and flexibility. The workouts are always fun and never the same, which is what keeps me coming back every week. This always makes class exciting and the lack of redundancy makes me enjoy exercising while improving my health. Lori teaches us proper form and technique in all the exercises that we do, not just kettle bells. She is concerned with functional carryover into everyday living, which has helped increase my body awareness. Whether I'm standing or sitting, I am constantly modifying my posture through techniques Lori has taught me to incorporate at home. If I am unable to attend class due to my work schedule, I still find time to do some form of physical activity at home.

10/10 Even a coach needs a coach
By Eric Schmelzer / Columbus, US

I have been training with Lori on and off for about a year. In that time I've seen dramatic "gains" in my strength, explosiveness, mobility, and overall health. I began training with kettlebells in 2011. I taught myself the major kettlebell lifts with help from Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell and Simple and Sinister. I was doing the movements well enough to get from point A to point B (and in the case of the TGU, back to point A). Lori has been able to point out some very subtle details that were compromising the overall efficiency of the movements. After correcting those, with her help, I've seen big improvements in my strength and the overall "comfortability" of the lifts. She has great knowledge of kettlebells, human movement and anatomy, and can always tell when we've had just enough (but not too much). I workout at 5:45 am and able to work full time as a manual therapist without feeling too beat up. Except for this morning. Yesterday was rough lol.

10/10 Exceptional coaching!
By MaryEllen D. / Clarkston, USA

I hired Lori as an online coach to prepare me for the RKC. She overdelivered! I never realized how much I was about to learn from her coaching. She not only helped me achieve my RKC, but she has made me be a better coach. Her attention to detail made me very efficient in my lifts which allowed me to get through the physical and mental demand of the RKC weekend. Our FaceTime sessions were always very productive. Lori was able to point out my weaknesses quickly. She then would program workouts that would address those weaknesses. I started to feel and move stronger quickly after her smart programming. Just a few weeks before my RKC, I developed tendonitis in my wrist. Lori carefully programmed around my sore wrist and kept me safe from further injury. My snatch test felt great! Lori exhibits all the qualities of an exceptional coach. She was always positive, encouraging, and very knowledgeable! I will definitely hire Lori again when I prepare for my RKC-II -- without a doubt!

10/10 A great coach
By Don Malec / Cuyahoga Falls, USA

I was very fortunate to meet Lori at our RKC certification in 2012. She offered several suggestions during the 3 day experience. You could tell that Lori was meant to be an instructor. She possesses all the skills of a great coach. Lori was the Team Leader at my recent RKC recert at her gym in Dublin, Ohio. She provided excellent guidance and suggestions for improving my form throughout the recert. Lori's MoveStrong gym is a great place to train. She has a huge selection of kettlebells, coupled with free weights and TRX. It is a well organized, clean and a safe place to train.

10/10 Highly recommended!
By Josh Seabloom / Columbus, United States

I had not worked out for 5 months when I started with Lori and I had no guided experience with weight training. I learned about kettle bells through listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and knew that learning the technique was critical. I found Lori through google and this page on My goal was to learn enough proper technique to be confident to continue the journey on my own as well as to get into serviceable shape. My experience with Lori and the people that attend her gym was excellent. I attended her gym for about four months. Her 1:1 time before beginning my official gym membership was great and it really reinforced her focus on proper technique above all else (I don't have a lot of gym experience but the fact that she would dedicate 1:1 time before starting the membership? Amazing and in my case it was much needed). The classes themselves were nicely varied and interesting in addition to being rewarding (we didn't execute a duplicate workout once over my time). The second highlight was the group of people that attend her gym. I can't say enough about how warm and kind everyone was that I saw week after week were and I don't think this is an accident; Lori cultivates the atmosphere in her gym and it really is great. Overall the vibe is very personal both between Lori and the student and student to student which I valued quite a bit. I absolutely achieved my goals with her and I will miss attending regularly. I recommend her gym to everyone that expresses an interest in fitness in conversation. Email her now and sign up I promise you will have a good experience!

