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Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (72lb)
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Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (72lb)
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Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.)

Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat

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Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.) - $153.95
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Dragon Door's 70lb (32kg) Russian Kettlebell
Is The Exercise Tool of Choice For Hard Men
Who Want to Dominate Physically


Dragon Door was the first ever in the US to design a 70lb cast iron kettlebell—for those men wishing to develop truly formidable overall strength.

The 70lb kettlebell has quickly become a favorite for martial artists, football players and other athletes who need explosive power and additional brute strength.

Want to develop the body of a Greek God? Regular practice with 70lb kettlebells will give you the etched magnificence and physical proportions of the old-time strongmen—or those statues of Hercules.

Men: you will probably start with Dragon Door's specially designed 35lb kettlebell, and then move up to the 53lb kettlebell, which will become your staple. However, if you wish to move into the front ranks of physical excellence, make it your goal to incorporate 70lb kettlebells into your workout programs.

Nothing will earn you more respect from your fellow athletes, than a steady diet of 70lb kettlebell drills!

Men, to make sure you take full advantage of your 70lb kettlebell, get the landmark book and DVD, Enter the Kettlebell!.

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