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John Du Cane’s Qigong Recharge Manual
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John Du Cane’s Qigong Recharge Manual
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John Du Cane's Qigong Recharge Manual

A Daily Practice to Release, Relax and Rejuvenate

Qigong Recharge Manual

8.5x11 binder: 64 pages, 115 photos

Also available as a DVD
Running time: 51 minutes

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John Du Cane's Qigong Recharge Manual (paperback) - $24.95
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Jump-Start Your Day with 18 High-Yield Qigong Techniques for Relaxed Energy, Supple Movement and Radiant Well-Being 

Master Proven Qigong Methods for Greater Energy and Well Being

 Imagine: you buy a beautiful car—but you never change the oil, never pump the tires, never charge the battery, never fix the wiring, never clean the interior, never change the fluids, never change the air filter and turn the motor over once in a blue moon. In no time, your gorgeous vehicle has become a dysfunctional piece of junk.

You've inherited a body that deserves and needs an even greater level of maintenance, care and respect. And how are you treating your body on a daily basis?

  • Are your joints supple and well-oiled—for easy, flexible and pain-free movement?
  • Does the blood pump through your veins with an invigorating, plentiful supply of fresh oxygen—for high performance and long-lasting energy?
  • Are your bioelectrical circuits at full charge—so you can surge through your day with steady power?
  • Is your nervous system relaxed, yet primed—to respond to any stress with an easy confidence?
  • Is your body instantly removing life-killing toxins when they constantly attack you—so you feel clean, refreshed and serene all day long?
  • Do you know the secrets to jump-starting your day—to ensure every day is your best day?

If not, then John DuCane's Qigong Recharge provides you with a fast-start solution-a daily program of qigong and joint techniques to quickly release tension, enhance mobility and improve energy. Qigong Recharge is perfect as a stand-alone practice or as an energizing warm-up before martial arts, qigong or athletic workouts.

What You Get with John DuCane's Qigong Recharge

  • Boost your energy
  • Enhance your well-being
  • Improve how you feel
  • Flexible system adjusts to suit your time and schedule
  • Yields health benefits even if you do just a few minutes a day—God's gift to travelers and other super-busy people
  • No space, no problem—if you have room to swing your arms, you have space enough for a satisfying practice
  • Removes cramps and fatigue from a hard day at the office
  • Enjoy a quick energy-break while at work
  • Bust stress before it busts you
  • Get an instant, easy, feel-good, gentle warm-up
  • Reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Release emotional blocks
  • Loosen tight muscles—for smoother, cat-like movement
  • Combat "computer-hunch" by releasing your neck and shoulders
  • Discover how to open your energy floodgates
  • Achieve greater freedom of movement through joint mobility exercises
  • Learn how to cultivate and enhance your life energy
  • Counter the energy-sapping impact of the stress response
  • How to use spiral movements to run energy through the body
  • How to give a good stretch to the spine
  • How to reduce the tension in your hands and wrists
  • Release the uptightness from repetitive stress
  • Increase blood flow to the extremities
  • Open up your joints
  • Jump-start your morning
  • How to calm down at a moment's notice
  • How to activate the lymph system—for healthy, regular, self-cleansing
  • How to generate a fast relaxation response
  • How to loosen up your waist
  • How to give your vital organs an internal "self-massage"
  • How to use tapping to enliven qi
  • Invigorate the upper internal organs
  • Open up your breathing
  • Improve your endurance
  • Discover how the Wall Squat can create a healing power surge for your body
  • Build greater leg strength
  • Restore kidney function—to enhance your vitality and mental acuity
  • Master the skill of controlling energy with your attention
  • Discover the little-known secret of "qi-hydraulics"
  • Discover how to induce spiraling energy in your body
  • How to slow down your breath for more dynamic health
  • How to create a rich, free-flowing stream of oxygenated blood that cleanses and nourishes every cell in your body
  • How to stay open and relaxed when you move—a vital skill for athletes and martial artists alike
  • How to master the economics of muscle recruitment
  • How to master the economics of energy expenditure
  • Learn how to switch from extreme tension to absolute relaxation
  • Discover how to be simultaneously calm and energetic
  • How to generate coiling energy
  • How to optimize qi generation in the stomach
  • Understand and know how to utilize the "gyroscope" principle for central energy generation
  • How to enliven the "latent force" within you
  • Develop strong healing energy in your palms
  • Regulate the flow of your meridians
  • Discover the secret of "qi-churning"—for greater energy and well being
  • Improve your "whole body" coordination

The Methods

  1. Release the Neck, Down and Up
  2. Release the Neck, Side to Side
  3. Release the Neck, Bending Head Over
  4. Release the Shoulders
  5. Shoulder Spirals
  6. Release the Spine
  7. Wrist Release
  8. Stomach Energizer
  9. Recharge the Core
  10. Invigorate the Torso
  11. Release the Knees
  12. Release the Ankles
  13. Endurance Activator
  14. Whole Body Recharge—The Wall Squat
  15. Spiralic Recharge
  16. Coiling Recharge
  17. Healer's Recharge
  18. Spinal Recharge
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