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10/10 A Classic Revolutionary Text
By Tom McCawley, Judo, BJJ student. / Jakarta, Indonesia.

To comrades seeking liberation from modern gyms, the Naked Warrior is a must-have tactical manual. It's the AK-47 of bodyweight training, with an elegant simplicity that belies a brutal effectiveness. At midnight Friday, I teased out my first proper form one-armed-one legged pushup. Thus ended four and half wobbly months of work on the core of the system: the one-legged squat and one armed pushup. Along the way came strange, rapid gains in both moves, culminating in personal records I didn't think were possible. At 35, I wasn't in bad shape: yoga, grappling, weights. But the weights brought a string of imbalance and injuries once I took the strength to the mat. Hence dragondoor and pavel. The payoff has been great. Improvement in balance. Brain, muscles, and nervous system all got better acquainted. Snappier, yet more fluid movements. Better endurance. Better concentration, posture and more energy during work. Importantly, fewer of those minor aches, pains, and strains that come with contact sports. In terms of caveats, I don't know how someone like, say, Opera singer Pavarotti would fare. One strong, but large-bellied friend was too heavy to do a proper one armed pushup. For such comrades, however, there are options in the book. Some internet gripers have also taken swipes at Pavel's "Evil Russian," schtick, (which I personnally find amusing). To me, the writing is a bonus. Packaging science into pithy, often funny, bullet point training protocols is as hard as a one-armed pushup. Others complain Pavel's ideas come from basic gymnastics, Yoga, or the martial arts. Who cares ? He's boiled down oceans of information into idiot-proof routines anyone can follow. Give the Naked Warrior a road test. At $39, its gotta be the cheapest portable gyms around.

10/10 Up there with Convict Conditioning 1 & 2
By Jim Davison / Freeland, MI, USA

This book teaches two exercises, single leg pistol squats and one arm push-ups. What makes it a "ten" is that Pavel explains how to recruit other muscles to amplify the strength of the muscles I expected to do these movements. I could already do pistol squats before I got this book, but I could not do one arm pushups. The improvement was immediate. I did my first one arm pushups in less than 1 week after getting this book.

9/10 Started from zero in rehab, changed my life
By 39 yr old male with a desk job / Atlanta, GA USA

I discovered The Naked Warrior almost one year into the rehabilitation of a spiral-fractured femur. I had no fitness investment in my life before the wreck, and I spent five months on a walker afterward. I had used the pulley machines at a local gym in my rehab -- which likely saved the use of my leg -- but I had reached a plateau. I could walk, but I stumbled over things. I was unstable and unbalanced and frustrated.

The Naked Warrior principle is that we should be able to train and thrive with a minimum number of simple exercises and no special equipment. I was completely unable to do the exercises presented in The Naked Warrior. Ridiculous one-armed, one-legged levitation stuff for gymnasts and wrestlers... What piqued my interest was that no one at my gym could do them either, but this author of roughly my age and body type was phenomenally strong, balanced, flexible, and functional. I weaned off the machines and began to move my own body around. I declined my pushups further each week. I committed to squats and inclined one-armed pushups on every trip to the bathroom. The Groove was Greased.

Trading machines for my own weight and balance, my entire body has become taut and lean. Within two months, I acheived Cossack squats on my rebuilt leg. Now I do them many times a day. At three months, I've just completed Pistol squats on my healthy leg and am feeling out the motions on my injured leg. It's not ready yet, but I am aware of how close I am. My balance, my pain, my flexibility, my limits are now intimately familiar. I am guiding my own therapy, treating my own pain, and stronger and more flexible than 20 years ago. I haven't even mastered the actual exercises in the book yet! The principles of tension and balance and simplicity have changed my life. I use a 25lb dumbbell and a pullup bar. The rest is just me, and it works.

10/10 Get this book if you interested in learning to be stronger...
By BJones RKC / Pittsburgh, Pa

In the Naked Warrior Pavel lays out a clear and precise path to being stronger. Tension, pressurization and all of the techniques in NW will make you stronger right now and continue making you stronger as you consistently practice the techniques.
The one arm push-up and the pistol provide for a great strength workout wherever you are.
This is your definitive guide to strength and it applies to any exercise you choose, whether bodyweight, kettlebell, barbell, stone or sandbag.

9/10 Pavel does it again!
By Steven Barnes / NorthWest

No words can accurately convey the depth of my appreciation for Pavel and the light he has cast of Russian strength and health systems. In expanding our understanding of GTG, and applying high-tension strength techniques to empty-hand drills, he's deepened and broadened the path between world-class performance and the average individual who wants to increase strength and fitness. This information is worth its weight in gold. Expensive? Compared to what? I defy you to match Pavel's clarity and practicality at a lower price. Money is gone once you spend it. Knowledge is forever.

10/10 Pavel has done a fantastic job on this book, a must read for all
By Gene Simmons / New Jersey

I briefly want to say that I will be forever grateful to Pavel and his real world views and knowledge of the body and what it takes to really get in shape. I'm a 53 year old two tour former Marine Sgt. Listen, I had knee surgery a little over a year ago and have tried everything to get my strength back and nothing has worked -- until now! Pavel, man you have blown me away with this program. Not just my knees but my whole body are stronger by the week -- and the side effect for me, from reading this book and following the program as it is written is; I know,I am going to lose some weight and get back into fighting shape again. If you are ready to suck it up, forget the health clubs, do like I did, order a appropriate size kettlebell& DVD and get busy!! Pavel can put you back in the game!

10/10 A Must Read and Follow Guide
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, USA

Overview: I think everyone should read Naked Warrior from stay at home moms to power lifters. Naked Warrior explains in detail the key to intra-abdominal pressure and unlocking your strength potential while maintaining proper technique to keep you safe. I regularly meet average people with all sorts of back problems because they do not lift every day objects safely. Aside from being full of great information, NW is written in a way that makes you want to keep reading. While it is easy to finish reading NW in a couple of hours, I encourage you to take your time and read actively by taking notes in the margins and stopping to try the techniques.

Personal Experience: I when I read the first few pages of NW, I decided to try the one arm push up. With a power lifting background, I thought I would be able to at least get one OAPU on the right side, but I failed miserably. After reading a few more pages in which Pavel dissected the technique, I was able to crank out a couple of OAPU on each side. It was a matter of learning the technique.

Implementation: I have been using the High Tension Techniques taught in NW with all of my grinds. Since I have to travel internationally every year, NW has been invaluable there too. I no longer worry about losing my conditioning because I know I can train using NW. Using the Naked Bear workout mentioned in the forum, I worked a circuit of handstand pushups, pistols, and pull ups.

Parting Shot: Naked Warrior is my favorite book Pavel has written. It is simple and the results are dramatic and immediate as well as applicable to a variety of situations.

10/10 A valuable resource for ANY ONE even if you are more into barbell lifting than bodyweight lifting.
By Darren Lamar, High School Football Coach / Temple, OK USA

I have read Beyond Bodybuilding, Enter the Kettlebell, Power to the People, and now The Naked Warrior and I amazed how much I learn with each of Pavel' books. I have already applied some of the techniques to enhance my barbell lifting as well as bodyweight training. You find yourself realizing how much you didn't know about bodyweight and all training in general. It was worth every penny and it is a book I will use as a reference on a daily basis as I have with the other books I have mentioned.

9/10 Better Than I Expected
By Tom Dooley / Superior WI

The Naked Warrior IS better than I expected! Easy to read & understand but definitely NOT easy to accomplish. I was surprised at how difficult the one arm push up & pistol are & that both are full body exercises just as Pavel stated. Wish I had had this information years ago.

10/10 Awesome
By Jason Bru / Oak Grove, Missouri United States

I dont have access to a real gym as I work on the road alot so this book is a godsend.

9/10 So, you think you're strong?
By Jonathan Westbrook / Fort Huachuca, AZ USA

The Naked Warrior is an outstanding resource for anyone seeking to make breahthroughs in their strength training regimen. I highly recommend this book. Even if you can do 100 push-ups or 500 hindu squats, the one-arm and pistol will humble you.

