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Timothy Spencer


Saint Paul, MN
United States 55104
10 out of 10 (5 reviews)

Originally from Goleta California, I went through the RKC in 2009 and it served to change my life.

Well before my RKC, I had begun lifting weights in my late teens as a skinny gamer nerd at 6'6" 165lbs. Even before that I was an overweight little kid who thrived on soda and junk on most days. I was never a competitive athlete - my idea of health was a bar in the corner of computer screen, strength was a number under a character portrait. When I began exercising I couldn't do a single pullup.

A number of years and 50+ lbs of muscle later I chose to teach what I love and become a trainer. It helps that I also love to teach, because since I went through the RKC I am perpetually trying to help others and to improve my understanding of things. As a result of my experiences, I am empathetic, lighthearted and encouraging but with just enough intensity in my approach to getting every day people safe, strong, and flexible.

Educational Experience:

Santa Barbara City College: Associates Degree in Physical Education with Emphasis in Exercise Science

PE Internship: Co-designed the manual for Santa Barbara City College's weight training course

Study of literally countless training, health, and nutrition related books, articles, podcasts, interviews, and DVD's

History of Training Experience:

Started lifting weights consistently and studying about training in 2004

NSCA - CPT certified January 2008

Spring 2008 to Spring 2009 - Consistent Training under Senior RKC Doug Nepodal (

Victim: UCLA RKC, Summer 2008

Stretching and Bullet Proof Abs with Pavel, Winter 2008

Victim: San Jose State RKC, Spring 2009

My RKC: San Diego, August 2009 Team Leader Doctor Mark Cheng

Winter 2010 to present - Consistent Training under Master RKC Andrea Du Cane (

Event Staff and Assistent at countless Dragon Door events since January 2010

Other Comments

I have a varied background in martial arts, yoga, and some sports that I never played competitively in such as volleyball, badminton, and soccer.

Yes, I still play computer games. :)

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10/10 Knowledgeable & Professional Coach
By Nate Palin / Washington DC, USA

Tim's professional demeanor and kettlebell mastery, as well as his height, made him stand out among his peers as an exceptional resource for development of kettlebell skills. He was the group instructor at a Level I RKC that I attended near Washington DC. He led by example and has even taken time since the course to provide me with valuable feedback concerning my technique. As a coach myself, I highly respect Tim as an instructional and highly recommend him to anybody looking to improve their strength, conditioning, or technical skill in a safe, effective manner.

10/10 A most excellent instructor.
By Martin Gogarty / West Hollywood, United States

I was very lucky to be placed with Team Spencer at the RKC Instructor course, San Jose, CA. I found Tim to be an excellent instructor with a very cerebral and, dare I say, spiritual approach to physical culture. I look forward to a continued exchange of ideas in years to come.

10/10 Team Spencer!
By Ari Harris RKC II/SFG II, CK-FMS, NASM CPT / New York, USA

I was honored to be an assistant under Tim in his first RKC as a Senior RKC. Tim is a student of physical culture and he showed it in his leading of the candidates and instruction. He has excellent technique and gives solid cues. Tim was also an assistant at my RKC and he's grown tremendously. I'm sure he will do great in his new role as a Sr.. RKC


10/10 M-Core FTS
By Todd / NY

We met Tim at the NSCA trade show in Orlando. His instruction was technically sound and easy to follow. His verbal ques were very helpful and he was very attentive. Tim is a great coach with a bright future and definitely helped me with my KB swings.

10/10 Thor
By Josh Berry / Goleta, CA USA

Tim is a great insrtuctor who focuses on being a very well rounded individual both spiritually and physically. He has a strong desire to make one feel empowered with the knowledge he imparts. Tim is a great friend and to see him progress physically is a feat to behold. Over the last year or so of his kettlebell experience I have seen his stature of strength and physique change greatly. Train with Tim and know you will be getting the workout you need.

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Timothy Spencer