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The Battling Ropes Instructor Certification Course (BRC)

Become A Professional Instructor In Battling Ropes—One of The World’s Most Effective Systems For Speed, Sustainable Strength and Explosive Power…

The Battling Ropes Instructor Certification Course (BRC)
Fuquay Varina, NC, United States
February 24 - 25, 2018

Workshop Code # BRC001
Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Battling Ropes Instructor Certification Course



s the original creator of Battling Ropes, John Brookfield will reveal the key concepts and elements behind his innovative system. Get a clear grasp of the fantastic results the system will give you, your athletes and your clients.

John’s Battling Ropes program is far deeper and more rewarding than might meet the eye. Safe for anyone from world class athlete and weekend warrior to even children, the fun-filled yet supremely challenging protocols are bound to enhance your performance. Often to a startling degree!

Get to pick the mastermind’s brain on why he created the system originally for himself—when he was looking for ways to sustain strength and power over longer durations of time.


In this first hands-on segment you will learn the basics plus many of the velocity exercises and drills. You will also learn the different set ups for the Battling Ropes—and how to apply the training in any setting.

Velocity training combines strength and speed—which teaches the athlete how to make often exponential gains in both those qualities simultaneously. These new results will transfer into any sport or combat arena and will give the user the ability to sustain higher levels of intensity over greater durations of time both physically and mentally. This will give you the ability to train or compete at higher levels of intensity without the fear of burning out or tiring.

The velocity training will teach you to relax better under distress, while still pushing yourself. This in return will give you much greater endurance over time without using excess energy. Discover just how to use enough force and energy to accomplish the task at hand without any wasteful and potentially fatal fatigue.

Experience for yourself how the Battling Ropes velocity system truly develops great physical and mental endurance which will transfer into all aspects of life.

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You will learn how the standard 50-foot, 1.5-inch diameter Battling Rope can be employed by anyone from an NFL lineman to a twelve-year old female Soccer player. This standard Battling Rope has countless increments of difficulty and is like having a whole rack of kettlebells or dumbbells at your disposal.

You will learn certain drills which will teach you to develop equal strength, speed, dexterity and endurance in both arms and hands. It is extremely rare to have this ability—but you will develop this ability as you follow the system. The ability to do this gives you a huge advantage in sport but also gives you great injury prevention capabilities.

Below are just a few exercises you will learn how to properly implement.

1- Underhand/Overhand Two Handed Waves
2- Underhand/Overhand Alternating Waves
3- Inward/Outward Circles
4- Bullwhip
5- Crossover
6- Sidewinder
7- Push/Pull Velocity


In this segment of the Battling Ropes you will learn a variety of velocity progressions. The Battling Ropes system even though safe, can never be mastered and always has a more difficult step to climb for those who wish to push themselves. The velocity progressions do just that and also will give you a specific formula to climb the ladder of difficulty.

This part of the training demands and teaches the user to relax their mind as they produce their highest level of sustained velocity. As with all the system, the goal is not only to create velocity but to sustain this velocity over time. John has seen many of the world’s greatest athletes struggle and go into panic-breathing with these drills. Discover here how you and those you train can stay in control, stay relaxed while achieving extraordinary bursts of sustained velocity.

Imagine the carry-over for your performance!

Below is a few of the drills you will learn how to implement.

1- Moving Closer
2- Climbing The Ladder
3- Rope Fighting
4- Pile Manipulation

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In this module, you will learn speed and agility drills with the ropes. When most people think of rope training they picture someone standing in place training, however much of the training requires the user to implement footwork. Combining the upper body velocity with footwork forces the user into a very high level of anaerobic training.

The Battling Ropes system actually teaches the user to make his current level of anaerobic training become his aerobic level of training. This of course keeps the user climbing the ladder and developing a higher level of anaerobic conditioning that will transfer into all aspects of sport, training and life in general.

Another key athletic benefit you’ll get is the ability to have your entire body work together with the same level of speed from head to toe. Many athletes are quicker with their feet than their hands or vice versa—which limits their overall speed and movement. These drills will create great speed and agility in the entire body.