10/10 Amazing Results in Weeks!
By Steve R. / Alexandria, MN

The grease-the-groove theory from NW was the jackpot for me. I applied it to the overhead kettlebell press with a 24kg. kettlebell (52lbs.). At a bodyweight of 145 lbs., I was not strong at this lift, being able to only complete 1 or 2 reps at most. After about 3-4 weeks of GTG, I was pressing the 24kg. for 6-8 reps, doing doubles in the sots press, and was also able to do a bottoms up press as well! I also used Power to the People (another great book from Pavel) to work on bringing my squat up to 300lbs. and my deadlift to 325lbs.! Use Pavel's theory consistently and you are guaranteed results faster than you could imagine!

10/10 Excellent!
By Benny Weinbeck / Minneapolis, MN USA

The breathing chapter was worth the price in itself!
Train anywhere.

10/10 This book presents strength training that is a well-balanced FRIEND to the body
By Pauline L. Pavon / SF Bay Area, CA, USA

I am a woman who is new to physical fitness programs though I am in my thirties. Having performed physically demanding jobs (such as personal attendant to persons with quadriplegia) for many years, I am basically strong and have a higher than average awareness of proper body mechanics while working with weight in addition to my own. This did not prepare me for the pain of other strength training regimens, one popular free-weight 'aerobic' type of routine which I tried that left me dreadfully sore and feeling out of sorts the day afterward. Three discontinued attempts at this type of training and I am very pleased to report that I heard about and attended a stretching class with Pavel. Since the class description quoted Pavel as saying anyone, at any age, could learn to do 'the splits' in 2-6 months, I figured he must know some things I wanted to know also. "The Naked Warrior" is proven good sense about strength, distilled. It seems extremely valuable to know how to be strong even when one does not have access to any additional weight. Strength training "The Naked Warrior" way has been empowering to more than just my body, because unlike the 'aerobic' weight routines tried previously, I don't feel demoralized the next day, just stronger. After less than three weeks, I notice enhanced breathing throughout the day. I exert myself in perfect form for a few repetitions, between six and eight times over the course of a day. I've progressed from doing one two-arm pushup on my knees to doing sets of two two-arm pushups on my feet. I very much look forward to taking the Russian Kettlebell Challenge eventually, but right now I am enjoying my increasing strength without using any added weight. Thank you very much to Pavel and everyone at Dragon Door!

10/10 Completed a Pistol w/ #88 Bulldog!
By dustins / Reno, NV

I have been able to do bodyweight for sometime, the Naked warrior, has helped me to do them. I read about them and first tried them and fell to the floor MANY times. I kept shooting for it, my wife looking at me like im an idiot. Then I finally completed the rep! A big day for me.

doing pistols is not just 'being strong' its focusing all your tension and concentrating on contracting muscles all at once and going slow and focused.

So Yesterday I went home and was practicing them with a #70 kettlebell. I gave it a shot with an #88, and after a couple attempts I nailed it!
Thank you Pavel for your excellent simplistic yet advanced teachings!

10/10 GTG is the "Way of the (Smart) Warrior"!
By John / Scituate, RI USA

This is one of the most awesome products I have ever come across! The indebt information in this text should be read by anyone who thinks they NEED a set of weights to be strong. Pavel shows you how to tense your whole body as one single piece of steel. And the way to perform your workout is so simple you would not believe it if it were not for such astounding results. If you have never worked out before and want to get strong without gaining bulk, get this book.

I went from not being able to do a single good one arm pushup, or one legged squat, to being able to do 5 single arm (single leg) pushups and 1 legged squats with 60 lbs for multiple reps. The same went with pull ups. At 230lbs I was not one to jump on a pull-up bar without a groan. After a month I was doing it with my 44lb Kettlebell around my waist. L-sit pull-ups were next.

Get this book. Watch the movie. Become a warrior, wherever, whenever.

Power to all Naked Warriors!

10/10 Excellent book written in an entertaining and easy to understand format.
By decker / Renton, WA USA

After reading The Naked Warrior, and practicing the style of training Pavel describes, I went from zero to 20 handstand pushups in just over two months. The concept is so basic, it is easily overlooked. I used to frequently train to failure but after reading Pavel's book I've made changes to how I practice and have made great improvements in my strength.

10/10 Back press ab crunch from The Naked Warrior...
By Skinny Kid / New Hapmshire, USA the best ab work I've ever done! I weigh nothing (see my screen name), so "normal" ab crunches gave my abs no resistance whatsoever. I'd ended up pinning my legs and holding a dumbbell to get resistance, and even that was not enough. Now with the "back press" I can do it with no extra weight, and three pauses at the hardest points add an extra punch.
Added bonus - my hips stay loose, flexors don't get cramps.
This is the fist book I could find that really focuses on max. strength, and goes into the level of detail necessary to do the exercises properly.

7/10 Deja Vu
By Chuck MacCrone / Madison, AL USA

Well, we've come full circle -Charles Atlas all over again. But that's good. Dynamic tension taken to the extreme - can't miss. But most people don't need to go that far. This is for the guy who wants to be veeery strong without looking like a freak.

10/10 Full of great info
By D / San Diego

I have read and reread this book several times, and I am still finding new ways to apply the principles revealed in the book, not only to bodyweight exercises, but also to my lifting. I always find something else to work on and something else "clicks" each time I read it. I was so impressed by this book I decided to order another book by Pavel.

10/10 Good Book to get started with!!
By Renny Hammond / Rochester NY

I find that this book has a lot of great information an things that I never knew. I've been reading a ton of books over the course of my life,an find that this book,an all those books on dragon door(which I have quite a few)are very good reading,an made me make alot of changes to my way of working out,to make it alot more challenging an benefit me,to keep me in better shape.Thank you!

10/10 Pavel knows his stuff!
By edges / Dublin, Ireland

Pavel presents training methods and information in an easy to read, often amusing and deeply insightful manner. You can't help to not only enjoy the book but also learn.

I am a karate man, Pavel has shown how training methods I've used for years are actually used in the real world, to produce unbelievable acts of strength and power.

Only two weeks after reading the book I am performing Pistols and Single arm pushups, and have used GTG to up my pullup performance to new heights.

Thanks Pavel

10/10 Results
By Schnieder / St. Paul, MN USA

This book is an excellent starting point for both understanding and attaining strength. Pavel makes important distictions about strength that every hard living comrade ought to know, and he does so in a very accessible way.

I thought I would never be able to do a pistol because I have longer than average legs. The techniques from this book allowed me to perform a pistol holding a 53 pound kettlebell in 2 1/2 weeks. It also helped my Military Press numbers with a 70 pound kettlebell.

This is a must read for people interested in strength.

10/10 Solid Concepts
By Bambi Christman / Douglassville, PA, USA

As a life long participant of cardio and weight training, martial arts and Krav Maga, I'm always seeking to streamline my workouts while further improving the results. THE NAKED WARRIOR states several "naked" truths about the mental and physical dynamics that are key to achieving the ultimate results in your training. I have applied the principals to all of my workouts .... and achieved a significant advancement in my strength and power! This is an "easy read" book - don't hesitate to get it!!!!

10/10 I've read through Naked Warrior numerous times. O…
By Kevin Perrone RKC / Chapel Hill, NC

I've read through Naked Warrior numerous times. Of the many key elements detailed in the book one of my favorites is greasing the groove. My girlfriend and fellow RKC, Jes Brock, recently had a middle school student she teaches have a 'minor' success with pullups. He went to compete in the county's field day which consists of most of the presidential fitness tests. To prepare she's had him grease the groove, or as he calls it oiling the groove, doing between 2-5 pullups at a shot throughout the day while at school and at home. Come test day he knocked off 32 pullups, the next closest kid got 4. a program so simple a kid could do it... Food for thought.

9/10 Any time, any place
By Douglas Moore / Bangor Maine, USA

When I first purchased Naked Warrior and began using GTG, I saw immediate results. I GTG'd military presses with a 65 lb. dumbbell and when I first got my 70 lb. KB, I was able to press it 13 times at a bodyweight of 175 lbs. When I demonstrate the one arm, one leg pushup, people look at me in amazement. I am convinced that anyone using the techniques outlined in this book will be able to perform them in time.

