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Calisthenics Mass: How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training

By Paul “Coach” Wade

eBook 136 pages

Is it really possible to add significant extra muscle-bulk to your frame using bodyweight exercise only? The answer, according to calisthenics guru and bestselling Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade, is a resounding Yes. Legendary strongmen and savvy modern bodyweight bodybuilders both, have added stacks of righteous beef to their physiques—using just the secrets Paul Wade reveals in this bible-like guide to getting as strong AND as big as you could possibly want, using nothing but your own body.

Paul Wade’s trenchant, visceral style blazes with hard-won body culture insight, tactics, strategies and tips for the ultimate blueprint for getting huge naturally without free weights, machine supplements or—God forbid—steroids. With C-Mass, Paul Wade further cements his position as the preeminent modern authority on how to build extraordinary power and strength with bodyweight exercise only.

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Get All of This When You Invest in Paul Wade’s C-Mass Today:

1. Bodyweight Muscle? No Problem!

Build phenomenal amounts of natural muscle mass and discover how to:
  • Add 20-30+ pounds of solid muscle—with perfect proportions
  • Reshape your arms with 2-3 inches of gnarly beef
  • Triple the size of your pecs and lats
  • Thicken and harden your abdominal wall into a classic six-pack
  • Throw a thick, healthy vein onto your biceps
  • Generate hard, sculpted quads and hamstrings that would be the envy of an Olympic sprinter
  • Build true "diamond" calves
  • Stand head and shoulders above the next 99% of natural bodybuilders in looks, strength and power
  • Boost your testosterone naturally to bull-like levels
Understand the radically different advantages you’ll get from the two major types of resistance work, nervous system training and muscular system training.

If you really want to explode your muscle growth—if SIZE is your goal—you should train THIS way…

2. The Ten Commandments of Calisthenics Mass

Truly effective muscular training boils down into THESE Ten Commandments.

COMMANDMENT I: Embrace reps!

Why reps are key when you want to build massive stacks of jacked up muscle.
Understanding the biochemistry of building bigger muscles through reps…


Want to turn from a twig into an ok tree? Why working demonically hard and employing brutal physical effort is essential to getting nasty big…

COMMANDMENT III: Use Simple, Compound Exercises!

Why—if you want to get swole—you need to toss out complex, high-skill exercises.

Why dynamic exercises are generally far better than static holds for massive muscle building.

These are the very best dynamic exercises—for bigger bang for your muscle buck.

How to ratchet up the heat with THIS kick-ass strategy and sprout new muscle at an eye-popping rate.


What it takes to trigger explosive muscle growth—and why most folk foolishly and wastefully pull their "survival trigger" way too many futile times…

Why you need to void "volume creep" at all costs when size is what you’re all about.

COMMANDMENT V: Focus on Progress—and Utilize a Training Journal!

Why so few wannabe athletes ever achieve a good level of strength and muscle—let alone a great level—and what it really takes to succeed.

Golden tip: how to take advantage of the windows of opportunity your training presents you.

How to transform miniscule, incremental gains into long-range massive outcomes.

Forget those expensive supplements! Why keeping a training log can be the missing key to success or failure in the muscle-gain biz.

COMMANDMENT VI: You Grow When You Rest. So Rest!

If you really wanted to improve on your last workout—add that rep, tighten up your form—how would you want to approach that workout? The answer is right here…

Ignore THIS simple, ancient, muscle-building fact—and be prepared to go on spinning your muscle-building wheels for a VERY long time…

10 secrets to optimizing the magic rest-muscle growth formula…

Why you may never even come close to your full physical potential—but how to change that…

COMMANDMENT VII: Quit Eating "Clean" the Whole Time!

Warning—Politically incorrect statement: Why, if you are trying to pack on more muscle, eating junk now and again is not only okay, it can be positively anabolic.


How is it that prison athletes seem to gain and maintain so much dense muscle, when guys on the outside—who are taking supplements and working out in super-equipped gyms—can rarely gain muscle at all?

Discover the 3 main reasons why, sleep, the natural alternative to steroids, helps prison athletes grow so big…

COMMANDMENT IX: Train the Mind Along With the Body!

Why your mind is your most powerful supplement…

How 6 major training demons can destroy your bodybuilding dreams—and where to find the antidote…


Understanding the relationship between the nervous system and the muscular system—and how to take full advantage of that relationship.

