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HardStyle Abs book
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HardStyle Abs book
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HardStyle Abs

Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part.

By Pavel

Paperback 148 pages.

How to Develop the Ultimate in Wrought-Iron Muscle, Mid-Section
Body Armor and Core Generation of Explosive Power

The sole goal of Hardstyle Abs is to achieve an extraordinarily strong mid-section. But not simply to swivel heads with your rippling “six-pack”. For, according to Pavel, your abs should be simultaneously weapon, armor and force generator. The six-pack is just a side effect of the coiled power with which you now operate.

Hardstyle Abs will give you impenetrable body armor—to withstand a direct hit of the greatest magnitude. Hardstyle Abs will give you the generative force to retaliate with a devastating backlash. And Hardstyle Abs will help you lift more weight than ever before—more safely.

After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has identified three "killer" drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery. Follow Pavel’s battle plan to the T and the results are guaranteed—noticeable within weeks, extraordinary within months. Pavel provides the laser focus. You? Simply obey the commands.

"Pavel's Hardstyle Abs gives the audience a quick but thorough education on why traditional "core" training programs are faulty then proceeds to give you breathing and exercise secrets to achieve both functional and aesthetically superior abs. The exercises are not easy, but Pavel gives a step by step routine that clients of any level can begin and have incredible results. I use these methods in some form with every athlete or client I work with."
—Peter Park, official strength and conditioning coach for Lance Armstrong