Being a law enforcement officer, I am often in need of strength training, but have little time or equipment. I am able to maintain or build strength, flexibility and balance with only my body. When I finish a GTG set, I feel powerful and energized. The secondary effects of hypertrophy are an added bonus.

For those of you who are concerned that there are few exercises outlined here, you should know that the principles in this book can be appled to any lift and to many athletic endeavors. It is a powerful system for physical culture.

Get this book.

10/10 Isn't it funny.....
By Chai Lee / Auckland, New Zealand when people hear 'bodyweight training' they tend to invision it as high rep, low intensity, easy training which can't possibly be for the hardcore among us. Wrong! I bought the 'Naked Warrior' thinking it would be some easy workout program that would compliment my current training. Boy was i wrong! It quickly became my main workout as the exercises in the book literally kicked my rear end and left me embarrased at my lack of strength. After training this way for a few weeks i was amazed at how well it carried over to regular weight training (barbells dumbells etc...), i lost none of my strength and was actually able to set a few new PR's!!!! Thanks Pavel!!

10/10 Greasing the groove works. Very low stress, very high gain.
By Blarg / N. Hollywood, California United States

I was very sick at the beginning of last year, January, and was bedridden for about two months. I have always been skinny, and had been slacking off big time before that, so was not in good shape. Then when I got really sick, I was unable to eat more than like a can of soup a day, if that, and I looked like an Auschwitz survivor within a couple of months that I mostly slept through. I literally barely moved. Mouse hand, that's most of it.

I got Naked Warrior and started doing cheated versions of pistols and one-armed push-ups. Severely cheated. I was having trouble walking up a flight of stairs at this point, and cheating was not something that bothered me in the slightest. Such tough exercises were simply not made for people like me at the time.

With GTG, I slowly picked up the ability to do very sloppy, cheating OAPU's and pistols to eventually 3 at a time, then a set of five, then two sets of three, two sets of five, etc. Never strong enough to really get the form perfect, but as long as I was able to do a partial movement, it was good. Strength was my focus, because my body was so ruined. I needed practical strength, not mass or beauty or endurance. I needed to be able to move!

Eventually I got to be able to do 5x5 with cheated pistols and cheated OAPU's. I was still weak enough that OAPU's put a severe strain on my shoulder joint, so I moved on to military presses when I got kettlebells heavier than the 35 lb'er I first got. I also got jumpstretch bands, which I used for deadlifts.

I staggered my way through military presses with the 44 lb. KB, then the 53 lb., then the 70 lb. I started with literally the ability to do ONE lousy rep. But I did it GTG, over and over, every hour or so, day after day. I also ate like crazy, trying to get some meat back on my ectomorph's body that had been ravaged down even further to a skeleton. Surprisingly, even GTG put some muscle on me. I started looking more normal, and feeling less like my body was a total helpless ruin, humiliatingly so. I started feeling less like an 80 year old man in a 44 year old body.

First came the ability to do one. Then then the ability to do two or three. Then the ability to do two sets of two, then two sets of three, then a set of five. Then two sets of five. And then to increase the weight.

In six months, I went from bedridden to being able to sumo style deadlift 575 pounds of jumpstretch bands in a deadlift. I went from having trouble walking up stairs to do pistols in seven sets of five. I went from having trouble doing one or two one-arm push-ups against the sink to snapping off 8, then 10, then 12 reps of military presses with a 70 kg. kettlebell, and still being fresh enough to do another set or two, and being able to easily handle much more than that for bent-over rows.

I attribute at least 90% of this progress to GTG.

At this point I regularly come to these boards and bore people with endless raves about GTG, and wonder if they really understand what it means for someone who has actually spent many years doing martial arts, and never ever felt strong despite it, to feel somewhat strong. What may be ridiculously ordinary to others is extraordinary for me, all the more so coming off my sickness. I wonder if they think I'm a crank or a shill for saying so often how good GTG has been to me. I wonder if they understand the psychological impact it has on me to see people saying that military pressing the 70 lb. KB 8 or 10 times is pretty good, when my conception of my abilities my entire life was that I could be fast, or extremely well practiced, but never, ever strong. I wonder if they can understand what it feels like when threads get started here about what people can do with the 70 lb'er in a press and I think, okay, that's fine and cool, and am not stunned by it beccause I've already been doing that for a while and am just saving up money so I can finally try to do something a little harder than the 70 lb. bell that I've got. I wonder if they understand the kind of revolution in consciousness and perception of your own abilities that GTG can provide almost like some sort of aferthought, since it's about the easiest exercise protocol imaginable.

After spending great parts of my life beating myself into senseless exhaustion trying to get stronger, figuring endurance and speed were the only things I would ever have, Pavel's ideas about exercise, especially about GTG, have given me such a quick and notable pay-off it seems frankly bizarre. It's almost impossible to conceive of myself as strong, but to at least a certain extent I guess I'm going to have to get my mind around it somehow.

And how strange that after so much trying and drama, it could come so damn easily. Damn, I wish I had known this earlier in my life. GTG is the easiest thing I've ever done, by far. And it's by far the best and quickest way I've ever increased my strength. What the hell a guy like me is doing with anything that could ever be thought of as strength, I don't know. I never counted myself out of the game, but never thought strength would be anything I could feel I had a taste of. I thought it was only the other things for me, at best and if I was lucky and worked myself into a state of exhaustion. I couldn't be more glad to be wrong.

10/10 GTG is a beautiful thing.
By Josef / Ashville, AL USA

I've been GTGing the military press for the past couple of weeks. I was able to press the 32kg with an excessive side lean when I started. I was feeling pretty proud as that was half my bodyweight and I had never been able to do that until recently. After about two weeks of GTG, I had built up to pressing a pair of 32kgs.

So today, being curious, I tried out a 40kg press. I had to lean to the side a little and it took a good ten seconds, but it got up. Now I just have to work on minimizing that lean and I'll be that much closer to my goal of 48kg at 63kg bodyweight.

9/10 Delivers better results than I could have hoped for!
By Mike Harrop / London, England

The Naked Warrior is an outstanding book. Using its principles not only delivers results, but delivers them super quickly. I used the techniques to get from 8 to 18 chinups using the "Grease the Groove (GTG)" method described in the book in 3 WEEKS! My previous lifetime best being 12 chinups.
I am also gaining substantial increase in muscle mass in my chest, arms and back.

I am well on my way to mastering the difficult bodyweight feats shown in the book (the Pistol and the 1 arm pushup). The great thing is that I know it will be only a matter of weeks.

10/10 No Joke
By Reginald Wong / Hong Kong, China

I am a starter in bodyweight exercise. Before I gained 30 pounds of muscle in one year in the weight room. But I can't even do 30 pushups. After I purchased the naked warrior's dvd/book and power to the people. I start practising the techniques. The result is, I can do 40 push ups after a week! Thanks Pavel

10/10 All the hype over this book is true.
By Krait / Your location here

I bought this book looking for a simple "Do anywhere exercise routine".
I tried and tried for about 2 months. I felt like it was above my level and put it down. I got really frustrated. BUT I kept it in the back of my mind. Knowing that one day I would be strong enough to get to do them.

One thing I would say to people buying this book; who are not as strong as others is; KEEP WITH THE EASY LEVEL and WORK ON MUSCULAR TENSION CONTROL and DON'T GIVE UP!. I would have progressed faster than I have.

Naked Warrior is not only a strength training bible but also it is my most valuable martial arts book. Sounds weird but Pavel's words are the secrets asian Martial arts masters don't tell you. Whether it is because they can't verbally explain it or they chose not to. Pavel gives it to you very clearly.

If you are looking for a manual to take you to the next level NK won't fail. Pavel gave me the keys to unlock the door to the next level and beyond in my Martial Arts training.

10/10 Best Book ever
By Greg Mascitelli / Pompano Beach, FL USA

In four days I went from not being able to go down even two inches on a one arm pushup. Four days later I can now do 6 perfect form one-armed pushups. ( I have also increased my pullups by 13 in just one out of those four days). The tips and tricks in this book work better than anything I have ever seen!

