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nick pistolsquat

Nick Lynch


Phone: 414-477-2071
milwaukee, WI
United States 53207
9.94 out of 10 (36 reviews)

Nick is the founder and owner of Superb Health in Milwaukee along with his wife Natalie and son Weston. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for MSOE University and an RKC Team Leader. Nick has been studying and training in the fitness industry since 2001. He trains world-class athletes from high school to professional, Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Certification hopefuls, injury rehabilitation, parents, office workers and anyone serious about committing to their health and sport. Nick believes everyone has the ability to embrace their inner strength, heal and live a happy life.

"I went to a couple of classes at Superb Health’s new studio and it was one of the best strength training classes I’ve attended" - Jenna Kashou, Milwaukee Magazine

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10/10 Walks the Walk
By Claudia Camarena / Chicago, USA

I has the pleasure of meeting Nick at my RKC certification earlier this year. He was very knowledgeable and patient with his instruction. I learned a lot and hearing his background, he definitely walks the walk in living a healthy lifestyle.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Beto Jara / Chicago, United States

Nick Lynch was an awesome instructor during my RKC. He is knowledgeable and really great at breaking down movements, even for people who have been around kettlebells for a while like myself. In the span of 3 days I had learned so much more about my breathing, my movement, and my strength. I have taken his guidance and used it to grow myself. I am very thankful.

10/10 "Alone we can do so little; together we...
By Paul Boyajian / Milwaukee, USA

can do so much." Helen Keller This is really how come to see Nick and Superb Health over the past year. I began my kettlebell experience approximately 10 years ago. However, it was just me, a pair of 16kg bells, and a RKC book. On and off over the past 10 years I would pick up the kettlebells and do a few months of training and then I wouldn’t use them in my training for another 10 to 12 months. I never looked for a trainer because I felt I was getting enough technique from the books and videos. In 2014 I considered learning more about specific programming and possible form/technique corrections. With every practice with Nick I realized training with him is not just about having a RKC team leader watch you, but Nick’s ability to calmly and precisely improve your movement with memorable ques and technique corrections. The community and support that Nick has created at Superb Health is very cool and leaves you wanting to explore the possibilities of regular and consistent kettlebell practice.

10/10 Milwaukee Kettlebells
By A K / Milwaukee, USA

Been working with Nick for over two years and during this time I've met and surpassed my goals for strength, movement, and weight loss. I highly recommend him for both personal training or group classes- as I have done both. He is definately THE guy to see in Milwaukee!

10/10 New mom/opera singer healthy once again
By Colleen Brooks / Milwaukee, USA

I came to Superb Health an exhausted, collapsed new mom. I had a beautiful new outlook on life without the energy or physical stability to participate near as much as I would like. I later found out that my voice teacher also had serious concerns about the direction of my career if I could not regain my health and vitality. One year later, thanks to Nick and the health resources to which he has introduced me, I have changed my mindset to change my body, and am awake, energized, and healthy. I am healing physical ailments that I have had since childhood and am singing better and more consistently than ever before. Thank you Superb Health!

10/10 Standing Straight
By Suzanne KNOX / Brewer's Hill - MKE, USA

I was starting to really stoop and become inflexible - not a good combination as I had just turned 50. Plus, I was starting to get the aches and pain middle aged Americans seem to accept as normal. I have tried strength training in the past but never could stick too it. Nick's program is a lifestyle program which I love. He walks the walk and is invested in you meeting your goals and can kick your A@@ when you seem to be drifting away from them. The workouts have variety, so I never am bored. People have comment how much better my posture is and I have almost no pain. The people in the gym are a community and I love that about this gym. It is a very supportive, nurturing environment. I feel like I have found a true clean lifestyle support group at Superb Health. THANK YOU NICK!!

10/10 Moving Athletes To The Next Level
By Joey Lamoreaux / Shorewood, USA

I showed up to Superb Health over a year ago. I was 205 pounds, couldn't do any pull ups, and wasn't flexible. It was right after I got cut from a team knowing I needed to be in better shape, more flexible, and have a better look at the world to make the team in the future. Nick took me in and for the first two weeks or so he really watched my movements and where I needed work on. He quickly learned what I needed to do to make the team and eventually the National Team. I honestly believe that Nick is the best trainer in the world. I could be working out in a local gym or fitness center doing the same machines every day. Instead I go to Nick where literally every day he has me doing something new. He keeps it fun, interesting, while pushing you to get to the next level. Nick didn't just work me out every day either, he would talk to me about what was going on in my life and actually got to know as I got to know him. I would not be the player I am today with out the help from Nick. I am know 20 pounds less, my pull ups are 400% better, I am more flexible, I made the National Camp, But most importantly I am a better person. I am continuing to work with Nick and highly recommend him to you because, as he says, "You can't beat the best".

10/10 Path to Wellness
By Burt Robinson / Kenosha, United States

I've been seeing Nick for about 5 months on pretty much a weekly basis. I'd love to be able to see him more than that but it's 90 miles round trip for me. Why would I travel so far to see Nick you might ask? Nick meets all of the qualities I was looking for in a trainer. After losing 60 pounds I needed to get physically fit. After much research I was intent on learning how to use the kettlebell, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. After looking for trainers between Chicago(I work downtown) and Milwaukee, Nick's profile and bio seemed like a great fit. After our initial phone conversation(which he promptly responded to after an email), I had a good feeling going in to our first session. I was very happy after that session. I told Nick I was looking to get back into shape and find something I could do for a lifetime, enjoy my future grandkids, quality of life as I get older, etc. I had neglected my body for 30 years(I'm 52). Nick keenly screened my current abilities and limits and has me on the path to physical wellness. He has made me feel at ease since moment one(which I was a little worried about being out of a gym for 30 years or so) and has been patient, supportive, understanding and professional. His expertise and knowledge of kettlebells and other forms of fitness skills is "superb". Nick is sincere and passionate about his trade, which is refreshing. He's committed to teaching proper form which I appreciate because I can be a perfectionist sometimes. I also like the fact that he can simplify a movement for me to make it more understandable and easier to pick up. But ultimately it's about results, and I'm happy with them in the short time I've been seeing Nick. I've lost 20 additional pounds, lost inches from my waist and have muscles in my core I never knew I had. Hopefully I've been a good student because Nick's been a great teacher and I know I have so much more to learn from him. I would encourage anyone looking to get healthier. stronger or just in better shape to give Nick a shot.

10/10 thorough and professional
By Charles Stollenwerk / milwaukee, United States

I came to Meet with Nick Lynch through the recommendations of a couple of coaches here at MSOE. Through casual and then much more specific conversations, I felt he had what our athletes needed for an optimal and safe instructional program. He and I spoke at length as to what was needed for our athletes to train productively as far as their strength development and technically to prevent injury. He has met and exceeded my expectations with his program and style of training. I look forward to continuing the program with him, he has really helped our guys.

10/10 The Best
By Paul Wichmann / Milwaukee, United States

I am a rower at Milwaukee School of Engineering. During the winter when we are forced off the water, we train with weights and the rowing machines. This is where Nick came in. He gave us the full package in coaching. He is the most informed trainer I have ever met. Our whole team benefited nicely from our sessions with him. I look forward to working with him in the future.

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