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9/10 Arthritis Tonic for a Masters Highland Games Athlete
By Steve Rogers / Lyons, CO USA

I'm a 58 year old with arthritis. I'm trying to stay as active as possible for as long as possible and began competing in the Scottish Highland Games last year. I've been working with Dan John on strength and conditioning. On his recommendation, I'm basing my training on the double kettlebell press, a farmers walk and double swing complex, and snatches.

I bought a second 20 kg kettlebell make a pair when I was ready to move up from my 16 kg pair. Kettlebell workouts have been easy on my joints while significantly improved my strength and conditioning. I feel much better prepared for this years season.

10/10 Awesome
By Jeff Rapson / Oakland, CA

No need to repeat what everyone else has written - but this is great stuff. I now own 2 12 kgs, 2 16 kgs, 2 20 kgs, and 1 24 kg. Will likely move up to a 28 kg but it's getting pretty expensive. However, all the hype is true - you get a tremendously satisfying workout, far better than at a health club. It's all business, no b.s. The bang for the buck is worth the money.
Dragon Door's products are definitely superior to the others',

9/10 Best KB available
By James K. / Chicago, IL

After purchasing a decent quality 35lb. kettlebell, I thought I would try a high quaility 44lb. kettlebell from DragonDoor. The difference is apparent and appreciated. This kettlebell is so much better than the cheap garbage available at my gym. The handle is perfect for my hands and doesn't tear them up. With cheaper kettlebells, I really need to wear gloves - not good! This excellent kettlebell fits my needs perfectly. I will be ordering the 53lb. one too when I get strong enough to handle it.

10/10 The best kettlebells I've ever used
By Anthony Lynn / Belfast, Ireland

Having used a variety of Kettlebell's for the last few years (I have 12, 16 and 24kg bells from other manufacturers), i can honestly say the 2x20kg bells from Dragon door are far superior, seriously, you want the best, get these! I'll be buying the 24Kg set next.

10/10 Great quality with new coating!
By Jason Hendrian / Wixom, MI, United States

This is my 6th order with DragonDoor and as always, delivery was quick! My new 20kgs had a more matte coating, not the shiny kind from my previous orders. I contacted DragonDoor via email and questioned them about this and within 3 days they replied, stating that the new matte finish is less rough on the hands. They are right, along with the excellent quality the bell is, the new finish is perfect! These are very high quality kettlebells and you definitely get what you pay for!

10/10 Moving up from 16 to 20 kg was just what I needed
By Tom Denham / Alpharetta, GA, USA

I started with a 16 kg kettlebell in January, but it was too heavy for me. I ordered an 8 kg bell and got to work. Soon I ordered a 12 kg bell as I got stronger, and then after several months I could finally handle the 16. In May, I was ready for another step up. The rate at which my strength is increasing is amazing. I was able to complete 50 cleans and presses with my new 20 kg bell the first week I had it. All my Dragon Door kettlebells are of great quality and I am looking forward to the day I can press the 24's.

10/10 Up to the 20kg
By Jason Azzar / Washington, DC, US

Recently moved up to the 20kg from a 16kg. DragonDoor Kettlebells are simply the best. Well crafted, smooth finish ... simply perfect! This is the must own kettlebell. I see a 53kg kettlebell in my future. DragonDoor 16, 20 & 24kg kettlebells are the must own set. I'll never own another kettlebell.

10/10 Home Run!
By Gary Hagan / Springfield, Va, USA

Home Run!! Looks good - feels right - trains right. I'm 66 and expect to give to my grandchildren.

10/10 Fantastic Kettlebell that sets the bar
By Dexter Miksch / Rolling Meadows, IL, U.S.A.

This is a fantastic kettlebell that I’d heartily recommend to anybody looking to progress past the 16kg kettlebell. For me, it’s the handle that makes it. It’s not too wide, not too thin, and fairly slick to work the grip but also to keep the skin fairly intact for high rep snatches.

I heartily recommend this product for a serious and amateur kettlebell enthusiast alike who’s strong enough to wield it.

-Power to you!

10/10 Highly Recommended
By Dave Diaz / Medford, NY, United States

After making quick progress with a 35 lb Kettlebell, I felt the need to get a heavier one. My beloved fiancee bought me the 53 lb Kettlebell the following Christmas. I tried pressing it the first moment I had it in my hand. I was not ready for that weight, and I ended up causing myself some pain. I continued to work with this bell, not realising that I was ruining the good form I had developed with the lighter bell. I decided to buy a pair of 44 lb Kettlebells to do double-bell workouts. Working at this weight, I was able to correct my pressing form and truly earn the right to work with a 53 lb bell. I had read in Enter the Kettlebell that one should not chase after heavier bells, that there is plenty to do with a lighter weight. The Dragon Door 44 lb Kettlebell is the perfect bridge between the 35 lb and 53 lb bell. Dragon Door Ketlebells remain the gold standard for this type of equipment. I have tried bells made by other manufacturers, and none measure up to the small family of Dragon Door Iron I have gathered.

