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Instructor Profiles

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Nick Lynch


Phone: 414-477-2071
milwaukee, WI
United States 53207
9.94 out of 10 (17 reviews)

Nick is Strength and Conditioning Coach for numerous teams at MSOE College as well as the owner of Superb Health training studio in Milwaukee. Nick lives in Milwaukee with his wife Natalie and son Weston. 

"Without Fear, Life Is Clear."


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10/10 Look no further...
By Meredith C / Milwaukee, United States of America

While I have always been an active person throughout life, I have never realized my full potential before meeting Nick. He has helped me to triple my strength since starting with Superb Health about a year ago. Every single session leaves me feeling stronger, more flexible, energized, and powerful. This studio is such a rare treat, offering personal training in a small group setting which adds: fun, motivation, and proper technique (eliminating injury).
Nick has a unique ability to coach others how to live better through nutrition, exercise, and friendship. As a young professional, Superb Health is one of the reasons I continue to live in Milwaukee. I will never find any other place like it!

10/10 The very best trainer!
By J. Hilmer / Milwaukee, WI, United States

I've been training with Nick for about 4 months now and have notice a huge difference in my overall body strength, flexibility and overall health. I've done a lot of different kinds of training and have played a number of different sports and the kettlebell training has been the best experience without any injury, while still pushing me to and sometimes a little past the limits I thought I had. On my first dead lifting event I lifted 435lbs.!
Nick is a very patient, passionate and observant trainer with an eye for the little details. He's always making sure I have proper form, especially towards the end of the training session when my form is lacking sometimes. Because of high school football I had a lot of problems with my shoulders, lower back and knees. With Nick's instruction and attending regular kettlebell classes I've noticed a huge difference in the strength of my shoulders, lower back and knees and zero pain! I highly recommend Superb Health to everyone looking to improve their overall health and strength.

10/10 Irreplaceable!
By Sarah Ottow / Boston, USA

When I lived in Milwaukee, I worked with Nick in his group kettlebell and fitness classes at Superb Health. Almost immediately I noticed a significant shift in my posture and overall well being. Nick has a certain way about him that makes learning fun and viable! He really pays attention to what each person needs and explains things in such a way that makes it easy to understand. I felt so motivated under his instruction and appreciated how body conscious he encouraged me to be--in really HEALTHY ways! Plus, I felt my energy level increase drastically along with my core strength. Now that I have moved out of state, I'm looking for someone like him to keep me going. I don't know if I'll find anyone like him but I'll keep looking! Thanks, Nick!

10/10 Everything you need in an RKC trainer!
By Meredith Merrill / Denver, USA

I started working out with Nick in 2007 when he was a trainer at Bally's. When Nick branched off to create his own practice, I was eager to follow. Nick is one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers I have ever met. He has a genuine desire to help his clients achieve their fitness and health goals and demonstrates his philosophy through his own lifestyle. As the only certified RKC in Milwaukee, you are guaranteed a life changing experience at Superb Health!

9/10 Being challenged to grow in healthy ways
By Michael Michalski / Milwaukee,Wisconsin, United States of Milwaukee

I have noticed a change in Nick's style of training since he completed the RKC certification last month. He is more focussed on working with me in developing different types of exercise that are good for my overall wellbeing. He challenges me to grow. He makes creative use of the kettlebells in different exercises.



10/10 Hard Body - Soft Approach
By KeleMarie Lyons / Milwaukee, United States

When I was looking for a trainer over 5 years ago, I wanted to find someone who would understand my goals and how I wanted my body to look. I wanted someone who would push me to my physical limits but not treat my session like a military workout. Nick has done that and so much more. He has helped me to understand the mechanics of my body better so that I can be more active as I get older. He has helped me build the muscle groups that give me the balance I need.

Nick looks at the bigger picture of his client's health and makes recommendations for kettlebell exercises and nutrition that takes a person beyond their own expectations. I never thought kettlebells would be for me until I realized the workouts are like yoga and weights rolled into one - I'm getting stronger and gaining more flexibility in my yoga practice. His attention to ensuring my form is on, has given me the confidence I need to avoid injury. I highly recommend Nick as a trainer for group and individual kettlebell sessions in Milwaukee.

10/10 Superb
By Matt Richardson / Seattle, USA

I first began training with Nick in 2008 when he was still at Bally's. He impressed me. Many people seem to work to disguise their lack of knowledge with clever slogans and the like. Nick, on the other hand, always gave me in-depth explanations and clear demonstrations of anything I asked about. His passion for his craft is evident. I have never heard him recommend anything to a client, with respect to wellness, that he has not personally explored and that he doesn't feel completely confident about.

As a performer, I needed to help developing a body that was flexible, strong, and able to adapt to quickly changing situation. Nick embraced those goals and helped me to exceed my expectations. His work with kettlebells has changed my outlook on fitness entirely. After I left Milwaukee and could no longer work with Nick - I still wanted to train with kettlebells because of his influence on me. Now I want to get RKC certified!

If you want to stay comfortable, have minimal results, and never challenge what you believe about yourself and about fitness - go somewhere else. If you want to explore, change, grow, and get strong - look no further: Nick is your man!

10/10 Nick The Machine!!!
By Clifton Phelps / Milwaukee, United States of America

I first meet nick in 2007 at Bally’s as my personal trainer. I had been a member of that gym for 4 years and was never interested in a personal trainer until I met Nick! Fast forwards to today, Nick has helped me shave and maintain keeping 40lbs off and this year has introduced me to Russian Kettle Bells and my life has forever changed! It has rapidly helped me improve my core while at the same time added muscle and strength to other places on my body I never thought possible… He is realizable and CONSISTANT! There is not a time that I can remember while training that I felt unmotivated to try harder… He is not a personal trainer; he is a life health coach!

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Pete Donahue / Milawukee, United States

I've been training with Nick a little over a year now, and I'd like to highlight two things that I think make him such an excellent trainer: 1. his knowledge and how he incorporates such into his instruction, and 2. the diversity in how he helps demonstrate instruction. Kettlebell training can be tough for neophytes, but Nick's instructional methods really make a difference. He has a genuine knack for explaining things, which means he's rather exceptional at getting clients like myself to dig deep and understand the instruction. Such is important in any personal training situation, but I feel like the traits I'm discussing here are even more vital in kettlebell training. Nick is definitely the guy to go to if you're serious about getting stronger, more agile, and in overall better shape.

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