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Isochain Workout App


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Now You Can Hear Exercise Cues and Track Your Progress on Your Mobile Device While You Work Out With Your ISOCHAIN, the Ultimate Isometric Training Device

How to Get Stronger Sooner and More Safely — Using a Breakthrough Method of Isometric Training

The ISOCHAIN in-app exercise program gives voice to all of the ISOCHAIN isometric exercises described in Paul Wade’s The Ultimate Isometrics Manual, along with a variety of warm ups and cool downs. Each workout on the app comes with photographs and descriptions of the relevant exercises. You also get the recommended reps, sets and rest periods to follow. And, since the app guides you through each workout and tracks your results, there’s never any doubt about your progress.

Visit the sign-up page on the website to purchase the in-app version of the Ultimate Isometrics Manual workouts.

Discover how in only 10 minutes a day of isometrics you can make significant gains in whole-body strength, cardio conditioning, physique-building and explosive power. Get the programming and tracking you need to measure your progress and blow through your current limitations.

  • Restore your energy with fast, efficient workouts that leave you feeling vigorous and powerful.
  • Enhance your athleticism as you move with greater speed and strength.
  • Reduce body fat and become harder faster.
  • Grow bigger muscles in record time.
  • Lift heavier with minimal risk of injury to joints and tendons.

"Finally, A No-Nonsense At-Home Training Device and In-App Program to Give You Measurable, Satisfying Strength Gains for Years to Come!"

Thanks to Paul Wade’s innovative ISOCHAIN, you can now — for the first time ever — quickly build a superb physique in just a few minutes a day, at home...