10/10 Unparalleled Training
By Julie Bryan / Dublin, USA

I stumbled upon Lori. through a recommendation on Facebook by a mutual acquaintance. I had tried kettlebells years before when I bought a home DVD and a 15lb kettlebell from Target. I knew I loved the movements and using kettlebells from the DVD; however, my form and technique were completely wrong and I ended up getting a back injury that took months to recover. When I saw there was a gym dedicated to kettlebells, I knew I wanted to try it again with the actual correct instruction. I was blown away immediately by a) how terribly wrong I had been doing everything before; and b) how incredibly knowledgeable and spot on Lori was with every technique and every movement that was sharp and clean. Regardless the size of the class, it always get like you were getting a full personal training session from Lori. She is very easy to follow and makes sure you will not do anything to injure yourself. I am so happy at the strength gains I yhave made in such a short time and would recommend Lori to anyone!

10/10 Over-delivers!!
By Neal DenHartog / Ames, US

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori in April when I attended a RKC certification at her studio. She was given the daunting task of eliminating all of the bad habits and techniques I had developed over the years, but she handled the coaching task admirably with a level of wisdom, insight, patience, encouragement, and professionalism that all coaches should aspire to. I was impressed with how much I was able to improve my skills in such a short amount of time with her guidance. After the certification I needed to further refine one of my skills and Lori continued to be an invaluable resource, going far above and beyond what was expected by exchanging emails, reviewing videos, and even face-timing to review technique. Talk about over-delivering! With that extra support I was able to pass my certification. I cannot recommend Lori enough for anyone looking to start training with kettlebells or improving their existing skills. She is truly committed to your success and that is rare these days.

10/10 Passion for Kettlebells
By Julie Smith / Miamisburg, USA

I reached out to Lori after I made my decision to train for RKC. I met Lori as our team leader during HKC in October of 2014. I was amazed with her leadership skills and her ability to assist not only me but others in our class with proper technique of kettlebells. I scheduled individual training sessions with Lori and from the moment we met I knew I had found someone with the same passion I have with kettlebells. I strive for perfection and Lori was able to guide me, fine tune me, and push me to where I needed to be for RKC. I am so thankful for Lori's assistance. My passing RKC at age 56 with Lori's help was truly spectacular and heart warming for me. I am now teaching and use Lori's helpful cues in my own sessions. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and patience with me.

10/10 Awesome Instructor and Person
By Dawn Buchwalder / Dayton, USA

Wow!! I had the great pleasure of meeting Lori Crock as I was preparing for and completing my RKC training. She invited RKC candidates to her gym, months in advance of the certification weekend, in an effort to evaluate our proficiency, identify skills which required work, and then provide encouragement to minimize our stress. During the weekend of the certification, she fine tuned our skills with patience and professionalism. She legitimately cares about her clients and is dedicated to their personal success. I look forward to training with her in the future. If you're looking for hands on personal attention from an instructor who wants you to achieve your goals through proper instruction and form, then Lori Crock is the leader for you.

10/10 Patient and Comprehensive!
By Michelle Infante RKC, ACSM Personal Trainer, TRX / Cold Spring, USA

Lori approaches her coaching with a thorough and comfortable style, working with students on fine-tuning the elements of kettlebell and body movement. She has a very patient and dedicated view to learning proper technique and safety. Her gym operates "outside the traditional box" with a full-body approach to strength, body movement and power training. I found Lori for my RKC certification training and she could not have been more helpful or determined to help me reach my goal of RKC Certification! Would highly recommend for full-body fitness and kettle bell training..... you will be happy you did!!!

