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10/10 Amazing Quality
By Ryan Ripley / Indiana

Just received my kettlebell in the mail today and was amazed at the quality. Very happy and will be purchasing more kettlebells from dragon door very soon.

10/10 Worth The money!!!!
By Chris / Shreveport, LA

After having used many brand "X" kettlebells, I purchased my first Dragon Door 53Lb kettlebell. The craftsmanship, weight balance and over all finish are far superior to any other kettlebell on the market. My form seemed tighter and the motions were more fluid. Just to check and make sure, I had a few of my clients try it and their responses were the same. So it looks like brand "X" is out the door in my gym and Dragon Door is now our exclusive Kettlebell. I could not be happier.

10/10 The best kettlebells, bar none.
By Derek / Philadelphia, PA

A good kettlebell is more than a lifetime investment, it's a multigenerational investment. That is, as long as you get one of good quality, and when it comes to quality, nothing beats Dragon Door. The shape, the finish, everything is spot on. For just a few dollars more than the competition, Dragon Door kettlebells return the value a thousand fold.

This 24 kg is my second DD bell, and I foresee quite a few more in my future. Kettlebells will make you a man, and there's no manlier kettlebells than Dragon Door.

10/10 Worth every penny
By Vadim T. / Danbury, CT, USA

Perfectly well balanced, with comfortable thick handle and nice grip-assuring surface. I had to buy my 24 kg bell as a replacement for a cheaper model from a different company. Had enough injuries from a sharp logo and slippery finish.
I bought my first KB nearly 30 years ago and I know the real Russian classic when I see one. This is the one!

10/10 I could stare at it all day, it's that cool!
By Tim Hunt / Sudbury, ON, Canada

After receiving my first 24kg KB via Purolator (good thing I knew the delivery guy!), I tore the box open and whipped 'er out! Man are these things cool! The smooth handle and finish, the perfectly flat bottom, and that old school Russian look, it's no wonder why the RKC is THE kettlebell! Choose no substitute, and if you have trouble affording one, save up. Seriously!

I wish I had taken that advice earlier! I cheaped out on a brand (that shall not be named) whose KBs look similar to RKC KBs, but were cheaper. And how! Uneven bottoms, handles too wide for the bell size, the face (where the weight is displayed) too large, they flat out SUCK compared to DD's quality. I'll have to put 'em up for sale and turn on the salesman charm.

I'm still recovering from knee surgery though, so I can't practice with it yet. I'll have to get a 16kg one too since I won't be as strong as I was pre-op. Simply put, there's a reason why anyone whose tried DD KBs chooses them and only them!

10/10 You get what you pay for here
By Daniel L / Houston, USA

I finally decided to buy a Dragon Door KB so that I would be official and I am very glad I did. The price kept me away for quite a while but this one was currently the deal of the week so I couldn't pass it up. Now that I own one I know I will only buy Dragon Door kettlebells from now on.

The quality of this kettlebell is fantastic. The finish is smooth and the handle has a great grip. I can see now what the uproar was all about with these bells. The bottom is flatter than my other brand kettlebells and the weight feels equally distributed.

Do yourself a favor and save up money to buy these kettlebells. They are the highest quality and will last a very, very long time.

10/10 24kg Russian Kettlebell
By Gary Evans / Strongsville, USA

Fantastic! Thoroughly satisfied!
Isn't it a great feeling when a product exceeds your expectations?
The finish, the shape, the size of the handle, all
perfect and I'm one of those guys you would probably
call too picky.

10/10 Solid and dependable!
By Garrett Groszko / San Francisco, United States

This thing is crafted like a tank. Excellent size and grip. When you use it, it just feels right. Highly recommend it.

I worked up to this one and it was a bit of a struggle getting used to using this amount of weight, but it is great and really generates results.

10/10 Best bell there is!
By Brian Kunkoski / Pasadena, United Stated

Best bell I've ever used! My buddy has a couple so I used his, now I'm getting one of my own (24kg). Price held me from getting it for a while but I can't wait anymore! I've used some other bells before, and none compare. The finish is smooth so it won't tear up your hands, comfortable to grip, bottom is perfectly flat so you can do push-ups on it without busting your mouth, and its basically indestructible. I'll never get another kind of bell again. Can't wait to get this puppy in the mail!

10/10 Buy it!
By Charles Allen / Hattiesburg, MS, U.S.A

Received my 24kg (53lb) Kettlebell a month ago. I am impressed with the fit and finish. I have a 16kg Kettlebell RKC, that was purchased 5-6 years ago. Well the finish with my new bell is even better. I have tried other knock off kettlebell brands... Want the real deal? Get RKC Dragondoor! I live a hard lifestyle and will not compromise.

10/10 Why use this brand of kettlebell?
By Fred Joyal / Manhattan Beach, CA, United States

I have a couple of different brands of kettlebells, but as I got to the heavier weights I found that Dragon Door bells made a difference because of the wider grip and the fully rounded ball, which didn't hook into my wrist like bells with a flattened side. When you are doing TGU's or a Clean and Snatch, you don't want these things whacking your wristbone the wrong way.

And in 45 years of exercise, I've found nothing works faster or better than kettlebells. Essentially, your body can't cheat the exercise. Machines are worthless for that reason. With K-bells my core has gotten incredibly tight and strong, and at my age that's the name of the game.

9/10 Fantastic equipment, & worth the price.
By Kelly Joplin / Springfield, USA

After 30 years of olympic barbell training/powerlifitng, I have had to make a change. I was motivated to find a program that will improve my range of motion, develope endurance, burn fat a bit more efficiently, and yet maintain a high level of strength, with reduced injury. After putting kettlebells to the test at a local fitness center, I bought Dragon Door KB in pairs of 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, and 40kg, as well as single 10lb, and 18lb KB's. I plan on a pair of 48kg KB's later this year as well. I do multi sets of KB swings, double KB thrusters, & double KB lunges, followed by a 1-2 mile run, and this has begun to changed my life so quickly, I am humbled. So figure out the KB program that's right for you, then get the Dragon Door KB's you need, and further improve your life, as I have. I should have been doing this years ago for the simple fact, it's a great holistic way to workout, and a very effective multifactorial workout program. Dragon Door KB's are expensive, but the finish, & balance is fantastic, and each pair I have are an exact weight match. Great product, fast shipping process, great packaging. KJ

10/10 The Real McCoy
By Gary Schneider / Kamloops, B.C., Canada

I have been a certified Rolfer for 20 years. I have a black belt in White Crane Gung Fu. I have been doing all kinds of exercises all my life. This 24 kg Kettlebell kicked my butt. The changes in my overall strength, conditioning and flexibility are nothing short of amazing. Well worth the money and the pain. These Kettlebells are top quality and will last a lifetime. I finally understand real core conditioning.

10/10 The Black Mamba
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Copus Christi, TX, USA

I'm a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and this is the only tool that gives me the same specific conditioning, for grips, tension, relaxation, and helps build resilience! No other tool matters!

10/10 Great product and great customer service
By Dan Brewer / Rolla, MO, USA

This is my third Dragon Door Kettlebell. Like the others, ergonomics, balance, etc. are all perfect, far superior to what you can get elsewhere. When first delivered, the kettlebell had some minor damage to the e-coat. As soon as they became aware of this customer service responded and resolved it. This is probably the fastest and most thorough customer service response I can remember having from any on-line vendor! I will definitely be buying all my kettlebells from here from now on.

10/10 The standard by which all other Kettlebells are measured.
By Bruce Salazar / Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.

I've used and purchased KBs from virtually every other major manufacturer. No one comes close to the quality that DD provides. Other companies may claim they are just as good, but they do in fact fall short. Spend the extra $ for a DD KB and you will not regret it!

10/10 Quality and Service
By David Librizzi / Piedmont, SC, USA

The kettlebell is first-class. The coating on all my Dragondoor 'bells has held up well to the abuse of regular use. No rust. Handles have no burrs. What more to say?

The service from Dragondoor has always been excellent. Fast shipping, reasonable cost considering the weight. Will order again.

10/10 A "12"
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

I just had to write a second review on this outstanding conditioning instrument. I can't rate this bell according to your 1 to 10 chart. I must rate it a "12". If I had to leave home with only the things I could cary on my back, my 24 kg. would be right with me. It is the most versatile of all the kettlebells and as I get older I find that the heavier weights stress my joints. And so I use the 24kg. more and more.

10/10 I rate these kettlebells well above 10!!
By Shane Elton / Grinnell, IA, USA

Love how they feel in action, perfectly weighted and balanced, the grips are just the right size.

10/10 Top Shelf
By Andrew Hale / Bedminster, NJ, USA

Absolutely seamless wide grips. Other cheaper bells I own have a rough seam on top and under the grip that is dreadful on the hands. This bell feels great. 100% quality. Fast delivery and reasonable shipping. Only KB's I will purchase in the future. Thanks.

10/10 Another 10 for Dragon Door
By Don Lewis / Huntington, WV, USA

I have had my 24 Kg Kettlebell for about a month and couldn't be happier. Including Kettlebells in my WOD's is essential to staying spartan at age 55. These are the best quality Kettlebells available and well worth the cost. Very prompt delivery. Thank you Dragon Door!

10/10 Strength Builder
By Don Malec / Peninsula,IL, USA

This is my 2nd DD KB. Delivery was very fast. The handle has a perfect fit in my hands. The finish is extremely durable and the base is large and flat. I originally purchased a 20 Kg KB to prepare for the RKC. After I earned my RCK in May, Andrea (The Goddess) suggested that I "lift heavy" so I ordered the 24 Kg. I use the 24 Kg in my old workouts by reducing the reps while increasing the number of sets. Andrea was correct - my strength has increased - WOW! Thanks, Andrea!