10/10 Simply the best book on pure strength training!
By Brett Stepan / St. Paul, MN USA

After studying everything that I've found on exercise, strength, and fitness; I'd have to say that this is the best book written on strength training. Whether you train with bodyweight movements, kettlebells, or weights, this book will help you become the strongest person you can be. Pavel writing is very clear and to the point and the information that he gives on the techniques of instant strength are priceless. Pavel actually makes it easy for you to ingrain these techniques into any type of exercise that you want. Superb and without a doubt a 10 out of 10.

5/10 To general explanation
By jp / San Antonio, Tx USA

While the book has good information in developing strenghth. To be sold as a strenght workout book it lack more specificity. You almost have to go to the question and answer area to get a resemblence of a workout. The author needs to be more specific in how many reps,sets
and frequency should be recommended. I've follow his advise and for two weeks,not seen the progress I would have liked. The one arm push up great, but I still can not do the one arm/one leg. The biggest flaw is there is no routine. For 40 dollars it lack to much information.

10/10 You want Strength, this is it .. THE NAKED WARRIOR
By One arm pusher / Sydney, NSW, Australia

This book is fabulous. My whole life i wasn't able to do a single or even half a single of a one arm pushup. 2 months of training with everything that Pavel taught, I can achieve 20 one arm pushups clean. I feel stronger and I have to admit that one arm pushups does the job. This book is the answer if you want to be strong.

10/10 Indipendent power
By Sudhir / India

I was looking for a strength system which could be performed anywhere anytime without depending on hardware or equipment or anything or anyone els,at the same time give me the strength of steel,and help me survive in this big bad world.

I had seen super strong men and desired to be one but didnot know the way(people dont like to share their strength systems) until i came across Pavel.My search ends here.
When i first saw this product i ordered it straight away.

Truely practical system well illustrated and clearly explained.
Nw is a straight and simple way to strength, nononsense no false promises no beyond reach dreams;you too can have the power.Pavel is doing you a favour by sharing his expert knowledge.
This book is a golden brick, kiss it and store it in a safe!its a lifeline for warriors.
I am sure you will hand it down to your son.
Thank you pavel.
Remember comrade indipendence is power, dependency weakness.
I was a warrior, now i am a naked warrior.

0/10 Naked Warrior is a major disappointment
By John Monaghan / Edmonton Alberta Canada America

I ordered Naked Warrior through a local book store. I had seen it advertised on the internet and thought it was full of bodyweight exercises. I started doing one arm push-ups when I sailed on the Great Lakes at 15 years of age in 1955. I'd just like to say that i paid with tax-64 Canadian dollars to have some moron tell me to do one legged squats and one arm push-ups. This is not a joke it's a crime. Give me a break for Chrissake.

10/10 Pistols = Lateral Foot Speed in the Ring
By Steve Baccari, RKC, Boxing Coach, and / Co-author: Power Behind the Punch. Boston, MA USA

At first glance, I thought the pistol was some kind of circus trick or Russian dance, but it's actually turned out to be the single most effective leg drill that we've used in the boxing gym.

After months of use & close monitoring we have determined the following: Pistols, in any variation - which includes all levels of box pistols - increase lateral foot speed, punching power, and stability in the ring.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become a better fighter.

10/10 If you want REAL STRENGTH, listen to Pavel and apply his wisdom.
By Mark Hanington / Huntington Beach, Ca. USA

If you want to BE strong, FEEL strong, and be able to perform strength workouts wherever you may be without any equipment except for your brain and the ability to use leverage along with the most effective techniques known, then The Naked Warrior is for you.

Just get it, read it, apply it, and you have a valuable treasure of knowledge that will serve you throughout your life.

Welcome Comrade. Hard living for real men.

10/10 The Naked Warrior has Inspired me to finally become strong
By Mark Case / Riverside, CA

Last year, my thyroid went out (I have hypothyrodism) and It caused me to gain 50 pounds in three months. I went through different stages of depression, and gave up. When I realized that was a bad idea, I started to look for a way to become stronger and lose the weight. Thats when I found out about Pavel Tsatsouline and The Naked Warrior. I realized that I could use this weight to my advantage and I have. Yesterday, after only three weeks of using the "Grease The Groove" Technique, I at 230 (Im 5'9") pounds, performed a perfect one armed push-up, on both right and left arms. I am stronger now, than I ever have been, and the techniques in the book are so easy to follow, once you start, you know you'll be able to perform a one armed push-up, and a one legged squat in no time. I recomend this book to anyone and everyone no matter what your current weight, or strength level is. It works, pure and simple, and your only cost is the price of the book, and a little bit of time each day. Thats it! No gym fees, no barbells, no other machines you see on TV. You get strong, and you look strong quick!

10/10 Continuous progress with GTG
By Jason W. Masangkay / Orlando, FL USA

I am no amatuer when it comes to pullups--I have been doing them pretty much every day for 3 years. Before I started the 'Grease the Groove' (GTG) program, my personal record in pullups was 18. One would think I could maybe get more than that in 3 years straight of pullups, especially at a bodyweight of only 145 lbs. Well, I am glad to say after only three weeks of GTG, I knocked off 25 pullups. I am trying to go through in my head what just happened, because while on this program I would never be sore and never even break a sweat. I just complete my fourth week as of yesterday and tested my max again.. 28 pullups. If I would have discovered this years ago, I could very well be in the 40's, even 50's, in pullups!

10/10 I am still surprised myself....
By subnormal / Tucson, AZ

This book introduces only two exercises and variations on them but the principles behind learning these exercises properly carry over to every other "grind" exercise (distinct from ballistic lifts). I can do one-legged squats with a 70-lb kettlebell and just did my first one-armed pushups tonight, after about 3-4 weeks of consistent application of Pavel's principles. It's discouraging at times, but keep doing it a couple of times EVERY DAY (never to failure!) and you'll get there.

If I had to choose one Pavel book... well that would suck. I'd have to choose two, this and Russian Kettlebell Challenge. These two books would give anyone all they could ever handle, and with a couple of KBs require minimum equipment.

10/10 Excruciatingly EVILLLLLL
By Rex Icard / Dawson, Ga. USA

Excellent book and really addresses the basics and the how to of these exercises. Pavel makes these look extremely easy and they are not easy at all. Would like to learn some more excercises, but Pavel stresses working the ones listed in the book and after trying to do them, they are more than enough. I am glad that this Russian is on America's side. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Effective, efficient, easy to understand and apply!
By Boey Hsan Siung Jonathan / Singapore

Along with Power to the People!, The Naked Warrior explains what strength and strength-training is really all about. No fancy theories or complicated procedures to follow. Just straightforward and precise information explained in a down-to-earth manner. Together with a few very efficient exercises combined with truly the most effective strength routine in the world, The Naked Warrior is a book you must read and follow if you ever wish to become stronger for real.

Just after training for three weeks (six days a week, three times a day), I managed to do four one arm push-ups with each arm, five classic pistols with my left leg and one with my right leg (I have a bad right knee)! And to think when I first read the book I was wondering how I could ever do any of those "stunts". Well trust me, the exercises in the Naked Warrior are not mere stunts, they are REAL exercises that WILL make your stronger!

10/10 Forget that Senior Citizen garbage! NW will work, for you, too.
By Frank DiMeo / Sarasota, Florida United States

Comrade Pavel--
I am almost 54 years old, and have implemented your NW training consistently for the past few months.
I just did my first one-arm push-up (with good form)last week; same for the one-legged squat.
What you said in NW is true and attainable.

10/10 Unexpected side benefit: a slimmer waist
By David C. / Atlanta, GA

Most of the previous reviews on this site (and my previous review on focus on NW's obvious virtue: a user-friendly method for mastering total body strength by generating muscular tension in two basic exercises. Since that has already been well-covered, I'd like to add another unexpected benefit. I lost at least an inch (two belt notches) off my waist in one month using the NW workout. Because I'm currently suffering from chronic fatigue, my only other exercise was a few pullups each day and an occasional dumbbell snatch. Other than doing the NW program several times a day, I exercised less than 2-3 mintues per day. I have never gotten tired from doing this program.
This is a really great program. There's nothing like getting stronger, trimming your waist, and driving home knowing youv'e not only finished work for the day, you've also exercised, too!
Highly recommended.