10/10 A True Professional & Highly Recommended
By John Bennett / North Canton, United States

What a supreme pleasure it was to train with RKC Team Leader Lori Crock at her beautiful Kettlebell studio, MoveStrong KBs in Dublin, Ohio for my RKC Certification in April. Her attention to detail with my technique, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and strength was exact and supportive. She helped me tweak my weak, left-side snatch technique as well as guided me in the proper teaching cues with my volunteer students during my RKC testing. If you are in the Columbus-area and just beginning your Kettlebell journey, I highly recommend Miss Crock and her attentive, safety-first staff. Or, if you are an advanced Kettlebeller who wants to up your game to the next level, Lori can help you achieve your goals. Her work with me proves it!

10/10 I'd trust Lori with ANY of my family members...
By Dustin Jones, PT, DPT, CSCS, RKC / Cbus, USA

I've been coached by Lori as a gym member as well as an RKC candidate. In both situations, Lori has proven to consistently demonstrate integrity, professionalism, and expertise in her craft. She knows what she's doing and practices what she preaches. I'd trust her to coach anyone near and dear to my questions asked.

10/10 So Glad I Drove by that day!
By Scott Wemer / Columbus, USA

I was just looking for something different to do for a few months before I started training for a half marathon. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for but I heard good things about kettle bells. When I stopped in Lori’s gym I decided to give it a shot. That was 5 months ago. She makes sure you know the proper technique and the classes are kept small enough so you get individual attention. The workouts are challenging but set up so that all ages and fitness levels can participate. There is a really good comradely between all the students whether they are in their 20’s or 60’s. I really like that her classes are about functional strength that can help you in all aspects of life. I am a golfer, cyclist and runner and I am really looking forward to seeing how Lori’s kettle bell training will improve my performance in all of them. Not to mention it is kind of nice when someone asks me where I have been working out.

10/10 I am so grateful to have found Lori Crock!
By Joan Tussing / Dublin (Columbus), USA

I am absolutely thrilled to be working out with Lori Crock at her MoveStrong Kettlebells gym! Lori is a top-notch coach, teacher, motivator and mentor. I deeply appreciate her high level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. She wants each of us to reach our full potential while emphasizing proper form and safety. Since beginning to work out with Lori six months ago, I have grown in strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, health, confidence and utilization of correct Kettlebell form. Lori has given me ongoing encouragement during workouts and even through occasional emails. I greatly enjoy her workouts which are full of variety, challenge and skill building as well as tailored warm up and cool downs that directly support each of our workouts. Lori practices what she teaches. She is a remarkably strong and motivated athlete who loves to master diverse and new skills while passing on her passion to others. Not only is Lori a very generous person during the workout experience, she demonstrates great generosity in many other ways. At Thanksgiving time, she initiated a frozen meat donation drive to a local food bank among our membership with a drawing for a free month's membership. She offers several free open gym and workout sessions for members' family and friends during the holidays. Lori hosts free workshops to members by local health professionals to support our ongoing success and safety using Kettlebells. She even gave each of us a high quality foam roller for Christmas! Lori is an absolute blessing to me, and I am so grateful to be an active member at MoveStrong Kettlebells!

10/10 Challenging & Consistent Coach
By Madeleine Revis / Columbus, United States

Over the last year or so, I fell completely out of shape. I lost the love I had for fitness and I stopped taking care of my body. I was bored with cardio, and after relocating for work I didn’t have the peers around me who held me accountable to working out. I finally hit a wall – I stepped on the scale and weighed in the highest I have ever been. I knew it was time to make a change; I wanted to find something that would develop into a routine.

I met Lori while participating in some marketing for work. I tried a free class with her, a lot of time passed, and finally after running into her again, it felt like it was meant to be to start training with her at Movestrong KBs.

Lori has been my kettlebell coach for a little over three months now. Lori is a great coach for so many reasons.

First and foremost, Lori has a systematic approach to the daily workouts she creates for her group classes. Lori strategically plans workouts to help us individually meet our goals.

Lori is also a great coach because she challenges me. Being new to kettlebells, I sometimes underestimate what I am capable of. She is there to push me to try heavier weight while maintaining technique and form. She gives honest, in-the-moment feedback, and it’s always consistent. I never feel forced to overexert myself.

