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Russian Kettlebell - 10kg (22lb)
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Russian Kettlebell - 10kg (22lb)
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10 out of 10 (17 reviews)
Hardstyle To The Bone!!
Rated 10/10
By Jocalyn Bryant Ellenwood, Georgia

The best quality kettlebells out on the market. Also, I already own a pair of 12kg(22lb)kettlebells. I will be enjoying the pain more once I add a pair of 14kg(31lb)and 16kg(36lb)kettlebells to my collection before the year…
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Russian Kettlebell - 10kg (22 lbs.)

Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat
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Russian Kettlebell - 10kg (22 lbs.) - $71.45
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Dragon Door's 10kg/22lb RKC Kettlebell is an Excellent Choice for Young Adults or Women Who Want to Quickly Transform their Physical Shape.


Dragon Door has designed a 10kg/22lb RKC Kettlebell which is uniquely suited to women's exercise needs.

While most women will begin with Dragon Door's specially designed 18lb kettlebell, our 22lb kettlebell gives you faster, more powerful results by more dramatically challenging your body to burn extra fat and build denser muscle.

Women, to make sure you take full advantage of your 22lb kettlebell, get our companion book and DVD, Enter the Kettlebell!

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10 out of 10 (17 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Hardstyle To The Bone!!
By Jocalyn Bryant / Ellenwood, Georgia

The best quality kettlebells out on the market. Also, I already own a pair of 12kg(22lb)kettlebells. I will be enjoying the pain more once I add a pair of 14kg(31lb)and 16kg(36lb)kettlebells to my collection before the year ends!!!

Rated 10/10 10Kg Bell
By Michael R. / San Diego, CA

I have several DD bells. Each time I order one, I wonder if the quality will be different.
However, each time, the bell is true to DD's well earned reputation for quality.
I wanted one light bell for light fill-in work. This is an excellent weight for slow concentration curls, no-load technique work, etc. My girlfriend uses it for swings.
The bell is perfectly coated, and flawless. Thank you DD for yet another great product. I am very picky about where I shop, and I never make impulse acquisitions. I research everything. Time after time, I return to DD for bells and books.
Buy quality. As Thomas Jefferson said: Never buy what you don't want just because it is cheap.

Rated 10/10 Perfect size for beginner clients
By Adrien Cotton / Alexandria, VA, USA

Thanks again for another quality product. The 12k can be too much for some of our more athletic beginners. The 18# is too small. This is perfect.

Rated 10/10 Same great quality from Dragon Door!
By Lee Clark / Houston, TX, USA

I ordered a pair of the 10kg's for my wife and once again found them to be of the same consistent and high quality of the other 7 RKC Dragon Door kettlebells purchased in the past. With each kettlebell purchase I have been tempted to buy a less expensive brand, but once again I am glad I went with the best!

Rated 10/10 Look no further for superior quality
By Rupinder Gill / North Brunswick, USA

I will repeat what others are saying too
Look no further and buy without any hesitation from DD.
They are the BEST when it comes to quality kettlebells.

By Cricket Deane / Knoxville, TN, USA

I recently ordered a set of 2 10 kg (22 lb) kettlebells to join my "family" of kettlebells
( pairs of 4, 6, 8, and 12 kg ). They are a wonderful addition.

I had some confusion on the email sent about my order and emailed an inquiry to Dragon Door. I received a prompt phone reply, a courteous explanation, and my bells arrived 2 days later right on schedule. Great service!


Rated 10/10 Perfected
By Dan Fenwick / Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Although I've been very satisfied with every DD kb in my set I've bought over the years, the textures on them have slightly wavered over the years. Some have smooth thick coatings, others varying degrees of matt. My only complaint is that they don't match each other, but they're still outstanding. This little guy adding to my set really shows DD perfected the process. I hope they keep this rendition. It's just the right amount of matt finish to hold chalk well but not so much you need to "season" the handle or risk grinding your callouses. You can do a gazillion snatches with this texture and your hands will be happy. The size works well for Windmills and my ladies in my classes who just love it for presses and snatches but not quite ready for volume with the 12 yet.

Rated 10/10 will buy from Dragondoor from now on
By Vanessa Walters / Red Cloud, NE, USA

I have a pair of 18# kettlebells, a 26# kettlebell. I gave away a 9# Ader, and a pair of 13# Ader kettlebells. The 9# is way too light, the 13# ones were not 2 years old, and already the pink paint (Kettlebells for the Cure promotion), on those was wearing off. I needed a kettlebell lighter than the 26#, but heavier than the 18#. I wasnt happy with the Ader, so I decided to spend some more $$ and buy the 22# dragondoor. I was VERY pleased, with the prompt service, the Enjoy the Pain logo on the shipping box. The quality of THIS kettlebell is 1st rate, it has the right heft, the handle is smooth, easy to grasp, and this will be a good weight for me to do swings with. I will buy Dragondoor kettlebells from now on. Thank you for a quality product!!

Rated 10/10 Great stuff
By Jeff Rapson / Oakland, CA USA

The kettlebell is terrific. I also have the 36 lb bell but this is a good size as a supplement for someone wanting to start. As Pavel states, form is everything, so use a lighter bell to start - don't rush into a heavier one until comfortable.

Rated 10/10 Excellent for smaller man with slight build
By Lorenzo Rock / Richmond, VA, USA

I'm a man with a very slight frame and have always had poor upper body strength. The 12kg kettlebell is just a bit much for me at the moment, especially for my left shoulder etc. This 10kg is absolutely perfect and in time, by using this, will move to my 16kg kettlebell. I'm not ashamed to admit I need this as a man. It's what I need to get over my strength "hurdle." Thanks Dragondoor for making this available.

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10 out of 10 (17 reviews)