10/10 Not a 10, But a 12
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

If I could rate this bell on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate it a 12. Like a moron, I gave my first one to a friend when I wanted to graduate to a 28kg. The thing about the 53 that I love is it's versatility. If I have to travel, this will go right in my car trunk. It's heavy enough to get a burn from, and yet light enough to get a mean cardio high at the same time. I think if I could only have one kettlebell (heaven forbid) I would have to choose the 53 pounder. Now I'm buying a second one and I ain't giving this one away. Take my word and invest in one NOW.

10/10 Simply the best!!!!! Can I rate this thing an 11?
By Andy Williams / Lexington, NC, USA

I have tirelessly searched and searched the web on kettlebells for the best possible quality one. As of right now I have four kb's (2 35 lbs & 2 53 lbs). The 2nd 53 was my first Dragon Door. After reading countless reviews I had determined that either DD's were greatly over hyped or either the premium bell they claimed to be. The only way to know for sure was to buy one for myself, let me just say this, it was definitely the ladder! I am so happy with my purchase, this is simply the best kettle bell I have ever swung! It just feels right in your hand. Not that my other kettle bells are bad, but this one really made the difference. The DD has really improved my snatch technique and the coated finish is easy on my hands that were quickly becoming calloused. Is it expensive?...Yes its is. Is it worth it?...YES EVERY PENNY. Do yourself a favor a purchase one of these to decide for yourself. I will be a return customer for sure!

10/10 No question, this is a top quality kettlebell
By Joe Wojniak / Longmont, CO, USA

I purchased the 24 kg to use on the heavy variety day recommended in "Enter the Kettlebell". Although I knew Dragon Door had the best kettlebells, I went with a lower cost brand to avoid the shipping costs for the 16 kg I'm doing timed sets with. There is simply no comparison between the kettlebell from DD and the other one. Can't beat the smooth finish, e-coat, and the perfectly flat base. If anyone is thinking about buying a kettlebell, buy from Dragon Door.

10/10 A worthwhile investment
By Derek Salerno / Richmond, Virginia, United States

This was my second kettlebell, which I purchased 4 years ago. Before this one, I had a cheap 16kg kettlebell that I bought at a sporting goods chain. I have also since purchased a 32kg "competition-style" kettlebell.

I will never again buy anything but Dragon Door Kettlebells.

I have recently picked up kettlebell training again after having gained some weight and gotten out of shape. I am using the 24kg for Snatch and TGU workouts, and my 32kg for swings. The Dragon Door KB was the most expensive of the three, but the difference in quality is significant enough to make it more than worth the difference. The handle glides comfortably from palm to hook during high-rep snatch session, which saves me from a lot of pain. My cheap 16kg used to give me blisters so bad I would often have to take weeks off of training because my hands were so torn up. The competition kettlebell is better than my cheap one, but far inferior to the DD.

10/10 The Industry Standard
By Dan Leary / Gearhart, OR, United States

Dragon Door Kettlebells ARE the industry standard in quality when it comes to kettlebells. There is no finer kettlebell on the market.

10/10 Timeless training tool
By Edwin Breed / Atlanta, GA, United States

The 24kg kettlebell from Dragon Door was my first kettlebell purchase ever. I waited 8 weeks to write this review so that I could truly immerse myself into the training. It has been a gratifying yet humbling experience to put it bluntly. I never thought that I could be crushed by just 53 pounds! Not only am I getting seriously stronger, I am getting compliments from my coworkers on the muscle gains. This is from just 2 days per week of training at 48 years of age! This is honestly the best piece of exercise equipment that I have ever purchased, and I look forward to the second kettlebell purchase when I advance to double kettlebell exercises.
This is a phenomenal training tool for anybody that is serious about getting strong.

10/10 The bells I bought in 2012 and 2017 are identical!
By Tom Denham / Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

I was worried that I would have two good 24 kg bells, but not a matched set after I bought the first one in 2012 and the second in 2017. I worried for nothing. The new bell was identical to the old one when it arrived except it was missing 4 years-worth of scratches and scrapes. I am so happy Dragon Door did not try to "improve" on perfection.

10/10 24kg - great step up from the 16.
By Daniel Lobanovsky / San Francisco, CA, USA

Started off a while back with the 16kg to experiment with some exercises for surfing and mountain biking. For what I do, this is the best type of weight for a more realistic sports application movement. An unlimited amount of cool exercises you can do without getting bored of repetition.
Jumped on up to the 24kg bell almost a year later, and it certainly was very noticeable in the beginning. Can't recommend this combo more for a do it all two-bell set up. Very impressed with the quality. I live by the ocean, and although these stay close to the outside, there is no rust. Grip is excellent., and they look great. Super pleased. Absolutely worth the investment.

10/10 Hooligans Boxing & MMA
By Christopher Hooligans Boxing & MMA Cox / North Ridgeville, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Bought several of the RKC kettlebells in pairs 16kg, 20kg, 24kg & 32kg. Every kettlebell has been above & beyond expectation which is amazing in a fight gym where we "abuse" our equipment with overuse daily. I could not recommend RKC more highly, IF YOU ARE considering a kettlebell company to outfit your gym or home THIS IS IT HANDS DOWN! The cost is slightly higher but you are buying the BEST & there will never be another brand in my gym because quality means something. RKC is the only brand that works as hard as my athletes do STRIVE FOR PERFECTION & ACCEPT NOTHING LESS

10/10 I threw out my cheap kettlebell
By Keith Moore / ATL, Georgia, USA

Don't buy cheap kettlebells - this is the real deal. I made the mistake of ordering a kettlebell from Amazon a few months ago. The handles were rough and tore up my hands, and the proportions weren't right for certain exercises such as get-ups (it put too much pressure on my forearms).

After my DragonDoor kettlebell arrived, I threw out the cheap kettlebell.

10/10 Dragon Door Kettlebells Better Than Expected
By Greg Christian / Fort Worth, Texas, United States

I now own the "beast" [48kg], the "bulldog" [40kg] and (2) 24kg kettlebells. I couldn't be more pleased with these products. I work out in my garage and my KB workouts [3-4 per week] are the talk of the neighborhood. I'm 65 years old and am in the best shape of my life! Amazingly, the bulldog now feels "light" after dealing with the beast. I use the beast for strength [10-12 swings per set] and the bulldog more for endurance [15-20 swings per set]. I use the dual 24's for double KB ladders. My workouts last no longer than 37 minutes but they are rigorous. I use the Intervals Pro app on my iPhone to insure EMOM cadence & discipline.

About the bells - they are awesome - superb quality and, as you say, a lifetime investment. I now plan on ordering the 16kg for my wife who is sufficiently "intrigued" by my strength, endurance and overall level of fitness. Nothing like success to produce success!!!

If you're in the market for kettlebells, do yourself a favor and do NOT purchase any product other than a Dragon Door KB - you pay a little more but it is so worth it!

10/10 Movement options
By Katherine Grimm / Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

We train the tactical population and athletes. These kettlebells have given us so many options and diversity necessary in training. I have seen and used crappy kettlebells, I will never purchase anything other than Dragondoor RKC. They set the standard.

10/10 Incredible quality that has stood my test of time
By Paul Lafferty / West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

I have ordered bells of various sizes from various companies. Dragon Door is indeed always the highest quality and I needed a matching 24kg to my current "Bosco" (all my bells are named). The incredible part I believe is that over my 8 years of using my 24kg it still looked almost identical and weighed the exact same as the new bell. This is a testament to the quality of e-coat and casting because I juggle my bells and they have hit the ground plenty. Through all of that their product has remain unchanged. Dragondoor for the win!!

10/10 You get what you pay for
By Vintage Clintage / Oak Hill, WV, USA

I have used 3 other brands of kettlebells, and the quality and feel of the dragon door bells is superior to any I have used. They are more expensive, but if they are part of you everyday life, its worth the investment.

10/10 Best bells out there!
By John Crotty / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Having used a variety of different kettlebell brands, RKC has always been my absolute favorite. They are well worth paying a little extra money for. To boot, their customer service is excellent!

10/10 Worth every penny
By James Amone / Philadelphia, PA, United States

I started with the old version of perform better's kettlebells which are really nice but they changed them. As I improved and needed heavier bells I tried another company's e-coats to save a couple bucks. Big mistake. I finally splurged on dragon door and is was worth the cost. I purchased a 24kg and a 32 kg. The fit and finish is just about perfect. The handle side is perfect (or at least what I'm used to). Smooth and not to thick or loopy. It's been a blast getting to the simple goal of swings and get ups with the 32 and this bell makes it a pleasure. Now as I work toward sinister I'll spend the extra for a dragon door Beast. Well worth it!

10/10 Nice sized handle and quality finish
By Jonathon Swiger / The Dalles, OR, USA

Received my 24kg kettlebell after out growing my 16kg and 20kg kettlebells. First it arrived when Dragon Door said it would. The e coat finish is amazing and is really easy on the hands. There are no burs and it is obvious they pay attention when finishing these. My other two bells are from a competitor are powder coated which is not nearly as easy on the hands. The other thing I noticed about the Dragon Door RKC kettlebell is the handle is perfect for two handed swings. I have large hands and other kettlebells are a little cramped for two handed work. I will be ordering more as I work my way up. Thank you!

8/10 DD 24kg Kettlebell - Worth it!
By William Quinn / Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

OK..compared to the rest, the DD kettlebells are the best. You'll never have to replace it and it is indeed an investment. The premium price does buy you a premium product. I have just about every other "high end" brand of kettlebell and DDs are CONSISTENTLEY the best. You actually get what you pay for. I've replaced kettlebells that cost half as much but I've had to buy two over time. Get the picture. Buying cheap gets expensive! This bell would have received a 10 however, I had a decent ridge/spur on the left, inside part of the horn that needed to be sanded down with a dremel. For the price, I expect these kettlebells to be perfect but I do understand that one may slip by Quality Review/Controls at the factory.