10/10 The "Rosetta Stone" of Strength Training!
By Craig T. O'Connell / Research & Trainining Spec., FDLE, Tallahassee, FL

Pavel has done it again!!! No matter what your training methodology (lifting, bodyweight exercise, etc.), this is THE blueprint you need to get the most out of your training regimen.

10/10 Another Pavel Classic
By David Finley / Canton, OH

If you are looking for a book containing scores of useless, half baked exercise descriptions, do not buy this book. If you are interested in learning how to maximize your strength PERIOD, then this book is for you.

Pavel details every nuance of strength training through the dissection of two body weight drills. The astute reader will realize that these techniques are applicable to ANY strength training exercise, no matter is used to provide the resistance.

Pavel also details Grease the Groove, a powerful method for building strength through frequent practice.

Utilization of the techniques and careful self examination of my one legged squat (Pistol) performance, has allowed me to begin performing them with the weight held in the racked position. Currently, I train with two 16 kg kettlebells racked, and two 24?s are not far off.

In my opinion, The Naked Warrior is another ?must read? from The Evil Russian. Thank you Pavel!


10/10 Another Winner from Pavel
By Paolo Valladolid / Washington, DC United States

The expansion on the tension-generation techniques first introduced in Power To The People and on the power breathing techniques, is alone worth the price of the book. The context of these techinques, the bodyweight drills, also made me look at bodyweight training in a whole new light. It will be obvious to anyone who has seen Pavel's earlier works that these concepts have tremendous carryover to other physical activites such as lifting.

10/10 Naked Warrior Works - Teaches Old Dog New Tricks!
By Jack Arnow / Brooklyn, New York United States

Naked Warrior is the best thing I've ever read on strength training. Period. Although I already knew some of the ideas, the clarity of the presentation gave me a deeper understanding and therefore a better ability to apply them to my training. Many of the ideas were entirely new to me, and though they sounded reasonable, I needed to test them. I followed the directions to increase both my intra abdominal pressure and body tension. Surprisingly, although I'll need much practice to improve my techniques further, my one-arm chin is already noticeably stronger. Naked Warrior has increased my consciousness regarding the importance of technique. Shortly after reading it, I changed my training methods. I'm so excited because Naked Warrior has unleashed the power of my mind to contribute to my strength. It's not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but Naked Warrior did just that.
I hesitated in getting Naked Warrior, because one-arm pushups and pistols were not my thing. They are still not, but the strength building concepts were explained so well, that I was able to apply them to my goals.

10/10 Desert Island Classic
By Dylan Thomas,RKC,Oku-iri Aki-Jujutsu / Woodbridge,Va USA

Another great resource by Pavel on real world strength training.
Everything you need to go from assisted 1 arm push ups and Pistols to the real deal.
Plus,instead of just doing the I say this I say that route of most fitness books,Pavel showcases input from other Party member's on strength and conditioning.
This is a desert island classic. If confined with out KBs and or weights,this book and some 8 count bodybuilders would keep you hard.

10/10 Naked Warrior gets to the bare bones.
By Counter Terrorist Operator / Virginia

The Naked Warrior is what most other books aspire to be. A down and dirty bare bones explantion about strength and strength dynamics in a no nonsense format.

While other books tell stories of how great those who contributed to it are, The Naked Warrior tells you how you can can achieve the strength to take your fitness to the next level.

A little over a year ago, my exposure to Kettlebells was eye opening and has been a tremendous tool for my operational fitness, but now after 2 weeks using information from The Naked Warrior I have made even greater strides.

Since doing "grease the groove" for pistols and pullups, I have doubled the number of pistols I can do with the 24kg bell and have seen a marked improvement in my balance. I was able to do 2 pistols on a chain that was anchoring a vehicle and have done one while standing on the handle of my 32kg bell. I also have mastered the "true" one armed push up.

I look forward to seeing more results as I improve on my "zip up" ability. The Naked Warrior will help to further increase the tactcial advantage over the enemy.

10/10 The Naked Warrior Delivers Exactly What It Promises
By Randy Part / Santa Monica, CA

If you are that rare breed who will never settle for anything less than the best you can possibly be, "The Naked Warrior" is the book for you. It is not for the "jack of all trades, master of none" types. "The Naked Warrior" teaches people of all levels of fitness how to reach levels that they might never have thought possible. I improved my deadlift from 465 to 505 in one month. My "pistol" is now rock bottom, and a Gold's gym musclehead called me a "Cirque de Soleil" performer.

10/10 Become More Powerful with Naked Warrior
By Rick Coyle (Rickster) / Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada

Definitely Pavel's best in my opinion. This book gives you techniques for developing strength and increasing power that carries over to any type of resistence training. I particulatly like his synthesis of martial arts power generation techniques. I have been practicing Sanchin for 25 years and this book has improved my practice and its carry over to other types of training. I have always tried to apply my Sanchin to strength training. Power to the People(Pavel's second best book in my opinion) helped in this aspect but Naked Warrior takes it to the next level and beyond. My preferred training tool is definitely the kettlebell. Currently GTG'ing pistols, one arm pushups and snatches.

10/10 Great Info
By Kevin / South Korea

I had purchased this book when it first came out. I enjoyed it greatly. I however lost it and the other books i've aquired in a house fire. However, everyone of the books by Pavel I had I've been buying again. That should speak to the value of information in all of Pavel's books. They are worth buying again. Even if to have them as reference. The info is sound and all that limits you is how you apply it.

10/10 Tension & proper technique
By Richard Wojewnik / Chicago, Illinois

After useing strictly body-wieght exercises for years I lost focus on two most important points in doing those type of workouts; tension and proper technique (form). Immeadiatley after doing regular pushups again, focusing on tension and slow proper movements according to Pavels book, I started to tone up and suprisingly grow like a tree. For example, pressing my back against the floor (as Pavel describes) when doing crunches has hardened my abs and the little back pains I use to have are all but gone. Thank you Dragon Door and of course Pavel for a great product. I recently ordered the DVD too.

10/10 I have seen the light
By Robert Hargrave J17761 / High Desert State Prison, Susanville CA

After years of conventional strength training a friend gave me this book and my eyes were opened to a whole new way of building my max and explosive strength without the time consuming drudgery of over training and also without the potential for injury.
The fine points of tension generation that Pavel advocates can truly be applied in any context, martially or athletically. HTTs and power breathing are concepts it took me years to learn on my own, and Pavel showed me how to employ these same principles to my workout/practice every day-within hours! There is not enough space here to allow for all the good things I could say about the value of this book.

10/10 The key to Strength
By M. Crandell / Poughkeepsie, NY

The Naked Warrior is a kick ass book! If you are looking to improve your strength, fitness level, learn some rock solid techniques that will take you to the next level of your game no matter what you do then The Naked Warrior is for you. I got the book because I saw Pavel perform the pistol squat in Muscle Media and wanted to know, "How the hell is that possible?" Practicing Pavel's techniques in the Naked Warrior I learned that it is possible because I can now do them. My balance and leg strength is amazing after learning his secrets. I have improved my leg strength and sprinting power. His breathing and tension techniques I have also trnaslated over to other parts of my workout which has led to improvement. I was most amazed when I got the attention of some pretty big body builders in my gym. Their jaws dropped as I performed weighted one legged squats and they couldn't even perform one. This book isn't about getting massive but about pure strength!

10/10 Paradigm Shift? Strength as Skill; Training as Practice
By Robert Friedman / Lexington, KY USA

The Naked Warrior culminates in two "evil" exercises--one-arm pushups and pistols. But Pavel Tsatsouline tells the reader that the fine points of tension generation are more important than the particular exercises. Right he is.

Much of Pavel's model-of-clarity book consists of spelling out tested ways of generating tension. Examples include making a tight fist and using a breathing method borrowed from qigong. The tension drills can be applied to any number of activites that demand out-and-out strength, not just bodyweight exercises. Use your imagination and you will be pleased.

For example, after a little practice, a deadlift just a bit under my current max went right up, instead of slowing through the usual sticking point. With the help of newfound tension, I'm discovering the joys of heavy partial squats and squats from the bottom position.

