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RKC Re-Certification Workshop

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Upgrade your skills, deepen your knowledge and attract more clients— by keeping current with the latest developments in the RKC system

RKC Re-Certification Workshop
Nashville, TN, United States
July 7, 2012

Russian Kettlebell Challenge™ (RKC™) 1-Day Recertification Workshop with Master RKC David Whitley

 On successful completion of the RKC 1-day recertification workshop, candidates will be awarded RKC Level One privileges and responsibilities for an additional two-year period.

Since Pavel and Dragon Door launched the world's first-ever kettlebell instructor certification program in 2001, the classic RKC program has become the gold standard, now with over 1,500 certified instructors in over 43 countries.

The prized RKC certificate represents a "Black Belt" in kettlebell instruction that requires extensive pre-training to attain. A grueling, "experience of a lifetime," the RKC program is the ONLY program which insists on stringent testing of multiple skills and strengths. Currently only an average of 70% of RKC candidates succeed in passing the requirements by which they can proudly hold themselves forth as "RKC-certified."

Qualified RKCs continue to graduate to ever-higher levels of expertise, through such groundbreaking graduate programs such as the CK-FMS and the RKC level II, it's clear that these individuals share a very special combination of drive, passion, skill, commitment and physical capability—without which the RKC would remain a distant dream.

Congratulations to all of you who have earned the RKC title! Now we have made it more convenient for you to maintain your RKC recertification requirements.

The RKC is constantly evolving and refining and improving. Just ask any RKC who has gone through two or more RKC workshops over the years. All of those who re-take the RKC have commented how much more they learned the second or third time through.

However some of our RKCs have found it a challenge to attend a full 3-day RKC training every two years—however beneficial that training might be.

So, we have created a streamlined, 1-day RKC recertification workshop which will concentrate on refining your skills and getting you updated with the latest RKC breakthroughs.

And most importantly for most of you, the workshop could well be virtually in your backyard. Our Master RKCs will be setting up these RKC 1-day recertification workshops wherever we find the demand.

Taught by Dragon Door's Master RKCs

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Russian Kettlebell Challenge™ (RKC™)

1-Day Recertification Workshop

Nashville, Tennessee
Saturday, July 7th, 2012
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Tuition: $599.00

Registration deadline: July 3rd, 2012

$50.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after June 30th, 2012

Workshop Code # WPKBR025

Workshop reference: RKC Re-certification, Nashville, July 2012


  • Excellent Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by June 23rd, 2012, fee is only $499.00 (Save $100.00)

Certification Location:

944 4th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37210
Host: David Whitley, Master RKC
Phone: 615-977-0057
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