The variety of activities we do in Lori’s classes is a major part of what keeps me coming back 4 times + per week! Not one class in the last three months that I have attended has been the same. She is very knowledgeable—she has a long list of certifications and applies it to her plan every class.

Often times during group fitness classes, instructors take advantage of that time to get their workout in as well. Lori strictly is there to coach everyone who is present in the class and gets her personal workout in on her own time.

My goal was to lose weight and become stronger. Three months after starting training with Lori, I have lost 45lbs and I can totally see my body changing. Throughout my weight loss pursuit, Lori has also given great tips for better food intake and has helped me monitor cardio through listening to my body. Movestrong KBs feels like a community –we have collectively done the 21 Day Sugar Detox together and we are now working on our 10,000 Swing Challenge.

Not only is Lori a remarkable coach, but she is also a role model in so many ways!

10/10 Best decision ever
By Patty Rinella / Dublin, Usa

When I decided to retire, I knew for the first 6 months I was going to relax, enjoy family, friends, and do what I wanted to do. One of the things I wanted to do was enhance and vary my workouts. I was getting bored and not enjoying what I was doing, I started making excuses and stopped exercising on a regular basis. I knew I was in trouble.

I remembered taking some classes with Lori, through my former employer, which included my introduction to kettlebells. I knew I kind of enjoyed the bells. I decided to contact Lori, we talked, we met, she assessed and we decided that I would commit for a month. I started with the on-ramps, I thought I did ok. Then I was ready for my first class. I'll never forget that class, everyone was younger, they were using much heavier bells, obviously they were in better condition, but at the end of that class, I had such a sense of accomplishment that I have never looked back. I feel great, my body has a firmer tone and I'm full of energy.

I have complete trust and confidence in Lori's knowledge, her excellent instruction, her creativity in varying workouts and I know when I finish, I have had a great workout. After 6 months, I still walk out with that same sense of accomplishment that I had after my first class. Thanks Lori, you are the best!

10/10 Confidence and Strength
By Cindy Wells / Columbus, US

Lori has helped me not only to become stronger and more confident in working out and developing goals, but has helped me to realize I CAN do it. I have gone through every work out fad for years (Richard Simpson - Jane Fonda-Hatha Yoga- Aerobic Dance-Tae Bo-Jillian Michaels,(Shred-it.).) As you can see many years!!.
I love the muscle strength and balance I have developed by Lori's patient instruction and guidance. I feel so much stronger. When I do not have perfect form, I am encouraged to start over. If I don't push myself with weights, I am encouraged to do so. If I pick too heavy a kettlebell, I am reminded that form is of the essence. Time flies in all of the classes and I always look forward to the next great workout! I feel so motivated in my classes, yet I know I will always be coached in a manner that is safe and structured to realize my full potential. This is not a fad workout, this is a treasured lifestyle change in working out to gain strength and balance!

10/10 So glad I found Lori!
By Cynthia Whipple / Bowling Green, USA

I live two hours from Dublin, but it is so worth the drive to train with Lori. What makes her special? Incredible attention to detail, an open heart, and an ability to adapt her teaching style to the student. Lori meets you where you are and shows you how to progress safely no matter what your challenges are: old injuries, lack of conditioning, deeply ingrained beliefs that you just aren't "athletic" enough. Thanks to her skillful coaching, I was able become certified as an HKC at age 58 and I now know that strength is a skill that I can continue to develop through mindful practice.

Train with Lori. If you live close enough to participate in her group sessions, you'll find a welcoming community to help you on your path to strength and wellness. If, like me, you live too far away to regularly participate in a class, consider scheduling some individual sessions. You'll be glad you did!

