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10/10 A Full Day's Supply of Iron
By Mark Hancheroff / Redmond, WA

The fit and finish on the Bell are fantastic. I am very, very impressed with the quality. Much better than the other KB's that I hae from other companies.

10/10 The Black Russian
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Corpus Christi,TX, USA

I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and 2008 US Open Bronze Medalist. I attribute my success as a competitor to my DBL 32kg's. No other tool gives me the specific strength and conditioning for grips, tension, and relaxation while building resilience. And no other tool will build YOUR MENTAL toughness as THE RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL!

10/10 top of the line
By Chris Wright / West Palm Beach, FL, U.S

this thing is the real deal. Very heavy, but if you can get through a workout with a 53 pound kettlebell with only minor trouble (kettlebell workouts should always be tough) then you will be able to do at least basic swings with this beast. I went 35, 53, and now 72. Biggest thing I've noticed is the amount of grip/forearm strength required for this one.

It's obviously very well made, very solid. Visibly big compared to the 53 pound one, you know your swinging a lot of weight around, but your body adapts quickly. I can see this thing lasting me a long time, can't imagine this will ever feel light to me, but we'll see!

10/10 A Great Product
By Ben Reynolds / Reno,NV, USA

The Dragon Door 32 kg kettlebell is a great addition to a home gym. The finish is durable and smooth leading to a better grip workout with less callous formation during snatch drills. By contrast, my lighter competitor kettlebell (24 kg) tears my hands up during snatches. I also appreciate the reasonably sized handle which keeps the bell closer to the wrist. The weight is symmetrical and a real joy to lift.

10/10 Love the quality of these bells
By Gerald Guidroz / Bellingham, US

I own KB's from several different manufacturers and find DragonDoor's to be the best. They have the right diameter grip for me and rotate well in my hand. Good feel.
I went from swinging a pair of 24 kg's to the 32kg. It is a fairly big jump. I can use it in my right hand but not my left yet. Working towards swinging and clean and pressing a pair of 32's.
You won't go wrong with DragonDoors products. I have been purchasing books and equipment from them for around 10 years.

10/10 The magic handheld gym
By Michael Cline / Somerville, TN, USA

I own a 16, 24 and now a 32 kg Dragon Door Kettlebell. I decided this year I was going to lose weight and get fit again, so I dusted off my older 2 kettlebells and started working out. After roughly 10 weeks of working out 4 times a week, I finally progressed up to the 32 kg for getups, swings and squats. I have lost 36 pounds and 8% body fat since March of this year, I'm having to buy new clothes now because the old ones are falling off of me.

10/10 32 kg kettlebell
By Kirk Peters / Somerville, MA, United States

This is my fourth kettlebell ordered from Dragon Door. Top quality for finish, balance and a great addition to my home gym. They are keeping me fit and strong in my sixties.

10/10 Best Bells
By Steven Ravnstag / Big Bear Lake, California, USA

My first ever bells were DragonDoor. Over the years I moved, sold them, and got back into kettlebells and opted to purchase some cheaper options.

Most recently I decided to go with DD again, and I'm really glad I did. The shape and the dimensions are just perfect.

I also really like the simplicity of the branding; no stupid giant logos or colored rings or anything like that; just a big beautiful hunk of shiny black iron.

They look and feel great and I can't overstate the value of having bells whose quality literally demands that you use them.

Other bells are "okay" but these bells are great.

When it comes to the tools that I use to improve my life, kettlebells are near the top in terms of their importance, so it makes sense to invest in the best.

10/10 Amazing Customer Service
By Rob O'Keefe / Hudson, WI, USA

I've bought 3 other KBs from Dragon Door and the quality is better than anyone. This time I bought the 32kb bell, and it had a small pimple of metal on the handle. Not a big deal, but with a bell, particularly of that size, it might cause some wear and tear on the hands. I could grind it off, but then I'll compromise the e-coat. So I sent an email to DD and explained the situation. The next day I received an email from John Du Cane: I'll send you a replacement at no charge. And go ahead and grind off the blemish and spray some black Rust-O-Leum on there.