Why, if you wish to gain as much muscle as your genetic potential will allow, just training your muscles won’t cut it—and what more you need to do…

The secret to mixing and matching for both growth AND strength…

3. "Coach" Wade’s Bodypart Tactics

Get the best bodyweight bodybuilding techniques for 11 major body areas.

1. Quadzilla! (…and Quadzookie.)

Why the Gold Standard quad developer is squatting—and why you absolutely need to master the Big Daddy, the one-legged squat

How to perform the Shrimp Squat, a wonderful quad and glute builder, which is comparable to the one-leg squat in terms of body-challenge.

Why you should employ THESE 7 jumping methods to put your quad gains through the roof…

How to perform the hyper-tough, man-making Sissy Squat—favorite of the Iron Guru, Vince Gironda—great bodybuilding ideologist of the Golden Era, and trainer of a young Mr. Schwarzenegger. He wouldn’t let anyone perform barbell squats in his gym!

2. Hamstrings: Stand Sideways With Pride

Enter Lombard’s Paradox: how and why you can successfully brutalize your hammies with calisthenics.

Why bridging is a perfect exercise for strengthening the hamstrings.

How to correctly work your hamstrings and activate your entire posterior chain.

Why THIS workout of straight bridges and hill sprints could put muscle on a pencil.

How to employ the little-known secret of the bridge curl to develop awesome strength and power in the your hammies.

Why explosive work is essential for fully developed hamstrings—and the best explosive exercise to make your own…

3. Softball Biceps

THIS is the best biceps exercise in the world bar none. But most bodybuilders never use it to build their biceps! Discover what you are missing out on and learn to do it right…

And then you can make dumbbell curls look like a redheaded stepchild with THIS superior bicep blower-upper…

Another great compound move for the biceps (and forearms) is rope climbing. As with all bodyweight, this can be performed progressively. Get the details here on why and how…

Despite what some trainers may ignorantly tell you, you can also perform bodyweight biceps isolation exercises—such as the classic (but-rarely-seen-in-gyms) curl-up. Pure power! If you can build one, THIS old school piece of kit will give you biceps straight from Hades.

4. Titanic Triceps

Paul Wade has never met a gym-trained bodybuilder who understands how the triceps work. Not one. Learn how the triceps REALLY work. This stuff is gold—pay attention. And discover the drills that are going to CRUCIFY those tris!

5. Farmer Forearms

Paul Wade wrote the definitive mini-manual of calisthenics forearm and grip training in Convict Conditioning 2. But HERE’S a reminder on the take-home message that the forearms are best built through THESE exercises, and you can build superhuman grip by utilizing intelligent THESE progressions.

Why crush-style grippers are a mistake and the better, safer alternative for a hand-pulping grip…

6. It’s Not "Abs", It’s "Midsection"

As a bodybuilder, your method should be to pick a big, tough midsection movement and work at it hard and progressively to thicken your six-pack. This work should be a cornerstone of your training, no different from pullups or squats. It’s a requirement. Which movements to pick? Discover the best drills here…

And the single greatest exercise for scorching your abs in the most effective manner possible is THIS…

How to best train your obliques and lateral chain…

The simplest and most effective way to train your transversus…

7. Maximum Chest

The roll call of classical bodyweight chest exercises is dynamic and impressive. It’s an ancient, effective, tactical buffet of super-moves. Get the list here…

THE best chest routine is THIS one…

If super-sturdy arms and shoulders mean your pecs barely get a look in when you press, then focus on THESE progressions instead—and your pecs will be burning with a welcome new pain…

Why Al Kavadlo has a lean, athletic physique, but his pecs are as thick as a bodybuilder’s…

THIS could be the ultimate bodyweight drill to get thick, imposing pectoral muscles…

And here’s the single finest exercise for enlarging your pec minor—yet hardly anyone has figured it out…

Why you need to master the art of deep breathing, strongman style, to truly develop a massive chest—and where to find unbeatable advice from proven champions…

8. Powerful, Healthy Shoulders

All die-hard bodybuilders need to know is that the deltoids have three heads. Here’s how they work…

If you want to give any of your shoulder heads an enhanced, specialist workout, a great tactic is THIS.