10/10 Top of the Line
By Lauren B. / Waterville, USA

MoveStrong has been the best athletic training experience during my off-season training from collegiate basketball. Lori’s passionate instruction helps create the best personalized training possible. Lori’s ability to modify the class workout makes every session individualized and therefore made it easy for me to track my progress. MoveStrong provided a fun, enthusiastic, and challenging atmosphere full of members and an instructor who are passionate and dedicated to fitness. Lori’s instruction of the kettlebells worked and conditioned my entire body, keeping me in superb shape for summer league as well as preseason conditioning. Additionally and most importantly, Lori’s willingness to educate her members of advanced lifting techniques and healthy living outside of the gym creates a personal bond between member and instructor. Without a doubt, Lori will transform the way you lift and live. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

10/10 Great training for any fitness level
By Jim Carson / Dublin, USA

I recommend this training to anyone serious about getting into shape, regardless of your current fitness level. Lori took the time to work with me individually so that I could learn proper fundamentals, exercise safely, and get the most impact from her classes. I have been working out with weights and doing cardio for about 20 years, and still have learned so much from working out with Lori. I can't recommend her more highly!

10/10 Unconditional Positive Regard
By Joanne Spoth / Columbus, USA

Move, breathe, move strong, move with confidence and move with fluidity. All are achievable when you make the decision to work with Lori.
Whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness, excel in a specific sport or just starting on your wellness journey, Lori can help you achieve your goals.
She makes it fun, safe and rewarding to come to class.
My strength, endurance and energy continue to grow and I am proud to call you my coach.

10/10 Improve Your Rowing with Lori Crock
By Patrick Baum / Upper Arlington, USA

Whether you scull or sweep, Lori Crock will make you faster through kettlebell training.

Rowing demands a mixture of technique and physicality. To row fast, your legs must be ballistic, your core solid, your heart strong. Sound familiar? Yes, kettlebells make the perfect land-based method to improve balance and strength for rowers.

Yet, like rowing, kettlebells require excellent technique to avoid injury and to get results. Excellent technique takes great coaching. I chose Lori Crock because she is not only RKC certified, but also strives to understand her athletes (even if they don't consider themselves athletes). Lori is the coach I've always needed.

Bottom line: After training with Lori for four months, the results show on my body and on the water. I am leaner, lighter, and have more endurance and greater stability in the boat. Thus my rowing technique has become smoother and more powerful in an upward spiral of improvement.

If you are a serious rower or simply want to be more comfortable and confident in your boat, hire Lori Crock.

10/10 My Best Decision
By Sharon Adamek / Dublin, USA

I came to Lori at 55 years old--overweight-sore and out of shape. I was not sure if I would be able to manage the challenge of starting a fitness program. It soon became clear to me that I had made a wonderful decision to work with Lori.
Lori makes sure that each client gets individual attention, even in a group class. She is passionate about her profession. She is constantly striving to educate herself and in turn brings that to her clients. She focuses on safety, proper form and each persons needs and abilities. She creates an environment of acceptance and self worth.
Lori is very intuitive about he body and is able to quickly access a persons strengths and
weaknesses. She is kind and patient and yet loves nothing better than to see someone
push themselves just far enough to achieve a new goal.
On a personal note I think this might be the best thing I have done for myself in the last 20
years. I am feeling so much stronger and flexible, I look forward to going to the classes and watching my body transform. For the first time, I am looking at my fitness as a journey and a way of life, rather than that thing " I have to do" or a quick fix. Each class is different and I
have had the opportunity to try so many new things!. Kettle Bells, TRX, and weight lifting to name a few. I recommend Lori for anyone at any fitness level-she has the ability to work with the finest of athletes as well as someone like my self.

10/10 Fun & Functional Instruction
By KC Becker / Dublin, United States

Lori provides a safe, fun atmosphere for individuals new to kettlebells as well as those who have previously worked with kettlebells. Highlighting specific cues and step-by-step instruction, Lori makes it safe and comfortable for everyone to perform each movement. She offers great feedback to enhance your performance and has a lot of knowledge about adapting workouts to protect muscles and joints. Highly recommend Lori's classes for anyone interested in diverse workouts which combine strength and cardio!