That was it! Two days later there was another 32kb bell on my front step (and it's perfect.) So not only do Dragon Door have the best kettlebells, but I can't imagine anyone else coming close to that level of customer service. Thank you, John!

10/10 Tough Old Comrade
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, USA

Several years ago, I never dreamed that I'd be hoisting a 32kg kettlebell, but at 53 years of age, I've impressed even myself. My body weight has gone down, I have no more back problems, and I feel better than I have in years. My goal is to hoist an 88 - probably next year. If I could, I'd rate the 32kg a 12 on a scale of 1 - 10. Newcomers owe it to themselves to get with the Kettlebell program, regardless of age, etc.. Stick with Pavel and you won't go wrong.

10/10 Stepping It Up!
By Paul L / Philadelphia, US

This 32Kg Bell is the second kettlebell i've purchased from DD and i must say the quality is impecable. So far jumping from the 24Kg is a challenge. I can only jerk it a few times each arm and get maybe 30-40 swings, but progress is being made. Everytime I add a dragon door bell, it feels like im adding one to the family. My goal is purchase a bulldog soon and press it before im 20, but even if i get halfway there it is always an enjoyable experience when training with DD.

9/10 Have fun but work up to it.
By Jerry Ketel / Portland, OR USA

This kettlebell is not for the faint of heart. I'm a complete amateur, I started working out with the bells in 2003. I started with the 35 pounder, and at the time, I was such a wimp, I could barely lift it overhead for 3 reps. But now I'm working on the 70 pounder after 44, 53, and 62. My goal is to get up to the bulldog at 88lbs. These bells are the most fun I've ever had during a workout, excuse me, training "practice". I'm 47 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life--all due to kettlebells and the coaching (through books and DVDs) of Pavel. I've never had a problem with the product, it will last forever. And as for Dragondoor itself, they are completely professional. Train hard and have fun. J

9/10 Great kettlebell!
By Bill Fussell / Mazomanie, WI USA

This is a great piece of equipment as are the two lighter kettlebells that I have. I wouldn't mind seeing the finish on the handle a bit smoother but all in all it would be hard to beat the quality of this kettlebell. I tried a Chinese knock-off when I first became a "victim" of kettlebells but Dragondoor's are so superior that I'm willing to pay their asking price. Enjoy the pain!

10/10 Just a PS.
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse,NY, USA

Since I've been using kettlebells - about 5 years- I have completely lost any back problems that had previously plagued me. Also, after having used the 70 pounder, my deadlift, as well as my self esteem, has soared. My posture has improved as has my entire lifestyle. All this because of a canonball with a handle on it. Thanks again. Ed Shattuck

10/10 This will give you inhuman strength!
By Andy Franklin / Bay City, Texas, USA

Fit and finish is typical of Dragon Door kettlebells. It's why we buy them, after all!

I'm having a tough time with this one, but am looking forward to the benefits and strength gains.

10/10 delighted with my bell(s)!
By Cotter Kelsey / Carbondale, Colorado, usa

The quality of the kettlebell leaves nothing to be desired. I have purchased 4 RKC kettlebells (3 for me, 1 for my wife), and each one has been perfect. I cannot review the equipment without mentioning the art. Both times I've gone up in size (16kg to 24kg, 24kg to 32kg), the additional weight forced me to improve my form. Unlike my failed attempts to increase my strength with weight lifting, progressing through kettlebells has made me stronger and better coordinated. I have been enamored with taiji quan and qigong since 2004, so form is very important to me out of principle. I started kettlebell training in 2017 for strength and endurance training to compliment my new found love of calisthenics. I had no idea that it would benefit the latter, but completely revolutionize the former.

Kettlebell practice is an amazing soft style martial art, in the vein of xing yi, where a few principle movements can have myriad applications. Squats, swings, rack & cleans, and snatches are the entirety of my KB workouts, and they have given me such insight into my taiji form, push hands (the friendly and competitive methods), and qi gong forms, especially the 5 animal frolics set.