How to make your lateral deltoids scream for mercy—and thank you later when you ignore their pleas…

If you really want to build your rear delts, THIS drill should be your number one exercise…

THESE kinds of drills can result in shoulder injury, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and chronic pain—what to stick with instead…

THIS is a fantastic deltoid movement which will swell up those cannonballs fast…

Why old school hand balancing is so great for strength, size and coordination, while surprisingly easy on the shoulders, especially as you get a bit older…

The number one go-to guy in the whole world for hand-balancing is THIS calisthenics master…

9. Ah’ll be Back

THIS exercise is the finest lat-widener in the bodybuilding world and should be the absolute mainstay of your back training. This one’s a no-brainer—if adding maximum torso beef as fast and efficiently as possible appeals to you…

Are you an advanced bodyweight bodybuilder? Then you may wish to add THIS to your upper-back routine. Why? Well—THIS will blitz your rear delts, scapular muscles and the lower heads of the trapezius. These are the "detail" muscles of the back, so loved by bodybuilders when they grow and thicken, resembling serpents swirling around the shoulder-blades.

Paul Wade demands that all his students begin their personal training with a brutal regime of THIS punishing drill. Why? Find out here…

Real strength monsters can try THIS. But you gotta be real powerful to survive the attempt...

Many bodybuilders think only in terms of "low back" when working the spinal muscles, but this is a mistake: find out why…

How bridging fully works all the deep tissues of the spine and bulletproofs the discs.

The single most effective bridge technique for building massive back muscle…

Why back levers performed THIS way are particularly effective in building huge spinal strength and thickness.

Why inverse hyperextensions are a superb lower-back and spine exercise which requires zero equipment.

10. Calving Season

THIS squat method will make your calves larger, way more supple, more powerful, and your ankles/Achilles’ tendon will be bulletproofed like a steel cable…

Whether you are an athlete, a strength trainer or a pure bodyweight bodybuilder, your first mission should be to gradually build to THIS. Until you get there, you don’t need to waste time on any specialist calf exercises.

If you DO want to add specific calf exercises to your program, then THESE are a good choice.

The calves are naturally explosive muscles, and explosive bodyweight work is very good for calf-building. So add THESE six explosive drills into your mix…

Methods like THIS are so brutal (and effective) that they can put an inch or more on stubborn calves in just weeks. If you can train like this just once a week for a few months, you better get ready to outgrow your socks…

11. TNT: Total Neck and Traps

Do bodybuilders even need to do neck work? Here’s the answer…

The best neck exercises for beginners.

HERE is an elite-level technique for developing the upper trapezius muscles between the neck and shoulders..

THIS is another wonderful exercise for the traps, developing them from all angles.
By the time you can perform two sets of twenty deep, slow reps of THIS move, your traps will look like hardcore cans of beans.

If you want more neck, and filling out your collar is something you want to explore, forget those decapitation machines in the gym, or those headache-inducing head straps. The safest, most natural and most productive techniques for building a bull-nape are THESE.
4. Okay. Now Gimme a Program
If you want to pack on muscle using bodyweight, it’s no good training like a gymnast or a martial artist or a dancer or a yoga expert, no matter how impressive those skill-based practitioners might be at performing advanced calisthenics. You need a different mindset. You need to train like a bodybuilder!

Learn the essential C-Mass principles behind programming, so you can master your own programming…

The most important thing to understand about bodybuilding routines…

Simple programs with minimum complexity have THESE features

By contrast, programs with maximum complexity have THESE features

Why Simple Beats Complex, For THESE 3 Very Important Reasons…

When to Move up the Programming Line

If simpler, more basic routines are always the best, why do advanced bodybuilders tend to follow more complex routines? Programs with different sessions for different bodyparts, with dozens of exercises? Several points to consider…

The best reason is to move up the programming line is THIS

Fundamental Program Templates

Total Body 1, Total Body 2
Upper/Lower-Body Split 1, Upper/Lower-Body Split 2
3-Way Split 1, 3-Way Split 2
4-Way Split 1, 4-Way Split 1

5. Troubleshooting Muscle-Growth: The FAQ
Q. Why bodyweight? Why can’t I use weights and machines to build muscle?

Q. I understand that pull-ups and chin-ups are superior exercises for building muscle in the lats and biceps. Unfortunately I cannot yet perform pull-ups. Should I use assistance bands instead?

Q. Looking at gymnasts, I have no doubt that progressive calisthenics methods can build a huge upper body. But what about the legs? Won’t it leave me with stick legs?

Q. Coach, can you name the exercises that belong into an abbreviated routine for a total beginner? Which are the most essential without leaving gaps in my ability?