In this segment, you will also learn how to create the utmost explosive power with the ropes. One such drill is the Battling Ropes Tsunami—which is the ultimate in developing explosive power. The Tsunami can also be used to test the power generation of the athlete. It is important to understand the Tsunami can also be safely implemented by the untrained or even children. Learn how here!



In this module, you will learn the different concepts and exercises of the Battling Ropes Push/Pull strength system. The Push/Pull strength system has only been seen by a few athletes and trainers and is absolutely amazing, when it comes to developing functional strength and true body awareness.

The system defies logic as the trainee is forced to push and pull at the same time. This forces the trainee to perform multiple muscular tasks at the same time which yields incredible results.

Many of the great minds and movement specialists in the fitness industry have been totally baffled by what is taking place scientifically with the push/pull strength training. What they do know is that the entire body is highly activated and that the system requires the user to engage their entire body—even though they are not loaded with weight. You can actually feel your feet and toes trying to dig into the ground as you perform these exercises!

You will develop tremendous body awareness using this system which in return will give you a much higher injury prevention capacity. Many people who are strong with traditional weight training discover through this system that they have weak links in their kinetic chain. By identifying these weak links, they are able to correct them using the push/pull system. Even though difficult at times the push/pull strength system—like all the Battling Ropes training—is safe for anyone including children.

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In this module, John Brookfield will teach his unique Beyond Bodyweight Training System combined with the Battling Ropes. Please understand that if you are a body weight enthusiast and trainer, this training will be completely different from anything you have been exposed to. John will take you through these unique drills which will help you develop the utmost in physical strength and mental discipline. This physical strength and discipline can easily be applied to any aspect of your life, as it teaches you to stay on task during difficult times.

Many top athletes have told John that the Beyond Bodyweight Training is the ultimate when it comes to developing true usable core strength and stability—as the user is forced to train in multiple planes. This of course develops usable strength from various positions and develops increased body awareness and injury prevention.

As with all the course training you will be able to implement your new-found knowledge right away after course completion. Below are just a few drills you will learn.

1- Weight of Water
2- Wall Squats
3- What a Drag
4- The First Shall Be Last


In this phase of training you will learn many unique ways to implement the Battling Ropes system while training with a partner or even an entire team, group or unit. John has developed a turn-key system for training groups that will greatly expand your training business or coaching prowess.

Whether you are conducting a boot camp, coaching a sports team or training a military, fire or police unit—the partner and team training will teach you how to keep an entire group on task while producing great results in their chosen arena.

These methods and drills will force everyone to properly engage and do their best—or they can be used as an actual competition or sport form. John spends much of his time training various groups with this partner and team training system. This phase alone is well worth the investment in the course as it will set you apart in the training industry and open many doors for you to conduct boot camps and train teams and groups.

Below are just a few drills you will learn.

1- Battling Ropes Cargo Net
2- Partner/Team Alternating Presses
3- Battling Ropes Spider
4- The Laurel and Hardy


In this final hour of the course we will have a recap with a question and answer session. Ask John Brookfield and Jon Bruney any questions you may have about any of the training exercises, drills and concepts. We will also be able to briefly go back over anything that you don't understand or know how to implement.

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"Knowing John Brookfield has been a blessing for me. His 'old fashioned gentleman' demeanor is contrasted with his physical prowess and manual strength demonstrated in his 'strongman' performances. He understands how to build manual strength and has been a leader in novel approaches such as his Battling Ropes techniques. John has some valuable lessons to teach all those interested in strength."—Stuart McGill, PhD, Professor of Spine Biomechanics

"John Brookfield can't count...And that makes him one smart coach. John's primary focus is work capacity, task management, and technical efficiency. He uses fundamental patterns and simple equipment to create loads. Sets and reps don't really apply to the exercise equation. Persistence, patience, and safety are hallmarks of John's work. Don't just watch— do what John does. You will learn from both ends—his coaching and your movement experience."—Gray Cook, MSPT, CSCS, Creator and Developer, The Functional Movement Screen, FMS

"John Brookfield's Battling Ropes is a unique way to train yourself or your athletes for the utmost conditioning for all sports. Football, baseball, MMA, it does not matter. Besides being a great conditioner, it will build a death grip. It's not just for rehab, but more importantly for prehab. I have a shoulder socket replacement and my range of motion has increased greatly. The ropes can be a serious training partner for sore shoulders or to push your cardio and muscular endurance. If you train alone or with training partners I highly recommend Battling Ropes to be a part of your workouts." —Louie Simmons, Owner, Worlds Strongest Gym, Westside Barbell