The best thing about the Naked Warrior is that it offers what is, to many of us born west of the Iron Curtain, a new, simple and productive way to think about the strength activities we love. Think of strength as a skill. You can become more adept with practice. It's simple, but it takes a gifted teacher--which Pavel clearly is--to put it across so well.

10/10 Amazing results by using The Naker Warrior techiques
By Mark McGhee / Augusta, GA

Folks I am in awe at what I just accomplished.. I have only had my 32KG for a few weeks and have only done a few TGU's with it. I did try to press it immediately out of the box, fairly easy with my right but could not press with my left. I got my copy of The Naked Warrior and have read it over the last few weeks as well and this morning went into my garage to "test" these techniques. Using the "tension and GTG techiques" I decided to "attempt" up to 5 presses each side. Right - went fairly easy and compared to my first "attempt out of the box" much easier. Could have done many more reps. Left - (thought in the back of my head beforehand that this would be a tremendous effort) 1st press goes up, 2nd, 3rd (excited at this point but waiting to run out of gas, 4th up fairly easy, number 5 a little harder but finally complete......... could have even done more! As I stood there with my jaw on the floor I realized that I have been missing out for years, being a former athlete and a member of the armed forces I am very familiar with excercise, techniques, etc. I have NEVER experienced or seen anything that resembles this type of focused results. EVER!!! If I can do this.... anyone can! THE NAKED WARRIOR is a must read book for all! All hail PAVEL.

10/10 be strong live long
By bert old ironman / squamish bc canada

Gary Roberts is one of the best physical strength players in the NHL he has promoted human resistance training all his career and it has paid off look how old he is and still one of the best. i truly believe that strength practice is one of the best ways to slow down the aging process i am a very strong 47 year old that looks like a 32 year old i however was doing nothing but reps and only failing to hit my goals after reading PAVELS book (TNW) in the short time have practiced to do low reps many times a day and have increased my goals by 20% at this rate i will live a strong long live (curls are for girls)

10/10 Challenging but easier than you might think!
By Randy / Carmichaels, PA

On September 10, 2008 I decided to incorporate pistols into my workouts, unfortunately I could not do one full rep. I followed Pavel's instructions for the Airborne Lunge (an easier version of the pistol) and found that I could sets of 5 without much trouble. I started by lowering my raised knee to a step that was about 7 in. above the floor, (I called thesse half airborne lunges in my workout log.) and paid strict attention to form and staying tight. By Sept. 14th I was able to do a set of 2 abn. lunges (each leg) with my knee going to the floor. The next day I started to add a set of 5 full abn. lunges before I did my sets of half lunges. Some of these I did 3 reps right leg, 3 reps left and then immediatly doing 2 more each leg. I know, those don't officially count as sets of five but within a couple days I was able to do 5 reps before switching legs. On the 20th I did 3x5 full lunges. On the 22nd I was able to do 2x1 full pistols each leg. Not conting the 22nd, 12 days was all it took before I could do a full pistol! In that time frame I did 105 half lunges, (15 holding a 26lb kettlebell) and 30 full lunges. That's it! As Pavel always says think of it as practicing and not working out. Doing a few high quality reps at a time is what paid off for me.

10/10 41 yr old mom using GTG to do something she has never done
By Rick Giese / Casper, WY USA

My wife has been using GTG (greasing the grove) for a couple of weeks to learn how to do chin ups. she started with 2 assisted chins 3 or four times a day four a week then doing 1 unassisted chin then one more a few minutes later 4 or 5 times a day. 2 weeks later she is doing 3 unassisted chins without leaving the bar and yesterday's total was 15 unassisted chins for the day. This stuff really works, it is pure science for pure results!!!

10/10 Some thing I can sink my teeth into.
By David Hayden / Covington Indiana USA

Very informative, very insightful and full of the important details. A MUST have to go along with the video, one without the other seems incomplete.

If you cannot afford weights at this time, or are a traveler and cannot bring your iron along with you the Book and DVD are a great thing to have along for the ride.

10/10 A Spartan Primer
By Josh Altorfer / Peoria, IL USA

The Naked Warrior is a field manual for the minimalist. Mr. Tsatsouline concisely offers as much science as practical wisdom that can be employed anywhere, anytime. In just a few weeks of Greasing The Groove with work towards Pistol Squats and maximizing IntraAbdominal Pressure, I've experienced improvements in composition/vascularity, metabolism, strength, and focus. Read (and practice) The Naked Warrior to refine the warrior within!

10/10 Finally, a pistol at 41!
By Greg / Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

I first saw a picture of Pavel and military personnel doing pistols in a magazine probably 10 years ago. Now I do them daily, bodyweight only, so far. This info is put across in such an effective and easy to read manner, anyone can benefit from it. Thanks for sharing!

10/10 In under a week I could feel the improvement.
By Stefan Milne / Arbroath, Angus, United Kingdom.

Although the book has only 2 main exercises. They are undoubtably the most bitchin 2 exercises you could fit into your every day life. Dont just look at the picture though, its the explanation of technique that makes this book a must. As with this knowledge you can apply it to many other exercises and not just body weight ones. The book also has a suble blend of humour, much like my own.
I would now like to be considered a Comrade of Pavel....I am off to put myself and mys students through a new hell.

10/10 simple but hard as hell
By John McCarter / Millersville, MO USA

I was just starting to get into strength and found this book; I had always found weights fun, but sometimes just a pointless effort, I found that b.w. works best for myself, I had been doing a number a body weight cal's for some time at this point, then when I got this book, my pistols and 1-arm pushups really took off. Am I saying weights are bad and that you should only work with your body weight, no, each have very strong points for each other, but this book really drives home the fact that you can gain inhuman strength from nothing more than a few b.w. exercises, I would also say you should do pullups and handstands, and very the load you do with them as well. Overall, the book is great the way it is!!! I can do pistols at any time I want, and people just look at me like I'm superman, it's even better when you do it around people who are drunk, it blows their minds.

10/10 Another Great Book From Dragondoor
By Mark Hancheroff / Redmond, WA

It is good to have a reference on exercises for when you hav no access to weights. This is just that. With simple work on Two exercises (Single Handed Pushup and Pistols) this gives you what you need to stay fit without weights. Very, very well written.

10/10 1 Arm Pushup in 2 weeks and parallel pistols
By Mark / Pudsey, Leeds, UK

I incorporated GTG during my working day and before kettlebell lifting. After 2 weeks ( 13 days to be exact ) I hit 2 singles each arm and my lats have never fired so hard.

Thank you Paval ... yet again!

10/10 Secrets unveiled for sure!
By Jason Goumas / Lexington, KY

After years of pushing iron and, most recently, primarily bodyweight training, the information in this book easily boosted my strength 15% in about 30 minutes! The tension and breathing techniques, when properly performed, will give you amazing strength and stability to perform difficult overhead lifts such as presses and the snatch along with power lifts such as the squat and deadlift. Not to mention the stress it saves on the knees! I've always had difficulty with squats (despite being able to leg press over 900 lbs.) and this book has finally opened the door to developing the powerful and FUNCTIONALLY STRONG legs I've been seeking. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Great!
By Shane / Narberth, PA

Buy it---Great stuff!

10/10 Worth It
By Shane Moffett / Wolf Creek, MT USA

Your book is one of the best technique guides that I have read. In a month I went from falling over trying to do a one-arm pushup to 20 one-arm one-leg pushups. All I have to say is that if your seriouse about incredible strength gains this is the book for you

4/10 To tell the truth,
By Dennis Bortnem / Clinton Township, Michigan United States

his book was a total washout for me. In 2 sucked.

4/10 Naked pushup master...
By Bucky Flynn / Detroit

do not pay this much for that book IMO. theres plenty of info on the net for guess what? FREE! look up bodyweight 500 or bodyweight 250. then move onto convict conditioning. better than this book.