10/10 I'll love it for years to come!
By Stephanie Lynch / Cinnaminson, NJ, USA

I love my new 20kg kettlebell from Dragon Door. I received it very promptly after ordering it. My instructor has all Dragon Door bells so I knew that it would be an instant favorite, and I was not disappointed. Compared to other brands, these have the best feel as well as the most aesthetic appeal. I'll love it for years and years to come.

10/10 Excellent Piece of Equipment
By Robert Cleveland / Chicago, IL, USA

I have several types of kettlebells. I own competition bells (steel) because I prefer them for double kettlebell work, but I don't like them for single bell work. I recently added my 1st Dragon Door kettlebell and it is demonstrably superior in feel than my other iron kettlebell. It is a great middleground between having texture that allows for a good grip but does not tear your hands apart during long sessions. Highly recommended.

10/10 Great Quality Product
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

I purchased this kettlebell as my next weight up. This is the fourth kettlebell my wife and I have purchased and the quality is always top notch. Well worth the price.

10/10 The best
By Teresa Gill / Rome, Ga, Usa

Dragondoor Kettlebells are the best quality no need to use anything else. Cheap bells equal torn up hands.

10/10 The best
By Steve Correia / New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

I have a few different brand kettlebells, none compare to the durability, craftsmanship and balance of my 20kg dragon door bell. Well worth the extra $.

10/10 Dragon Door nails it--as always.
By Anthony Sharp / Lac Brome, Quebec, canada

This is my fifth dragon door kettlebell(a 44lb one) and the quality is still there from my first purchase 9 years ago. You can get cheaper kettlebells but they're not like these ones.They will far outlive me, that's for sure.

10/10 Happy to add to my RKC family!!
By Mike Smyser / Redwood City, CA, USA

I've had RKC kettlebells for the last 17 years. When I first bought mine the 20 Kg was not an option. Now that I'm older (52) I was wanting an intermediate step between the 16 Kg and the 24 Kg. The set arrived yesterday and I'm fired up. It was the perfect weight for double arm clean to front squat!

10/10 Great All Around Experience
By James Singletary / Swainsboro, GA, USA

Best kettlebell's that I own. Great customer service. Great company to buy your kettlebell's from. Highly recommend. Great all around experience.

10/10 Always get a Dragon Door!
By Mike B / Mt. Pleasant, SC, United States of America

Needed the 44lb KB to fill in the gap between 35 and 53. It is money well spent. The dragon door bells are easy on the hands, durable and long-lasting. I will not buy any other brand name bells.

10/10 Kettlebell for bjj
By Josh Drake / Boston, Mass, Usa

This 20kg bell is a beast. Swings, presses, and Turkish get ups make the mainstay of my workouts with this kettlebell. I feel more powerful and more prepared to roll with higher belts on the mats. Kettlebell has increased my jiu jitsu game. Love this thing

10/10 Highest Quality
By Phil Marquez / Albuquerque, NM, USA

Excellent quality and finish. I've often heard it said that if you were stranded on an island with one choice of a single piece of exercise equipment that a kettlebell would be the choice. I would go further and say that I would want a DragonDoor kettlebell. The size may vary for each user, but you cannot find a better kettlebell anywhere. Perfect handle size. You will not be disappointed.

10/10 Moving up to the 20kg!
By Brian Wagner / Port Clinton, OH, USA

I'm currently working out with the 16kg, and on lighter days using the 12kg when I feel the need to practice my right of passage techniques. Being that said, I've moved on to the 20kg for my swings and started practicing using this mini beast for the clean also. When I decided to move up it wasn't a question of which product to buy, but what weight to choose. Dragon Door products are so much superior to the competion in grip, feel and over all quality. It was never a question when to move up, but to be sure I would be using Dragon Door products to achieve my goals. Thank you again Dragondoor. Your products set the standard.

10/10 Must Have Kettlebell!
By Mike / Nagasaki, Japan

Whether you're churning out the KB swings or grinding your teeth on a GHD KB Press, the 20kg (44lb) kettlebell fits perfect into any strength and conditioning program. The solid dead weight of a KB separates itself from a balanced dumbbell. After working with various KB's on several different exercises, I avoid dumbbells as much as possible. Kettlebells are the weight to use, unparalleled for range of movement and fuctional strength. So far I own 26, 35, 44 and 53 lb sets. Thanks dragondoor!