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Abs for Shock and Awe 

The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program:
•    Why high reps have failed youand the "secret sauce" that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long and at a moment’s notice.
•    Hardstyle breathing—for explosive power and a bullet-proof waist.
•    The Hardstyle Sit-up—to generate an unbelievable contraction for superior results.
•    Internal Isometrics—the lost secret behind the old-time physical culturalists’ exceptional abdominal strength and development.
•    The Hardstyle Hanging Leg Raise—the final weapon you must master to channel the power of your every muscle into one devastating surge.
"My good friend Pavel is the functionally strongest pound for pound man I have ever measured and studied. This validates his approaches—they are not polluted by current trend, political correctness, financial gain or ego. Listen to his wisdom and you will be stronger and wiser. I did, and I am."
—Professor Stuart McGill, author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance
"Hardstyle Abs is a terrific resource for making your abdominals harder and stronger than they've ever been. Forget about the high-rep burn, Pavel's techniques will unleash explosive power from your midsection when he uncovers his breathing, sit-up, and internal isometrics secrets. And his Hardstyle hanging leg raise is one of the most challenging and effective strength exercises I've ever used."
—Chad Waterbury M.S., author Huge in a Hurry
And here’s the fuller menu of what you’ll get with HardStyle Abs:
Rigor Mortis, or why high reps have failed you
The 3 best types of ammo to put an end to "zombie" muscle—and for developing the explosive tone of an elite athlete…Page 4
Want watery, bloated muscle OR cobra-like, "fist-of-fury" muscle? Know the difference and make the right choice…Page 5
Is THIS popular belief a muscle building-myth that will hinder you in your quest for ripped abs?...Page 6
Discover Eugene Sandow’s 3-Rep Recipe for a killer six-pack…Page 7
Are your snarling abs being smothered by a pillow of fat? THESE 2 strategies will shred the ugly softness to reveal the brutes below…Page 8
How to light up your abs like a Christmas tree—and make a power-packed present to your midsection every day of the year…Page 9
HardStyle Breathing: how to shrink wrap your waist with an ancient martial arts technique
The 4 great benefits of HardStyle breathing…Page 12
How to take advantage of the neural connection between HardStyle breathing and dynamic power generation…Page 12
How to make your muscles dance like a block party on steroids…Page 13
One method HERE will activate the TVA for solid, protective strength. But THIS other popular method could injure your back big time…Page 13
How to safeguard and strengthen THIS vulnerable spot—and see a dramatic increase in training intensity…Page 15
THIS is the #1, indispensable breathing method for forging your killer six-pack…Page 16
Get this wrong and you’re wasting effort: discover the exact percent to inhale for maximal muscle tensing…Page 19
The 3 keys to perfect "resting tension"—for more powerful muscle…Pages 19-21
Employ this ancient Karate secret to ramp up your strength not only in the midsection, but in multiple other lifts…Page 23
How the patented RKC hip flexor stretch can optimize your ab-power drills…Pages 24-27
When and how much to practice your HardStyle breathing to optimize your results in sports or strength training…Page 28
The HardStyle Sit-up: how to defeat your hip flexors and make your abs rule
The traditional sit-up hurts you and gives you pitiful results—find out why they should be fly-over territory…Pages 30-31
THIS major improvement to the original Janda Sit-up has been documented to generate significant extra power…Pages 32-33
The correct way to protect your back after performing Jandas…Pages 34-35
How to extract maximum muscle tension with the HardStyle Sit-Up…Pages 36-37
THIS cruel twist will further torture your abs when you have the strength to take it on…Page 39
How to add greater elastic springiness to your abs—for a WAY more powerful midsection…Page 40
THIS little-known secret helps elite gymnasts develop their amazing upper body strength…Page 43
How to properly employ the pelvis—and see your strength gains skyrocket…Pages 43-48
How to create tension out of thin air—for a remarkable boost in your performance…Page 49
Why the amazing Ab Pavelizer is worth its weight in gold—for a consistent, reliable boost in ab strength…Pages 53-55
Internal Isometrics: the secret of old time physical culturalists’ exceptional abdominal strength and development
Strength mindset or endurance mindset? How to pick your winner—and reap the rewards…Page 59
Why competitive number-crunching will sabotage your ab development…Page 59
How to get WAY stronger—without adding weight or reps…Page 62
How the 140lb, mighty Maxick used his "muscle control" secrets to hoist a 240lber over his head—and other amazing feats…Pages 62-63
How the secret of "feed-forward tension" can improve your performance by up to 20%...Page 65
The HardStyle Hanging Leg Raise: no sissies need apply
Why the HardStyle Hanging Leg Raise is THE best drill for supremely powerful abs…Page 67
The dynamics of the Party-approved, legitimate Hanging Leg Raise—anything else will be a lame also-ran…Pages 68-69
How to master the Hollow Position—for the ultimate edge in the Hanging Leg Raise…Pages 71-72
THESE 4 steps will elevate you to elite-level muscular coordination and turn your body into an unbreakable chain…Pages 73-74
No bar? No problem! How to train for a righteous HLR and still scorch your abs—on the floor…Pages 77-79
Why Hanging Knee Raises are a joke—and the far more effective progression to employ for faster strength gains…Pages 79-87
THESE 6 powerful variants will have you piling on the strength—once you have mastered the fundamentals of the standard-issue HLR…Pages
The HardStyle Abs program design
The 17 keys to highly effective program design—for a champion’s set of abs…Pages 95-98
Appendix: A few words about "functional core training"
The real relationship between strength, movement and function—ignore this formula at your peril…Pages 101-103
How to master the RKC Plank—and get up to 4X the training effect you’ll get with the standard Plank…Page 103
Is THIS the world’s most perfect "functional" exercise?...Pages 104-105
Appendix: Full Contact Abs
The 5 functions a fighter worth his salt will DEMAND from his abs training…Page 107
The 4 best drills to armor up with—so it’s the other man who screams in pain, not you…Page 108
Fighters, want to land a devastating strike, again and again?—then THIS is the world’s ultimate drill to make it happen…Pages 112-113
How to always go the distance—when all around you are gassed and dead on their feet…Pages 117—119
How to "explode out of the gate"—so they never knew what hit them…Page 125
Why every fighter needs greater "reflexive rotary stability"—and how to get it…Page 129
"Pavel's Hardstyle Abs is right on as always! Everything starts with a breath of air. Now with several abs exercises mixed with ancient Chinese breath control techniques, like internal isometrics , Pavel’s Hard Style DVD orchestrates your way to incredibility powerful abs to insure record breaking performances and a strong and heathy life."
—Louie Simmons
Read Reviews For: HardStyle Abs (paperback)
9.13 out of 10 (15 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Of course it's difficult, it's Hardsyle
By Zachariah Salazar / Tempe, AZ, United States

But it is also interesting and beneficial. I have been waiting for a reboot of Pavels abdominal work for quite some time. After my first RKC I assisted at 3 others-and something extra was taught each time about using the midsection (I refuse to say "core"). This work I believe best represents the current training methods of the RKC for all midsection needs, definitely a "desert island" book. It is worth its price for the drill showing how to do leg raise type training in a hotel room without hand holds. It is rich with technique, instruction and scalable progressions. This collection, more than much of the previous work, teaches integration with other Hardstyle training. An outstanding work with my only regret: waiting for the DVD.

I have to add that the picture of Pavel with the I love Pilates sign is awesome!


Rated 10/10 Instant Classic!
By Dr. B. Ramana / Kolkata, India

This is a classic Pavel product. I started off in the evening casually flipping through the pages,having bought the book only because of the author (I have never been interested in abs). I finished it past midnight, and am already beginning another read. There are nuggets of wisdom thrown liberally every other page. Once more, perhaps more than ever, you see how high a class Pavel belongs to when he continues to credit even his detractors for some original thought or the other. I have no doubt that this book is going to make me a much stronger and healthier man. Already, my ugly lumbar rounding at the bottom of my squats is gone. If you have this problem, you need to learn about pelvic tilts, hamstring tightness AND ab weakness. Pavel circles these areas tirelessly on the wheels of research and his own vast coaching experience. Call me biased, but I see no downsides to this book. I have seen Pavel up close and how incredibly gifted he is as a coach and a teacher. To see him deliver such a high class product on this oft-beaten subject of abs surprised even me, the perennial (and trained) skeptic. Now go buy this book!