10/10 Happy with my kettlebell
By Luis Herrera / Sunnyvale, California, United States

Just received my second 24Kg. I chose RKC again because it is the best of all kettlebell brands I own. A little more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

10/10 No comparison.
By Mickey Pesek / West Des Moines, Iowa, United States

I've been working with kettlebells for 3 yrs personally and with my clients and RKC bells are the best. After countless drops and throws indoor and outdoors they are in the same condition as the the day I purchased them. Keep up the good work!

9/10 Quality and Performance - AMAZING
By Michael Rasborn / Lake Forest, IL, USA

Returning to KB training since 2 months, after focusing on old school calisthenics and rope functional training, I chose to revisit the Iron ball...critical addition, especially TGU and Swing and Snatch....but not happy with my current KB - not that they are dropped or banged around at all - they just seem brittle? (cheap)

I've been waiting all week for delivery of my RKC KB - it was on time! Bravo! On picking it up, definitely a solid 24KG ( I also pictured UPS carrying it to my door...). After reading literally almost every review, I bought it as my birthday present - it does look and feel exceptional. I already have 3 enamalled/chippable 8, 12, 20 KG; my Chinese 16kg is solid and doesn't chip, but not a flat base - my work horse.

I love the texture, using some talc/chalk is great - shape and handle size is awesome and symmetrical, no blemishes - exceptional construction - weight distribution seems very well balanced. At 157Ibs lean and tight, I squeezed out 3-4 snatches per side, pressing was sweet too ---- work in progress for time. Swings are amazing - WHY a 9, well, still a little expensive; but the quality is WORTH it. It's an investment. Let's see how bulletproof it really is?

I am working towards functional super strength goal for my back,shoulders,legs,core,stamina, recovery etc...long life, and the HKC and RKC certification so I can teach the best form; and will be focusing on swings RKC hardstyle for everyone I will train in the near future this year; but I need to train my self first. Amazing low-tech strength tool.

Thank you DRAGON DOOR.

10/10 24 kg Kettlebell
By Dan Heely / Tuscola, IL, USA

Couldn't be happier with my latest addition. I already owned a 24kg 'bell from a different company, but added a dragon door 'bell so I could do doubles. The quality and craftsmanship differences are obvious. Dragon Door will be my one stop shopping from now on.

10/10 The best!
By Pete Berzk / Tecumseh, NE, USA

Both the service and the products from Dragon Door are top notch. I just purchased the 24kg as my fourth k-bell from Dragon Door. I've been a gym rat most of my life and wish I had discovered kettlebells much earlier. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I made my acquaintance to these insidious cast iron balls with a handle. None the less, at fifty-nine years old I get one heck of a cardio workout, feel leaner and meaner, and have adopted these as my primary exercise tools.

10/10 Pretty Sweet KB
By Jorge Mendoza / San Diego, CA, USA

I have been using an Apollo 35lb for a while to get started and i loved it. but once i graduated and received my 53lb dragon door kettlebell i was smitten. Your kettle bells just feel solid, and badass. I look forward to working out with it every day and never leave without feeling completely obliterated by it. I was initially hesitant because of the price and shipping, but lesser kettle bells aren't that much cheaper and after using it for a few weeks i can say its definitely worth it!! all around awesome product guys!!

10/10 Can't ask for more
By M. Cavasos / Sabinal, Tx

Plain and simple. A perfect product. Quality is better than any other Kettlebell I've used. No more kettlebells that are just painted black. Save yourself time and just get your kettlebells from Dragon Door.

10/10 A Home Gym That Fits Under Your Bed
By Adlai Perry / Loxahatchee, FL USA

You can't beat a Dragon Door Kettlebell - they have a beautiful balance to them, and they feel so nice in your hands. I can't recommend them highly enough.

And of course, if you've never tried a kettlebell, you'll always be a second rate competitor.

10/10 The best piece of exercise equipment ever!
By Brandon Smith / Marina, CA

About four weeks ago I recieved my new kettlebell. The increase in weight has been a significant challenge for me, but I am slowly getting better and more confident with handling the weight. I own two smaller kettlebells that I use in conjunction with this one to vary my workout regime. I am finding the key to all of this is changing things up all of the time and using my own imagination to come up with tougher, yet safe workouts. I am glad my buddy Jeff introduced me to these. The recent strength increases I have gotten has been very beneficial to me at work and at home. Also Pavel's books have also been a great source of inspiration and guidance.

10/10 Great workout tool when deployed.
By Jason Lam / FOB Pasab, Afghanistan

Currently stationed out here in Afghanistan. I ordered the 16kg initially then went ahead and ordered 24kg afterwards. After coming back from a patrol, it was great to see another packaged kettlebell sitting near my cot. It was even better to start using it! This kettlebell is exactly what I was looking for and needed. It's perfect in a deployed environment. I'm looking forward to continue using it when I get home.

10/10 Well-designed product
By Bill Fischer / Syracuse, USA

I purchased a few Powermax kettlebells from a national sporting goods chain a few years ago and have used them occasionally. As I started to ramp up my kettlebell training, I became annoyed with the rough finish and small handle size of the Powermax product. I did some comparison shopping before purchasing this bell from DragonDoor.

I am very happy with the bell. It has a smooth finish, is well crafted, and has plenty of room for both of my hands when doing swings. Well worth the investment.

10/10 BUY THIS BELL!!!
By Matt Wiggins / Taylorsville, USA

DragonDoor makes the best kettlebells on the market. I have owned several, and for the money, these are the best I've handled hands down. Superb finish, balance, and it swings and snatches better than any other kettlebell I've used. Its sturdy and well built so I know it will last for quite a long time. The smooth handle is a must for doing snatches! Other kettlebells have rough handles and after only a few snatches, your hands have had it!

10/10 Most Definitely the Superior Dragon Door Bells
By Daniel Fazzari / Carson City, USA

Can't add much to the multitude of great reviews here, but I'll echo what I wrote about the new e-coat 16k...the texture and balance of these e-coat bells is really awesome. Seamless, perfectly round handles, and super flat bottoms. These are most definitely the superior Dragon Door bells.

10/10 Never going back
By Paul L / Philadelphia, USA

I worked with lower quality bells convinced they were high standards. Today i recieved my first DD kettlebell (24kg). The craftsmanship is impecable and the weight is perfect and balanced. Although it will take a while before I can become versed with a 24kilo, a few sets of swings are good for now and I cannot wait to purchase more at dragondoor. I'm never going back to lesser kettlebells

10/10 best quality hands down
By Sarah D. / DELAND, FL, United States

I've trained with a couple of different brand kettlebells and these are the best quality by far!

10/10 Kettlebell Power
By Lance Mosley / Boca Raton, Florida

I received my KB about a week or so ago. Let me just start out by saying the quality is second to none. I needed a 53er to bone up for my certification, that is coming up. I had bought some adjustable KB's because I was trying to save some $$$$$$, but now I can say that, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUE FOR THE REAL RUSSIAN KB!!!

10/10 I LOVE my kettlebell's!
By sarah rodriguez / La Verne, CA USA

I absolutely love my kettlebell's! I've been watching lots of videos on kettlebell exercises and trying to master them all! I am definitely going to be purchasing more from dragon door!

10/10 Great quality.
By Shane P / W, Kansas, USA

The first kettlebells I bought were RKC kettlebells and that was almost 15 years ago. I still use them. My new 24kg KB has the same quality and finish as those. Great piece of equipment. No frills, noting super exciting, just a great quality product to make functional human beings. Keep up the great work.

10/10 Best Quality Around
By Chris LaBrecque / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

The finish and durability is a cut above the rest. Smooth handle with grip finish provides comfortable grip. I use this indoors and out, and the Dragondoor 24KG kettlebell has been my best friend while training for the RKC.. Next step is to get a double!


The rating says it all. Design and functional capability were expected from RKC - that is why we pay the big bucks : don't want any surprises. Using kettlebells for about a year on a fairly regular basis with time out for cutting and piling fire wood and a little time recovering from an injury last summer while trying to do very deep squats with my RKC 44. At 68 maybe some of these things have to be left to the younger people. Got Bud Jefferies "I Will Be Iron." Between that and the new 53, I am afraid my weight loss will amount to an arm ripped out at the shoulder and it along with the 53 will be headed for the swamp. Bud's book is encouraging - I am just trying to get in shape. I regret there being no RKC instructors in this area. Books and videos are all I have, but i know there are things i should know and am probably doing some things wrong. Ruptured disk about 30 years ago, but proper use of KB does not concern me. A really great tool. If more people used these things in the proper fashion there would be a lot less back problems . If someone is wandering thru the swamp and finds a 53 with an arm attached please detach the arm and throw it away but return the 53 - being an RKC it must be worth something.

10/10 Extremely pleased
By Kevin Christie / New York, NY, USA

As advertised...Great quality, and finish. Feels great in my hands for both grinds and ballistics. I would definitely order additional bells from Dragon Door.

10/10 Surprise Gains in Endurance, Speed and Strength
By Brandon Nugent / Campbell, CA USA

The more I swing, the more I am blown away by how much it contributes to my athletic success outside the realm of kettlebells.

Since initiating a consistent swing regimen, my run times have gone, my stamina has gone up and my ability to move large weight has improved.

None of those things would have happened if I had only been training in those modalities. I am CONVINCED that the swings are the cornerstone block for fitness.

Change yourself, one swing at a time!