Q. "Big" bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups may target the larger muscles of the body (pecs, lats, biceps, etc.), but what about the smaller muscles which are still so important to the bodybuilder? Things like forearms, the calves, the neck?

Q. I have been told I need to use a weighted vest on my push-ups and pull-ups if I want to get stronger and gain muscle. Is this true?

Q. Is bodyweight training suitable for women? Do you know of any women who achieved the "Master Steps" laid out in Convict Conditioning?

Q. I am very interested in gaining size—not just muscle mass, but also height. Is it possible that calisthenics can increase my height?

Q. You have said that moving exercises are superior to isometrics when it comes to mass gain. I am interested in getting huge shoulders, but Convict Conditioning gives several static (isometric) exercises early on in the handstand pushup chain. Can you give me any moving exercises I can use instead, to work up to handstand pushups?

Q. I have heard that the teenage years are the ideal age for building muscle. Is there any point in trying to build muscle after the age of forty?

Q. I have had some knee problems in the past; any tips for keeping my knee joints healthy so I can build more leg mass?

Q. I‘m pretty skinny and I have always had a huge amount of trouble putting on weight—any weight, even fat. Building muscle is virtually impossible for me. What program should I be on?

Q. I’ve read in several bodybuilding magazines that I need to change my exercises frequently in order to "confuse" my muscles into growth. Is that true?

Q. I read in several bodybuilding magazines that I need to eat protein every 2-3 hours to have a hope in hell of growing. They also say that I need a huge amount of protein, like two grams per pound of bodyweight. Why don’t your Commandments mention the need for protein?

Q. I have heard that whey is the "perfect" food for building muscle. Is this true?

6. The Democratic Alternative…how to get as powerful as possible without gaining a pound

There is a whole bunch of folks who either want (or need) massive strength and power, but without the attendant muscle bulk. Competitive athletes who compete in weight limits are one example; wrestlers, MMA athletes, boxers, etc. Females are another group who, as a rule, want to get stronger when they train, but without adding much (or any) size. Some men desire steely, whip-like power but see the sheer weight of mass as non-functional—many martial artists fall into this category; perhaps Bruce Lee was the archetype.

But bodybuilders should also fall under this banner. All athletes who want to become as huge as possible need to spend some portion of their time focusing on pure strength. Without a high (and increasing) level of strength, it’s impossible to use enough load to stress your muscles into getting bigger. This is even truer once you get past a certain basic point.

So: You want to build power like a Humvee, with the sleek lines of a classic Porsche? The following Ten Commandments have got you covered. Follow them, and we promise you cannot fail, even if you had trouble getting stronger in the past. Your days of weakness are done, my friend…

Enter the "Bullzelle"

There are guys who train for pure mass and want to look like bulls, and guys who only train for athleticism without mass, and are more like gazelles. Al Kavadlo has been described as a "bullzelle"—someone who trains mainly for strength, and has some muscle too, but without looking like a bulked-up bodybuilder. And guess what? It seems like many of the new generation of athletes want to be bullzelles!  With Paul Wade’s C-Mass program, you’ll have what you need to achieve bullzelle looks and functionality should you want it…

COMMANDMENT I: Use low reps while keeping "fresh"!

If you want to generate huge strength without building muscle, here is the precise formula...

COMMANDMENT II: Utilize Hebb’s Law—drill movements as often as possible!

How pure strength training works, in a nutshell…

Why frequency—how often you train—is often so radically different for pure strength trainers and for bodybuilders…

Training recipe for the perfect bodybuilder—and for the perfect strength trainer…

Why training for pure strength and training to master a skill are virtually identical methods.

COMMANDMENT III: Master muscle synergy!

If there is a "trick" to being supremely strong, THIS is it...

As a bodybuilder, are you making this huge mistake? If you want to get super-powerful, unlearn these ideas and employ THIS strategy instead…

Another great way to learn muscular coordination and control is to explore THESE drills...

COMMANDMENT IV: Brace Yourself!

If there is a single tactic that’s guaranteed to maximize your body-power in short order, it’s bracing. Bracing is both an art-form and a science. Here’s how to do it and why it works so well.

COMMANDMENT V:  Learn old-school breath control!

If there is an instant "trick" to increasing your strength, it’s learning the art of the breath. Learn the details here…

Why inhalation is so important for strength and how to make it work most efficiently while lifting…

How the correctly-employed, controlled, forceful exhalation activates the muscles of the trunk, core and ribcage…

COMMANDMENT VI: Train your tendons!