10/10 Kettlebells; not just a cannonball with a handle!
By Greg Potts / Dublin, USA


Thanks for guiding me and helping me with my physical fitness goals, I found class to be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding!

I liked that this is a “different” type of fitness program than I do on my own and I feel it has brought a new and beneficial dimension to my training. The social interaction during class is quite different from my usual gym workout sessions and I find this helpful as well.

My mobility has improved and as I’ve aged, I’ve grown to believe this is an increasingly vital aspect of my overall physical fitness level.

In short, I feel your classes work in well with my existing training sessions and have improved my overall fitness level.

Thanks again and I hope to be in class again soon!

Greg Potts

10/10 Amazing Instructor!
By Wendy Greasamar / Delaware, OH, USA

I have never been much of an athlete-at least not in my adult life. I exercise semi-regularly (mostly cardio), but I also sit at a desk all day and don't do nearly what I should. I had been looking to ramp up my exercise routine when the opportunity presented itself for me to work out with Lori through work. I thought I would give it a try, not really knowing what to expect. From day 1, I have loved what Lori has taught me. Through kettlebells and movement training, I feel like I am actually good at something athletic, and I enjoy it. I could not do a push up or plank to save my life before I started working out with Lori. I have gradually gained the strength to not only do one, but hold it for some time. On the days I come in to work out and I am not feeling up to it, Lori is motivating. By the end of class, I am ready to take on the day. I work out on Tuesdays and Fridays and I definitely notice that I have more energy on those days of the week, because I started my day with a workout. She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and I have appreciated her tips that she has provided me. I look forward to continuing my journey to better health with Lori and would recommend her to ANYONE! She can tailor training to anyone, wherever they are in their fitness journey. Thank you Lori!

By Tim Louters / Dublin, USA

In order to be a good teacher/instructor one must possess knowledge, passion, and the ability to communicate. Lori excels in all of these categories. Working out has always been more of a chore to me until now! She is very good at praising you when you do something well and working with you to correct any flaws you may have. I have been working out with her for a few months and love it! She is a good fit for people of all fitness levels!!

10/10 Rekindled my motivation
By Danielle Toth / Dublin, United States

I have been working out for over 3 years strait and I was bored, sore and unsatisfied with my progress!! That all changed when my husband and I walked into Lori's gym. I have been training with Lori since September and I could not be more please with my increases in strength and changes to my body. I no longer dread going to the gym, Lori makes it fun and challenging!! I Leave her class feeling energized not exhausted!!! Lori has given me more than just a work out, she has helped me regain my confidence and motivation. I can not express enough how grateful I am to train with Lori, she is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend her!!!

9/10 Lori LIVES this stuff!
By Jerry Smith / Dublin, USA

Lori is one of the enlightened trainers in all things strength/movement/sustainable fitness -- a great coach who motivates and educates a room. And doesn’t miss a thing anybody is doing especially well or problematically. Her class and gym provides a great environment for training --rich in conversation about rest, diet, recovery, and training. And she takes keen interest in the mind and body particulars of each of her trainees. If you train with kettlebells and related strength/functional/interval modes -- or are ready to start -- you would do well to learn to do it better and with more weight for even longer with Lori. She lives this stuff!