10/10 Solid product, as always.
By Jordan Vezina / Palo Alto, CA USA

I ordered up a new 24 kg. for competition use. I've received 'other' kettlebells with fat seams in the handle that I knew would mess with my snatch cadence and break my concentration, but this one showed up perfect as usual. When I order form Dragon Door I know I don't have to worry about defects. The only caveat is that I'm not a fan of this finish and I sand it off to save my hands. Otherwise top notch.

9/10 Put some ZING back in your workout when the 35lb gets light
By honkey / Maine USA

I got my 24k (53lb) kettlebell and I am happy. I made very quick gains with the 35 and blew through the Enter The Kettlebell program in just 3 weeks. In retrospect a 44 lb would of been a better starting point for me. I went from being able to only do 150 swings without stopping (about 2.5 minutes) to being able to do the dreaded 12 minutes of swings and snatches without stopping.

SO when the 24k arrived I looked forward to a new chalenge. AND CHALENGE IT IS !!!! The 53 pounder feels twice as heavy as the 35.

With the Rite of Passage drills I am back on the bottom and swings and snatches kill me. I can only do 3 minutes of swings without stopping and snatches are about the same.

I feel very chalenged and motivated to master this bell.

The finish is excelent. I like the handle a little rough. I find a super slick handle is either very hard to hold on to when wet with sweat or tears the hands up when dry.

THE ONLY REASON I GAVE THE BELL A 9 INSTEAD OF A 10 IS THAT MINE WEIGHS 50.6 LBS INSTEAD OF 53. I don't feel its a big deal, just a quality control issue. It dosen't matter to me all that much I plan to buy more Dragon Door bells in the future. OVERALL I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THEIR PRODUCTS !!!

10/10 Awesome 'bell.
By Dave Knoester / Detroit, MI, USA

Very happy with this kettlebell. Have a 35lbs 'bell from somewhere else, and this one is night-and-day better. The finish is easy on the hands, durable, and it's well-balanced. Highly recommended.

9/10 Expensive, but beautifully manufactured
By Shane Clark / Boston, MA, US

I do not have any experience with other kettlebells, but this one is solidly made, easy to hold, and the outside coating is smooth and uniform. While one can find a similarly weighted dumbbell for about half the price, those are produced on a massive scale, are easier to cast, and (in my experience) have about a 10% chance of cutting your hand open with a burr at some point.

I love my kettlebell and will buy again from Dragon Door if and when I need more.

9/10 Fantastic Product
By Denny Smith / Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Incredible craftsmanship, balance and quality.

10/10 Outstanding
By Robert Myers / Davie, Florida, United States

Received my kettlebells and very pleased with purchase. Started my workout and finally enjoying working out and feeling progress. Thank you.

10/10 New finish seems to work well.
By Andy Franklin / Bay City, Texas, USA

Just received the 53lb kettlebell and it's doing its best to beat me into submission. NOT going to happen!

The new finish concerned me at first as I wondered if it would be the same as the old glossy epoxy coating they used to have. It feels better and allows for a better grip without trying to rip skin off.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this kettlebell and am looking forward to the strength gains in my near future.

10/10 Beautiful Intensity
By Doak / Beverly, Ohio

Purchased the 24kg after months of 16kg introduction. Perfect weight, along with pistons and push-ups, the core strength and function I desire has been pushed to new heights. Was recommended this weight as the final bell I would ever need! I have plenty of practice before I would need to step up. I would reccomend this to anyone seeking to intensify their workout, proper form is essential- the additional weight will not let you cheat without pain. I have a slender build @ 6'1 and have never had rock solid striated muscles in my legs before the KB. In twenty minutes of practice five days a week, I have had results unlike any other discipline, lifting, martial arts, or cardio. I am sold on the benefit of KB's and the functional strength. You won't regret this purchase comrade!

By Curtis / San Bernardino, California

This is simply the single most awesome piece of gym equipment ever conceived. I take it everywhere with me.

I'd purchased several "Go Fit" brand kettlebells from a major sporting goods chain store, and had been happy enough with them, but they didn't make anything beyond 45 pounds. My whole hesitation with Dragon Door had been the exorbitant cost of shipping, but that's not its fault. As it were, I got hooked on the kettlebell the first day I tried my introductory 35 pounder, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I broke down and did the mail order thing.

I can't begin to explain the excitement I had the day my 24 kg (53 lbs) Dragon Door KB arrived. I'd been overdue for something heavier across the board, and knew something as simple as the added 8 more pounds on the single-arm snatch would present a whole new challenge. I noticed a few things about the DD KB right up front:

1) Its gloss coating made for considerably less wear and tear on my palms than the other brand - a definite plus when you're cleaning and jerking and snatching and God-knows-what-else several pounds of cast iron over and over and over again.

2) Its handle was a bit narrower than I was used to, but that only really came into play on two-handed swings, and wasn't a particular problem.

Now, I know for sure I'll be stepping up to the next weight in a month or so. It's inevitable, so I'm psyching up for another killer shipping cost. But I'm hooked, and it's the only way I'm gonna get that fix. At 48 years old with a history of BAD shoulders and knees from conventional weightlifting injuries, I've now gotten really into the old-school functional strength workouts--kettlebells and body weight--and feel stonger WITHOUT injury than I have in years. The way the KB uses so many muscle groups at one time for any number of exercises is a major gasser--it's awesome how you can blast your muscles and lungs at the same time with this one pice of equipment . . . absolutely killer. When I occasionally go into a gym for the regular weightlifting workout, I'm actually stronger at many of those lifts than I ever had been. Go figure, I'm loving the intensity and brutality of the simpler workouts. And my shoulders are stronger, bigger, and more flexible and--perhaps most important--pain free--than in years!

With my shoulders, I have to avoid many exercises, but the KB has proven to be all I need for them. The techniques used in cleans and presses and swings and snatches keep the arms in close to the body, so I avoid putting undue strain by extending the shoulder; yet, I get a blasting workout. In fact my 14-years younger brother recently asked what I'd been doing to my shoulders--when I told him, he went out and bought a 35 and 45 pounder within the next week. My 15 year-old son also is into them now; I plan for him to start off right by doing intense compound functional strength exercises instead of a lot of the time-wasting isolation exercises I spent so many years doing.

I spend a couple nights away from home each week, and now keep at least two of my KBs in my trunk. Now I never miss a workout.

If you're looking at this site, it means you're curious. Go for it; you won't regret it.

10/10 The right grip
By Dave Murray / Phoenix,AZ, USA

I am quite delighted with this and the other kettlebells that I bought from Dragon Door. I like the finish and especially the handle. Comfortable sure grip.

10/10 Awesome kettlebell
By Christine D / St. Louis, MO, USA

I have been kettlebelling for about 3 years now and use my kettlebells most days of the week. I LOVE all of my kettlebells that I have purchased through Dragon Door. The handles are the right size for my hands and don't have any bumps on them. I like the feeling of the coating. I know they are a bit pricey compared to other companies, but I feel the quality is consistently great and I plan on kettlebelling for the rest of my life, so the investment is worth it. The 24kg is what I needed next for my kettlebell program and it swings like a dream.

7/10 Good, but room for improvement
By Ethan K. / Portland, U.S.A.

I recently got a 20 and 24kg dragondoor kettlebell. I love the finish and I will make great use of them. My only con comes from using kettlebells outdoors on gravel, concrete, and other surfaces that will damage the finish. My other kettlebells have a removable rubber bumper on the base that protects the base and allows me to set it on any surface without damage. I won't buy from dragondoor again until I see that feature.

10/10 Spend the Extra $$
By Ed Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

Don't go for the cheaper kettlebells. Believe me it's not worth it. The enamel finish chips if banged and can damage your hands. The finish on the DD bells won't. Also, it's just cooler to have an authentic Russian kettlebell. Spend the extra few bucks and get the original.

10/10 Clearly designed by someone who uses kettlebells
By Jim Davison / Saginaw, MI, USA

As soon as you pick up one of Dragon Door's kettlebells, you can tell they were designed by someone who actually uses kettlebells for real. The handle is just a perfect fit and balance for both one hand and two hand use.

10/10 Sumo Dead Lift Highpull Buddy!
By Terry Travinsky / Fayetteville. N.C, USA

I'm a 63 years young man that started working out withmyDragonDoor kettlebells on 15 July 2013. I have tryed many other types of exercise and different work outs. All were ok and had some good results. However I read a lot about kettlebells at my local book store and divided to give it a try. I found Dragon Door inthe Internet and read some reviews. Then I ordered my first kettlebell. I went a litte lightat first, just a 12 kilo kettlebell.started doing two hand swings for a good fat urn workout. Byrne way, I was 300 lbs when I started, mostly fat! I then bought the beast! That is the 48 lb,106 lb kettlebell for my Sumo Dead Lifts. I have now built a lot of muscle in my legs and arms. I really feel great. About 15 Aug I bought the 24 kilo kettlebell to replace the 12 kilo for my swings. It proved to bea little heavy yet for me to do my swings, so I ordered a 16 kilo for the swings. Waiting for it to arrive now. However the 24 kilo works great for mySumo dead lift Highpulls. So i am a very happyDtahon Door customer. I now have my 12 kilo to domy over presses and one arm rows, my 16 kilo for my two hand 45 minutes of kettlebell swings, 24 kilo for my sumo Dead Lift Highpulls, and my 48 kilo, beast! For my Sumo Dead. Lifts. I'm losing a lot of weight and feeling the best I have ever felt in my life! Thank you Drago Door and your nice customer service staff! Yours truly, Terry Travinsky

By Alex S / Walnut Creek, United States

This is the golden mean of kettlebells - right between 16 and 32: it gives sufficiently more load than 16 kg, so the form of each move has to be very good to avoid injuries; and it is much more responsive and playful than 32. This is the weight the soviets used for soldiers' fitness, but pretty surely better made and balanced. If you are a minimalist, this bell with a patch of grass or rubber matting is all you would need for daily routines.
I ordered this bell as a replacement for one that I gave to a friend. Soon enough he told me that when he is angry, instead of arguing he presses the bell. I can totally relate to that: with that much iron flying that high - you have to tune out from all the crap and focus on what you doing.