9/10 Another quality product!
By Andy / Pittsburgh, PA

I ordered the 20kg Russian Kettlebell as a middleweight kettlebell addition to my home gym. I started working out with kettlebells and Pavel Tsatsouline's Russian Kettlebell Challenge 6 months ago after I returned from a year deployment to Iraq. After that first 30 minute workout with cleans, presses, and the dreaded one-arm snatch, I was hooked! I've since moved on to include the Relax into Stretch program and the pistol squat into my kettlebell workouts!
The 20kg Russian Kettlebell has been as excellent addition! It's a fantastically well-constructed and coated kettlebell that is an excellent bridge-weight between the 1 pod and 1.5 pod kettlebells!
I have nothing but praise for the 20kg Russian Kettlebell!
Thank you Pavel! and Thank you Dragon Door!

10/10 challenging yet fun!
By hot sauce / orlando fl

for fear of hurting myself in some way i decided to move up the the forty four pounder instead of the fifty three pounder when the thirty five pounder got less and less challenging to work with. and i have got to say i am happy i didn't get the fifty three pounder. these will keep me busy for awhile. i get 'em by the pair and follow mike mahler's plan of attack and he kills it with the routines! not that i'm dissin' on pavel or anybody else i'm sure they've got a lot to offer but i can only do one thing at a time. anyways TEN stars!

10/10 Never too late
By Pete Berzk / Tecumseh, MI, USA

Just added a second 20kg to my armory to make a pair of that weight configuration. I also own a 24kg, and a pair of 14's for lighter work. These bells are terrific. I wish I had discovered them years ago. I just turned sixty, and have never felt better. I've been a gym rat all my life, and these kettlebells offer a refreshing change, and a more intense workout, with measurable gains that took forever to attain using dumbells and barbells. I feel stronger, have better stamina than I did ten years ago. I've been using kettlebells for about a year now. The product that Dragon Door offers is high quality and consistent from one kettlebell to the next. It also makes a great gym you can throw (or gently set) in the trunk of your car to take on vacation. Highly addicted to this mode of exercise, and currently eying that 32kg as a future addition to my tool rack.

10/10 Great!
By Al Covey / Homer, AK, USA

I'm new to kettlebell workouts, but I'm glad I didn't waste my money on cheaper kettlebells - the ones at Walmart (Gold's Gym) had plastic filler and paint already chipped off at the store. RKG/Dragon Door is a good investment.

10/10 Completely satisfied once again
By Lee Clark / Houston, TX, USA

My purchase of your 20kg kettlebell is my 10th kettlebell from Dragon Door. I bought it to pair with my original 20kg for double KB lifts. What really stands out about your kettlebells is the size, texture and finish of the handles. The handles on all other brands become a distraction during a tough set when form and function matter most. I will be back soon to purchase your 24kg next.

10/10 Sore knees, but love the 20k
By Robert Bonnell / Newburgh, Indiana, USA

I am almost 66 yrs old and have been using kettlebells for the last 6 yrs. My first one was a 20 k. I now have two and use them for a variety of exercises. The quality is much better than stores. Some in stores aren't the weight listed. Both my 20k bells are excellent quality and are true to their listed weight. Thanks for producing a great product at a reasonable price.

10/10 Hurts so good
By Harold Ashworth / Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Uniformity of handle size is great when switching between different weights. The perfectly flat bottoms are great for push up rows. A very high quality item. I will definately continue to buy them.

10/10 Best bells on the market
By Laurie C / Richmond, USA

The 20kg bell is my third from Dragon Door. I've found that it's a great heavy bell for a smaller person. I'm a 5'5" 110lb woman, and 20kg is perfect for goblet squats, deadlifts, and lunges. As usual, Dragon Door bells are well-made and won't tear up your hands. Hopefully, I'll need to purcahse a 24 or 32kg in the next few months!

10/10 Clearly designed by someone who uses kettlebells.
By Jim Davison / Saginaw, MI, USA

As soon as you pick up one of Dragon Door's kettlebells, you can tell they were designed by someone who actually uses kettlebells for real. The handle is just a perfect fit and balance for both one hand and two hand use.

9/10 Another quality kettlebell!
By John Dobson / Suwanee, GA, USA

I just received two of the 44 lb kettlebells and have been incorporating them into my workout. Whew - this set will probably be the heaviest I ever get, unless a miracle happens. :)

10/10 I'ts 'all that'
By Marlon B / Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

My Dragon Door 20kg kettelbell is the perfect fit between my 16 and 24 kg bells. If feels great. Quality construction. Much better than my 'off brand' 16's.

10/10 Great Product

I had one 20Kg belll and needed to add for doubles. Best quality I have seen. Would buy more but don't need to at this time

7/10 Good, but could be better.
By Ethan K. / Portland, OR, U.S.A.

I purchased a 20 and 24kg DD KB recently and love the finish and handle shape. My only con is from using kettlebells outdoors on a variety of surfaces. My other kettlebells have a removable rubber bumper on the base so that I can set them on gravel, concrete, asphalt, and whatever else without damaging finish on the base or the surface itself.

