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10/10 Kettlebell King loves the CrossCore!
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, USA

I started to use the CrossCore approximately 18 months ago. I FELL IN LOVE! As far as suspension devices go, it's head and shoulders above any of the others that are available on the market. After I gained substantial training and experience with the new strength tool, I incorporated into my small group classes either by itself, with Kettlebells or with Calisthenics. My favorite is to combine the CrossCore with my Kettlebells. As a matter of fact, as soon as I finish this review, I'm going to do a Kettlebell and CrossCore workout!

9/10 My favorite suspension trainer
By Mike B / Atlanta, GA, USA

I've used a TRX for a few years at the gym, a Lifeline Fitness Jungle Gym XT for a couple years at home and now a CrossCore for two months at home. They're all great products with durability and excellent features, but the CrossCore is now my favorite.
The TRX is a classic and the smallest/lightest package for portability, but all three brands are very portable and easily mounted indoors or out. The Jungle Gym straps can be separated to use individually or mount at various widths for different angles of attack, which I really like, and each strap has a built-in door anchor, which would be really convenient if I mounted to a door instead of a bar. The Jungle Gym also has my favorite handle/stirrup combination because the handle is thicker and longer than the others and because the semi-rigid stirrup is easier to get your toes or heels into and out of. However, the CrossCore handle is a close second. I like the way the strap can be tightened around your hand, and I like how fast it converts to a stirrup or arm cradle with a simple pull. Because you can make the stirrup so big, it is easy to step into and out of. Also, the CrossCore has by far my favorite length adjustment with one quick pull and no need to spend time trying to even out the strap lengths (thank you!).
Of course, the pulley is the genius of the CrossCore. Lock the pulley, and you have a traditional suspension trainer. Unlock it, and you can fight for bi-lateral symmetry/stability or work on rotational motions that are just not practical with the others. Free-wheeling also adds a new dimension to single-arm exercises. Combined with the protocols in the CrossCore Hardcore book, my CrossCore has become my favorite suspension trainer. Highly recommended!

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