"Thanks, John, for coming to the Olympic Center to teach our wrestlers your Battling Ropes system. It was great to get all the instruction directly from you, the creator of the system. I strongly believe that your Battling Ropes system will benefit our wrestlers in a great way. All of the wrestlers quickly saw how the training will help them go to the next level."—Ivan Ivanov, Head Greco Roman wrestling coach, Olympic training center, Silver Medalist 1994 world championships, Six-time Bulgarian national champion

"John Brookfield has come up with what I believe is one of the only authentically innovative training methods in the last 100 years - and there are few. I truly appreciated being able to learn this system from its originator. Anyone else who's showing rope training is copying John. I know of almost no other method that allows you to train velocity and forces you to maintain it along with pure physical output over a period of time. The strength and conditioning benefits to be gained here are unheard of.

In fact, this may be one of the keys to unlocking the next level of human performance. Add that to the incredible safety and simplicity of the training and you just can't beat it. I'm one of the most hardcore trainers anyone on the planet will ever meet and make no mistake this training looks easy, but it's the farthest thing from it. All you need to do is get the guts to try it and you'll see. If it makes the most in-shape people on the planet breathe like a tornado and beg for mercy—which it does—don't you think you shouldn't miss out on it?"—Bud Jeffries, Professional Strength Athlete World Record Holder

"I came in thinking I knew all the basics of the Battling Ropes having used them for over 2 years and what John showed me blew my mind! It was great! I was really happy to see all the other ways of using your Battling Ropes and look forward to learning more great drills. The simple effectiveness of the Battling Ropes is amazing and the manner that you showed the drills made it easy for all to implement into their training regimes. I know we have already added many of the drills to our workouts and have only had 110% positive feedback...

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I highly recommend John's Battling Ropes training as it is simple, extremely effective and will greatly improve strength, power and endurance like crazy!"—Jon Hinds, Owner & Founder, Monkey Bar Gymnasium, Former NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

"John Brookfield's Battling Ropes are quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for developing power and endurance in every inch of the body as well as an amazing conditioning tool. We have only just begun to tap into the endless potential of the ropes and all our athletes are feeling the powerful effects immediately. This is a must-have tool for athletes; I have seriously never felt anything like this from any other training implement."—Zach Even-Esh Underground Strength Coach

I have known some very strong guys. However, John is one of those super-rare guys who is not simply among the strongest in the world, but is truly head-and-shoulders above the rest of us. His specialty feats of strength are inconceivable in their scope and difficulty. All of his otherworldly power comes from his limitless faith and unending innovativeness and creativity.

"When it comes to developing strength, John smashes through all barriers. He knows no boundaries. Over his lifetime, he has developed thousands of simple and effective exercises and concepts. These home-grown approaches are available to everyone through his books, DVDs and seminars. His approach is simple, easy to understand, field-tested and proven. John Brookfield is a great hero, inspiration and friend to me and many of my other super-strong friends."—Philip Pfister 2006 World's Strongest Man Champion

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The Battling Ropes Instructor
Certification Course

  Fuquay Varina, NC
  February 24 — 25, 2018

Saturday: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM-5:00PM


Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, 
Little Canada, MN 55117

Certification fee: $1,099.00

$300.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after February 15, 2018

Workshop Code # BRC001

Workshop reference: BRC, North Carolina, February 2018

Register now for the Battle Ropes Instructor Certification Course

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Certification Location:
101 South Main St. Suite 221
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Contact: Tim Anderson
Phone: (919) 346-6016

This workshop limited to 30 participants.

Workshop price does not include room & board or meals.

A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.

Workshop Site Cancellation

Workshop sites may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the scheduled workshop session for any reason. When a workshop is cancelled or postponed, candidates will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop fees or be allowed to transfer at no penalty to the new dates or another course of their choosing without penalty.

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Note: We will be providing you with Battle Ropes to practice with at the training, but these Battle Ropes are not included in the price of the certification.