The 5 animals are attributed to Hua Tou, a famous physician and martial artist from long ago (more than 2000 years). The acupuncture points the run directly next to the spine are named after him, and his 5 animal set emphasizes spinal movements at the heart of each maneuver. I've always imagined how jealous a genius he would be if he saw the modern acupuncture needles I'm lucky enough to use in our age of technology. Now I wonder how jealous he'd be if he saw my ancient tech that didn't come to China till long after he was gone. The KB improved my spinal strength and function more than any other exercise I've ever done (including yoga and lots of different martial arts).

KBs are the only weights I encourage my patients and students to use (after getting proficient in the body weight big 4 (but I eschew pushups in favor of hand stand push ups because the former emphasizes the pec minor, which IMO is tighter than its partners in the posterior in most of us)).

I think it's obvious by my blathering how much I love the 'bells, and the feel of the RKC bells in the glorious throes of a set puts the clunky cheesier bells to shame.

10/10 great investment
By Dan / Virginia Beach, VA

Excellent kit. Can take it just about anywhere. The 70's might have been a little more that I was ready for doing double KB workouts, but I'll get myself up to them shortly. Love everything about them.

10/10 The Best!
By David Girdley / Orlando, Florida United States

I started about three months ago with a 16kg and it felt really heavy at first. I moved upto a 24kg after six weeks and now have the 32kg. It is amazing how the heavier kettlebells activate all of your muscles. It takes so much more tension to workout with the 32kg. Make sure you have your body conditioned to take the loads or you could definately hurt yourself. I am 51 years old and weigh about 240lbs. My conditioning and strength have improved dramatically since I have been using kettlebells. I have tried many kinds of conditioning throughout my life and nothing even comes close to using kettlebells. They are the best - period!

10/10 Best Overall
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Corpus Christi,TX, USA

Im a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and this is the only tool that gives me the same specific conditioning, for grips, tension, relaxation, and helps build resiliance! No other tool matters!

10/10 Excellant as always
By Dan Liguori / Vero Beach, FL, USA

At 69 years old I have every size from 8kg through 24 kg, I primarily got the 32 kg for goblet squats and I wasn't disappointed its just great. Excellant in form,fit and function.

10/10 Another great product from DragonDoor!
By Brad Dienstbier / Omaha, NE USA

Thanks DragonDoor!

10/10 Very well constructed
By Nathan Visak / Northwest Indiana

I started with a plate loading model about 2 years ago when I began kettlebell training. It cracked after I threw it and did some juggling with it. I have no reason to worry about the dragon door model cracking on a soft surface (sand) as had happened with my previous bell. It is very well constructed and I will be sure to patronize dragon door in the future.

10/10 Great Product!
By Patrick McLarkey / Mesa, AZ

A very great product. The handle on the 32 kg. is fantastic. I was almost swayed to the "dark side" to buy a less expensive kettlebell, however I am glad that I did not give in and stayed with Dragon Door. Now I look foward to building my strength and purchasing the 40 kg. in the near future. Thanks Dragon Door and many thanks Com. Pavel for bringing high quality kettebells to the USA.

10/10 There's NO better solution then Russian Kettlebells!!!
By Chris Nagy / Huntington Beach, CA. USA

I've been using Ketlebells for 4 years now and my only regret in life is that I had not discovered it earlier in my life. I knew my first week of Kettlebell training that this was the real deal, so real, that I canceled my Gym membership in that first week and since that point I have had incredible gains of raw muscle mass and my body fat was melting off of me. Im now training with 2, 72lbs Kettlebells and I keep gaining muscle while my body fat % keeps getting lower. I use my 35lb Bells for High rep cardio workouts and my 72lb bells for raw muscle and strength. Make that change in your life, start by using Kettlebells.


9/10 Must have for complex work
By Kelly Joplin / Springfield, USA

If you like complex workouts & super sets, you can't beat an RKC set made up of 24kg, 32kg, & 40kg bells. I have found it to be an improved replacement for barbell training, because I no longer need to add mass or bulk, but rather improve my range of motion, and functional strength. Kettlebell training also builds my endurance while I develope my funtional strength. Using RKC kettlebells I have had some of the best cardio workouts I've ever had. If you add kettlebell training to your life, you will have positively added to your lifestyle. Do it, go big or go home.