10/10 Fastest Results I Have Ever Seen!!
By Jake / Portland, OR USA

The Naked Warrior completely changed how I look at strength training. I had worked for long time on reaching the 1-armed push up, wide grip, narrow grip, uneven, walking, planks for longer than I care to type here and shoulder work until I was aching for a week. But as soon as I began reading this book and applying the techniques Pavel lays out, I saw results faster than I could believe. Instead of slowly integrating the different techniques in the book, I tried applying as many a I could at once. The one I had trouble with at first was the diaphragmatic breathing, but by the second day I had it down. It was day 3 after reading The Naked Warrior, that I applied all the techniques and to my astonishment, I went down and came back up. Obviously I had not gained a massive amount of strength in 3 days, so I attribute the ability to perform the 1-armed push up completely to Pavel and his amazing book. The great thing is, the knowledge Pavel bestows to the reader can be applied to any strength exercise you perform. This book will show you how to build vast strength that's great for sports, general health or just for party tricks.

9/10 buy this book; money well spent
By Tom Sullivan / Your location here Rochester NY

Althogh this book has been available for some time, that does not lessen its value. Well illustrated, with the usual easy to follow, step by step directions. Pavel does not talk the talk, he walks the walk.
Am particularly impressed with his work with McGill, one of the worlds experts on back health. Pavel has his detractors, for whatever reasons, but he can support his claims.

10/10 One month to one-armed pushup and much more
By Krzyh / Tychy, Poland

If you want to make an incredible progress - it's book for you! In the beginning, I couldn't have done any pistol. One month later - 9 for left leg and 12 for right leg! Now I'm practising with 12,5 kg load (It's my 10th week of regular training). If anybody had told me that I can make so big progress, I would have laughed at him. Only one month was necessary for me to learn making one-armed pushups.
Although that, the best side of the book are high tension techniques. They can increase your strength about 15-20% and they are very helpful in every aspect of strength training - not only in pistols and OAPs.
In the book you can read also about greasing the groove - very useful training method which is helpful in developing every kind of strength.
Author of "The Naked Warrior" was working with Soviet special forces - Spetsnaz. It was sufficient recommendation for me. Now I think that Pavel Tsatsoulne is one of the best strength instructors in the world.

10/10 Ring Handstand Push-ups Using Book Concepts
By Brandon Nugent / Campbell, CA

This is a deceptively rich book. Simple in concept, deep in practice. While the book showcases two exercises: the pistol and the push-up, you can apply the techniques to any strength move.

Today I just did my first set of ring handstand push-ups using techniques covered in this book.

Highly recommended.

9/10 Great book
By Amit Shah / Florida

Apart from the pistol and 1 arm push up, there are two pulling exercises at the end of the book which ensure that no part of the body is left untouched...master the corkscrew principle and you will be on road to strength

9/10 Its all about the technique
By Anonymous / Israel

When I first heard about the Naked Warrior - I was a bit skeptical.
I searched for reviews on Amazon and alot of them seemed very negative - from the price of the book and to the amount of contest.
Even after I first read it I was still confused what's the whole hype about.
The most important line IMO which changed my view is : "If you don't practice the tension techniques - you don't practice the NW".
Most of the criticizers didn't get this line.
If you'll get this line - you will be suprised by the things you can do once you apply those simple yet hard to master techniques.

By Anonymous / Shenzhen China

Pavel not only talks the talk! But follows up by walking the walk!!! Thanks a million!!!

By Daniel / Ohio

The Naked Warrior is full of excellent information that I will apply to my future training. This book struck me as the bodyweight companion to PTP, and its really written with the weight lifter in mind although its assessable to those who don't. I don't lift weights, I've always been into training with my bodyweight. For the person who prefers working exclusively with their body, I'd recommend purchasing Convict Conditioning, and then, if they really want to, purchase Naked Warrior. I always found Pavel's writing hard to swallow at times. He can be very technical and hard to understand. Where as Paul Wade's C.C. was far easier to understand and apply. Still a great book though, and I reccomend it.recommend

9/10 Very good..
By Tushar S / West Des Moines, United States

A must read.

10/10 I almost couldn't beleive it!
By Stan Pryor / Maumelle, AR, USA

I read this book a few times for I truly dug in and followed the program for the one armed pushup. Finally, I decided in October to focus on gaining this skill. I used the suggestion of moving one arm farther out every so often when doing pushups, going so far as to put the extended arm up on textbooks, then one day, when trying a negative one armed push up, I found that I was able to push myself back up from the floor! A full month before I thought I would be anywhere near able! Now, I feel that no strength ability is beyond my reach.
Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Good read
By Jason Mansfield / Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.

All the techniques to generated more strength in one book.

7/10 Outstanding
By Ian Gordon / Tustin, USA

The Naked Warrior provided the technical information that I need to perfect my pistol squats and 1-arm push-ups. I found it very helpful.

By fxw / Rochester, MN

This book is worth every penny!
There are principles in this book I have seen nowhere else. He has a tangible way that will allow you to plan out a strategy to increase your strength using his exercises or additional ones.
Definitely worth the money.

9/10 Strength training is skill training : Follow the mantra
By pete in aus / Hobart AUS

Pavel, keeps delivering the goods. This book has the ingredients that you need to "have wired in" if you want strength. To get "wired-in" you need to Grease the Groove, outlined in detail here. Naked Warrior will drill home to you the benefit of strength training as training in a skill. This book will help you develop this skill.
Naked Warrior expands on High-Tension techniques and the application of Power Breathing.

What happened to me after reading the book? That first rep of some pull-ups, I did not "fly" up to the bar, I felt like I was standing on an elevated platform! Sure it'll take some time & effort unitl the last rep feels the same; that's OK.

Like all of Pavel's products, I wish I had this information when I was 20 years old. Better late, than never. Four years of University with a double major in Phys Ed, it's not a patch on Pavel.

10/10 strongly recommended
By Kyle Bairdsen / Columbia, South Carolina United States

If you are serious about strength training and don't have a Bulgarian coach, this book is the next best thing.

10/10 the AK47 of strength training.....
By simon forsyth / whyalla, Australia

I am not new to Pavels ideas, i have been following them for quite some time. I was somewhat reluctant to get this book but I like Pavel's style of writing so i decided to get it.

It is worth every penny and then someok he teaches you how to get strong anywhere anytime with the most convenient form of resistance "your bodyweight". This book is a real breathe of fresh air in the strength training world. most strength training books are geared towards bodybuilding which is a sad shame. this book on the other hand should have been out along time ago.

I truley believe that every High School should invest in at least one copy so the youth of today and tomorrow have a solid foundation in strength. no more weak people. Sounds great doesnt it?????

just think about it, do you want to be strong? do you want that strength to carry over to most situations in everyday life? Are you sick of bodybuilding rubbish?

if you answerd ys to these questions do yourself a favor and buy this book. words cannot describe how important this book is.

Simon Forsyt RKC

10/10 Strength Training Stripped to the Bare Essentials
By Bill Fox / Philadelphia PA

The title doesn?t really do this book justice. After reading the book a couple times, and practicing the techniques for increasing strength detailed in the book, I strict military pressed the 72lb kettlebell for the first time. The military press isn't even one of the drills in the book.

The body weight drills that are explored in such exacting detail in the book are great, and will allow you to build amazing strength without any weights whatsoever, but the real value lies in the principles in the book that apply to all strength training ? period.

Just understanding how to ?zip up? your body and pressurize your core will make you stronger on the spot. The chapter on Greasing the Groove will get you doing drills in a few weeks that look like circus tricks to you today. The details are explained in easy to understand terms, but don?t let that fool you, this is high-end info. I?m down at the beach every weekend over the summer, last year I dragged my KBs with me every weekend, not this year - no need to. Get this book.

10/10 Delivers as advertised - how many other products do you know that can say that?
By John Quigley / Camp Hill, PA USA

The Naked Warrior is pure gold. If you follow Pavel's advice as laid out in this book, you will get stronger, regardless of your current level of strength. And you'll do it safely - and quicker than you thought possible, with less effort than you thought imaginable. But make no mistake. You will be challenged - and maybe even humbled - by trying variations of two seemingly simple drills with nothing but your own bodyweight. Plenty of revelations lie ahead for anyone who reads and applies what Pavel teaches in this book.

Pavel's detailed explanations of how to generate tension - and why it is so critical to strength development - will serve the needs of any athlete or warrior, whether their choice of resistance training is bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells, or anything in between. His discussion of "greasing the groove" is essential reading for anyone desiring greater strength - even if it does encourage you to risk weird looks from co-workers as you crank out 1 arm pushups in the office all day long. And he anticipates the questions of iron addicts, providing advice on how to combine various training modalities, including the best exercise equipment I've ever found - kettlebells.