8/10 Outstanding Service
By Lou Cooke / Piscataway, USA

I am very happy with the service and quality product.

10/10 20k
By Eric B. / Wake forest, NC, USA

The 20k is just what I needed to branch between the 16k and the 24k. Same great qty.

8/10 Amateur's review
By Phil C / Colchester VT

I own two Ader Kettlebells and one 20 kg Dragon Door Kettlebell so I am somewhat an amateur. I like the dragon door kettlebell better mainly because of what appears to be a significantly tougher finish. The Ader Kettlebell came with a small chip already in the finish, it appears to be a thicker and more easily chipped finish. Yes, thicker and more easily chipped. The Dragon door finish appears to be tougher, and better adhered to the cast iron. I rated the kettlebell and 8, though it is the best Kettlebell I have seen, because it is significantly more expensive than the competition - probably around 40% more expensive.

9/10 First Time Buyer and Satisfied
By Joe / Washington

This is the second KB I've owned but the first one buying online and from this store. My first was a GoFit, which isn't bad but I am much happier with the build quality of DD. What two things I like most, a textured grip making giving a better hold on the bell, and that the ball is completely round, instead of flat on the sides like the GoFit bell.
KB in general aren't cheap but are extremely versatile fitness equipment that have many applications that I believe from experience offer greater training compared to dumbbells. I highly highly recommend investing in at least one and soon I think you'll be wanting more out of KB training, it's an addictive challenge.
Overall thumbs up to DD

10/10 Versatile, rugged, result-producing, and well worth the price.
By Anonymous / Portland, OR

I have just started working with Kettlebells and I'm very pleased with what I can accomplish with them AND how many highly-effective drills there are to employ them with. The Russian Kettlebell itself is absolutely worth the price asked for it - finish is great; balance is exactly what Pavel states it is; and it gives you what Pavel and promises...a no nonsense, "industrial", hard-biting means of physical development.

All in all, a great departure from the machines, mamby-pamby barbells and dumbells, elastic bands, and all the rest of that STUFF out there in the fitness market.

9/10 It's all about the handle
By P T / New Haven, USA

The handle sets this KB apart from the others: its width and the protective coating it a pleasure to use. I bought a Troy KB 35-pounder as that company had received a decent review, and I was pretty satisfied with it until I tried Dragon Door: the difference in quality is quickly apparent.

10/10 love this bell!!
By James Wright / Billings, USA

The delivery of the bells was messed up but the bells are great.

10/10 buy it--don't think about it.
By Carlos Rosa / Dallas, Texas

16 kg is the recommended start weight for the average male, but I found the 20 kg to pose the right challenge for the next 6 months or so. Don't accept imitations: Dragon Door kbells are the BEST constructed out there. The balance and integrity of the weight is unfailingly satisfying, the finish lovely, the feel makes you want to work out. People out there don't know what they are missing...spread the word on kettlebells and remind them: Dragon Door may be a bit pricier yet you get what you pay for. Satisfaction friggin' guaranteed!

7/10 Increasing my pain
By Selmo / Los Angeles

I have enjoyed swing my new bell, but noted the handle is somewhat out of shape and could have been finished smoother. All in all I will continue to us it, but found this second bell to have a lesser quality finish then the first bell I purchased

10/10 There is no better exercise
By Matthew Harris / Davis, CA

Kettlebells are amazing. I have tried just about every workout program, every training protocol, and I have found what I want to work with from now on. Kettlebells have helped me shed fat, even without a very serious dedication to a clean diet. I have increased my Lean Body Mass, and my muscle composition is the best I have carried in my short life. If you aren't sure about getting one, and you enjoy even just the thought of having a physical transformation, get a kettlebell. I figured the price of 6 months at the gym would buy me a pair of bells, and I won't return to the damn gym.

10/10 Cure for Pot Bellies and Weak Sisters
By Michael Jeffcoat / Starkville, MS

Only the strong willed need apply. Kettlebell + desire = studliness.

9/10 Cold Iron = Adrenaline
By / San Diego, CA, USA

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I feel stronger after only a handful of workouts. Something about the unforgiving hardness of the material, and the simplicity of the design, brings out a primal drive.
The kettlebell is an amazing tool, and a few minutes of swings gets me winded like hill-sprints. I look forward to the visual benefits to my physique down the line.
I am giving it a 9 as it showed up with some scratches on the bottom, but nothing I can't take care of at home.

10/10 An AWESOME bell
By Michael Suggs / Longview, Tx USA

This is the best bell I own. I have two others from Go Fit, 25 and a 35 pounders. Not sure if it's just that much better of a bell, or if it's a better weight ;-) or both.
This bell looks like it will last forever has a great feel to it. The handle is comfortable on one and two handed work.
It just screams to be swung. I can't wait to move up to the 53 pounder.

10/10 I bought this for a friend
By Linda / Greensboro, NC

I bought this Kettlebell for a friend so I have no idea how he feels about it.

