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Foreword to CrossCore® HardCore by J.P. Brice



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Foreword to CrossCore® HardCore by J.P. Brice

For those of us that are honored to call Marty Gallagher our friend, we know him to be a no B.S. guy that just happens to have been a national and world champion in both powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. He was also a national and world championship team coach. He is a trainer and mentor to many of the world’s most elite athletes. He is also a trainer for elite Tier 1 Spec Ops military types, both here and abroad.

Gallagher has an ability to forge the human body from what it is into something far better, through the expert use of iron and steel. It is quite something to watch him work his magic and it would be impossible to find a resume as impressive and proven as his. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to transition your physique from flaccid to hard, or a seasoned athlete that wishes to improve upon their already awesome level of fitness and athleticism, Gallagher is the man to see.

Marty was asked by some of his elite spec ops buddies a few years back, "Is there a portable training device out there worth a damn!? Can a real Man get a real workout using a portable training device?" This was the query that was the genesis for this book. During his search for a deep deployment fitness tool he came across the CrossCore®. The versatility and uniqueness of the tool caught his attention and he "took it to the woodshed." He emerged with a strategy he dubbed, CrossCore® Hardcore.

He expropriated Old School barbell and dumbbell "modes and methods, techniques and tactics" and applied them to the CrossCore®.

He then "test flew" his Old School strategy with this newest of tools by distributing units and instruction to his network of elite strength athletes, spec ops fighters, secret agent government types. He wanted to make sure real men could in fact get real workouts from this lightweight portable training tool. The Gold Standard for resistance training workouts is barbells and dumbbells. The CrossCore® needed to replicate the results derived from Gold Standard tools.

The feedback was superlative—we knew we were onto something.

One particular chapter in this book hit a particularly resonant chord with me, "Ghosting" Operator X Thru a CrossCore® Hardcore Workout." Marty uses his storytelling abilities to present a great example of what we witnessed time and time again: top athletes actually using the CrossCore® in the way it was intended. Their facial expressions morph from pure skepticism into dawning acceptance before ending in wonderment. Even those with the highest level of training and conditioning can be brought to their knees when this tool is melded with Gallagher’s tactics.

As co-inventor of the CrossCore® and having a longtime passion for weightlifting, it was truly exciting for me the day Marty contacted us and wanted to vet the CrossCore® for his Spec Ops guys. I knew who Gallagher was, and it’s not everyday a writer and thinker of his caliber relates, after giving the tool a shakedown cruise, that he is dead serious about creating a new protocol to complement our new tool.

It was as if we had invented the Marshall amplifier and stack and the Fender Stratocaster guitar—and here came Hendrix.

Marty Gallagher is to CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar. For those of us that know Marty, I’m sure we’re all smiling at that comparison. Both are great examples of the awesomeness that can be created when the right mind connects with the right tool at the right time.

Genius extracts things and ideas from these tools that we mere mortals never imagined.

J.P. Brice, Ironcompany, Forged Passion™ Since 1997

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