10/10 great kettlebell
By Bryan Smith / Miami, FL, US

This kettlebell really is the gold standard!

9/10 Get this kettlebell
By Denice Johnson / Richmond, VA, USA

I would have given it a 10 if the price had been better! I'm a female and the thickness of
the handle is good.

10/10 Great purchase
By George Jackson / Boulder, USA

Great quality kettlebell. Well worth the money!

9/10 Holy S**T!!!
By Gabriel Anderson / Irvine, CA, USA

I know these Kettlebell's are pricey, but just get it! I've been working out for a while, and recently purchased the 24 KG kettlebell.

Kicked... my... ass!

In 28 days, I've put on 7lbs of lean muscle. And the only thing I've done differently is adding 75 2-arm swings into my routine.

Get it... you won't regret.

10/10 Quality product
By Charles Christopher / Buffalo, NY, United States

You would be surprised how much different two identical hunks of metal can feel. The weight distribution is much better with Dragondoor kettlebells. And the handle feels great. Also, it shipped right on time!

10/10 Makes the perfect combo!
By Desmond Depass / New York, USA

I've been training with one of these for quite a while now and have been wanting to go up in weight. After practicing with two of them for a weekend, I realized that getting two of them was the answer to pushing my skills to the next level. I absolutely love working with two of these. They give the weight of a beast, but are very versatile as a pair. Thank you Dragon Door for making fantastic products.

9/10 Best out of 6 brands
By Norman T. / Jakarta, Indonesia

I own 6 brands of KBs (incl. Dragon Door's) and have to say that DD KB is the best I've used so far. Honestly I was quite surprised since 2 out of the 6 were "Made in the USA", but still fall short of the DD KB (to be fair, nothing is wrong with Lifeline's KBs, but I do prefer the handle on my DD KB for snatches). Basically what I'm saying is that for those who are concerned about DD KB not being made in the US, do not worry because the quality is there!

The only reason I'm giving a 9 and not a 10 in this review is because so far I've only owned the 24kg from DD, whereas all the other brands I own from 8kg - 32kg ... so, my plan is to get more DD KBs and perhaps bump up my review to a 10 :)

10/10 Exactly as ordered - Highest Quality
By D D / Tempe, USA

Like others have written before, it's always fun to see the delivery guy haul the box to the door. I ordered the 24KG model and it's perfect. Dragondoor has absolutely the highest quality KBs on the market. I've purchased bells from 3 other brands and there is no question in my mind that Dragondoor is the best. The handle is the right size with the right finish and the bottom is perfectly flat so the bell sits stable while I push up. I will only buy from Dragondoor from this point on.

10/10 Good investment
By Serge A. / Portland, OR, USA

After reading the numerous reviews for the 24kg kettlebell, I was convinced enough that I decided to invest in one for myself. I was impressed when the kettlebell finally arrived. The other reviewers aren't lying, this really is a top quality kettlebell. The finish is smooth with coating that doesn't wear off.
Although it's still heavy for me, as I'm still working up to it with my other 16kg kettlebell, I use the 24kg for swings and get-ups on certain days.
It's actually a lot heavier than I expected, so I would recommend that an average guy like me (5' 10", 160 lbs) start with a 16kg and occasionally test his strength gains with the 24kg.

10/10 REAL Deal
By Anonymous / Sacramento, CA USA

It exceeded my expectations.

10/10 Plenty Heavy
By Jeff Heilman / Lebanon, PA USA

The ordering and delivery process was flawless and the kettle bell arrived undamaged. There were unexpected rough spots on the handle that probably should have been cleaned up before shipping. Overall, a very good piece of exercise equipment.

10/10 Tremendous!!!
By Major Scott J / Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

I have been using KBs now for about 8 months and have made tremendous gains in overall fitness.

I recently ordered my second 24kg in order to start doing doubles with the ETK ladders...still continuing to gain and lose in the all the right places.

As a Marine I found KBs to be an excellent fitness tool both in a deployed and garrison environment.

Semper Fi,

10/10 Great kettlebell
By Peter / San Diego

It's tough for a novice to pick the right bell. After a month working with a 16 kg I was ready for this one and have made rapid progress with it focusing on Pavel's programs outlined in "Enter the Kettlebell". If you're an athletic male with a history of working out you will probably end up with one of these sooner than you think. For your reference, I'm 42 years old, not a body-builder, but have worked out (weights, yoga, boxing, Krav Maga) since my teen years.

10/10 Experience Quantum Mechanics
By Tom / Brightwaters, NY

Just like the Russians to develop the periodic table, they produced a tool to workout in three dimentional space. Once you begin to workout the kettlebell infuses itself with your essence. You will experience you entering the kettlebell and transversing back into your body during your workout. And just llke the "ring" in tolkkin's books the kettlebell will call to you. You will find yourself suddenly picking it up to do a clean or press or some other movement every time you pass it by. Best of all there are no bad workouts but great learning experiences.

10/10 All the weightroom I need!
By Ken Bathgate / Baghdad, Iraq

I'm currenly staioned In Iraq. I ordered another kettlebell to be shipped here. It arrived safe and sound. The mailroom really whined, though. Now all I need is a sandpile (not hard to find) and a spare hour to get all the workout I need. The army really needs the kettlebell to be part of their TO&E.

10/10 One tough mother
By Mark / MO

The 53 lb. kettlebell is one tough workout tool. DO NOT underestimate it. You'll read those words a lot and for good reason. No wonder the strongest and toughest men throughout history trained with them. I DL over 400 lbs but "practicing" with that bell made me realize I'm not as tough as I thought. It will humble you very quickly.

10/10 All you need.
By Sean Murray / California USA

After using my new 24kg bell I'm far from disappointed, the quality and craftsmanship is a bar setter. is the factory for top quality kettlebells. I'm a very happy customer with a new Iron baby!

10/10 Swinging the 1.5 pood helped me master my 1 pood
By David / Houston, TX, USA

I have been training with kettlebells for a little over 6 months now and I am extremely pleased with the strength gains I have made. About a month and a half ago I ordered the 1.5 pood because the 1 pood had become too easy to press. After using it for various presses and ballistics for a while i found that the gains i had made had given me enough strength to do more technicly demanding drills with my 1 pood(bottom up cleans/presses, sots press with squat, as well as flipping and juggling the bells). Thank you Pavel for leading the way in what should render all other fitness crazes in this country obsolete.

10/10 Simply the best
By Michael J Mulroy / Madison, NJ USA

I have bought Kettlebells from other sources but Dragon Doors look and feel the best. Coupled with Enter The Kettlebell DVD and I am well on my way to Minneapolis for the RKC testing.

10/10 Just do it
By Garry / Washington DC

I'm 55 years old and I started with the 16Kg kettlebell 10 weeks ago. When I saw amazing gains using the 16Kg KB I wanted to kick it up a notch. Glad I did. I call my 16 Kg KB "Bad" and now the 24 Kg KB "Badder." In two weeks I'm up to 5 ladders with 4 rungs and 300 swings. Enjoy the pain.

10/10 Superior Product
By Eric Geyer / Beaufort, SC

As an avid kettlebeller, I have purchased many of Pavel's products. However, until now I have never bought a DragonDoor Kettlebell. I figured that they weren't worth the extra money because kettlebells had to be pretty much the same. Well, I could not have been more wrong.

As I began to do more and more snatches I felt limited by my kettlebell: material, grip, handle, etc. Accordingly, I purchased a 24kg kettlebell from DragonDoor out of curiosity. The difference is amazing. I wish I had bought it sooner. I HIGHLY recommend DragonDoor's Kettlebells.

10/10 Another hit, good product good service
By Scott Wagner / Tri-Cities, WA

I just wonder if your scale is off, becuase it feels more like 150 pounds when I snatch it LOL! I love the direction my life and health are going thanks to the kettlebell and the party(forum) members at dragndoor.

10/10 First Kettlebell
By Ki / nashville, TN

wow, if there ever is such a thing as functional strength; this thing delivers it. i started training with it and all the things people say got stronger; my hands, my lungs, my hips. i'm always carrying around 5 gallon jugs of water and they have become so light now. i just clean and jerk them like they're nothing! kettlebells are serious badass-ness.
thanks dragon-door

10/10 My favorite ball of iron!!!!
By Zach / Nortonville, Ky USA

The quality of this bell is excellent. I have had other bells but this one is my favorite. The coating is great, the handle is not too rough or too slick. I would recomend DD bells to anyone. Aside from the quality of the bell itsself it has made a huge impact on my strength and conditioning. I have gotten more strength out of 3 months of kettlebelling than 6 months of bodybuilding routines. That was before I found out about the party though. Many thanks to Pavel and the party. God Bless

10/10 It hurts really good!!!!!
By Bryan Stoops / Chino Hills, CA USA

I started with two 36 pounders and worked with those for about eight months. I started to feel really comfortable with the 36 pounders. This is not to say that my kettlebell workouts were easy. I just started to feel like I wanted to take it up a notch. I did look into some kettlebells that I heard were at a major sporting goods store. That store only had up to 44 pounders. Usually, I am all about immediate gratification, but I didn't give in. I ordered my 53 pounder online and waited it out for a few days. I'm glad I waited. The bell is the same high quality that I expect from DragonDoor. I'm actually delaying my daily workout by writing this right now, but I have nothing but positive things to say about my DragonDooor expereinces, my new kettlebell, and the gains I have made in strength since I started working out with kettlbells.

