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10/10 It works...
By Mac Cassity / Eldersburg, MD, USA

So I got this thing when it arrived and was a little surprised that it came in a small envelope and weight almost nothing. KNOWING Dragondoor as I do though, I was still excited.

I grabbed my favorite training partner, set my timer for 1 minute, and we got to whipping this puppy up and down in a frenzy! By the 20 second mark (we BOTH were looking at the timer by this time) it was clear that this was W O R K I N G! We got through the minute and were both breathing HEAVILY and our shoulders, chest and arms were on FIRE! We were both smiling as well because this thing looks so simple and innocent and then it processed to blast our upper body in less than a minute!

I operate 2 bootcamp locations and 1 is a shared space inside a karate studio where we don't have too much room for storage. This is an AWESOME alternative to battle ropes actually when you don't have the space for them. I am gonna purchase at least 2 more and add these in rotation in my it!

7/10 Surprisingly effective!
By Kenny Finger / Leesburg, VA, United States

I took a chance on this and am pleasantly surprised - it does give a really good burn in a short period of time, and it does hit pretty much the entire upper body, although certainly most concentrated in the shoulders and connecting muscles. It's like the shoulders are the center of the burn, and the burn extends out from there, decreasing the farther it gets from the shoulders. So the chest, upper back, and arms do definitely get in on the action, but it's mostly the shoulders where you feel the burn. I doc it a few points because (1) you have to have a partners, so it's less useful if you work out a lone a lot or don't have ready access to a willing partner when you want, and (2) I do wish it was a bit heavier. But it definitely is fun with a partner, and I frequently recruit my son or wife to help me use it as a great warm up or end of workout burnout. The product is well made and durable, I just wish it was a bit heavier. Recommend!

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