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Nick Lynch


Phone: 414-477-2071
milwaukee, WI
United States 53207
9.96 out of 10 (45 reviews)


Husband, father, son, brother, coach, trainer, business entrepreneur, fitness fanatic & nature lover!

Nick is the founder and owner of Superb Health in Milwaukee, WI. He has been working full time as a trainer since 2001. In addition, he was raised and instilled with a wealth of knowledge by the highly sought after Dr. James Lynch of Montpelier, VT. Nick has a large list of certifications and more importantly, experience. Nick's greatest attribute is his geniune belief in others ability fo meet and exceed their goals and potential. 

"Nick’s positivity and belief in the true and mostly untapped strength in each and every one of us gets me excited to come to class every time!" - Jon Toppen 


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10/10 Thank you Nick Lynch!!!
By Blake Bauman / Milwaukee, United States

For many years I had been suffering from a lower back injury and sciatica. You know.. Ibuprofen four times a day, not active because I was always in pain. In fact, the most excruciating pain I have ever dealt with in my entire life. It was Christmas 2014, the only comfortable position for me when the pain was bearable, was to lay on the floor on my back while my family enjoyed the holiday together and I was left miserable. I decided it was time to finally do something about this. I know what I needed to do for the most part. I just did not know how to get there. I decided I needed help. I went to a spinal clinic who confirmed what I had expected, I had a herniated lower lumbar injury of my L4-L5. They put me on an anti-inflammatories which I did not like because I knew it was only masking the pain. I also began PT at the spinal clinic. However the results were extremely slow for me. I didn't have patients for that. Also, I stopped going to the spinal clinic after I received the first bill too ouch. After that, I began seeing a local chiropractor instead for weekly adjustments to help manage the pain. After I saw my chiropractor for the first time he suggested I reach out to a guy named Nick Lynch who has experience with the same type of injury and offers one on one sessions. He also mentioned he specializes in strength and conditioning with kettlebells. Having no prior experience with kettlebell training but knowing that I needed to strengthen my core, I figured I would give it a shot so I reached out to Nick. Holy sh*t did this guy changed my life. After our first consultation, Nick put me on a strict anti-inflammatory food based meal plan for one month. I had no idea the food that I was eating was assisting with my pain. So no more beer, coffee, dairy or wheat for me. In exchange for the coffee, he reintroduced me to green tea. Nick said that he guarantees if I follow this meal plan that I will no longer have pain at the end of the month. I was like "cool ok"... that would be awesome, but I had not felt like that for years so I'll believe in this plan and follow it. After the month had ended, Nick is a man of his word, I know longer had back pain, no more sciatica and no more ibuprofen. Holy sh*t!!! We also began strength training which introduced me to kettlebells and the turkish get-up amongst others. I lost a total of about 25lbs. I was(and still am) in the best shape of my life. THIS WAS IN ONE MONTHS TIME!!! It has almost been 1 year since I started training with Nick and made my official lifestyle change. I'm still eating the same as the original meal plan, swinging bells and ibuprofen free all with NO PAIN!!! I maintain a healthier lifestyle and continue to train with Nick. I now consider Nick a true friend. He's taught me so much. I could seriously write a book about all of the benefits and things I've learned from working with him. Not sure how many characters this review allows so I'll keep it this short. If you are dealing with an injury like mine or just looking to better yourself, Nick Lynch will change your life!!! He did mine. Thanks Nick!