10/10 A little comfort with your pain.
By Andy M. / Mississippi, USA

I recently purchased my second 20 kg to start incorporating double kettlebell drills, and this is the fifth bell I've gotten from Dragon Door. I will be getting my sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and so on from DD, too. Why? Because they are the most comfortable bells on the market, that's why. When you commit to the big pain of kettlebell training, it's nice to have a little comfort somewhere. The handles are the perfect width, and the bells feel great in the rack position. Also, if you survive the nuclear holocaust, you'll want your kb's to survive with you, so you might as well get DD's.

10/10 Nothing short of awesome!
By Scott K / Baltimore, MD USA

Dragon Door kettlebells definitely live up to their reputation! Rugged, efficient and well-crafted! Thanks!

10/10 Authentic as it gets
By Chris Brennan / III MEF Special Operations Training Group

DragnDoor has the only authentic Russian Kettlebells on the market. They also have Pavel, who is the most knowledgeable Kettlebell instructor around. I have just recently been turned onto Kettlebells through CrossFit. Once I got a hold of these things I realized that I didn't need anything else. My strength success has been so dramatic that I was easily able to convince the unit that I am with to buy Kettlebells for the whole section. I will buy them from DragonDoor. I have gotten all of my products in a timely manner, and they have been shipping them to me overseas! Great company and great product. If you order one you will need one of Pavels books and one DVD. The book can be a quick reference and has a lot of other exercises beside the push/pull, but you need to see the DVD at least once to really understand everything about the mechanics.

10/10 Moving up in weight
By Bob McDonald / Bakersfield, Ca USA

I started with a 16kg bell about four months ago, and am starting to use two 16s in some workouts along with using the 20kg. Love the challenge to improve.

10/10 Great piece of equipment
By Steve Corso / Sayville, New York

The kettlebell is a great, convenient and versatile training tool. Mind you, I still use dumbells and the like, but have incorporated 2 days of KB training into my routine, replacing 2 of my 4 days of traditional weight training, and it has already paid off after about a month--I especially notice it when striking the heavy bag. A word of caution, though--I'm fairly strong for my size and age (160 pounds, 53 years old and I can do dumbell benches with 80s-90s for sets of 10) so I went for the 44 pounder off the bat. Mistake. I can do swings (1 and 2 armed), cleans, high pulls and presses with it in good form, but I had to order a 35 to work on my get-ups and snatches. Don't overestimate your abilities, because this thing is VERY different. Start slow and move up only when your form is right--believe me, a 35 or 44 will give most decently strong guys a hell of a workout for a while before you'll need more.

10/10 mexican loves kettlebells
By CSP / El Paso, Texas

this is an amazing product, i wouldn't trade it for any of the other brands out there

10/10 Good Company
By Dave / Congress, Arizona USA

This is the same high quality that the other three KB's that we have are. The company is great to deal with, always smooth. The videos are also good. The 44 is great and am looking forward to mastering it.

10/10 The only gym you need
By Tony / Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Love it. After improving my technique using Pavel's DVD, there is no need to ever need a gym ever again. Swings, Get-Ups, Cleans, Presses, Snatches...who needs overpriced Gold's Gym memberships!? It's worth it. All you need is this Weapon of Mass Destruction and a open park (watch out for civilians!) and you're on your way to becoming a better man!

10/10 Thrown, pressed, swung, and hurled
By Alain / Rural NJ and Manhattan, NY

20kg is a lot to get thrown into. The coating hasn't been scratched and there's no cracks even at the handle despite it being tossed in the air and landed in grass. It is what it is. Simple object so it can only have a lower score if there was any defect.

Be very careful, it can be very easy to hurt yourself with this stuff.

9/10 Russian Kettlebell - 20kg (44lb)
By C.Lehman / Dallas, TX

EXCELLENT product! Love the coating and overall quality of this kettlebell. I gave it a 9 only because the handle is a little thicker than the 16kg, and I wasn't expecting the increased thickness. It is really helping me with my grip strength.

10/10 Great Product!
By Pug / Philly

This is my second Russian Kettlebell (20kg), my first one was 16 kg and I plan on buying a 24 kg in the near future.

10/10 Second to none
By Jonathan NSCA-CPT / New Jersey


10/10 Favorite Kettlebell So Far!!
By James / Portland, OR

Mikey Likes it! Needed an in between size to complement my 16kg and my 24kg. Not yet ready for 24kg snatches. This was a great option. Fit and finish is much nicer than my other kettle bells, too bad.. Next life I'm buying them all from

10/10 Form and Function with incredible strengths gains.
By Sgt Will Mueller / Beaufort, SC

I really can't say enough about this product. I started out with the 35 lb kettlebell not too long ago and have recently graduated to the 44lb bell. After only using the new kettlebell less than 4 weeks, I'm almost ready to move on to a 53lb bell. The kettlebell in conjunction with Pavel's instructional DVD really delivers the stamina and almost crazy strength gains that I need for my job.

