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The Complete Kavadlo Library

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Next Level Strength Small CoverNext Level Strength, The Ultimate Rings and Parallettes Program.
by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo
"Next Level Strength takes all the power of old school calisthenics and blasts it to a higher level! This is the ULTIMATE manual on using rings and parallettes as old school calisthenics tools. As I've gotten older I've found myself utilizing the techniques in this awesome book more and more...the result has ALWAYS been the same: old aches and pains vanish, my joints heal, I gain fresh muscle, and I make breakthroughs in total-body strength."—Paul "Coach" Wade, Author of Convict Conditioning
CC1Book150pxGet Strong, The Ultimate 16-Week Transformation Program For Gaining Muscle and Strength—Using The Power Of Progressive Calisthenics.
by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo
Guides you through four major phases of strength, using a construction analogy: Foundation, Brick and Mortar, Concrete and Iron and Forged Steel.Just follow the master architects’ blueprint as drawn—and you cannot fail but to grow a stronger and better-looking body. It’s inevitable!
CC1Book150pxStretching Your Boundaries, Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength.
by Al Kavadlo
Picture yourself with the elegant lines and eye-catching flexibility of a Himalayan Yogi. Watch yourself move with the fluidity and grace of a great dancer. Feel your strength as you power into and hold the most challenging of bodyweight exercise moves. See yourself ripple with the muscular, toned, symmetrical physique that signals the perfect marriage of form and function. Here’s how to make that happen!
CC1Book150pxRaising the Bar, The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics. Book and companion video.
by Al Kavadlo
The message is clear: you can earn yourself a stunning upper body with just 3 basic moves and 1 super-simple, yet amazingly versatile tool. And what’s even better, this 3 + 1 formula for upper body magnificence hides enough variety to keep you challenged and surging to new heights for a lifetime of cool moves and ever-tougher progressions!
CC1Book150pxStreet Workout, A Worldwide Anthology of Urban Calisthenics: How to Sculpt a God-Like Physique Using Nothing But Your Environment.
by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo
Want to be street-tough and seasoned so you can handle the roughest of situations with a relaxed confidence and nonchalant display of strength? Want to strut your athletic skills in the concrete jungle? Then, here’s your how-to-guide from two of masters of the game…
CC1Book150pxDiamond-Cut Abs, How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Result.
by Danny Kavadlo
In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to quit on your masculinity—like it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish your respect as a true physical specimen—with a thunderous six-pack to prove it.
CC1Book150pxEverybody Needs Training, Proven Success Secrets for the Professional Fitness Trainer—How to Get More Clients, Make More Money, Change More Lives.
by Danny Kavadlo
This says it all: "Danny Kavadlo's training helped me to discover strengths I never knew I had, and I can take those lessons with me wherever I go, for the rest of my life. The wisdom and insight contained in Everybody Needs Training not only relates to being a successful fitness trainer, but can be applied for peace and success in many of life's ventures. Danny is the best!"—ELIZABETH GILBERT, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Eat, Pray, Love. One of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World
CC1Book150pxZen Mind Strong Body. How to Cultivate Advanced Calisthenic Strength—Using the Power of "Beginner's Mind".
by Al Kavadlo
The acclaimed bodyweight exercise expert presents his "philosophy of fitness"—a philosophy that has allowed him to remain injury-free, while achieving some of the world’s most challenging movements, be it the One-arm Pull-up, the Human Flag, the Stand-to-stand Bridge, or the Front Lever. It’s also a philosophy that’s allowed Al to sculpt a magnificent physique—while maintaining an ever-burning passion to further develop his calisthenic excellence.



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The Complete Kavadlo Library