10/10 Another level
By Genova Morel / Milwaukee, USA

When I walk into Superb Heath Nick asks, “You feeling strong today?” He should already know the answer because his short but intense workouts have brought me to a new level of my ability as a runner. It never fails to amaze me how within only forty-five minutes Nick can create challenging workouts that makes every part of my body feel like a soggy noodle. Not only that, but his understanding of the human body continues to impress me. More than once he has correctly deduced where my aches and pains are from my walk or lack of form. Speaking of form, although Nick may put a great deal of emphasis on correct posture and form, he is always patient and willing to demonstrate a movement multiple times. Though the workouts are challenging, Nick creates a balance with his music, tea, and conversation. As he put it, “Superb heath is 95% strength and 5% tea and conversation.” Two years ago I hit a plateau in my running. My times didn’t drop, but they did not improve either. Desperate to break the twenty minute barrier, I increased both my number of workouts and my mileage per workout. My efforts though were futile. Cross country season came and went without me reaching my goal. I was working hard, so what was my problem? Maybe I had just reached my peak of 20:13 for a 5K and could not run any faster. What I had not considered though was my core. I viewed speed only as a function of leg strength and never thought about what my legs were attached to - my torso. I had been focusing on increasing leg strength when what I needed was a stronger core. I had heard of Nick a couple months ago and decided that it was worth a shot. He helped me to build muscle where I had none. My abs, hips, arms, and back all began to take shape. I even found that the Nick’s breathing techniques began to increase my lung capacity. Now, my plan was to attend these sessions for physical strength, but Nick had a different idea. You may initially think that Superb Heath is a physical strength building business, but what you may not anticipate is Nick’s ability to improve mental strength. Each session he would tell me stories of men and women who transformed from a typical office worker into a kettlebell lifting machine. There were countless conversations about Kenyan runners and additional talks about nutrition (and tea.) When I felt I had reached my limit, Nick pushed me further and I realized that there was an entire level I had not touched. All the times in races I had said “I can’t”, I was fooling myself. Now, when I’m in the middle of a race, and I have that feeling that my legs are about fall off, I pick up the pace. This new mentality may have been what lead me to finally break twenty minutes this past cross country season. Thank you Nick.

10/10 Great Instuctor
By Alex Brittain / New Berlin, U.S.

I started training with Nick about 2 years ago. Since then, I have developed strength in areas of my body that have allowed me to move quicker in sports. Nick has helped me through several injuries as well as helped me prevent some. Since I first started training with him, I have notice significant changes in my strength and speed. Nick models our sessions in a way that help me focus on improving certain aspects of my game and as a result, I have become an all around better player. Nick is an amazing trainer as he is great to work with and is very knowledgeable.

10/10 Get your life back on track
By Frantisek S / Milwaukee, United States

About a year ago, I could barely move. I couldn't bend over to bend a dishwasher, I couldn't just go out for a walk. Every day, I would wake up in a chronic pain in my lower back. For a better part of past 7 years, my life was pretty miserable. I tried many doctors, physical therapies, .. they all promised full recovery, but it never really worked. It all comes down to my L-5 vertebrae moved 7 millimeters dorsally, but who cares about the details. Through series of recommendations (Laurel Dzneladze, Milwaukee Acupuncture Center, Dr. John), I ended up with Nick Lynch and SuperHealth. I was desperate enough to try anything, but when that dude Nick starting talking about drinking green tea and reducing inflammation through better diet, I knew this was my first AND last time seeing him. And then he said: "Oh, ..just so you know ... my back is also messed up and I can guarantee you that it will never go away completely." ... "But you can control it. A lot." And then I started crawling, crawling and crawling. And crawling some more. And when I became stronger, I made few push ups. Pull ups. Squats. Kettle bell swings. Lunges. And more crawling. Today, I am waking up thinking about what I dress up or what I am up to. But I do not wake up in pain being afraid to move. I enjoy myself more than I ever did. Thank you, Nick, for making me enjoy my life again.

10/10 FIVE STARS!..
By B. Beaver / Boston, formerly of Milwaukee, WI

I trained with Nick at Superb Health for just around 2 years. I moved to Boston about a year ago and really miss those classes. At the end of my time at Superb Health I was in really killer shape. I was doing pistol squats, multiple strict pull-ups, and got 98 snatches on my 24kg snatch test. I know right, swole... I checked out a couple of kettlebell gyms here in Boston, but just couldn't find a place with the same quality of workouts and vibe as Superb Health. With just a couple bells (24kg /16kg) I've been able to throw together some great workouts at home with my newfound knowledge of the kettlebell. However, I find it tough to keep a steady regimen from my living room. I've hence experienced mild declines in strength, endurance, and technique. It pisses me off, so I plan to peep the KB manual and keep that regimen in my living room in 2016… Thanks to Nick and the classes at Superb Health I have the base knowledge to do so… AND THERE'S METAL!.. FIVE STARS!..

