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nick pistolsquat

Nick Lynch


Phone: 414-477-2071
milwaukee, WI
United States 53207
9.92 out of 10 (24 reviews)

Nick is the founder and owner of Superb Health in Milwaukee along with his wife Natalie and son Weston. He is Strength and Conditioning Coach for MSOE University Men's Hockey and Rowing Teams. Nick has been studying and training in the fitness industry since 2001. Nick trains world-class athletes from high school to professional, Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Certification hopefuls, injury rehabilitation, parents, office workers and anyone serious about committing to their health and sport. Nick believes everyone has the ability to embrace their inner strength, heal and live a happy life.

"I went to a couple of classes at Superb Health’s new studio and it was one of the best strength training classes I’ve attended" - Jenna Kashou, Milwaukee Magazine

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10/10 Passionate. Confident. Professional. Congruent.
By Dr. Jon Duris / Milwaukee, USA

I started training with Nick in November 2013. I am a chiropractor by trade, and recognized the need to strengthen my body in order to keep up with the demands of my practice. My own positive results have led to many client referrals to Nick since late 2013. Post-surgical shoulder rehabilitation, chronic pain and dysfunction due to lumbar degenerative disc disease, episodic sciatica, general athletic preparedness and injury prevention, the list goes on. I have absolute trust and confidence in Nick's abilities to address a variety of concerns. I know he will proceed carefully with logical, well-crafted progressions that are appropriate for each individual, based on how they are functioning in the present moment. I am grateful to have found such a great resource, for myself and the community that I practice in.

10/10 Feels Like Teen Spirit
By Jerod Duris / Milwaukee, USA

I think it fitting to give Nick a review that focuses on music since it is used frequently in his class and is his and my biggest common interest. I have been training with Nick for the past 8 or 9 months. I worked out with him on a Saturday morning, the night of which I saw Ministry. Myself being 40, probably the average age of people at the concert, there wasn’t a lot of dancing going on. However, when they started playing the classics, I couldn’t help myself and started head-banging as I never had before, at least not since high school. I noticed that my lower back felt so much stronger and I did not get fatigued in the slightest. I have been noticing this as an everyday occurrence as well but thought it most fitting that I really noticed it at this concert, where it seemed I was the only one dancing. Thanks, Nick, for allowing me to relive my high school years in body and spirit.

9/10 Introduced me to Kettlebells
By Jeff Heath / Denver, United States

Nick Lynch was the one who inspired me to achieve and perform at the highest level he pushed me when I felt like average would be acceptable...In the end I wanted to perform at my best for him! All the above took 4+ years of training and I transformed myself into an individual with amazing core strength and mentally fit for anything. His dedication to training others is amazing he lives and breathes what he believes in - Kettlebells! I signed up for the RKC that he was hosting (May 1st - 3rd, 2015) in Milwaukee back on 9/20/2015 before I lost my job and before I moved to Denver CO...I came back for the RKC Work Shop and earned my Certified Instructor Certificate!!! Nick is and always will be a great influence in my exercise life...and he is a great friend too!

10/10 Nick took me from 0 to 11!
By Karen Gasparick / Milwaukee, USA

Without Nick Lynch and the Superb Health community, I'd still be sitting on the sofa. Nick makes learning & practicing kettlebells fun, safe, and interesting during every class. The Hide House where Superb Health is located is a great spot too - we get to go outside during good weather (which we really appreciate in Wisconsin!) For every physical skill I have learned, I've learned ten mental lessons in being a better person, how to manage stress, and how to stick with what I start. I thank Nick & the Superb Health community from taking me from 0 to "11" (like they say in "Spinal Tap") in 10 months - from not being able to squat at all to earning my HKC.

10/10 Does Things Right
By Matt Domski / Milwaukee, US

I started training with Nick about a year ago andIi have made some huge strides in my stength and conditioning. He focuses on doing everything correctly thus limiting injuries which is extremely important to me after watching crossfit folks repeatedly go down with lifting injuries. He also focuses on corrective excersises, stretching and breathing which are areas that are usually an afterthought for most trainers. If you want to learn how to do things the right way and increase your strength, conditioning and flexability then Nick is a great trainer to go to.

10/10 A whole new fitness experience
By James G / Milwaukee, US

I starting training under Nick with a limited knowledge of kettlebells and fitness in general. From day one we have discussed goals and objectives for my growth and in a new fitness lifestyle. His approach and style of coaching/training opened my eyes to fitness and healthy lifestyle. He offers feedback and coaching to inspire and push you to your greatest potential. The depth of knowledge that Nick brings to the table provides such a great resource. Nick's vision and ideals on fitness and health in general are very well rounded, complete and solid. He conveys the importance of form, function and strength to assure fitness goals for any level of person. In his group classes as well as in personal training he brings and expects a level of positivity that is simply contagious.

He is helping me reach my goals and you should let him help you reach your goals too.

10/10 The Best Around
By Josh T / Milwaukee, United States

Nick has changed my life. I was fortunate enough to have some friends that insisted I meet him and try a class. That was a year ago. Since then, Nick's passion for living a healthy lifestyle has inspired me to do the same. I'm going to classes 3 or 4 times a week (way more than I had thought I'd go) and have taken up eating and drinking a healthier diet.

One of the best parts about his classes is the comradery within them. Not only is the atmosphere friendly but it's what keeps me coming back. Nick and his family make sure to foster that by having a few parties throughout the year for everyone to get to know each other and have good time.

I would (and have) recommend Nick & Superb Health.

10/10 Look no further...
By Meredith C / Milwaukee, United States of America

While I have always been an active person throughout life, I have never realized my full potential before meeting Nick. He has helped me to triple my strength since starting with Superb Health about a year ago. Every single session leaves me feeling stronger, more flexible, energized, and powerful. This studio is such a rare treat, offering personal training in a small group setting which adds: fun, motivation, and proper technique (eliminating injury).
Nick has a unique ability to coach others how to live better through nutrition, exercise, and friendship. As a young professional, Superb Health is one of the reasons I continue to live in Milwaukee. I will never find any other place like it!

10/10 The very best trainer!
By J. Hilmer / Milwaukee, WI, United States

I've been training with Nick for about 4 months now and have notice a huge difference in my overall body strength, flexibility and overall health. I've done a lot of different kinds of training and have played a number of different sports and the kettlebell training has been the best experience without any injury, while still pushing me to and sometimes a little past the limits I thought I had. On my first dead lifting event I lifted 435lbs.!
Nick is a very patient, passionate and observant trainer with an eye for the little details. He's always making sure I have proper form, especially towards the end of the training session when my form is lacking sometimes. Because of high school football I had a lot of problems with my shoulders, lower back and knees. With Nick's instruction and attending regular kettlebell classes I've noticed a huge difference in the strength of my shoulders, lower back and knees and zero pain! I highly recommend Superb Health to everyone looking to improve their overall health and strength.

10/10 Irreplaceable!
By Sarah Ottow / Boston, USA

When I lived in Milwaukee, I worked with Nick in his group kettlebell and fitness classes at Superb Health. Almost immediately I noticed a significant shift in my posture and overall well being. Nick has a certain way about him that makes learning fun and viable! He really pays attention to what each person needs and explains things in such a way that makes it easy to understand. I felt so motivated under his instruction and appreciated how body conscious he encouraged me to be--in really HEALTHY ways! Plus, I felt my energy level increase drastically along with my core strength. Now that I have moved out of state, I'm looking for someone like him to keep me going. I don't know if I'll find anyone like him but I'll keep looking! Thanks, Nick!

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