As always, Pavel's instruction is direct, honest, and boiled down to essentials. There's no fluff, and lots of tips from others. Pavel's trademark humor and modesty - he doesn't claim to have invented the internet or the secrets he reveals - is incredibly refreshing.

The Naked Warrior, like all of Pavel's work, is a must-read. His works have changed my life, and made training at the age of 44 more fun and effective than ever.

Thanks to Pavel for a true masterwork.

10/10 Much more than Technique!
By millerclmb / Carbondale, Il

This book has the unique perspective of presenting strength and strength training as a practice...meaning that the power of the attention, focus, discipline, and observation are much more important in becoming strong than just showing up to the health club.
I practiced yoga for years and train hard to be a strong rock climber, but the techniques presented in this book have been more valuable to me than anything I have ever worked at.
This book is simple science. It does not try to sell anything; instead it offers a way to explore the power of breathing and how the body/mind connection can help us become stronger or fitter than we have ever been...with simplicity as the way.
Thank you Paval.

9/10 Missionary Catholic Priest gets taught Russian (strength) orthodoxy
By Vincent Capuano, S.J. / Concordia Argentina

I am a Catholic Missionary who works in Argentina back home in the States for a visit. I was looking for a low cost efficient way to keep in shape when gyms are not an option. I found some great ideas in Pavel Tsatsouline's book the Naked Warrior. I am a former College P.E.teacher and coach so I have always tryed to keep in shape. Pavel helps give order to a strength program. The GTG method is a great way to get a little in during free moments. Thanks for the lessons in Russian orthodox strength training.

9/10 Great book!
By Gian Carlo Bonfiglioli / Roma, Other Italy

Brilliant book, really enlightening on many subjects of strength training. Although deeply explaining just two exercises, the principles explained are general and applicable for the whole training of an athlete seeking for strength peek performances.

10/10 Hands Down THE BEST Literature in Strength Training
By Sara Cheatham M.S., Senior RKC, Z-Health Coach / Fort Bragg, NC

This book opened the strength training door for me. I read and re-read the book several times before putting it down and it has become a frequent reference as well. Regardless of your sport, the application AND results of these drills are immediate. If you get no other material by Pavel, let this be the one. It still ranks as my top favorite strength training book since its publication more than five years ago.

9/10 Well Said
By James Welsh / Everett, Pa., USA

Pavel is very informative on all his training advice I have learned things I never knew till now I have been doing the GTG with the one handed pushup and squat and I'm still working on it the squat I'm at the chair level and the pushup I'm at the !/2 floor pushup and next week I'm going to try the full one handed pushup on the floor.

10/10 A message from a skeptical Englishman
By Paul Hobson / Sheffield, England

I have never written a review, online or otherwise, for anything in my life and I'm in my mid thirties. To be honest, I'm very very skeptical of a lot of promises made by exercise books, DVDs ect. The fact that somebody happens to be an effective writer doesn't mean a thing when it comes to training, whether that's getting stronger, faster, leaner or whatever. What actually counts is whether the programme (sorry, English spelling) or protocol they expouse works.
I got interested in bodyweight training after the birth of my baby daughter. The reasons for this were two fold really. One: I simply did not have the time or the energy to go the gym as much. And two: My body is not without it's fair share of injuries. Lower back niggles, bicep injuries and ankle issues meant I had started to approach my heavy weight training with a new and unwelcome sense of trepidation. I still dabbled with weights but I started using calisthenics as my main training tool. Then I bought a couple kettlebells and was very happy with the results they brought me.
Which brings me to The Naked Warrior. You see, when I was lifting weights, I always lifted heavy. Low, low reps were my chosen path. Dorian Yates' Blood and Guts, Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty, 80/20 powerlifting, I've tried it all. So when I saw the advert for NW and it's promise of developing max strength, not just a nice eight to twelve rep pump, I was intrigued. So after about six months of putting it off (told you I was skeptical) I purchased NW.
The fact that I've given a ten out of ten for this review may be something of a giveaway but I have found that it really is an amazing piece of work. Whilst weighing up whether to buy it or not I read a few negative reviews stating things like 'Just do one arm push ups and one legged squats, all the info is on the internet' and so on. To my mind that's like saying Olympic Lifting is just a case of 'picking up a bar over your head' or the martial arts are 'just a case of kicking and screaming.' The quality is in the detail. Only by reading the book itself can you appreciate the vital details that make all the difference between maximum gains and just wasting time. I urge you not to cheat yourself by relying on watered down info online.
Naked Warrior states that, by using the information within, you 'get a world-class powerlifter's quality workout-using your body only.' That's some statement. But I'm here to tell you it's correct. I'm not especially small, being about two hundred and twenty something pounds (or sixteen and a half stone in English money) and I'd done heavy lifting for twelve years or so, and all I do now for my max strength training is my NW workouts. I overtrain very easily so, as Pavel suggests, I do the workouts four times per week, three or four times a day. I vary intensity and volume every time and only max out every few weeks or so. The programme can be used for size gains if one wishes, although this not it's main purpose. Just throw plenty of decent calories down your neck and do plenty of isometrics and you should pack appreciable meat on your bones in the comfort of your own home.
This programme works. I promise you. I'm not an RKC, I'm not a member of the 'online strength training community' and you'll certainly never see me on Youtube doing muscle ups in my local park with my shirt off. I'm just someone with a family and a full time job who just wants to be strong and have a training protocol I can get my teeth into and see benefits from. The Naked Warrior answers those demands. Get this book. It works.

7/10 good read!
By T C / GP, Canada

This was pretty interesting to read...I like how Pavel's training is a bit off the beaten path with some Soviet science behind it. Good idea for training that seems similar to Coach's Wade's consolidation training....with some neat breathing techniques that pavel also touched on in his stretching books!!

10/10 Simple and Effective
By Brett Turley / Wollongong, NSW, Australia

After having achieved these standards the hard way, this book made learning and teaching breathing and bodyweight techniques much easier with out all of the other nonsense.

10/10 Read this book!@
By Jeremy Burke / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

This is great book. Rarely have I seen or heard the use of body tension explained so clearly. More importantly, Pavel describes how to use breathing to achieve tension in the desired area of the body. And he does it all with clear illustrations and a sense of humor. The value of this book goes beyond the one armed push-up and one legged squat. Highly recommended.

10/10 Proof specificity works
By Ben Marvin / Austin, Texas, USA

The Naked Warrior is an incredible well written book which shows without a doubt how and why focusing on a limited number of exercises but doing them to perfection is more effective than doing every new thing that pops up. In this book Pavel outlines a number of effective physiological tricks to amplify strength and make even difficult exercises attainable. The "grease the groove" method outlined in this book teaches the best way to practice strength and increase proficiency without wearing down and failing. While this book teaches two exercises as the primary means for training, the tricks taught in this book when utilized will make any exercise easier and more effective! Pavel does a great job of laying out these methods in a way that is easy to learn and apply to training right away.

10/10 More Americans should read outside the box.
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

It just makes sense. I have been a strength trainer for over 8 years now and this book sums it all up. Don't go stacking a bunch of fitness on top of dysfunctional movement. If you can't handle body weight, why load yourself. Everyone, especially every American who takes their training seriously needs to read this book. Take you time and do as Pavel says, all will be good in the world.

10/10 perfect
By chris wenzel / kissimmee, fl, usa

The original book on bodyweight strength training. An invaluable classic that should he in everyones collection.

10/10 Must Read for Bodyweight Traininin
By John G Warren / Louisville, Kentucky, USA

This book was much better than I thought it would be. A must have for anyone looking to enhance thier bodyweight knowledge or workout routine.

10/10 Lots of details!
By Rhett Dillard / Chula Vista, Ca, U.S.

This book is a must have for those that want to master the one armed push-up/squat.The details on technique are incredible!The master's of Russian sports training don't seem to get caught up in the same dogmas that we in the U.S. get locked into.They seem to find out what works on their own,and don't care if others accept their ideas or not.Do yourself a favor and get this book if you want to master the one arm push-up/squat!

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