10/10 this is my second 24kg, an excellent tool
By Caesar Marciales, mbr of Old School Barbell Club / Westminster, CA

This is my 2nd 24kg Kettlebell, and my 3rd overall Kettlebell. After starting with the 16kg, I quickly moved to the 24kg. NOw I am doing doubles work and I must say that swinging two 24kgs give you a lung searing heart pumping feeling that single kettlebell work will be hard pressed to match. My strength, endurance, and size gains have been extremely rapid. Doing Military Press ladders has already carried over to my bench, no more sore shoulders, and my starting power off the chest is greater than ever. I recommend double kettlebell work to anyone and everyone looking to improve their strength, endurance, and body image.

10/10 53 lbs - perfect weight
By Mike Shack / Long Island, NY USA

I've been exercising for over 20 years and using KB's for the past 3. Just recently, I added the 53lb KB to my repertoire of 35 and 44lbs. It's the perfect weight! I still warm up and cool down w/ the lower weights, but the "standard" as I like to call it gives me just the right resistance and feel for exercises like the clean and press and the one arm snatch. KB's are one of the best investments I've ever made and they'll last forever. They make the best portable gym. Bring them out in the backyard and get some fresh air and sunshine while you train. Enjoy!

9/10 I bought this one for a reason,..
By Gary King / Springfield, MO

It did weigh actually exactly 24kg. I have big hands so I should probably not complain, but I found that the circumference of the handle did make it a challenge to hold on to during high rep swings and snatches. I imagine that this could be viewed as a benefit to those who are working on improving their grip strength. For those trying to achieve the highest possible reps early, it'll be a drawback. The quality of the manufacturing seemed very good, but then, what else would you expect from a Dragondoor product? I bought it for two reasons. 1:I knew that the quality would be good and, 2: because when I test for RKC, I'll have practiced with the kettlebell I'll have to use to pass my test.

10/10 Everything I thought and more!
By Cory Holmes / Fond du Lac, WI USA

The kettlebell was everything I thought it would be and more. It is the most compact piece of gym equipment and the best way that I have found to tone your core!

10/10 Excellent equipment
By Michael Bacigalupi / Sedona, AZ

Kettlebells are a brand new world of exercise. I am enjoying working with these and have seen results already. After some 30 years of conventional weight lifting, I though I had seen it all. But Pavel's methods have truly made a big difference. I highly recommend these to anyone who is serious about trying something new.

10/10 Love the 24kg kettlebell
By Nathan England / Missouri, USA

Once again, I'm not disappointed with these products. This thing is well-made, and does its job well. It's fun to use and feels great. It is the perfect next step after the 44 lb kettlebell.

10/10 You get your money back in physical results.
By Pomaikai H. / Hilo, HI USA

I wish I bought the kettlebell sooner. I work in the Fire Service at the busiest station on the Island and staying in shape is a goal of mine. I was first introduced to the kettlebell workout in the year 2000 by a Fire Captain. He let me borrow his book about the kettlebell routines. At that time I was very skeptical about integrating a kettlebell workout into my routine, and I didn't. I was reintroduced to the kettlebell workout 2 months ago by a Firefighter who dropped off two of his kettlebells at the Station. Once again I was skeptical, however this time I started to use it during my workouts. Now I am hooked on the kettlebell workout. THANK YOU.

9/10 First Experience
By P. Curry / Illinois, USA

This was my first crack at kettlebells. This product was recommended to me by a long time user that has tried many different models. I am happy with purchase and will buy more in the future.

10/10 no substittute
By Steve Dembro / West Boylston, Mass(USA)

I have purchased several Dragondoor kettlebells, and the other companies that make them dont compare. I purchased 1 from somewhere else(an 80lb'r), and the shape, size, and grip are dislikeably different. I only wish you made an 80lb'r.

10/10 Another fantastic purchase from DragoonDoor!
By Msgt William Carroccia USMC / Twentynine Palms, CA USA

Just as I expected I got a top notch product (a 53 lb kettlebell)to pair up with the 4 others I purchased in the past. Could not be more pleased. Fast shipping, and tremendous communication from DragonDoor. Thanks!

10/10 Wonderful Toy
By Don Rankin / Birmingham, AL

WEll, what can I say. I started off about a year or more ago with a 44 lb. I worked with it; learned a few exercises and noticed the incredible difference in my exercise program. After a while, I knew I needed an upgrade in weight. The handle is slicker and that was a surprise but the bell snuggles up to my arm in perfect harmony.

Long ago I purchased two kettle bell handles that are like dumbells. You can load extra plates on them to increase the weight. While they serve a purpose, they can in no way match the real thing.

10/10 Girya for Body, Mind, Soul, and Job Performance!
By "Chappy Mike" / Leaving Boston, Mass, for Hawaii, USA

I first head of girya from Russian and Ukrainian merchant marine seafarers, many of whom served in the Soviet Navy, not a few who were submariners. I work with seafarers passing through US Ports.

I started with 1 pood (should have chosen .75!), and I recently moved up to the 1.5 (24kg). It is primitive, brutal, and it kicks my Americansky ass. It cannot be used as a clothes-rack (unlike a chrome-gym!), and it frightens neighbors from my condo complex when I train on my porch.

RKC girya deserve their reputation for finish and design. I'm a fan of cast iron in cookware and in other fittings. It's a marvelous material which high-tech cannot improve, but it does develop surface rust. The finish on the RKC girya prevents this, and it is very chip resistant.

I did half-assed body weight exercises for years, but as I approached 49, I needed increased fitness for aging and for the stresses of setting out to establish my own operation from scratch.

Accept the RKC Challange! I now train five to six times a week, laddering from 20 minutes to 1 hour. I will live a very extreme lifestyle for the next 26 years, and girya is essential to my business and life plan.

My weight remains almost the same, but my pants are down one size. The sleeves of my polo shirts are getting snug.

While I never had great difficulty meeting smart and nice looking women, it is now much easier to engage random women in conversation during the day and make a date for coffee, tea, --or something else. And they now are more youthful, even prettier, and smarter.

I lived with chronic but mild depression for years (never used medications), but by the end of my first month with the girya, my entire mental attitude started to change. This is a fine thing not only for physical fitness but mental fitness!

Tovarich Pavel, Spociba!

10/10 outstanding
By Pat / New Jersey

Huge difference from the 16 kilo...looking forward to great gains in strength and eventually, a new kettlebell.

10/10 A good workout again
By David / New Orleans, LA USA

I am on extended travel away from home and really missed the kettlebell class at our local gym. Ordering my own kettlebell has allowed me to keep up with this unique full-body exercise regimen.

10/10 One of the best workouts I've ever done.
By Randy / Carmichaels, PA USA

I started with a 16kg kettlebell and witin 90 days I was using a 24kg kettlebvell. I still use my 16 kg and 20 kg kettlebells but I am well on my way to my goal of using the 24kg kettlebell as my normal workout, I mean "practice", weight. I highly recommend getting the dvd and book and starting out with a lighter kettlebell but you will soon progress to heavier ones if you follow Pavel's instructions. My bad lower back is even getting stronger and regaining flexibility from using kettlebells. They are even improving my running and boxing workouts. Remember to take it slow and wok your way up.

10/10 Great excercise tool
By Dan / West Bend, Wi USA

I've only been working out with Kettlebells for the past three month and I can already tell the difference in strength. I already have one 24kg and with this one it adds to the pain. These 24kg's are only stepping stones to my goal which will be the bulldogs (88 pdr's) in 9 months. I Have used both of the 24kg's the past three days and love them. I wish I would of got a set of Kettlebells years ago.

9/10 Very swell kettlebell
By Donald Dupuis / Keene, NH

This kettlebell is just like my other ones except heavier. I like the handle, its smooth but comfortable to grip. Can't believe someone can snatch this thing 275 times in 10 minutes. Already getting close to filling out a 5x5 ladder with this thing - the UPS guy is not looking forward to the next one - I can't imagen he'd even be willing at all to deliver the 48 kg. I took a point off because the DD kettlebells cost a fortune - nevertheless, my next kettlebell will be a DD as well, and the next, and the next...

10/10 A pair of kettlebells (54 lbs)
By Dr. Daniel Rinchuse, DMD, PhD / Greensburg, Pennsylvania

I have all the single kettlebells up to 84 lbs however I have never purchased a pair of the same weight. So, I just ordered a second 54 lb. kettlebell. Although I still like doing single kettlebells, with a pair of 54 lbs., I have added double kettlebells for good mornings, cleans, alternating presses, dead lifts, and farmers walks with IntoCombat gi sleeves. This has added another kettlebell challenge for me.

9/10 Good Product
By Ben Schneider, RKC / Traverse City, MI

I like my new kettlebell, but I must confess that I like the old coating better than the new as it doesn't glide as well as my other ones I purchased three years ago. It's better for swings and grinds, but I prefer the old style for snatches, cleans and juggling. All in all it is still the top of the line kettlebell out there and I would not buy from anywhere else.

10/10 The only workout equipment you need
By Dave Arey / Havertown, PA

I was introduced to kettlebells about 2 months ago, and I was hooked instantly. I've never felt this kind of pain, nor seen such immediate results, in over 20 years of traditional weightlifting. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is unbeatable. KBs have given me a new outlook on all aspects of my fitness and diet routines.

Thanks for a great product!

10/10 1.5 pood
By Paul Bumpers / Springdale, AR

I have been using a 1 pood kettlebell since Nov. 06. I have achieved dramatic improvement in back and abdominal strength(core strength). I'm clearly exercising areas that were not touched by standard weight lifting. I recently added a 1.5 pood bell which I'm slowly incorporating into my workout. This is a great exercise tool. It's also easy to take on trips so I don't miss workouts.