10/10 Great kettlebell
By Sadiq Nolast / Fairfax, VA, USA

I love the feel of this KB. I also use muscledriver blue, which is also good, but the shape of the DD is hands down way better.

9/10 KB from Dragon Door has correct handle size
By Kees Tuinzing / San Rafael, CA, USA

I was pleased to test my new 70# KB with a clean and have it fit correctly in the racked position. I've found other brands made with too short " horn" length so they' can only be used for Farmer Walks" .. Polished smooth finish is also the best.

10/10 Dragon Door has the best kettlebells. Period.
By Cold War Scout / Manassas, Virginia

I recently spent a good amount of time working out at The Warrior's Forge, a high intensity combatives and conditioning training facility in Manassas, Va. Kettlebells (KB) are a staple of the conditioning programs conducted there. Ergo, I have had a decent amount of exposure to another model of kettlebell. And while I do not dislike this other brand, the simple fact of the matter is that I much prefer the Dragon Door kettlebells and will pay the premium for them. In fact my preference is such that I bought a complete series of Dragon Door kettlebells for working out at home on days Nena and I would rather do a home workout rather than hit the Warrior's Forge. Heck I even bought a starter one (18 lbs.) for my ex-wife and daughter (high school track star) which I will deliver today and hope they take the challenge. I believe KB training could make my daughter an even better runner and hurdler.

10/10 Just like the other two KB's I have. Just harder to play with.....
By J.T.C / Monterey, Va USA

Working in LE I need to have the type of strength that KB's provide. With the 32kg along with the 16kg, and 24kg I have everything I need to get that strength and conditioning to come home safe to my family after every shift.

10/10 The 32kg Kettlebell is a better fit for guys in my opinion
By Michael Holtgrieve / Oklahoma City OK USA

What can you say, the kettlebell always does its job, all you gotta do is make sure you do yours. The quality of my 32kg(72lb) Kbell is just like the 24kg(53lb), which is great, except there are a few small things i like better about the 32kg. First, the handle feels a little bit bigger( I didn't think i would like that) and its proven to be favorable. Second, the overall shape of the Kbell rests better on my forearms. Last but not least, i love the new weight. I waited to long to get this, the 40kg(88lb) will be a new addition in a few short months. Excellent product, when you feel somewhat ready for the 32kg, go ahead and get it. I wouldn't wait.

8/10 Slick Coating
By Shawn Burnah / Ft Benning, GA

I have several older bells that I found and enjoy using them more then my new 28 and 32 kg bells because they do not have the slick coating that is on the handle. When your palms start to sweat your grip on the bell is questionable at best, this makes it hard to get decent numbers on your ballistic exercises.

10/10 Top Class 2 Poods Kettlebell
By Filippo / New York, NY

The 2 poods KB is an excellent piece of equipment: the finish is perfect, just rough enough to prevent slipping but not so much as to bite into the hand. Handle size is great for a solid grip and comfortable for lean-on exercises such as renegade rows. Weight declared is accurate. On a one to ten scale a ten!

10/10 Ball of Power!!!
By Brian / Virginia Beach, VA

I love this thing! I have the 32 and 53lbs as well, but this allow me to do multiple sets with different wieghts per exercse!! Try a clean and jerk pyramid or turkish gets ups with this - it is a challenge. The beast (100lb) is next for me.

10/10 BIG Daddy
By Don Rankin / Birmingham, AL

When I decided to upgrade and get the 53lb. KB I also decided to get the 72lb. Some might call it a monster but not me. It is a no nonsense piece of equipment. Like my other Russian KB's the design is just right. At this stage I find my swings are a little bit slower in speed but the effect is tremendous. I use it for KB Swings for at least two sets in my routine. Then I finish with the 53 for about three more sets. I am just cleaning the 72 right now, haven't gotten to pressing it, yet.