When the old-time strongmen talked about strength, they rarely talked about muscle power—they typically focused on the integrity of the tendons. THIS is why…

The concept of "supple strength" and how to really train the tendons for optimal resilience and steely, real-life strength…

Why focusing on "peak contraction" can be devastating to your long-term strength-health goals…

COMMANDMENT VII: Focus on weak links!

THIS is the essential difference between a mere bodybuilder and a truly powerful human being…

Why focusing all your attention on the biggest, strongest muscle groups is counterproductive for developing your true strength potential…

Pay extra attention to your weakest areas by including THESE 4 sets of drills as a mandatory part of your monster strength program…

COMMANDMENT VIII: Exploit Neural Facilitation!

The nervous system—like most sophisticated biological systems—possesses different sets of gears. Learn how to safely and effectively shift to high gear in a hurry using THESE strategies…

COMMANDMENT IX: Apply Plyometric Patterns to Hack Neural Inhibition

Why it is fatal for a bodyweight master to focus only on tension-generating techniques and what to do instead…

How very fast movements can hugely increase your strength—the light bulb analogy.

The difference between "voluntary" and "involuntary" strength—and how to work on both for greater gains…

COMMANDMENT X: Master the power of the mind!

How to train the mind to make the body achieve incredible levels of strength and ferocity—as if it was tweaking on PCP…

5 fundamental ways to harness mental power and optimize your strength…

7. Supercharging Your Hormonal Profile

Why you should never, ever, ever take steroids to enhance your strength…

Hormones and muscle growth

Your hormones are what build your muscle. All your training is pretty secondary. You can work out hard as possible as often as possible, but if your hormonal levels aren’t good, your gains will be close to nil. Learn what it takes to naturally optimize a cascade of powerful strength-generating hormones and to minimize the strength-sappers from sabotaging your gains…

Studies and simple experience have demonstrated that, far from being some esoteric practice, some men have increased their diminished total testosterone levels by over a thousand percent! How? Just by following a few basic rules.

What rules? Listen up. THIS is the most important bodybuilding advice anyone will ever give you.

The 6 Rules of Testosterone Building

THESE rules are the most powerful and long-lasting, for massive testosterone generation. Follow them if you want to get diesel.

The iron-clad case against steroid use and exogenous testosterone in general…
Read Reviews For: C-Mass (eBook)
9.59 out of 10 (41 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Absolutely excellent read, great information
By Dave Dellacroce / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Convict Conditioning was a watershed moment for me. Standing out as the best of an excellent library of Dragon Door books, applying the lessons of this book resulted in the greatest progress in my 20+ years of training. I was amazed as I performed my first pistol squat, first one-arm push-up, and recently, at the age of 37, my first one-arm chin-up. Before CC, I couldn't even control the negative portion of any of those exercises. I was hooked on Paul Wade's knowledge and conversational writing style. As a fitness trainer, I used the exercise progressions with my clients and watched them achieve strength and body control they wouldn't have thought possible. Convict Conditioning 2 was, again, excellent. However, C-Mass is, in my opinion, Wade's best work ever. It's a book I wish I would've had as a kid when I did my first push-up. If I were to recommend just one book on muscle building, it would be this one. Why? For a few dollars, a trainee can change the appearance (and functionality) of his/her body without ever spending another dime. No gym memberships, weights, equipment, supplements or anything else is necessary, and Wade will tell you exactly why. Most importantly, he discusses the differences between training for max strength and training for hypertrophy and shows exactly how to steer towards the specific goals of each individual. His minimalist approach and entertaining writing resonate with me like no other fitness author ever has. I purchased this book two days ago and have already read it twice. Can't wait to buy and highlight the paperback.

Rated 10/10 All the benefits of lean mass without injury!
By Eric Buratty / Germantown, MD

Most people who set out to build lean muscle mass are exposed to the misleading dogma of following a weight-training program. Sure, you can get stronger, and build lots of muscle with weights. But let's face it. Most people don't maintain a lifestyle that supports optimal recovery from this style of exercise. What people are left with is physical stress and micro-tissue tears from their egotistical workout prescriptions that they never adapt to in a positive way.

In C-Mass, Coach cuts through all the bullshit and reveals the truth of why you can and will experience gains by using your body as a primary source of resistance. The humbling workout programs he shares are your ticket to years of unlocked muscle potential that would normally involve injury risk under a "superman/superwoman" weight-training program you found online or in some magazine.