9/10 kettlebell vs dumb/barbells
By V.L. Skisuski - USN / Iraq

I recently started training exclusively with kettlebells, i'm currently on the 20kg, and since i've dropped almost ten lbs of fat. i have to admit that Pavel's concept of excerise has made a believer out of me. i'm currently traveling and don't have the space to bring my 20 kg with me, i am a little aggitated that more gyms don't carry the kettlebell!

simply, if you want to increase strength and drop a few pounds, the 20 kg is an ideal place to start.

By Greg Jackson / Pacific City OR

I have been working out with a kettlebell from 3-6 times a week since I got the 35#er a year and a half ago. I am very pressed on time but have found that alternating between the 35 and 44 has naturally given me a much more varied workout. I'll do 200-300 quick swings in 2-50s and then do at leasst 2-20s with the 44. Doing basically the same with presses. Usually start with the 35# 2-10-8-6-4-2-1 then the 44 2-5-4-3-2-1 back to the 35# and repeat. I do some turkish getups, a few other exercises each time as well to change things up. An added benefit is that alternating with the heavier weight forces me to stay on top of my form and serves to really pull into my shoulders with my lats and visualize the weight being pushed from the ground up. With the lighter weight I was tending to rush things and loose my focus on form moving slightly from the top and tweaked my shoulder just a bit.
I do Tai Chi daily and initially feared it would be inhibited by the kettebell. Actually it's just the opposite. More stability, more elaxed in my movements. At 54 I'm getting stronger everyday. Thanks John and Pavel!

10/10 Moving up a level
By JC Warren / Seattle, WA USA

My new Kettlebell arrived in a very short time. I wonder what the delivery guy thought when carrying such a small box. I've checked out imitators of Russian Kettlebells at local stores and it's obvious that you get what you pay for. The quality far surpasses the local fare. I'm still pretty new to KB training but moved up to the 20kg in an attempt to jump start my training. The results have been better than expected and we've received authorization to purchase some KBs for our corporate gym!
Enjoying the pain.

10/10 Great starting weight.
By Ian / Redding, CA USA

At first this KB seemed far too heavy, but after getting the technique down for the exercises presented in Enter the Kettle Bell!, I found it to be just right. Nothing is "too easy", as it provides perfect resistance. I'm 19 years old and when I started I wasn't in the best shape. Now I'm feeling 100% stronger and more energized. I have energy to spare after work, it's a miracle!

Kettle bells are no joke.
This stuff works.

10/10 Openning new doors
By Robert / Knoxville, TN USA

This is more than a tool to just be used. Ihas become part of your body. It has worked muscles in many new ways and provided a way to get past the stale points in my workout. I had my doubts at first, but have learned to utilize it as a vital part of my workout. I would and have recomended this to my freinds. If you are thinking about it all I can say is "Go for it".

10/10 Learning Patience
By jack douglas / Madisonville, Texas USA

I am 59 and was just introduced to KBs via my sons friend who is a Navy Seal. I go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week and thought I was working out. After about a month I am all the way up to about a half workout but already I can see a transformation in my body. I am not really shedding pounds but I am moving inches around. I also get more cardio in ten min. with KBs than with 45 mins. on an eliptical machine. I will have about a 30 day hiatus due to surgery but can't wait to get started back.

10/10 Should Have Purchased Sooner
By Art / Detroit, MI

I had been working with the 16 kg bell and thought I was doing something. The 20kg was a shocker! I now have much more respect for the "right of passage" standards with a 24 kg bell. I need to work much harder and should have gone to the 20 kg sooner.

The bell itself is great. Even though the difference in feel (weight) between the 16 and 20 kg was shocking, it just shows why you don't need many KB's.

10/10 UMPH!
By Bruce McKee / Fresno, CA

Starting with the 16kg weight in October, I made the jump to the 20kg in December. I have really taken to the variety of exercises that can be done with these neat tools, and have seen some improvement in my ability. My wife likes the results as well. She now asks me to do much more lifting!

9/10 Smooth transition
By Nathan A. / Bronx NY

I was surprised how easily I progressed from the 35-pd KB to my current 44-pd KB. I never made progress this fast with barbells or dumbbells.

I was just slightly puzzled by the duller black finish of the larger one. The 35-pd KB was shinier (not that any of this matters)

10/10 Russian Kettlebell Tool
By Paul Murphy / Schererville, Indiana USA

The idea of a kettlebell as a tool for strength conditioning is outstanding. Once you get the proper positioning for each use of the kettlebell and establish a day to day routine you have a plan set for life. It's the initial trial that tells all. I know from my first tryout that I could have used a lighter kettlebell to start with. Thinking that I'd start with the heavier one and eventually strengthen up to it was a good thing; only, I definitely will have to get the lesser one for beginning with and save the larger KB for other routines. I already see that it will be great to have the two different weights as particularly easy routines can use a heavier one while certain more difficult ones with the lesser.

