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The Naked Warrior
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The Naked Warrior
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The Naked Warrior

Master the Secrets of the Super-Strong
—Using Bodyweight Exercises Only

By Pavel

218 pages

DVD Now Available

Praise for the Naked Warrior

Table of Contents

From the ancient days of Greek wrestling, to the jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Fu masters, to the hard men of modern spec ops, warriors and allied strongmen have developed an amazing array of skills for generating inhuman strength without access to the tools available in the modern gym.

Now, for the first time, Russian strength expert and former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel Tsatsouline has gathered many of these devastating techniques into one highly teachable skill set. In The Naked Warrior Pavel reveals exactly what it takes to be super-strong in minimum time—when your body is your only tool.

These Bodyweight exercises will allow you to build functional MAX Strength, when access to a gym is impossible... Thus making you a true Naked Warrior.

The Naked Warrior (paperback) - $39.95
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The Graduate Course In Instant Strength Gains

"I went from 5 to 10 pullups in one week." 

"I could do one wobbly one-legged squat… 
[Two weeks later] I did 5 clean, butt-to-ground pistols." 

"Last night I did 15 one-arm pushups with each arm. 
Two months ago I couldn't do one complete rep."

Have you noticed—the greater a man's skill, the more he achieves with less? And the skill of strength is no exception. From the ancient days of Greek wrestling, to the jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Fu masters, to the hard men of modern spec ops, warriors and allied strongmen have developed an amazing array of skills for generating inhuman strength.

But these skills have been scattered far and wide, held closely secret, or communicated in a piecemeal fashion that has left most of us frustrated and far from reaching our true strength potential.

Now, for the first time, Russian strength expert and former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel has gathered many of these devastating techniques into one highly teachable skill set. In The Naked Warrior Pavel reveals exactly what it takes to be super-strong in minimum time—when your body is your only tool.

  • Gain more brute strength in days than you did in years of bodybuilding or calisthenics
  • Discover the martial secrets of instant power generation—for rapid surges in applied strength
  • Discover how to get a world-class powerlifter's quality workout—using your body only
  • Master the one-arm/one-leg pushup for crushing upper body force
  • Forge super-piston, never-quit legs with the Spetsnaz favorite "Pistol"
  • Discover the magic of "GTG"—guaranteed the world's most effective strength routine
  • Be tow-truck strong—yet possess the rugged looks of a stripped-down racer
  • Get a harder, firmer, functionally-fitter body—and be as resilient as hell whatever you face
  • No gym, no weights, no problem—get a dynamite strength workout at a moment's notice—wherever you are
Read Reviews For: The Naked Warrior (paperback)
9.53 out of 10 (108 reviews)
Rated 10/10 A Classic Revolutionary Text
By Tom McCawley, Judo, BJJ student. / Jakarta, Indonesia.

To comrades seeking liberation from modern gyms, the Naked Warrior is a must-have tactical manual. It's the AK-47 of bodyweight training, with an elegant simplicity that belies a brutal effectiveness. At midnight Friday, I teased out my first proper form one-armed-one legged pushup. Thus ended four and half wobbly months of work on the core of the system: the one-legged squat and one armed pushup. Along the way came strange, rapid gains in both moves, culminating in personal records I didn't think were possible. At 35, I wasn't in bad shape: yoga, grappling, weights. But the weights brought a string of imbalance and injuries once I took the strength to the mat. Hence dragondoor and pavel. The payoff has been great. Improvement in balance. Brain, muscles, and nervous system all got better acquainted. Snappier, yet more fluid movements. Better endurance. Better concentration, posture and more energy during work. Importantly, fewer of those minor aches, pains, and strains that come with contact sports. In terms of caveats, I don't know how someone like, say, Opera singer Pavarotti would fare. One strong, but large-bellied friend was too heavy to do a proper one armed pushup. For such comrades, however, there are options in the book. Some internet gripers have also taken swipes at Pavel's "Evil Russian," schtick, (which I personnally find amusing). To me, the writing is a bonus. Packaging science into pithy, often funny, bullet point training protocols is as hard as a one-armed pushup. Others complain Pavel's ideas come from basic gymnastics, Yoga, or the martial arts. Who cares ? He's boiled down oceans of information into idiot-proof routines anyone can follow. Give the Naked Warrior a road test. At $39, its gotta be the cheapest portable gyms around.

Rated 10/10 Up there with Convict Conditioning 1 & 2
By Jim Davison / Freeland, MI, USA

This book teaches two exercises, single leg pistol squats and one arm push-ups. What makes it a "ten" is that Pavel explains how to recruit other muscles to amplify the strength of the muscles I expected to do these movements. I could already do pistol squats before I got this book, but I could not do one arm pushups. The improvement was immediate. I did my first one arm pushups in less than 1 week after getting this book.

Rated 9/10 Started from zero in rehab, changed my life
By 39 yr old male with a desk job / Atlanta, GA USA

I discovered The Naked Warrior almost one year into the rehabilitation of a spiral-fractured femur. I had no fitness investment in my life before the wreck, and I spent five months on a walker afterward. I had used the pulley machines at a local gym in my rehab -- which likely saved the use of my leg -- but I had reached a plateau. I could walk, but I stumbled over things. I was unstable and unbalanced and frustrated.