I follow Dr. Sears PACE program and these three metal comrades along with my Pavelizer are about all I need.

10/10 Big BITE!
By Michael W. Moreno / Flat Rock, NC USA

Well...I've been a KB fan and practitioner for about 2 years now.
I'm 50, so I figured I'd start out sensibly,12 and 16's.I was amazed how quickly my strength increased...I've been a gymnast,martial artist,private trainer, and LifeStyle*Counselor for about 26 yrs. now,and have NEVER found any practice as well balanced as proper KB technique!
However,I made the jump from a 24 straight to a 32! I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew...BUT,I'm gonna keep knawin' at this sucker! Great products,great support,keep up the good work!
Mickey Moreno

10/10 Awesome Workout
By Steve M / Syracuse, NY

This thing an animal-deceptively simple and low key but after my very first workout with it, I understood Pavel's "man among men" line! I was able to do 5 full C&P ladders with my 24kg bell without too much effort, so I decided to move up. I was immediately challenged...and I have a long way to go before I hit 5 full C&P ladders again!!

10/10 No complaints
By Peter / San Diego, CA

It's a great chunk of iron with a handle. Not much can go wrong. I'm doing the ETK ladder program and hoped to make the leap from the 53lb to the 72lb but haven't been able to press this one yet. I intend to buy a 62lb to bridge the gap.

10/10 Good piece of equipment.
By MF / Anytown, USA

A 70# was my first kettlebell. Probably a little ambitious, but I think it was the best move. Lots of swings, presses, cleans, and thrusters. Soon snatches and get ups will be added to the list. When I'm not working out with it, I just like looking at it.

10/10 70lb Kettlebell
By Jared Dame / Loveland CO

I have been using my 70lb'er for five weeks now and have really see a big improvement in strength and VO2 max gains. The Kettlebell workout is one of the best methods for bringing core fitness and raw strength.

10/10 No Comparison
By Dave Arey / Havertown, PA USA

After a year working with a 1.5 pood, I strayed from the hearth and purchased a second 1.5 from a cheaper "competitor". The lesson I learned is that there is no comparison between DD KBs and the competition. So when I decided to add a 2 pood to my collection, there was no other option than to return to DD. The overall quality is fantastic, just a little sandpaper on the handle and it was ready to beat me into submission. DD KBs are worth the premium, you will not be disappointed.

10/10 It Hurts so Good
By John / Boca Raton, FL

After working with a 20kg KB for 5 months, I stepped up to the 32kg, and I LOVE it. My first few workouts were a new kind of pain, and I realized I started out a bit too light with the 20kg, although the results were outstanding. The slow pace taught in "Enter the Kettlebell" didn't make sense to me until I did my first workout with the 32, and now I can't wait to get my hands on it everyday so that I can conquer it and move on. Once you have the movements down with a lighter weight, I highly reccomend moving on to a weight that makes you wince when you think about it. I plan on reviewing a KB over 100lbs by this time next year.

10/10 32Kg Beast
By Eric / San Diego

This 32Kg kettlebell is a beast. If you're wondering which weight to buy, go for it and get a heavy one. This thing rocks.

By SGT. Acosta / Midland, TX.

Ive been trainging with Kettlebells for about a year now and I have made awesome gains in my areboic and anaerobic ability with the 44lb. and the 53lb. KB but the 72lb. is taking me to a whole new level. I am taking it with me to Iraq in which my goal is to come back and get into the BEAST hall of fame.

10/10 Kaizen!
By b shane / narberth, Pennsylvania United States

Great Product!

10/10 No comparison
By Damon Smith / Detroit, Michigan USA

When I first started using kettlebells, I thought, there's no way I'm spending this much money on a hunk of iron from DragonDoor. I ended up purchasing some bells from a couple other companies. Not long after, I wanted to double up on the weight of some of the bells and figured I'd give DD a shot.

All I can say is,,what a difference! The workmanship and feel of the DragonDoor bells are totally superior to my other brands. The construction of the DD bells seem much more bombproof and willing to take the abuse of the workouts.