10/10 Lori saved my life!
By Judy Ciccone / Grandview Heights, USA

Literally, and figuratively. For those that have been absent from any regular physical activity due to age, weight, lack of confidence or interest, or any number of reasons, than Lori is the coach for you! She accepts each individual where they are in their fitness journey (or not), and takes the time to get to know you and your abilities, while also pushing you to improve. BL (before Lori), I was lost in the maze of "diets", and gaining weight. I knew my physical abilities were limited, and negatively impacting my quality of life. I wanted to be happy and healthy, and "find my inner athlete", as Lori puts it. Lori threw me a life line to make these necessary changes. I'm happy to say that with minimal weight loss and weight training, I was able to help move my son to college (as a single parent and at OU/can you say hills?), and also myself from house to apartment. I would have never had the strength or endurance BL. I can climb stairs (and hills) and chairs, carry suitcases and manipulate a kettleball, however light the weight. She makes movement fun, and her excitement and encouragement are infectious, and her dedication is beyond a "job". I don't want the time to end when we're together, and I feel my best after talking with her and sharing a workout with her and other new found friends. She not only saved my life, but has given me a new life to look forward to and enjoy; happy and healthy. At least I'm on my way. So, for those that are intimidated by the gym, fitness equipment and/or instructors,or are self-conscious about your size, age or ability, please give Lori a call. I did and she saved my life.

10/10 Exceptional
By Cindy` Ray / Delaware, United States

I've been training with Lori for 5 months. Before I started, I thought I knew what I was doing (!) and I thought I was strong and flexible. In 5 months with Lori on Kettle Bells, TRX, the playground, the parks, I've learned so much and have become so much stronger, flexible, mobile. Every day with Lori is new, fun, challenging. Her coaching style is very hands-on, and she demonstrates every move before we do it ourselves, then she congratulates or corrects. She works with trainees to learn what we need/want then coaches us to that. Lori is the best kind of coach: personally motivated, informed, challenging, dedicated to helping her students succeed, and fun! She believes, and convinces us, that we all have the power to have grace and strength and to function fluidly in every day life. Lori is right and it's been a blessing to have found her.

10/10 The Art of Coaching
By Jeff Turner / Columbus, United States

I’ve been a Fitness Coach for over 25 years. I’ve seen a lot of ugly training, but when you experience someone perform a movement with beauty and power...that’s just cool, that’s Lori.

Lori expresses strength and power mixed with the fluidity of a master trainer.

Her strength is coaching -- she “coaches” her clients and progresses them at their pace and is totally engaged throughout the session. It was a true pleasure having her coach me and clean up some of my kettlebell movements...and Olympic lifts.

Lori over-delivers and you can tell she loves what she does. I highly recommend Lori.

10/10 Provides a unique approach to fitness and fun!
By Miley Phillips / Dublin, OH, USA

We have worked with Lori on many different occasions with our City of Dublin employees. She has taught a series of MovNat classes that combined proper movement, kettlebells, TRX, and the correct form and technique for not only each exercise but for everyday movements of life. A large majority of our employees felt improvement in one or more areas including: balance and flexibility, strength and agility, and proper lifting techniques. Personally, I enjoyed her personable teaching skills, motivational personality, and patience with all levels of fitness. Her love of movement and a healthy lifestyle is contagious. The City of Dublin has a very diverse group of employees, and Lori has used her knowledge and skill set for each of these groups. From our police officers to our streets and utilities workers and even to our employees who sit at a desk all day, Lori has provided applicable movement techniques that help to do each job more efficiently and with less injuries.

10/10 I never thought exercise could be fun.
By Shelly Reardon / Dublin, Ohio, USA

I really thought I was going to be one of those people who would always hate going to the gym and exercising. But when I started working out with Lori, I found out what was missing - fun, functional ways to move my body that built muscle, toned everything and increased my flexibility, balance and stamina. She introduced me to kettle bells, TRX, MovNat, and is a wealth of information about avoiding injury, proper form and even nutrition. Whether it's one on one or in a group, Lori is able to motivate and inspire me to safely push myself to see what my body is truly capable of doing. I always leave our sessions feeling challenged and exhilarated!

10/10 Fitness, Form and Nutrition - The Total Package!
By Heather Chilcote / Hilliard, Ohio, USA

I have been working with Lori for about a year now and can honestly say that I am in the best physical condition of my life. My training with Lori has been primarily a combination of Kettlebells, TRX and MovNat, not to mention the abundance of nutrition information she has supplied. After sustaining many injuries over the years due to improper technique and form, I am indebted to Lori for making those things paramount in our training sessions. We continue to work with Kettlebells to improve my overall strength and conditioning. She has taught me that proper form allows for a better quality workout, not to mention helps me to attain my goals without injury! With Lori’s training and encouragement, I am amazed at how I have progressed over the past year. I am excited to see what this next year brings!

