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10/10 Best Bells On The Market!
By Sally Hoban / Leland, USA

Don't waste your money on subpar kettlebells, buy the best kettlebell from Dragon Door. I purchased a 14 kg bell, because I am moving to a new town and don't want to lose the skills I've built. I could have purchased a bell that was not as costly, but they are no where near the quality of the Dragon Door. This kettlebell will be around and in good condition for a very long time!

10/10 Only RKC!
By Gary Dowdy / Rome, GA, USA

Bought my wife one of these and she loves it! I have a 53# RKC kettle bell and she wanted one of the same quality. We have a variety at our gym and none are of the quality of the RKC kettle bells from Dragon Door

10/10 There's No Better Kettlebell
By vanesa ridgeway / lusby, MD, usa

I love my Dragon Door Kettlebells. Once you use a Dragon Door bell, others are just disappointing.

10/10 Delivered to FPO address without a hitch
By Michelle Henry / Okinawa-shi, Okinawa, Japan

Received both of my 14kg kettlebells to our APO address. Thank you for shipping to service members overseas at an affordable rate and for taking the time to fully secure each box with packing tape. Both boxes arrived fully intact and the kettlebells were in perfect condition. These are the best kettlebells in the market and a great investment. They will last forever!

10/10 One problem with this kettlebell
By Daniel Keady / Waxhaw, North Carolina, Usa

The only negative to this fantastic kettlebell is that I do not want to use the other non-dragondoor kettlebells I own anymore. Why? It feels so good in my hand. It even looks like quality. This kettlebell spoils you. It is not cheap but is a great value.
For example, I have other kettlebells that are painted that chip and may slip after the hand sweats.

In short, I wondered why would I pay more to get a kettlebell? Now I know the answer, they are great compared to other kettlebells I own.

10/10 The only kettlebells I use in my facility!
By Gina Pizzino / Schenectady, New York, USA

RKC Kettlebells are the highest quality kettlebells on the market. Less expensive kettlebells will not withstand heavy use over time and don't feel as comfortable in the hand. Clients often comment on the noticeable difference between the RKC kettlebells and ones they're using at home. Worth every penny spent!

10/10 14 is great for my left shoulder
By Bill Brooks / Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Have for years used your 16 , 18, 24 and 28 . Now at 72 Iam having to go lighter. The 14 is great for my left shoulder when I do doubles. Quality is still great

10/10 It's a Dragon Door - of course, its a 10!
By Sarah Stubbs / Wake Forest, NC, USA

Dragon door bells offer the best value out there. Also, they are super responsive via email and on the phone, always updating me as to order status. I've received 2 of 3 bells so far that I've ordered and am nothing but impressed with the product.

10/10 My Favorite Kettlebell
By Rina Schneider / Seaford, New York, United States of America

Excellent kettlebell! I like these so much that they are the only ones I buy now. Smooth handles, so no more cut up hands, and a nice size to do all sorts of lifts and exercises. Excellent quality and affordable. I highly recommend Dragon Door to all kettlebell users.

10/10 best bell on market
By scott lowentjal / pomona, New York, USA

Been using dragon door products for years. Had 3x bypass, used dragondoor kettlebells (16kg) to get back in shape. Now I'm 69 yo use Dragondoor kettlebells routinely. 14kg Turkish getups. Dragondoor kettlebells are a great Cardiac therapy.

10/10 Simply the best!
By Michael P / NEW YORK, New York, United States

With the pandemic my fitness studio is obviously closed. They specialized in HIIT with kettlebells and these are JUST like the ones in my gym. The quality cannot be beat! I feel like I made an lifetime investment in my health! Thanks Dragon Door!!

10/10 Great Non-slip kettlebell
By Steph Brown / Worcester county, MA, United States

I have 12kg and 16kg bells that I love, but, the jump to being able to do lots of volume of kettlebell snatches with 16kg, was not going great, so I got the 14kg to slowly build up and I love it! I have a couple non-rkc and bells and the heavier ones are scary because they are super slick/cheaply made and unfortunately I have small hand and I get super sweaty.
This allows me to swing and do snatches without fear the bell is going to slide and crash on my head or the floor. Very happy :)

9/10 sweeet.....
By John Bauer / Atlanta, GA, USA

great bell (nobody makes a better product), ok price (should be cheaper since its made in China), shipping cost way to high (why not send it flat rate US Mail for half the price)?????

10/10 Kettlebells kick ass
By Greg Gurnett / College Place, USA

Getting started with kettlebells was one of the best things I've ever done.

10/10 Kettlebell Review
By Calvin / PA

Ordered three types (10, 14 and 20 K); very happy with the service and very, very happy with the quality of the items. Would not hesitate to re-order from Dragon Door.

10/10 RKC Kettlebells
By Kim / Cincinnati

The best kettlebells on the market.

10/10 Best Kettlebells out there!
By Eliza Jacobs / Alexandria, VA, USA

I purchased a 14kg and 16kg to have at home in order to train. These are the best. The grip is perfect. If you are serious about training with KBs, get them from here. Don't skimp.

9/10 14 Kg Kettlebell
By s west / Kamuela, Hawaii, usa

Love my 14's. Had one shipped to Phoenix and flat rate box shipped it to Hawaii to lessen the shipping expense. Liked it so well just paid the crazy shipping rate to Hawaii to get another! The handle on my second one is not as smooth as the first one but love it anyway. We have other brands but Dragondoor is absolutely the best! The 14's are perfect when the 12's become easy but the 16's are to heavy!

10/10 Best Kettlebells out there!
By Eliza Jacobs / Alexandria, VA, United States

I agree with others who have said that if you are truly committed to your kettlebell training, go with Dragon Door. These are the best available.

10/10 Don't skip this size.
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

I have been using and teaching with kettlebells for many years, the 14kg is a great way to progress up the snatch or work skill on the off days. This is not a size to skip if you are serious about training with kettlebells. As always the kettlebells feels perfectly balanced and have a just the right amount of texture. Another solid product.

10/10 14KG RKC Kettlebell
By Valerie Holmes / Chapel Hill, NC, United States

I started with an 18 lb kettlebell from RKC about 10 years ago and decided that I would like to have the weights I have used the most. This completes the set for me. They are not gorgeous and colorful but they are solid and sound. I trust these bells. My original instructor has them in her studio and that sold me. Great product!

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