My next purchase of a bulldog and a beast are definitely going with DragonDoor!


Damon Smith

10/10 I'm being reforged by the 2 Pood!
By Ken Baumgarten / Topsham, Maine (USA)

My new Dragon Door 32 kg Kettlebell is reshaping and reforging my 42 year old body. I had been training with kettlebells for almost a year, but this is my first from Dragon Door.

When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was that it left the foundry without any defects (unlike my non-DD bells). The next thing was the finish, bright, clean, and uniform over the whole kettlebell. Then I hefted it. It just felt "right." When I cleaned it for the first time, I noticed how it fell perfectly on the back of my forearm, like we were made for each other.

I pressed it a few times on each side, and within a few days, did my first TGU's with it. My Kettlebell passion is reignited! My training goals are higher than ever. My middle aged body is stronger, leaner, and more vital than it was 10 years ago.

Thank you, Dragon Door for a superior product, building superior men and women!

Hardstyle forever! Power to you!

10/10 I've never had so much fun getting whooped
By George Pazin / Pittsburgh, PA

The 32K has humbled me - in a very good way. It has supercharged my workouts and left me exhausted and happy. Each step up the ladder has offered challenged, but the step from 28 to 32 was a leap and a half, and I am only starting to see the rewards. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

And I can't wait to step up the the 36, and the 40, and...

10/10 32kg and Your Form Follows Function
By Matt Bartkiewicz / Sacramento, CA USA

I started using Pavel's Kettlebells about 8 months ago. Anyone reading these reviews should consider 1) these products, with the prescribed training regimens work, and 2) to merely get the 16kg and not expect to get better soon is delusional. I should have acquired the 3 Kettlebell set and saved the hassle and expense of every few months sending off for the next size unit. I'm now getting great workouts with the 32kg unit and marveling at the increasing power (and size) of my shoulders, back, and legs. Together with running, martial arts and organized sports, the 32kg is making life worth living. I look forward to the 79lb Kettlebell when this unit gets too light. This 57 year old is delighted to have found you product.

10/10 Excellent Quality
By Greg / New Britain, CT USA

I have ordered many DD KBs. My first few had the epoxy and ecoat finish. I did not favor either as the handles had to be sanded down, taped, or needed to use chalk to help with grip when grip became sweaty.

This new style finish is excellent. The coat has a grit feeling to it which tremendously helps me with grip. No more sanding nor taping handles or using chalk. Looking forward to owning this weight before moving up to the Bulldog which will be the DD KB.

10/10 All I Need
By John G / New Jersey

Outstanding....if you took away all my fitness equipment and allowed me only one thing it would have to be my 32K Dragondoor KB....for me it's heavy enough to do strict grinds yet doable enough for ballistics. I own several KBs but this is my most versatile.

10/10 Top of the line kettlebells
By Brian / York, PA

I bought a couple knockoff brand bells at first to try to save money thinking "a kettlebell is a kettlebell" a couple of weeks ago. I got myself some training by a certified instructor who owns Dragon Door kettlebells and realized that I had wasted my money on the knockoffs. The Dragon Doors felt more comfortable and had a better finish. I decided to order a 28 and 32 kg. I received them today and did some training with them and they are fantastic. They have a great finish; not coarse enough to damage the skin but not too slick to get a good grip, and it looks like chalk would stick nicely to the handle. The quality is terrific; the bottom of the bell is nice and flat. And to top it off, they shipped very quickly. I will order Dragon Doors until I have a pair of each weight. Thank you Dragon Door and Mr. Tsatsouline.

10/10 Awesome, heavy in my own home
By Nick - OEF Veteran / Arcata, CA

This Kettlebell is my favorite. Nothing is better to start my day off with. It has significantly helped me with my balance and strength in developing my one-arm handstand push up. It is so great to have this kind of weight around the house, when I go to the gym I can now easily practice on the 90 and 95 dumbbells because of this amazing tool. Thanks Dragondoor!

