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10/10 I Love this Bell!
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, United States

Dragon Door has provided me with a large, heavy yet comfortable to use bell. The finish and the handle are second to none! Previously, I had to search outside the DD Kettlebells to get giant bells, but no more. I love doing my dual bell swings, single arm dead lifts and suitcase deadlifts with The Monsters! I look forward to challenging myself and my students with these big bells.

10/10 Kong! The ninth wonder of the world! Second review
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Over the past few years I have bought several kettlebells from Dragondoor. I use them all! However, I now have been using the 60 kilo monster kettlebell for my sumo dead lifts! Since May 25th I have cut my calories down to about 1900 to 2000 a day! And I do my kettlebell work outs every three days. I do three sets of 6 lifts with the monster, which I call Kong! It really makes me feel good when I have completed the lifts, due to the fact that I'm now 65 years old! I have lost about 23 pounds of body fat and gained an unknown amount of muscle! However I feel great and attribute it to the dead lifts with my monster 60 kilo kettlebell! In a year's time I hope to lose another 100 pounds of body fat! I will make it! With the help of my monster kettlebell named Kong! I highly recommend this kettlebell to any one who would like to feel the burn of a great 60 kilo kettlebell . Yes it's truly the ninth wonder of te world in my life! Thanks again Dragondoor for your great service and good customer service. Next review when I lose 100 pounds more! Lol! All the best! Terry Travinsky USAF retired

10/10 Wowzers!
By Jeremy Ormsby / Tucson, Arizona, USA

I bought two of these gargantuans. They are heavy, and feel incredibly solid. I have a simple goal, but an exciting one; to swing both of them at the same time! What!? Yes!! 264lbs of redonkulous strength swings!

10/10 Monster Fun with this Bad Boy!
By Michael Krivka, Senior RKC / Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States

This new KB is the cornerstone of my training program now! I purchased two of them know that one would not be enough for myself and my athletes. We use them for Farmer Carries, Swings, Deadlifts and Goblet Squats... and they are getting us all stronger and more resilient in the process. While a kettlebell this big is not for everyone, it is for the serious athlete that is looking for a way to challenge themselves and solidify their foundational techniques.

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