10/10 No Barnyarding
By Tim Prest / Kihei, Hi.

It cost a few pretty pennies to get this thing shipped to Maui where I live but it's been well worth it. Spectacular gains in cardio and strength as well as healing my damaged back and knees. Without question one of the very best investments in training gear I have ever made. I'd like to physically use my kettlebell to smash every Bowflex and/or all other limp wristed pretending contraptions being constantly shoved down our throat. How about a t.v. commercial where an actual bowflex user challenges an actual kettlebell user.It would be a joke.
Thanks Dragon Door.
Thanks Pavel.

10/10 pleasantly suprised
By P. Smith / Providence, RI

Ok, I am a former collegiate wrestler and MMA fighter. I have been lifting weights and exercising since I was in the fourth grade and I have to say, the kettle bell rules. For the past few years I've had a plus 400lbs. bench, but I could never do a solid set of pull ups. Since using the kettle bell to supplement my workouts, I do sets of ten! I'm getting the 62lbs. bell next and by next year, I hope to be ready for the 100 pounder!

10/10 Sweet Primal Bell !
By Mr. Raleigh / Naples, Florida, USA

Epoxy handle is perfect. I train in high humidity and this bell is just perfect ! I expect nothing less from Dragon Door. Also made in U.S.A.

10/10 My new friend
By Tom Snow / Santa Barbara, CA USA

Happy to have a new addition to my growing KB collection. We're getting along fine! The extra pounds have really got my attention.

10/10 I am buying another one
By Jackie Duncan / Linden, TN

Great workout

10/10 Can't have too many Kettlebells
By Linda Walton / San Jose, CA USA

The 20kg/44lb kettlebell is not the most used in my collection but it's the kettlebell that makes me want to work out. Just one look at it and I'm ready to start my workout.

10/10 best exersize you'll ever do!
By Guy Gawrych / Ashburn, VA - USA

My brother-in-law got me a set of Kettlebells and told me it would be the hardest, most intense workout I would ever do. And he was absolutely correct! I recently purchased a 20kg Kettlebell and get the best workout in under 45 minutes. The gains have been obvious in just a short time.

10/10 Out of the Sickbed and Into the Kettlebell
By Christopher Malek / North Hollywood, CA

I have tossed my conventional weights aside. Now that is saying an awful lot from someone who has been on the SUPER SQUATS program. The gains in strength and endurance from using the kettlebell are incredible and almost immediately noticeable. Good thing too, since I had been plagued with fatigue and illness for a year, but now I feel more like myself again. Did I mention that there is no pain on the joints, I feel great after the workout, not beaten. The only thing to worry about are the calluses, which are no big deal.

Be sure to get the book along with the DVD, the RKC routine is brilliant and anything Pavel writes should be added to the Bible. I have been recommending kettlebells to everyone I see. Hell, I bought my cousin a starter kit once I heard he was going through a divorce, I figure if a man is going to war with a great enemy, he should be prepared.

8/10 Man-Up Comrade!
By Steve Bollar / San Diego, CA, USA

Great new workout when combined with "Enter The Kettlebell" book.

Manufacturer could do a better job deburring the inside of the handle/horns. Fortunately, I have a metal file. Otherwise, bleeding would have been an issue.

10/10 Stop looking........ Just order it already
By J / Ventura, California United States

The most effective workout and athletic development tool I have ever used. Its all about the simplicity. By that I mean the kettlebell itself. You can get as crazy and complex as you can imagine with various exercises, but it still comes down to a weighted ball with a handle. I love it, and I will never stop training with them. I'm hooked for life!

10/10 No Rust
By Migdoel "Dio" Miranda / Miramar, Florida

Taking it places and no rust is a plus for me. I have compare this with others and no chance buddies.

10/10 Dragon Door Has the Best Kettlebells
By Cold War Scout / Manassas, Virginia

I recently spent a good amount of time working out at The Warrior's Forge, a high intensity combatives and conditioning training facility in Manassas, Va. Kettlebells (KB) are a staple of the conditioning programs conducted there. Ergo, I have had a decent amount of exposure to another model of kettlebell. And while I do not dislike this other brand, the simple fact of the matter is that I much prefer the Dragon Door kettlebells and will pay the premium for them. In fact my preference is such that I bought a complete series of Dragon Door kettlebells for working out at home on days Nena and I would rather do a home workout rather than hit the Warrior's Forge. Heck I even bought a starter one (18 lbs.) for my ex-wife and daughter (high school track star) which I will deliver today and hope they take the challenge. I believe KB training could make my daughter an even better runner and hurdler.