10/10 I Bought it to Practice My Deadlifts
By Vicki J. Powell / Texas

I have about 10 Dragon Door kettlebells and I love every one of them! I've been practicing with kettlebells since October 2009, going at my own slow pace. My husband has started practicing with them just a little. I thought I'd buy a heavier kettlebell, since he's a big strong guy and would want heavier weights down the road. For myself, I want to use it to practice my deadlifts.

10/10 Great thing!
By Alexander / Chicago, IL

Great thing! I left mine 17 years ago in Moscow and could find replacement for 10 years in Israel and 7 years in US. Life was boring without it. Great thing for well being.

10/10 nicely made
By Derek Svoren / minneapolis

solid, nice finish

10/10 Excellent quality
By Calvin Poole / Gloster, MS

This is a well made Kettle Bell with no defects or irregularities. Just what was promised.

10/10 Another GREAT product
By Jarrett Shepherd / Palm Beach Gardens, FL

This is my 3rd DD Kettlebell and they are all TOP NOTCH products. I can tell they will last me for the rest of my life. I will never have to waste money on gym memberships again.

8/10 It's The Big Boy
By Marcus Proust / Gaithersburg, USA

You know what I paid for it!!!

10/10 Great handle
By Mik K / San Francisco, USA

Great size / shape of the handle, really important at this weight. Very comfortable.

10/10 Great product as expected
By Rick Black / So CA, US

Got this one faster than previous KB's

10/10 Rewarding Accomplishing Goals & Making New Ones!!
By Jason Rodriguez / New York, United States of America

Pavel mentions in one of his videos that in Russia you are not a "Man" until you can military press a 32kg kettlebell. Hearing this I realized I was a boy lol since I started with a 16kg bell. I'm finally here and the feeling couldn't be more rewarding especially wondering how was I going to do it starting from a 16kg bell over 2yrs ago. Now I can press (2) 32kg bells and a goal was accomplished. Next stop.... The Bulldog.

10/10 Noticeable Increases
By Tanner Gers / Tucson, USA

I love my 32K Bell! I started with the 16K, moved up to the 24K and now I've arrived to the 32K! Going heavier has demanded improvements in my mental and physical focus while using the 24K and even now more with the 32K Kettlebell. I am excited to own this larger bell and will step up to the 40K Bulldog after I master this one. If you are looking to increase athletic ability, raw power, mental capacity and endurance, then get yourself a 32K Russian Kettlebell today... Don't forget Enter the Kettlebell so you can see exactly how to progress like I have ;)

1/10 Awesome!!!
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse,NY, USA

This is my working kettlebell. I have an 80 and a 62, but the 70 is my staple workout tool. Simply put, it's just plain fun - and - I feel as strong as a bear after a year with it. You are NEVER going to beat the kettlebell as a training tool. I wish I knew about Pavel when I was rowing in the 80s. Sell all your other machines, etc. for scrap iron and go buy a kettlebell. On a scale of 1 th 10, I would rate this product a 12.

9/10 Late bloomer
By J.D. C. / Georgia, U.S.A.

I'm 46 now, and just getting started with kettlebells. I've worked out with weights, sort of off and on, for most of my adult life, and never really achieved my goals physically. I really wish I'd known about kettlebells 30 years ago. But hey, I guess its better late than never!

10/10 A New Level
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

I truly feel like a man among men when I get done with my 32 kg. I have followed Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell for 2 years now using my 32 and at 54 years of age, have a new found strength. My back problems are almost completely gone, my grip is strong, and my forearms have gotten to a new level of thickness. Four years ago I never dreamed that I'd be using a bell this size, and I'm planning on moving to an 88 after Christmas. The 32kg will definitely boost your self esteem as well as your shoulders, back, legs, and everything else. While not for the faint of heart, the 32kg will certainly make you into a hard living comrade.

10/10 Even Stronger Than Before!!
By Jim Clinton / Crystal Lake, U.S.A.

This si my first purchase of kettlebells from Dragon Door, and it will not be my last!!! it is of high quality and workmanship which is very important to me! The finish is great!! Keep up the great work!!

