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10/10 Passion, Motivation & Inspiration
By Anne Henry / Rochester, MN, USA

After a 20-lb weight loss, I was looking to tone up and lean out. I was losing interest running on the treadmill and doing machine weights at a gym where I had little to no direction. I’d heard about kettlebells and was interested in seeing what it was all about so I searched online to see if there were any instructors nearby. I met Tim in September 2010 and the rest is history!

Even though I stand nearly 6-feet tall, upon introducing myself to him – a short muscular build – I was intimidated! As my training sessions progressed, however, I learned otherwise. Tim is very passionate about his training and the success of his students. He is genuine with tons of knowledge and experience. Whatever your goals are, he helps you achieve them…and then some! Every time I walk into the gym, I’m eager to see what he has written on the board for us. No two workouts are the same. With his professional yet fun disposition, he makes our workouts challenging yet enjoyable.

There are very few people that touch our lives and Tim is one of those for me. He inspires me to do my best, not just in my kettlebell workouts but everyday life. I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed.

10/10 Strength, Balance, Happiness
By Suzanne Segovis / Rochester, USA

There are no words to describe the transformation in my life since attending Kettle classes under the instruction of Tim McPhee. My girlfriend introduced me to Tim over a year ago and I have not looked back. Tim is a consumate professional with a kind heart. He is passionate about his class and the people who attend. He pushes you to achieve your full potential each and ever workout. I started this class with the hopes of improving my body image, but have gained so much more. Thank you Tim for teaching me that the true essence of the Kettlebell training achieves strength, balance and happiness.

10/10 Strong and wise.
By Andrew Read, RKCII / Melbourne, Australia

Tim seems so quiet and gentle when you first meet him. Until you shake hands and you realise that he carries his strength with great modesty. It's also clear upon discussion that this is a man who has been around in the strength training and martial arts world for some time and his wisdom and experience come through.

I find Tim's calm very reassuring. There's an air of whatever the problem is that he will figure it out and work to fix it. He has shown great passion for the RKC system along with having certified, attended CK FMS, the Marketing Mastermind as well as assisting at RKC events. This continual effort to educate and learn sets him apart from many other seasoned coaches and trainers who think they know it all.

On top of all that he is an absolute pleasure to hang out with!

10/10 RKC sucess story
By Steve McKanna / Rhode Island

Tim was an asst. inst. on team Rip at the St. Paul RKC that I just attended. I am not sure if I would have been sucessful were it not for the quiet strength and guidance that I reieved from this man. I am 56 years old and was challenged in ways that I was unsure at times if I could respond positively. Tim's prescence helped me immensly and as a result I am now an RKC. I believe that instructors like Tim make the RKC the community that it is and I am humbled and honored to have become a part of it!

10/10 No pain no pain
By Paul S / Rochester, MN

I started training with kettlebells to gain strength in my back. I had poor posture due to years of bad lifting technique and an accident where my back and neck vertebrae were broken and fused with hardware to mend my spine. Tim has found unique ways to improve my overall strength, we worked muscles that had previously been ignored. Tim started from the beginning, learning how to approach the kettlebell, then preparing to lift the kettlebell, from using all seemingly simple moves, but very technical. We have progressed into swings, cleans, presses, and snatches, along with a variety of stretches and specific movements that have proved successful to my development. Learning how to lift and breathe properly, I have transfered my knowledge into my job. I work in the trades and my job in construction requires lifting, bending, climbing, pushing, pulling and kb training has been incredible for functional strength. Now I know how to use body position and control as well as fatigue management to preform throughout the day. Tims training should be a requirement for all contractors to ensure their employees safety and longevity. I can honestly say that he has improved my posture, strength, flexability, and outlook on life. His philosophy and attention to each student has been truly remarkable. I recommend Tim highly for anyone who has a desire to improve their overall health and lust for life!

10/10 Wonderful to Work With!
By Linda / Rochester, MN

Tim McPhee is a patient trainer and wonderful coach. I have a couple of injuries that have side lined my activities. Tim has slowly worked on adding movements to strengthen and improve my abilities. I feel stronger (and subsequently have less pain) each time I have a session with Tim. Kettlebell workouts have been a terrific experience for me. I look forward to an improved physical condition and to many more hard workouts to come.

10/10 Expert training: for both beginners & advanced
By Amy / Rochester, MN, USA

Tim has an excellent way of explaining the Kettlebell workout. He was patient with us beginners, and made sure we were all doing things correctly. It was a great workout.

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