Rated 10/10 The best resource I've found an training!
By John Scott Stevens ,RKCII, CKFMS / Omaha, NE, USA

I've attended nearly 180 hours of Dragon Door workshops, certifications and miscellaneous training and have nearly the entire library of Dragon Books and DVDs. I can honestly say that this is definitively the best resource yet on all things abs. I've read the entire book, taken furious notes and practiced the drills. As an RKCII this is a great recap of material covered in last years RKCII cert as well as wealth of new info. Pavel continually improves upon his previous works and this is no exception, This book is one of Pavels best, guaranteed to provide enough challenge to last a lifetime. If you're an RKC, a fan of the Naked Warrior, Convict Conditioning or ETK then this book will blow you away.

Rated 10/10 I finally understand.
By Rick Irvin / Tulsa, OK, USA

I got HardStyle Abs about a week ago and have read it cover to cover twice. This the best book that Pavel has put out since Enter the Kettlebell. Pavel finally has got across to me the idea of the Power Breath. I am amazed how much easier it is to do deadlifts and shoulder presses using this technique. In addition, I finally understand how to properly use the Pavelizer and now feel what a Janda sit up should feel like. The hanging leg raise is interesting but out of my ability for now. Maybe after a few months of power breathing, Janda situps and full contact Russian twists, I will be ready to learn that move.

Well worth the price.

Rated 9/10 Reworked, revised, refined
By Rob Lawrence / Philadelphia, PA, USA

With over a decade of teaching Americans and other Westerners under his belt, Pavel has boiled down the essentials of ab training to three almost-literally killer exercises. He continues learn from both experts and trainees, refine his methods and protocols, and hone his presentation. The book is sharply edited, has great, clear photos, and is well-footnoted for anyone who wants to geek out on the physiology references. I'd give it a 10 but until "Beyond Bodybuilding" is surpassed, I will be handing out stingy 9s -- call me "the Russian judge" if it makes you feel better.

Rated 1/10 Nothing New?
By Steve Kiely / Sydney, Australia

This is the first ever Dragondoor product to disappoint me! I have bought so many products Over the years but this is basically a reprint of bulletproof Abs.

Not worth the purchase if you have Pavels older books!

Rated 10/10 Converted sceptic
By Mark Oszoli / Melbourne, Australia

Hi I am 38 years old when I was 9 I did Kayaking for a sport it is a sport that required a considerable level of upper body strength then when I was about 15 I switched to Karate from Karate to Kickboxing then mixed in some BJJ. From the age of about 16 to 35 I trained 6 times a week. I am still in pretty good shape. So when I looked at the Janda situps with the towel the first thing that came to my mind was. "Pfff can't be that hard!!"

Then I got my wife to help me give it a try. OH MY GOD!! Forget doing 3 or 5 I could not even do 1. Where was this exercise 20 years ago???? How come I never heard of this? I was born in Hungary after all not that far from Czechoslovakia and Russia. You guys occupied my country for almost 50 years I had to lean Russian in School. So tell me why did you keep this a secret???

Rated 9/10 Best Resource on Ab Training
By Sigrun Bishop / Rockhampton, Australia

This book has provided me with better understanding on how to use and teach anything abs. I haven't found any other resource that comes close to this one.

Rated 8/10 Simple, Yet Effective
By Sean Skahan / Anaheim, CA, USA

I purchased the book as an E-Book as soon as it was released. Not too long after, I received a copy of the video.
Like many other of Pavel's writings, this book contains many '"Bang for your Buck" nuggets of information.
What I really like about Pavel is his very direct instruction. There is not a lot of explanation, yet you understand what it's about.
This isn't just some book on developing a 6-pack, although that could and would be the result. This is a book that is also backed up from a biomechanical standpoint through various Dr. McGill references.
Although I must admit that I am not a big fan of prescribing flexion based exercises for my athletes, reading this may sway me a little at least to try some of them with my advanced guys. This is the way that I would incorporate spinal flexion in my program.
The video is a great way to assist in reading the book and absorbing the information. Sometimes for me, I need to see a video of an exercise, rather than read it in a book.

Rated 10/10 A must have book
By Keira Newton / Santa Fe, NM, US

This is a must have on your bookshelf. Clear, simple,precise and effective. I highly recommend this book.

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