10/10 A new level of strength
By Michel Shestak / Milwaukee, USA

I have had an interest in fitness for many years, mostly running, home workouts, group exercise classes and yoga. When I started training at Superb Health, I immediately felt a shift in my own mindset. Under Nick's instruction, I found myself focusing less on pushing myself and more on proper form and learning how my body should feel throughout movements. It seemed as though I had suddenly become stronger when I did my first chin-up, but I realize it was because of the strength I had developed gradually through Nick's well-programmed classes. I was similarly amazed when Nick coached me through my first pistol squats or suggested a heavier kettlebell for pressing. I am stronger now than I have ever been and continue to progress as I work toward RKC. I am so grateful to Nick, not only for the excellent kettlebell training, but for the community he has created at Superb Health. It has changed my health on many levels to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people. Nick exudes knowledge about mental and physical strength, health and nutrition, and he leads us by example.

10/10 Healthiest of my life!
By Jon Toppen / Milwaukee, United States

I was referred to Nick and Superb Health by my chiropractor, Dr. Jon Duris. My general health at that time was fair. I was running up to 40 or 50 miles a week and my diet was fair but I realized that I very much needed to add some form of strength training and dietary changes. Having only heard of ketllebells and possessing a very basic understanding of their efficacy and efficiency in training, my wife and I booked our first introductory series class with Nick. I was hooked and now 1.5 years later and it is an absolute priority that I make it to class 3 to 4 times a week. Nick’s skills, knowledge, training and teaching ability and leadership are unparalleled. Nick’s passion for overall health and wellness for mind, body, spirit, and community, are seen in every aspect of Superb Health. I have had the pleasure of seeing Superb Health attract an amazing and diverse group of people with whom I have had the pleasure of training, growing, learning, becoming the most fit and healthy as some of us have ever been in our lives. Beside commitment and consistency, the one common factor in all of these “success” stories is Nick. I have full confidence that Nick is able to effectively work with anyone who may come through the doors of Superb Health. Nick is highly-skilled in working with each person’s self-defined fitness goals and provides remarkable training, guidance, and attention to detail. Nick’s approach of skill building, starting with basic, safe movements, allowed me to feel like I was working on “mastering” something which I have come to identify as one of my biggest draws to kettlebells. With the introduction of kettlebells, and Nick’s training, expertise, and all around good-nature while building a diverse and supportive community at Superb Health, I currently find myself at the best place I have ever been in my lifelong journey of health and wellness. Of the many things I have learned from Nick, one is that you can always be learning and improving. Nick’s watchful and highly-trained eye can always offer guidance on how there can and always will be ways to improve on a skill or movement. Along with always being able to offer guidance on nutrition and overall wellness, along with many other topics, Nick willingly offers and shares this vast breadth of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. Nick and the community have kept me training at Superb Health for a longer period of time and more consistently than any other gym or training studio. Finally, Nick’s positivity and belief in the true and mostly untapped strength in each and every one of us gets me excited to come to class every time!

10/10 10+
By Deb Heffner / MKE, USA

I started training/classes with Nick following a recommendation from a friend.After the first few classes I came to the realization that this was going to be a game changer.Nick is undoubtedly an expert in all technical aspects and form, and that topped with the depth and wisdom the brings to his instruction is unparalleled in my experience. He somehow manages to subliminally add a 'life lesson' in each amazing physical workout. His positive vibe is transparent in his other top notch instructors as well. My only regret is not starting classes as Superb Health sooner!

10/10 Clearly an expert who prioritizes form above all.
By Jeff Klatt / Milwaukee, United States

I knew I had stumbled onto something good when I began training with Nick. Forgive the hyperbole, but Nick truly is the 11 on this review scale. His utmost focus is on form as the safest and most reliable way to results. As a new student, I quickly went through an inside-out transformation. I felt stronger and stronger, with less and less daily pain, but wasn't seeing any muscle gain (that came later). Turns out, this was my core developing in a way I had never experienced before. Nick adheres to a building block approach. He brings out both the simplicity and nuance that goes into proper kettlebell technique. He keeps things interesting with ample variety in the workouts. Sometimes it's a focus on details, other times on foundation and basics, yet always on proper technique. Nick brings sophistication and elegance to training which keeps his students interested and motivated, always striving to improve beyond simply gaining strength, stability, and mobility. There will always be more to learn, and I believe Nick will always have more to teach on this subject he clearly knows so well.

10/10 Walks the Walk
By Claudia Camarena / Chicago, USA

I has the pleasure of meeting Nick at my RKC certification earlier this year. He was very knowledgeable and patient with his instruction. I learned a lot and hearing his background, he definitely walks the walk in living a healthy lifestyle.

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