10/10 Great Product
By Thomas Fieber / Naples, Italy

I love these bells. The new coating seems a bit slicker, but still, a great product. Thanks.

10/10 great product
By Noah / CA

I own both a 16 and 24 kg KB. They have helped me strengthen my back and overcome a back injury that has been plaguing me for over a year. Thank you for bringing kettlebells into the US.

10/10 Simply the best.
By Tom Meek / Degraff, Oh

I began using a kettlebells two years ago. I began with a 35lb. and a year later went to a 44lb. I subsequently purchased a 9lb. kb for my then 6 year old son whom was beginning wrestling. My 8 year old daughter also started using the 9lb. kb.

My children would see me excercising with a kettlebell and "marvel" that anyone could even lift it. After learning that smaller kettlebells were available, my son wanted one.

Now I am using a 53lb. kb and, like my children, I too marvel that I can excercise with and manipulate such a unweildy, heavy object.

The results are amazing and "AS ADVERTISED".

For what little I know of fitness and everything I don't know, kettlebells deliver results. All it takes is healthy diet, desire and discipline--kettelebells do the rest.

10/10 just what i thought !
By alan daly / sugar land , texas usa

i have the 16 & 20kg bells. i am pleased with them and was looking foreward to the 24kg. it's just what i thought. GREAT.
by the way, i was using the kb handles that you add weight plates to. these are o.k. but a real russian style kb is way better. also, i've had the opportunity to check out a cheaper & different brand and i do not think it is as good as what i buy from dragondoor!

10/10 The Mini Beast
By Migdoel "Dio" Miranda / Miramar, Florida

Nothing to compare it to! and I have. The real deal.

10/10 Dragon Door has the best kettlebells. Period.
By Cold War Scout / Manassas, Va.

I recently spent a good amount of time working out at The Warrior's Forge, a high intensity combatives and conditioning training facility in Manassas, Va. Kettlebells (KB) are a staple of the conditioning programs conducted there. Ergo, I have had a decent amount of exposure to another model of kettlebell. And while I do not dislike this other brand, the simple fact of the matter is that I much prefer the Dragon Door kettlebells and will pay the premium for them. In fact my preference is such that I bought a complete series of Dragon Door kettlebells for working out at home on days Nena and I would rather do a home workout rather than hit the Warrior's Forge. Heck I even bought a starter one (18 lbs.) for my ex-wife and daughter (high school track star) which I will deliver today and hope they take the challenge. I believe KB training could make my daughter an even better runner and hurdler.

10/10 Get Ready! This Ain't For Sissies!
By t box / Texas - USA

I had been using a 16kg kettlebell for almost a year now, and because my "grinding" movements were getting too easy to keep to low repetitions, I thought I'd just move on up to 24kg. I thought it would be just about right to do presses, low rep snatches, etc. WRONG! "What's the heaviest weight you can lift? One you can't lift!" This bell is what separates the men from the boys, folks. My 16kg bell is named "pain," and this one is "more pain!" (But in a good way.) I can one arm snatch the 1 pood for three reps at present, and I can't mil press it for more than one rep. If your form has become sloppy, this little baby will correct it in a hurry! If you need more iron in your blood, this is the one for you.

10/10 53 pounds of pain
By dustn sanchez / uss kitty hawk cv-63 FPO AP

the kettlebell i received from dragon door is awesome! me and the guys in my workcenter are always swinging the kettlebell in are free time underway. the more i use it, the stronger i get

8/10 Excillent workout equipment
By u / Brewster, N.Y. USA

The Equipment is great. The only issue I had was the day it arrived some of the paint was chipping off. Not a real big deal because over the years some of the paint will chip off. It is nice to have new Kb to work with. Thanks Guys.....

10/10 Make 'em big. Make 'em bad.
By Rustam / Austin, TX

I just started training with kettlebells, and after two weeks with the 35 pounder, I upgraded to the real thing. After four weeks training with the 53 pounder, I already feel stronger, leaner, and badder. I hope to hit Pavel's goals in his Enter the Kettlebell book in about a year. Also, kettlebell training has helped condition me for rugby without having to compromise muscle and doing boring cardio sessions like hour long runs.

10/10 Great Addition to my workouts.
By Tim Russell / Kettering, Ohio United States

It's a great piece of equipment. The handle is very smooth and does not tear up my hand very much even during high rep practices. The thick handles fit my rather large hands nicely.

My results are startling. I've gotten leaner, faster, and my endurance has gone through the roof! I wish I had access to this product when I was in the Army.

10/10 It Hurts So Good
By Andy / San Diego California

I just upgraded from the 16kg to the 24kg kettlebell. I felt I needed more of a challenge in some of the exercieses I perform. The 24kg delivers!

10/10 Big Enough!
By Eric / Virginia Beach, VA

When moving up from 1 pood, I considered skipping the 1.5 pood and going straight for the 2 pood KB. Glad I didn't!

I like the 'epoxy gloss' on my new 1.5 pood KB. It seems to slide in your grip easier as you swing it.

A year with this one and I'll be ready for the 2 pood.

10/10 Strongest I've Ever Been
By Ryan Packard, / Milwaukee, WI

I haven't been this strong ever. Traditional weight lifting cannot build the raw strength and muscle power that this kettlebell can. In 7 Weeks of use I have put on 8 pounds of Lean muscle and increased my vertical leap by 3 inches. No more working out in a box (the gym).

10/10 Very Nice Product
By Thomas E. West / Pinebluff, NC

Works great, will be buying more of the same model in other sizes soon,

10/10 How do you describe the perfect workout? With Kettlebells
By Brian Davis / Lakewood, Washington

Hello Everyone,

I started with the 35lb kbell, then moved to a 44lb kbell, and now am using a 53lb kbell. I am still surprised by the fact that 9lbs can make such a huge difference in the amount of energy you spend in one exercise lesson. I recommend the 53lb kbell to anyone looking to intensify there exercise lesson.

9/10 Awesome!
By Graham / Portland, ME

Just got my 24kg today, and it is everything I expected it to be. Great fit and finish, and the handle feels much better than my current bell (16kg, from GoFit). I took off a point for the steep price, but other than that this kettlebell is pure quality. If you've got the cash to drop on it, I would definitely recommend buying from DD.

10/10 worth every penny!
By J Zuniga / New Mexico

Great product and Great service! Quality unsurpassed.

10/10 nicely made
By derek / minneapolis

solid, nice finish

10/10 Excellent product!!!
By Karl / Las Vegas, NV USA

It's a smooth and solid kettle bell. It has helped me double my workout strength in just a few workouts

9/10 One of the best kettlebells I have
By Chris / Va beach

I recently graduated to the 24 kg kettlebell and what a difference! Great kettlell - much better than the ones at my gym. My only complaint is the handle could be a bit 'rougher' to allow for a better grip.

10/10 Great Product - I'm very happy
By Chris N / Geneva, IL USA

Every step of the ordering process went as planned! The product arrived in a timely fashion and I will order again when I'm ready. Thanks!

10/10 Awesome!
By Capt. Justin Dumais / Orlando, FL

Can't thank Dragon Door enough...wish I had known about KBs when I was in my 20s!

10/10 No-frills strength pursuit equipment
By Freddy Bauhof / Spring,TX

I absolutely couldn't wait for the 24kg bell to come to my door when I ordered. Dragondoor gives you crazy good quality for the price! I tried pressing the 24kg bell for reps when I was done with the 5X5 ladder using the 16kg, and sadly found out that I could only do I rep on either arm, although to be able to press the 24kg was a significant accomplishment for me then. Now, 2 months later, I am using the 24kg in conjunction with the 16kg for 40kg front squat ladders, switching the bells out on either arm to get an even distribution on the legs, along with working the BUP for ladders with the 16kg so I can get to pressing the 24kg easier. Can't wait to be able to press the 24kg for reps! Love Dragondoor and their products!

Note: The ladders I am doing for the front squat and the BUP (bottoms-up press) I am following from the light-medium-heavy plan in Enter The Kettlebell.

10/10 Awesome product!
By JT / Washington, DC USA

I purchased a 24kg Russian Kettlebell from Dragon Door and couldn't be more pleased! The workmanship, heft, and overall quality of this kettlebell is phenomenal...perfect!

10/10 Excellent quality
By Calvin Poole / Gloster, MS

This is a well made Kettle Bell with no defects or irregularities. Just what was promised.

10/10 Now I have two 24Ks Hot Dog!
By Steve / Stafford, Virginia

Glad I made the decsion. I got it in a timley fashion.
Very satisfied. At 61 yrs of age and a life time of bar bells
Kbs are all I use now

9/10 Expensive, but the best kettlebell I've used
By Steve / Ithaca, NY

Best kettlebell I've used. Handle is the perfect width, finish is smooth in the hands but textured enough for a good grip, and base is wide and stable. Still seems very expensive, but the quality and design do beat any other KB I've tried.

10/10 It's just right
By Ben G. / Southern New Mexico

I used a cheaper introductory weight kettlebell to learn the basics while developing my strength, and as expected I was amazed by the quality of the Dragondoor 53 pounder when it arrived. It's balanced just right and has a good coating on it. I'm sure it will last for many years as my primary workout tool. It arrived very promptly as well.

10/10 Perfect Next Step for New Strength Gains
By MCA / Seattle - WA

If you started with the 16kg /35lb Kettlebell and need a greater strength challenge - take this next step. Helped me to focus all of the correct breathing and form that might have strayed when my other 'bell got too light. Next goal is to perform 10 snatches with this within next two months.

10/10 Great !
By Bart Holschuh / Baghdad,Iraq

The 24kg kettlebell got here quick.Its been a real challenge to master.It was a great investment for my physical well-being.