The Naked Warrior principle is that we should be able to train and thrive with a minimum number of simple exercises and no special equipment. I was completely unable to do the exercises presented in The Naked Warrior. Ridiculous one-armed, one-legged levitation stuff for gymnasts and wrestlers... What piqued my interest was that no one at my gym could do them either, but this author of roughly my age and body type was phenomenally strong, balanced, flexible, and functional. I weaned off the machines and began to move my own body around. I declined my pushups further each week. I committed to squats and inclined one-armed pushups on every trip to the bathroom. The Groove was Greased.

Trading machines for my own weight and balance, my entire body has become taut and lean. Within two months, I acheived Cossack squats on my rebuilt leg. Now I do them many times a day. At three months, I've just completed Pistol squats on my healthy leg and am feeling out the motions on my injured leg. It's not ready yet, but I am aware of how close I am. My balance, my pain, my flexibility, my limits are now intimately familiar. I am guiding my own therapy, treating my own pain, and stronger and more flexible than 20 years ago. I haven't even mastered the actual exercises in the book yet! The principles of tension and balance and simplicity have changed my life. I use a 25lb dumbbell and a pullup bar. The rest is just me, and it works.

Rated 10/10 Get this book if you interested in learning to be stronger...
By BJones RKC / Pittsburgh, Pa

In the Naked Warrior Pavel lays out a clear and precise path to being stronger. Tension, pressurization and all of the techniques in NW will make you stronger right now and continue making you stronger as you consistently practice the techniques.
The one arm push-up and the pistol provide for a great strength workout wherever you are.
This is your definitive guide to strength and it applies to any exercise you choose, whether bodyweight, kettlebell, barbell, stone or sandbag.

Rated 9/10 Pavel does it again!
By Steven Barnes / NorthWest

No words can accurately convey the depth of my appreciation for Pavel and the light he has cast of Russian strength and health systems. In expanding our understanding of GTG, and applying high-tension strength techniques to empty-hand drills, he's deepened and broadened the path between world-class performance and the average individual who wants to increase strength and fitness. This information is worth its weight in gold. Expensive? Compared to what? I defy you to match Pavel's clarity and practicality at a lower price. Money is gone once you spend it. Knowledge is forever.

Rated 10/10 Pavel has done a fantastic job on this book, a must read for all
By Gene Simmons / New Jersey

I briefly want to say that I will be forever grateful to Pavel and his real world views and knowledge of the body and what it takes to really get in shape. I'm a 53 year old two tour former Marine Sgt. Listen, I had knee surgery a little over a year ago and have tried everything to get my strength back and nothing has worked -- until now! Pavel, man you have blown me away with this program. Not just my knees but my whole body are stronger by the week -- and the side effect for me, from reading this book and following the program as it is written is; I know,I am going to lose some weight and get back into fighting shape again. If you are ready to suck it up, forget the health clubs, do like I did, order a appropriate size kettlebell& DVD and get busy!! Pavel can put you back in the game!

Rated 10/10 A Must Read and Follow Guide
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, USA

Overview: I think everyone should read Naked Warrior from stay at home moms to power lifters. Naked Warrior explains in detail the key to intra-abdominal pressure and unlocking your strength potential while maintaining proper technique to keep you safe. I regularly meet average people with all sorts of back problems because they do not lift every day objects safely. Aside from being full of great information, NW is written in a way that makes you want to keep reading. While it is easy to finish reading NW in a couple of hours, I encourage you to take your time and read actively by taking notes in the margins and stopping to try the techniques.

Personal Experience: I when I read the first few pages of NW, I decided to try the one arm push up. With a power lifting background, I thought I would be able to at least get one OAPU on the right side, but I failed miserably. After reading a few more pages in which Pavel dissected the technique, I was able to crank out a couple of OAPU on each side. It was a matter of learning the technique.

Implementation: I have been using the High Tension Techniques taught in NW with all of my grinds. Since I have to travel internationally every year, NW has been invaluable there too. I no longer worry about losing my conditioning because I know I can train using NW. Using the Naked Bear workout mentioned in the forum, I worked a circuit of handstand pushups, pistols, and pull ups.

Parting Shot: Naked Warrior is my favorite book Pavel has written. It is simple and the results are dramatic and immediate as well as applicable to a variety of situations.

Rated 10/10 A valuable resource for ANY ONE even if you are more into barbell lifting than bodyweight lifting.
By Darren Lamar, High School Football Coach / Temple, OK USA

I have read Beyond Bodybuilding, Enter the Kettlebell, Power to the People, and now The Naked Warrior and I amazed how much I learn with each of Pavel' books. I have already applied some of the techniques to enhance my barbell lifting as well as bodyweight training. You find yourself realizing how much you didn't know about bodyweight and all training in general. It was worth every penny and it is a book I will use as a reference on a daily basis as I have with the other books I have mentioned.

Rated 9/10 Better Than I Expected
By Tom Dooley / Superior WI

The Naked Warrior IS better than I expected! Easy to read & understand but definitely NOT easy to accomplish. I was surprised at how difficult the one arm push up & pistol are & that both are full body exercises just as Pavel stated. Wish I had had this information years ago.

Rated 10/10 Awesome
By Jason Bru / Oak Grove, Missouri United States

I dont have access to a real gym as I work on the road alot so this book is a godsend.

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9.52 out of 10 (108 reviews)