By Laura Santagata / Dublin, USA

Lori Crock has literally changed the way I train. I'm a personal trainer and boot camp instructor of 14 years. I thought I knew all that I needed to stay fit and healthy ... until I met Lori! Not only has she taught me the proper techniques to use while lifting bars and dumbbells, but she also has taught me how to get a fantastic workout in using kettlebell training! I now can swing a much heavier KB for my exercises since Lori taught the proper technique.
What I love best about Lori how in touch with her body she is, and how I've learned through training with her how to be in touch with mine. Before Lori, I would force myself to do certain routines even though my body felt tight or worn out. Lori taught me to properly warm up, listen and feel cues my muscles may be sending me, then decide what type of workout I will do that day. I now allow my body to dictate my movement, not my written program.
Lori inspires me in a way that I have not been inspired in years! If my schedule allowed, I would train with Lori several days a week. She is an endless asset to my well being.

9/10 Thankful to have found Lori
By Dustin Jones / Columbus, OH, USA

I came across Lori through the MovNat door hoping to learn more about natural movement. However, I quickly found myself learning the power of the kettlebell. From the get-go, her love of quality movement was infectious. She views and teaches movement as a skill which I absolutely love (being a physical therapist). She's passionate about sharing this with others and that is very clear after one interaction with her.

Her lack of formal higher education in the fitness realm was a barrier for me at first. However, I quickly realized how degrees and letters after someone's name doesn't necessarily guarantee someone's a great coach. Lori practices what she preaches and knows movement. This really makes her one of the best movement coaches I have met.

10/10 Functional Fitness at its BEST!
By Tina Mohn / Dublin, USA

If you are looking for a coach/trainer/instructor that motivates, inspires, and 'moves' you, Lori is for you! She combines strength, power, balance, agility and stretching to make workouts holistic and functional. I've gained insight in both quality and quantity in my mental and physical aspects of fitness. These are the kinds of workouts that our bodies need and that are sustainable in training for LIFE!
Thank you Lori for your contagious energy and spirit!

10/10 Great find
By Ann Morrell / Powell, Usa

In addition to offering Kettlebell training, Lori offers up her expert knowledge of movement, technique, nutrition and positivity to her students. She truly believes that with a combination of these that anyone can reach a greater level of fitness. She breaks down every Kettlebell move to get the maximum result and there is no such thing as going through the motions with Lori. The individual attention and investment in her students accomplishments are sincere. She's one of the few instructors in NW Columbus to offer Kettlebell classes and for anyone who hasn't experienced them.....give them a try.

10/10 Great personal attention and follow up
By Terry Butterworth / Dublin, USA

I have been training with Lori since August and have noticed wonderful changes in my mobility and overall conditioning in such a short period of time. I have a long history of back problems and Lori has me safely lifting kettle bells and performing climbing and jumps that I never thought possible. I even noticed after one month of kettle bell work that my minutes per mile time decreased over one minute with a three week gap between runs. Lori also provides quick checks throughout the week when she knows I am struggling with an injury or we have tried a new technique and she wants to hear how my body is reacting to it. Her enthusiasm and dedication shows in every interaction I have with her and I am grateful to have found someone that can keep me strong and mobile as I charge through my 40s.

10/10 Amazing coach
By Jim Toth / Dublin, USA

My family and I have been working with Lori for 2 months and our strength and technique has increased dramatically and steadily. Lori really emphasizes technique and wellness and is genuinely invested in your progression. We are so happy to have found such a great coach and now friend. If you're in Columbus Ohio and and are interested in a safe and friendly kettlebell experience don't hesitate to contact Lori.

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