As you'll see, C-Mass will show you who's real and who's fake . . . who's relatively strong and who's being lazy . . . who's using real food/pure water to fuel their recovery and who's just an unsuccessful bodybuilder that resorts to supplement stacks, or even worse . . . anabolic assistance.

So, don't wait another minute. Or second. Grab your copy TODAY . . . right NOW.

Rated 10/10 The best exercise book I've ever read.
By Dan Earthquake / Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

I'm 40 & have enjoyed bodyweight exercises since the age of 3. My best achievements were being a competitor UK Strongest Man heats (managing not to come last!), running all distances from 100 metres to 40 miles & have swimming the English Channel. I've generally avoided the mainstream of exercise, preferring to train in the garden, parks or urban environment. Of all the exercise books I've read, I like this one the best. It's earnest & heartfelt & the logic of it is easy to follow. Paul Wade's colloquial style of writing is humourous & best of all the exercises work. I've done a lot of the basics over the years with a few of the more advanced progressions - CMASS has given me a few new ideas that I hadn't considered. Bodyweight exercises have long been considered by the mainstream as the poorer relative of strength & bodybuilding. It absolutely isn't. In fact it's the most comprehensive system. Equipment can be used, but it's not necessary. If you're going to buy just one book of exercises this would be the one in my opinion. I love it. Thanks Coach.

Rated 10/10 Ladies & Gentlemen: The Game Has Changed!!!
By John Walker / Llanelli, United Kingdom

Now we have proof positive that you can forge your body into a "Freak of Nature" using only what nature has given you, your own body.
Paul Wade's C-MASS is a "Weapon of Mass Construction" A laser guided missile that shoots down any and all voices of dissent, like, you can't build size and strength with bodyweight it's just for endurance or a warm-up for weights.
Not anymore, I have seen the future and the future is C-MASS!!!
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool weight trainer you simply have to read this book as it will give you back a thousand times what you paid for it!!! Dragon Door does it again, just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better it just did and then some.
P. S. I sincerely hope that you will publish this book in print format as it's way too good to remain just an ebook, thank you.

Rated 10/10 Seriously Potent Information!
By Matt Schifferle / Denver, USA

Don't take this book lightly! This manual is the bible in calisthenics muscle building hands down. Since implementing even half of the ideas I've noticed significant changes even though I've been training for 20 years and focusing on calisthenics for 6.

Rated 10/10 Naysayer turned Believer..
By Jaime Pomponio / Austin, TX, USA

When I read the book reviews I had been very attracted to C-Mass as I have some lingering back issues affected by scoliosis and while the glutes and hams will build, quads have been a different story. Bearing any load on my shoulders tends to jack my back up a bit more and no matter how hard I tried correcting any postural deviations, tight hip flexors, etc. my back would over-engage and leg day turned into a workout from hell for my spinal erectors. My reasoning for also purchasing Deadlift Dynamite.

Needless to say I was excited when I read the description for C-Mass as I'd now have a new ticket to building some monster legs. I received the book, excitedly began reading, finished it from cover to cover and almost sent a scathing review unloading my disappointment and frustration (hear me out on this before you delete!) demanding my money back. Not that I thought demanding anything would get me anywhere with you, but I was intent on trying. I had been expecting a detailed workout plan complete with exercises, sets, and reps to go along with the information. In other words, I was expecting to be spoon-fed and was highly irritated there wasn't an already crafted plain laid out perfectly for me. I was pissed I had to write my own plan (oh the tragedies in life) and was about to ask for every penny spent back. I was also 3 or 4 weeks out from a show and the dieting may have enhanced my mood a bit?

Knowing the state I was in, any feedback would likely have come across as emotionally charged ranting without much evidence to support my claims, I decided to sleep on it and read the book again the next day, and I'd time my refresher to occur right after I ate. So I did just that and re-read it. I was a bit more level-headed (not much, but more so than the previous day) and although still not convinced on the efficacy of the book, decided to give some of the exercises a shot, and then send my ranting email complete with supporting evidence demanding my money back.

So I hit the gym for legs figuring I'd blow right though some high rep bodyweight movements and prove the book was useless. I started off with 20 bodyweight split squats doing reps on each leg superset with 20 jump lunges on each leg. By rep 5 on the lunges I was out of breath, sweating profusely and my quads were shaking in agony. It was then I realized you just might be on to something. I also realized I was glad I didn't sent that email. As I was collecting myself in what was probably a 4 minute rest period I wondered if I'd actually make it through all 3 sets. It was probably that moment that I re-thought the contents of that scathing email altogether and my demands for reimbursement turned into prayers to God to get me through the rest of the workout.