10/10 best work-out ever!!
By E / Tucson, AZ USA

I work out 5 days a week with free weights and cardio exercises 6 days a week. When I recived my kettlebell I used it for 30 minutes. The next day it felt like i had never worked-out a day in my life. My advice, BUY ONE!!

9/10 Really gets the cardio going
By Michael Flynt / Jasper, TX USA

I started out with the 44lb Kettlebell and am slowly working my strength up to perform all exercises as demonstrated in video by Pavel Tsatsouline. To be honest, I should hsve started with the 35lb Kettlebell. Although, I have strong muscles, the Kettlebell works your muscles in a completely different way than traditional free-weights. For this reason, I would strongly recommend the 35lb Kettlebell for all males to begin with. Unless, of course, you are already an accomplished athelete, with great muscular development. Overall, I really enjoy this product.

9/10 Excellent Equipment
By William Houston / Cary, NC

I am very pleased with my purchase. Once I am proficient with the 20KG kettlebell, I will purchase the 25KG and later the 30KG. I only wish you had a suggested exercise routine to accompany this product. The DVD, Enter the Kettelebell, is a how to but not a suggested routine.

10/10 fun with a dual
By Richard Sayen / San Marcos , California

I own a small personal trainig studio in noth Sandiego and have just started with kb's and love it! My clients love/hate it too.the 20kg. kettlebell is a great weight for me to have fun with alot of dual kettlebell exercis.I love them and highly recomend them.THANKS

10/10 Mixing body weight training , free weights and kettle bells works great for me.
By Dan Liguori / Vero Beach Florida , Tucson Az

I am 63 years old train every day using a blend of body weight excerises , free weights and within the last year kettle bells . By mixing my training this way I never get bored and I have achieved excellant results . I have a home in Florida and Tucson , I have purchased kb's for Florida and I am now working on a full set for Tucson, I started with the 20 kg.Great fun and they really work for me.

10/10 44Lbs
By jay cho / Marlboro, NJ

First time using kettlebell.. it's a lot easier than regular weights.. going to order another one soon

10/10 Simply the best!
By Mac Owen / Midwest, Oklahoma, USA

DragonDoor KBs are simply the best KBs on the market. Sure, they may cost a little bit more than the ones at your local sporting goods store, but they are also 100x's better! Do yourself a favor and go ahead and order a DragonDoor Kettlebell!

10/10 Simple and Sinister
By Sean Hannon / Chicago, Illinois, USA

I spent eight months as a member of Rebell Conditioning, a great kettle bell focused gym in Lakeview, and saw the best strength training results of my life. I moved out of the neighborhood and let my gains slip for a year as I occasionally got into a traditional gym.
Now I'm consistently exercising from home (or right now my hotel room, just make sure to put the seat belt through the handle when transporting!) following the Simple and Sinister program. I am currently using the 20kg bell as my one handed swing weight occasionally unloading to the 16kg bell if I'm having a light day. Dragon Door is the same bell I used when working out at Rebell. Great product for sure. I already own the 24kg bell for when my grip strength catches up and I can graduate my one handed swing weight.

10/10 Excellent quality.
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

I have ordered many RKC kettlebells and have used many other brands. The finish on these is the best, even compared to my other RKCs, it holds chalk well and has just the right amount of texture. As always, order 2 and humble yourself with some doubles work.

10/10 Great for the whole family
By Emily A / Sacramento, CA, USA

Me and my husband use this KB. I use for heavy swings and he uses it for goblet squats.

10/10 I Will Tame You!
By Lee Bacchi / Naperville, IL, USA

The 20k will be my test weight at the RKC. The gym where I train has KBs, but they are in pounds, not kgs. So I do as many of the drills as I can with the weight I will be using for the RKC. The product is solid, dependable. KB training has been one of the best things to happpen to me in these past 3 years (I am a 65-year-old male.). Right now I can do several of the cert test items with the weight, others I am still working on (TGU). I don't care for the Sport or Competition style, and the ones with the gargoyle faces -- well, don't get me started! DD KBs are the best!

10/10 Fantastic quality product.
By James McClellan / Richland, PA, USA

I have three of your kettlebells now, started with a 16k, then added a 12k as my shoulders weren't quite up to longer sets of overhead lifts in the beginning, and a 20k for squats, lunges, getups and other grinds. The bells are excellent in quality, but apparently the guys who have to deliver them must hate them with a passion. Two of the three arrived with the packaging just shredded, and some damage to the finish where they'd obviously been thrown around the truck for fun. Clearly not Dragon Door's fault, but perhaps the boxes could be beefed up in the future?

10/10 Consistent Quality
By Frank Papp / Indian Land, SC, United States

Having purchased many of the RKC kettlebells over the years, it was great to see that when I recently received the latest 20 kg bell, it is the exact same shape and size as the one I purchased years ago. The surface is slightly different, but does not impact its use.

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