10/10 In-Depth Review Below
By Mike / Wheeling, WV USA

Big, heavy, and spherical sufficiently describes Dragon Door's 24kg kettlebell. No extensive review necessary. If you desire powerful hips, a strong core, and superior conditioning, this is the tool.

10/10 Love my 16kg, so had to get a 24.
By Scott C. , / San Diego, CA

I bought my 16kg about a year ago, was nursing a bad separated shoulder, had been doing mainly powerlifting type of lifts, ended stopping all lifting to let heal for about 8 mos plus.. anyway a month or so back just concentrated on ETK type work out with 16kg, have been feeling so good and getting stronger (and looking a lot better) so wanted to get the 24kg. I can press it but not for a lot of reps yet so still staying with 16kg for main workout until I put the time in and get my volume up with more ladders.. I love the quality of the Dragon Door Kettlebells. Happy that I bought the best. Really enjoying the concentrated workout that I get with the kettlebells, helping my flexibility, cardio/vascular, and strength all in very few minutes per day. Not having pulled a dead for about a year, the other day I did a test after just about a month of swings/TGU/C+P/few high pulls/snatches.. I did a few singles conventional style deadlift and pulled 315lbs like it was nothing. The hip snap that I am acquiring from working swings really helps at the top of lift.. A huge side benefit (or maybe main benefit ) is that I no longer get out of breath walking up hills around my neighborhood. As a footnote I am 52 years of age.. Stomach muscles are starting to show thru again, haven't really lost any weight just changing body composition.., so thank you Pavel for a great product!

10/10 Awesome
By SGT Cole / 56th Stryker Brigade

I love working out with kettlebells. I am a soldier, and I will have this one with me on base in Iraq later this year. With this one kettlebell, running shoes, and a pullup bar, you can get in phenomenal shape. Drink the Kool-Aid! Listen to Pavel comrades!

10/10 As Always..
By Kevin / Seattle, WA USA

Flawless quailty and craftsmanship. I am enjoying every Press and Swing session since being able to move up to this bell. Nothing more to say, Dragon Door bells are the best

10/10 Best workout equipment I have ever invested in
By Brian / Portland, OR

I have never had gains like the ones I have had using kettlebells.
And my shoulders have never felt better.

10/10 Best Toy I've Ever Got For Myself
By Travis S. / Houston, TX USA

The 24kg kettlebell is an evil training tool. My explosive power and core strength have increased greatly since I started training with kb snatches and TGU's. I'm able to do 13 pullups with this little guy attached and I'm only getting stronger. Looking forward to a 32kg in the near future.

10/10 Great gear built like a RUSSIAN TANK!
By Paul / Warrenton, VA

Super fast shipment great gear to workout with! Built like a TANK!

10/10 Portable Improvements
By Jason / Houston, TX USA

Since getting my kettlebell I have gained strength and muscle mass. It is not only one of the best things to use for excercise it is also fairly portable. I have been able to take it with me on road trips and not have to miss my workouts.

10/10 Love at first sight.
By David Hayden / Covington Indiana USA

It has been almost a year now since I purchased and received my 3 KB set of a 35, 53 and a 70. I have taken my time easing my way into it, and it is paying it off. I have been working with the 35 pounder often, and can military press the 53 strictly overhead 3 times per arm currently.

I am going to get personal instruction from an RKC near me, and then I feel things will really take off. So far I feel strength gains, a bit of size and many health benefits as well. I had dislocated my right shoulder years ago, and I used to have problems with it, pains etc. But now I think back and well, I forgot that it even gave me problems before. To my astonishment Kettlebells have rehabed my shoulder, and have given me an over all great sense of physical well being that I don't think I've ever felt before.

All in all, I belive they have changed my life for the better, I love them and will be ordering another set of 35, 53, 70 so I can have doubles. With those I think I might even order an 88 Bulldog, not for the sake of ever heavier KB's, but for goals and future improvements. One day I think I want to shoot for becoming an RKC myself, KB's and Pavel have changed the path I walk and I want to be able to give back in the future. Thank you DragonDoor and thank you Pavel!

If I see a Kettlebell, it becons me to pick it up!

10/10 Worth every last penny. And then some.
By Johnny / Boston, MA USA

I've been using free weights for some ten years now, with decent results. The 24kg kettlebell is by and far the best piece of equipment I've ever experienced. My grip strength is jumping by leaps and bounds. And my once weak wrists are now durable and strong. Once you get over the hefty cost to purchase and ship this thing, you're in for a real workout. And you can go ahead and drop that gym membership.

P.S. UPS will want a signature IN PERSON for delivery. That was my experience with the shipping anyways.

10/10 There is no other
By Jimmy Yuan DC, FIAMA / Tempe, AZ USA

Thank you Dr. Mark Cheng for recommending Dragondoor Kettlebells!! I had a competitor's kettlebells and based on Dr. Cheng's recommendation (after training with him) ordered these even though I already had the weight. I can't even begin to describe the quality difference in just appearance. The difference in feel is even greater. I'm convinced you can't buy a better product in the market. DD all the way from here on!

10/10 My new favorite toy
By Bob Munds / Clinton IL

I've been working with a 35# kettlebell for about 10 months. I'd gotten to the point where this was too light. I looked at several sites, both in local sporting goods stores and on-line for a bigger KB. None of the local stores carried anything larger than 35# so they were eliminated. I've purchased several books and DVD's from Dragon Door and have always felt they were well done. The 53# KB I purchased was no exception. It is well crafted and is my new favorite toy. My only regret was I wasn't at home when it was delivered to see the look on the UPS delivery man's face!

10/10 A great KB
By Peter / San Diego

Great. These cost more than the junk you find in retail stores but you get what you pay for. And it's a lifetime's not going to wear out before you do.

8/10 I feel downright bulletproof
By Will / Berkeley, CA

Kettlebells are a really great workout. I've been doing some basic swings based on an hour of training and I already feel fantastic.

By SPC John Langford / TIKRIT IRAQ

My name is John Langford and I am currently serving in Iraq. I want to say thank you to Pavel and Dragondoor for allowing me to review this product. I have only been using KB'S for about 7-8 months. When I first got the 24kg KB I could only press it with each arm 1 time. So I started doing swings and turkish get ups. Now I can press it for multiple reps.If I could only have 1 tool to train with would be a 24kg KB. I have been following Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell book for about 2 weeks now and I'M loving it.I would suggest beginners to KB'S purchase Enter the Kettlebell. It goes into great detail on how to properly do the excercises. Its amazing to me how much stronger I've gotten just using this simple tool.I could go on and on, but I won't. I will just say try a Kettlebell and hey if you don't like it you have 1 year to return it to Dragondoor. If thats not enough guarantee then I don't know what is.

10/10 a MUST HAVE for any KB enthusiast!
By Marco Guanilo / New York, USA

What more can you say about the 24KG bell? Along with the 16KG, this is THE bell to have for any male looking to progress their strength and endurance!

10/10 24kg Russian Kettlebell
By David Arroyo / Suttons Bay, Michigan, United States

Great quality, excellent Kettlebell. Great customer service. Will eventually purchase more kb's from Dragon Door.
Don't hesitate to buy from Dragon Door.

9/10 My current workhorse
By Sean Hannon / Chicago, IL, USA

Right now I am using the 24kg bell for my getup weight. Extremely satisfied with the piece of equipment. Working up to using this bell for my one handed swing weight.

If you're acquainted with strength training and wanted to get into kettle bells the 24kg bell could be a good place to start a two handed swing regiment. Start with power swings, placing the bell down between reps and mastering the form. Then grow into more intense workouts.

10/10 A product I love to snatch
By Alexander P / Tampa, Florida, USA

I'm happy that I've found Dragon Door kettlebells.
But it took a fair amount of searching.
Started with trips to a local sports/fitness rquipent store, then Target.
Nothing at all looked convincing.
My first kettlebells were bought yers ago locally and are made with epoxy coating.
That's just plain wrong. How could someone come up with such an idea? It hardly makes any sense from a ruggedness/longevity of the product prospective.
But that's what was available at the time.
This time I put in more effort into my research.
And I would like to thank the person who wrote a very thorough review of the best kettlebells out there.
I decided to go with simply the best!

10/10 Unmatched quality
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

I have used many different brands of kettlebells and will only buy RKC. I have a pair of the 24s that are used almost everyday, they will humble you and empower you. Handles are the perfect size and are breaking in nicely. Another great product from RKC.

10/10 Repeat customer
By Carl Gauthier / Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I keep coming back for more and can't imagine buying kettlebells anywhere else!

7/10 Love RKC kettlebell
By Anthony Cotrufello / Philadelphia, PA, USA

I'm not sure if I got a one off but the new finish is inferior to my older RKC Kettlebells. The others have a nice matte finish where my newest one has a shiny finish and looks like a cheaper version. Still a good bell, well balanced and probably still better than most. Got a 7/10 for that reason. By the way, I'm not a weekend warrior, I'm in the fitness industry: trainer for 15 years. I may know something.

10/10 Best customer support
By Philip L / Fairfax, VA, USA

I would like to share my experience with the dragon door company. I ordered a few kettlebells with dragon door online. A subset of the kettlebells had minor defects with the e coating. Mr. John Du Cane went beyond the typical customer support to resolve my issues. I am extremely satisfy with dragon door and Mr John Du Cane customer support. I will definitely purchase from them again in the future. Thanks you

10/10 Best Kettlebell on the Market
By CJ Wagner / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The feel and weight distribution of this kettlebell is the best on the market.

10/10 Great RKC Kettlebell
By Snake Blocker / Denver, CO, USA

Highly recommend for health & fitness.

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