For the record, I'm no newbie to hard physical activity. I've logged my fair share of time in the boxing ring, lifted for 7+ years, competed in 5 figure shows within the last year and earned my pro card this September. None of that seemed to make much difference though as I was hobbling out of the gym like a new born foal (those 3 sets did get completed, but only by the grace of God). What I thought would be an easy warm-up turned into by far the most challenging part of my leg workout.

I am very glad I bought the book (and equally glad God blessed me with a small degree of forethought to give it a try before hitting send on that email). C-Mass has definitely been one of the best fitness purchases I've made, so thank you!

And for the record, I stand corrected. You make a believer out of me and my "not as small and puny as they were" quads.

Sincerely from a customer building mass the painful way,
Jaime Lynn Pomponio

Rated 10/10 Coach Wade delivers awesomely as always!
By Mark Robinson / Townsville, QLD, Australia

Yet another fantastic book from Coach Wade. The man has so much knowledge and experience of offer it's astounding. I've thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited from all of his books so far, and C-Mass is no exception. This is another absolute essential for anyone serious about building muscle and strength with bodyweight training. Thanks again, Coach! You are awesome!

Rated 10/10 C-Mass another masterpiece!
By Joe Williams / Liverpool, United Kingdom

Paul "Coach" Wade's writing and invaluable knowledge of all things body weight is nothing short of revolutionary.
C-Mass does not differ from the template set out by "Coach" Wade in CC1 and 2, clearing the common misconceptions
of the fitness industry. The glaring obvious statement of excluding training supplements out of a training regime is one revolutionary
idea in it's self. Then in sync with that thought the benefit of a solid nights sleep (minus distractions mobile phones, tv,internet etc), on the body and its natural rate of recovery. Coach Wade speaks in tone and cadence that (I feel) can resonate and be beneficial
to anyone, my personal favourite topic is nutrition covered in c-mass and CC2 it is gold.

To say that Coach Wade's work is good is like saying that Everest and K2 mountains are high, coach Wade's work (all of it) is monumental. The training routine progress at rate that is subjective to the user, you have to figure out and understand the nature of
body that we use and take for granted. Somewhat of rhetoric stated my die hard CC enthusiast's (of which I am 3 year trainee of this system) is that you would be foolish to over look this system. A key gain is that no matter how much you spend on these product(s) the return's are unquantifiable on multiple levels in the long run. The closet analogy to Coach Wade's work is music
imagine (if you will) a crushing riff of an electric guitar ( think San Francisco's Orchid Eastern Women tune) or the transient beauty
and grounded epic-ness of Croms Invisible Cities song. Coach's Wade is real tangle-able and incredibly insightful work from the belly of the "beast" of America's prison's thank you Coach know this sir you are the man.


Rated 8/10 C-Mass works
By Will Mueller / Oceanside, California, USA

Thanks for the great book! I'm old, and a USMC EOD Technician, I was never really one for weights, and now that I've suffered some blast overpressure injuries to my back, I really need to stay away from them. I've been working with bodyweight calisthenics for a little over 10 years now and have had great success with getting strong and staying fit, but I wanted to fill out my shirt a little bit more for my wife. I searched the web for resources and where do I find it? Dragon Door. I followed the program to a tee and had really good results. I haven't gotten huge, but I have added a lot of meat to my biceps and shoulders just following that simple program. The most ripped and jacked dude I'm currently deployed with commented just the other day on how much more muscular I'd gotten. One of the best compliments I've gotten in a long time. Thanks C-Mass and Dragon Door.

Rated 10/10 Excellant! 5 stars!!
By Steve Jones / Marion,Virginia, USA

This book is a great addition to any ones workout.It gives you a great range of exercise's to do and different goals to achieve,if you want to gain mass or strength it gives you the routines for you to choose from.I have been looking for bodyweight techniques to gain mass without the hassle of weights (setup,adding and removing plates and the like). I use to do the bodybuilding thing in my early to mid 20's and loved it, but know I like the simplicity of the bodyweight workouts there's no lengthy setup or expensive equipment to deal with, just you and what minimal equipment you need.I can't wait to see how far I can take my goals with this program.Live Healthy and Be Strong!!

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