10/10 Just another goal to reach
By Jeff Rapson / Oakland, CA, United States

I love this kettle bell. It's my second 32kg. Every other day I see if I can clean and press both - depends on how strong I feel. Some days I can get six reps; other days, like yesterday, I couldn't even clean them, but that was after 200 swings. I am a big proponent of clean and pressing pairs rather than singles, just for balance sake. I have pairs of 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32kgs. Eventually I'll add another 40. Amazing how much increase in strength comes with regular kb use. I highly recommend this one, but first work up to it or it'll be getting a lot of shelf time rather than regular use.

10/10 Movin' On Up!
By Jeff Rapson / Oakland, USA

Great purchase and also was very validating that kettlebell training is unparalleled in many ways, including strength development. About a year ago, I started with the 26kgs, just to get my technique down as I have had a history of back problems and wanted to ensure that I did the swings, etc. correctly. I recently bought the 32 kg and was pleasantly surprised by how well I did with my swings, presses, etc. I love doing ladders working from lightest to heaviest and back down again.

My 40 kg (the bulldog) is scheduled to be delivered in two days. For my 50th birthday in November, I hope to be able to tame the beast!

Out of about 10 kettlebells that I own, I have one that isn't dragon door, but a much less expensive version. I'm amazed at how much better made and more comfortable, the dragon door bell is.

10/10 Tough One
By Peter Thalhofer / Vashon Island, WA, United States

After three years with kettlebells and two with the 53-pound, when I received this 70-pound at my home I thought I would start with 10 snatches with each hand. I couldn't do even one. Two days later I was able to do one with each hand. After three weeks I can do seven. But as hard as it is, I am hoping to progress with the 70-pound and "dominate in my sport Comrade!"

1/10 Top quality, as I expected
By Greg Walker / Annapolis, MD, USA

Great fit and finish. Well balanced. I expect to have this KB forever. Definitely worth the price. I have ordered several items from Dragon Door and have learned that everything they sell is top quality.

10/10 Just ordered another one.
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

When I first ordered this bell I thought I would never, be able to do anything but swing it. I am now snatching it and just ordered another one to start doing some double complexes. The quality of the bell is as always the best top notch handle and finish.

10/10 Impeccable quality
By Alexander P / Tampa, Florida, USA

It is a pleasure to work with this kettlebell although the weight is challenging for me at this point which means I only do swings with it. Yet, nothing gets up my heart rate faster and higher than this kettlebell. I am a little out of shape but have been getting back in shape slowly but surely using several DD kettlebells.
I felt the 32 kg kettlebell was a must have because my father had one and worked out with it frequently many, many years ago in Moscow back in the days of the Soviet Union.
His 32 kg kettlebell was well made for the standards of the time.
What we have here with DD Russian kettlebell is a High-tech kettlebell.
I own 5 DD kettlebells.

10/10 Simply the BEST
By James Newman / Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Dragon Door Kettlebells are quite simply the finest Kettlebells on the market PERIOD! There is no substitute!

10/10 Kettlebell
By Edward George / East Haven, Connecticut, United States

I recieved my 70lb kettlebell in the mail on time. It was nicely packaged and met all my expectations, since then it has become a very important part in my training arsenal. I will definitely be a making another kettlebell purchase in the future from here.

10/10 Simple perfect
By Igor Ivensky / Plano, TX, USA

Very good kettlebell
Simply perfect. great finish comfortable to work with
Sinister enough but great tool for the power days

10/10 Awesome kettlebell
By Jason Mansfield / Tucson, AZ, United States

Flawless coating and a huge step up from my 24kg kettlebell. Definitely the tool I needed to take my kettlebell routine to the next level.

10/10 32kg
By Jeff Lebowski / Stockton, Ca, USA

RKC is the standard. That's it. Enough... Smooth-finish, imitation kbs are for (insert derogatory word).
My only gripe is that it was slightly asymmetric. Break that mold or ensure better quality control. I may put a grinder to it or not but I'm still going to use it because it's f***** awesome.

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